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Thank You Mistress Final

And so it's been six months. Six months since I left my husband and became Mistress Marla's 24/7 slave. I had no choice as I'm entranced by her and seek every attention. My husband somehow understood and bade me farewell with a generous alimony settlement and his wishes for my happiness. And happy, I am.

Tonight is the exact date that six months ago I arrived to serve my Mistress. So it is that I'm attired as directed via email, and my black heels accentuate my chain garb that covers my torso, pronouncing my breasts. As I prepare Caesar salad for her, I'm wet with anticipation to see her come through the door. As ordered, I will kneel and remove her shoes, anoint her toes with my tongue, and follow to the large bath. If she has joined her colleagues for a drink she'll need to release, and I will lick her. of course. Then it's to the bath I've drawn and I undress my Mistress. In the warm water she enjoys the wine I have brought as I massage her and sponge her completely. She stands, and I dry her and I'm rewarded with being told to anoint her perfect ass with kisses.

When she emerges from her chamber, she is the goddess I worship. Long beautiful legs above spiked heels and tonight a leather mini skirt with her perfect breasts exposed. I'm speechless, but she reclines in her chair and I'm ordered to her feet. As my tongue licks her feet, then ankles and calves, it's time for her to grab my hair and bury my face in her pussy. I climax at once, and she pushes me back with "you had no permission little cunt, get to the cross!" And I do. The cross with cuffs, hands and feet, I'm strapped to is another heaven I want for my Mistress. She whips me, she requires words from me "..I'm your slut whore, please hurt me for your pleasure..." until I'm taken down and my reward is to finally bury my face between her legs
and kiss, lick and suck the pussy that owns me. She gives me her wonderful juices in my mouth as reward that I eagerly swallow.

Again, she affixes my leash and I follow her to the downstairs bathroom of her condo. She announces that her anniversary present to me is here. Confused, I start to ask what is...but she leads me by leash to the tub and with that states; "you are my slave, so drink me and remember that you belong to me!" The words alone had me so wet, but when she lifted my chin as I knelt before her, and as ordered opened my mouth, there was that moment. I knew that my Mistress loved me as I received her golden shower to my mouth and face. She then orderd me to clean myself and serve her dinner as she had a guest arriving. I did both, and the guest was a handsome black man associate of hers that enjoyed watching me kneeling at her side as they enjoyed a drink. And it was for her pleasure, that she ordered me to strip him and lick his feet and legs. And it was also at her order I tongued his ass when he fucked my queen! I felt the pang of jealousy until after he was finished, Mistress dismissed him and sent me to escort him to the door. On my return, she waved her cigarette and directed me to clean her pussy with my tongue.

This night, I slept in the arms of Mistress, as opposed to tied to the foot of her bed, and knew that this was my life for right now. As she slept, I nuzzled her neck, her breasts, and gently kissed the pussy that owned me. When she awakes, I know that I'll bring her another orgasm by starting at her perfect ass.

I am complete! And happy!

End of Story