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The Barbecue,


It was Friday noon on a holiday weekend and my wife had gone out of town to visit her family. I decided to barbecue and went to the store. In the produce section and there was a fine young girl looking at the zucchini. She was holding a good sized one and there was no one else around. I was feel'in kind of prankish & I just couldn't resist. So I walked up, picked one up and said, "Mine's bigger." She just looked at me with a half grin. She wasn't sure if I was making a sexual advance or what. She picked up a huge one and said, "I got you beat!" I said, "Yea, You sure do! But, I can lick my eye browse!" We both busted up laughing. I told her my name and she, still chuckling told me hers. I continued to tease her and make her laugh. She told me I was a brat but I could tell she liked me. I told her I was shopping for a barbecue. She said she was to. She asked if I were having many people over. I told her, "No, it's just me, I'm eating alone this weekend." She then asked if I'd be interested in joining her and her friends. At first I said yes then said, "Well I don't know." " I'm way older than you, You look like you're, what?," "18 maybe." She said still kidding with me, I'm old enough, Wouldn't you like to know." Then she asked me how old I was. I told her, "I'm old enough to know better, but to young to resist!!" not telling her I was 38. She laughed again. She told me she had her own place with her older sister who was out of town for a day or two. I thought, Yea right, your sisters place. She looked very inviting even though she was very young, but she had makeup on which made her look older that she was. I didn't find out her age until later. I him-hawd around, And said, "All your friends are they as young as you?" She said, "Come on,, come over, it's summertime and you should get out and have some fun, besides, you're cute." I really wanted to go, and she was foxy! But I was very unsure of the age difference. I still acted like I wasn't going to go. She then said, "Look, if you like, lets you and me have our own barbecue tonight." "My friends are coming tomorrow." I looked her over. She was beautiful and had a fine body. I said "Ok, I really didn't want to eat alone anyway." She said, "Good!" pulled out a pen and paper and gave me her address. I took a look at it. The address wasn't from my area. In fact hers was from a well to do area, Anaheim Hills! I asked, "You live there?!" "What are you shopping here for?" She said she was in that store with a friend who lived around the corner. Right then her friend came walking up. She introduced us and they said they had to go. She said, "Be there at 8:oo" "I will." I said. As they walked away I thought I heard her say, "I'm gonna .......... him." I barely heard her and didn't hear all of it. Her friend nudged her and they laughed. I thought it's just my imagination and they're just two young girls and blew it off. It was almost out of curiosity that I even went. Had she given me her phone number I would have called and cancelled. I didn’t want to be rude, and I didn't want her to make something and me not show up so I went.

I showed on time and the house was very nice. These people had money! I went in and we talked for a while and she had prepared us a very nice dinner. We went out on the balcony to barbecue the steaks while watching the sun go down. While out there I was admiring the view. You could see all the city lights form there. She said, "They're beautiful aren't they." I asked her which way I lived from there. Though I already knew. She was on my left, and she pointed over in front of me to my right leaning way over in front of me saying, "That way." And then she kissed me with her soft lips. I held her in my arms kissing her for a long time. I was thinking what am I doing here. She's to young, but I couldn't help it. Her lips were so soft and I kept kissing her. I started to think, what's a kiss going to hurt. When we finally stopped kissing the steaks were almost on fire! We sure were! We ate a romantic candlelight dinner and afterward she started kissing me again. One thing lead to another and we made slow passionate love for hours. Her body was so young and tight. She didn't do it like a young inexperienced school girl. She knew what she was doing. So I tried to justify it in my mind…. Afterwards it was late, I told her I should go. She wanted me to stay, but I needed to get out of there. I had lots of things I had to do very early the next morning. It was already 2:ooam and I had to get up by 5:ooam. She asked if I would come back for the barbecue with her friends. I told her I would and that if I finished everything on time I could be there by 3:oopm to help her set up. She smiled and kissed me, she was so pretty, but I had to go. The next day was busy as hell and full of hard work, on top of little sleep & screwing my brains out most of the night. I showed up like I said I would, I always keep my word. As I walked up to the front door, it was open. I could hear her saying, "You'll see him, it's big. You'll see!" "Just wait, it will be fun." "We're all gonna, you'll see." I knocked as I walked in. She said, "He's here I gotta go!" As