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Thank You Mistress Ii

There was that magic moment that I realized that every breath I drew was hopefully what my Mistress wanted.

How could a woman know me so deeply? I had enjoyed BD/SM before, but this was Nirvana.

There came a moment that when, after my collar was in place, I was ordered to service Mistress. My moment hesitation resulted in a severe paddling, and when I truly begged and was allowed to tongue her ass, I knew the true meaning and pleasure of TOTAL subservience!

My darling husband has always apprciated my bi side (who wouldn't?) but is enthralled with service to Mistress.

Next week, as he works out of town, I will be lavishing my tongue on her red coated toes, and she plans to take me to a hotel for me to suck cock at her command.

When her grey eyes command me, I must obey! In my initiation I could just think of her smoky grey eyes, and have performed for her at her command and await.

End of Story