she hung up the phone I noticed she was kind of flustered. I asked her what’s up, but she said it was nothing and changed the subject. I helped her set up for the barbecue and when all was ready I sat down in a big oversized chair to rest. Next thing I knew when I awoke, I woke up to my hands tied to the chair and she was just finishing with my feet. "WHAT THE FUCK?" I said. I looked down and she had tied me up while I was sound asleep. She thought she had me, but she hadn't done a very good job. I could have broken free at anytime but decided to see what she had in mind. If things got to wild I'd break free and kick ass if needed. I told her you can't do this. She just said shut up! I'm under age and you fucked me last night. I could have you put in jail. She told me to be quite and that I was going to do as they said. "Who's they!" I asked. She laughed thinking I was her slave and replied, "My girlfriends, we're having a barbecue and you're the dessert!" I was blown away by her plans and yet excited as to where it could lead. All I had on was a pair of shorts. I had left my change of cloths in my truck. She then put a blindfold over my eyes. She thought I couldn't see but I could see through it just enough so I could make out who was who. I acted like I was hers to do as she willed. I kept quiet so she wouldn't gag me. Soon her guests started to arrive. They were all very young like her. Some were younger. I heard some say that their parents had dropped them off. I thought this is going to be dumb, this has to be some kind of joke, and all most called a halt to it. I don't know what made me let it continue.

While the party was going on and the meat was cooking. I could hear different girls saying things like, "Why didn't you take off his shorts?" My ears perked up! "We're going to have to pull them down!" "You said he was big, how big is he?" One said, "I wanna suck it." A pretty thin one said, "I've never been with an old man before." I almost said "Hey!" but kept quiet. I could hear them giggling and saying all kinds of things. It was obvious their parents didn't know what kind of party this was! I started to think are these young girls were going to take turns playing with me in front of one another while I was tied up in the chair. I though unbelievable, all these little nasty girls wanted to suck or fuck me. After they ate, they turn their attention to me. They were all excited. They pulled my shorts down. I had to move so that they could. I tried to help without being to conspicuous. When they had them around my ankles, I could see them looking at my body & my cock. I was in great shape from working hard heavy construction. Cindy, the girl who’s house it was stepped up and started to jack my cock until it stood to its full hardness. I acted like I couldn't see anything but was enjoying it. The girls loved it as I could hear their comments. They didn't know who I was, and they thought I couldn't see them. Cindy then bent over and sucked my cock for a while right in front of all those other young girls. I watched the girls watching Cindy. I could see it in their eyes, they liked it! These girls were probably only 17 at the most. I could see them wanting their turns as I enjoyed Cindy's sucking. Then one of the girls came up and Cindy let her have her turn. Most of the girls just jacked my cock. This one girl jacked me for a while and then kissed the head of my dick. Over and over she kissed it. As she kissed it and she got a taste of precum. "What's this?" she asked. The other girls laughed and said, "Precum." "MMMMMM, I like it." she said. Then another girl stepped up and moved the one kissing my dick out of her way. This one for a young girl had big tits, she pulled off her top pushed them together and titty fucked me. I was enjoying this more than they were. What a turn on! Watching young girl after young girl have their nasty little way with my cock. All these nasty little girls doing this of their own free will! Or should I say lusts. I couldn't help it, I shot a huge wad between the young girls tits as she titty fucked me. It caught her by surprize, though she did seem to enjoy it. The one who like the precum so much got back down on her knees and licked my cum covered cock. She really enjoyed that, Saying, "MMMMM, I like this stuff." It was obvious she had never sucked dick or eaten cum before. She licked it clean. I think they liked watching each other playing with my hard dick. It felt good and I too was enjoying the young girls expressions as they used my cock. I think for some it was the first man they had ever touched. Then one of the girls said, "I want him to fuck me." She was the one who said she had never done it with an old man. She was very young. She looked so sweet and innocent. I watched her take off her dress dropping it on the floor as she stepped up and straddled me. One knee on each side of me. She put one arm around my neck and guided my cock head into her very tight pussy. It barely fit, she was so young and tender with very little pussy hair on her patch. She had a very pretty face and her body was long and slender, she didn't have much in the way of titties but she did have a nice full ass. She wiggled down onto my cock with that tight pussy of hers. I could see her face through the blindfold. She was loving it, I could hear her softly going "oooooo" as my dick sank in. All the girls were on their knees on the floor watching her fuck herself on my cock. After riding me for a while, her breathing got very heavy and she leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "Yes daddy, I'm your girl." Then again she whispered, "I've been such a bad girl daddy." "I just want to make you happy." She was riding my cock and fantasizing that I was her daddy or something, that she had been bad, and that she was going to make it up to me by fucking me. She had no idea how her fantasy was turning me on! I whispered back into her ear, "Yes honey, come to daddy." She liked that and tightened her arms around me as she rode up and down my cock. She whispered again, "Oh Daddy, It's so big, Am I good daddy?" "Do I feel good?" I whispered back, "Yes darlin, Daddy likes what your doing." Her eyes were closed and mouth slightly open. She was deep within her own fantasy. She whispered, "Oh Daddy I love you." She put her tiny titty to my mouth and whispered, "Suck my titty, suck my titty please." I kissed and sucked her tiny titty just like she asked. She put her hand on the back on my head running her fingers through my hair as she enjoyed it. Soon her breathing was quietly erratic, I felt her little body gently shudder as she was cumming on my cock without saying a word. I felt her pussy get very wet as she came. I whispered to her, "Yes honey, give it to me." "Take daddy's cock, and give me your cum." I was so turned on and she was so wet & tight it didn't take long for me to cum right after her. My body shuddered as I blew a big load into her tight little cunt! She stopped riding up and down just staying there as my cock pulsed hard as it pumped cum deep into her young tight wet pussy. She whispered softly, "Yes daddy,,, Yes,,, I can feel it!" With a look of ecstasy of her sweet young face she slowly started to ride me again with her tight little pussy full of my sperm. Then everything was about to change! I heard the front door open wide and everybody was scrambling for their cloths. The pretty slender young girl who I had just filled with cum jumped off me. I could feel my cock swaying back and forth as she went for her cloths. I just about shit but didn’t move. It was the older sister come back a day early. The sister saw everything and started to yelling! "What the hell are you doing!" "Look at this, I leave you alone for three days and look!" "You're all fucking some guy!" I was scared to death and at this point. I figured I'd play like I couldn't move and I would stick to the story of I fell asleep and woke up tied up, blindfolded! That I never saw any of these girls and I didn't know they were under age. All the girls had practically run out of the house naked and weren't coming back! She told Cindy to get out of here. I heard Cindy ask her friend if she could spend the night at her house. She said yes and they were gone! QUICKLY!! That left me with the older sister who then turned to me and said, "What the fuck!" "Look at you!!" I started talking fast. I told her how I met Cindy, and how she invited me to a barbecue. Not telling her about the night before. I told her how I had fallen asleep and woke up tied up. To my surprise through the blindfold I could see her starting to smile. She said, "Well, Knowing Cindy I can see how this happened." "But we have a big problem, you're in deep trouble." "She's under age." "She's only 16, and most of her friends are younger." "What am I gonna do with you." I said, "Untie me first!" Everyone had cleared out so fast, my cock was still hard and glistening with cum on it. I could see the older sister looking at my body and then my cock as she broke a nasty smile. She said, "I could have you arrested, but I have a better idea." What? I asked. She thought I couldn't see through the blindfold either. And she started to take off her cloths. I thought yeah! But acted like I couldn't see anything. I could hear her cloths ruffling as she stripped. I said, "What, what are you doing?" "Untie me" She giggled and said, "You don't know who I am, or what I look like, Do you?" Looking through the blindfold I could see she was a fox! I said, "No." "I don't even know who's house this is." She smiled a nasty smile as she was now totally naked. She looked at my cum covered prick and said, "I can see what those nasty little girls saw in you." As she took hold of my cock. She then jacked me back to full hardness using my cum as lube. She had such a lusty look on her face while stroking my cock. Then she climbed up and straddled my body with a knee on each side, just like the young girl she saw fucking me. She took my cum sticky prick and lined it up with her now wet pussy. "I hope you've saved some for me?" As she sank down taking my cock deep into her. With her hands on the back of the chair she rode up and down fucking me for a long, long time. She pushed one of her nice tits into my face and told me to suck it. As she enjoyed it she said, "This is perfect, You have no idea who's using your body." "I love it!" She fucked me good as I sucked her titty. I could hear her breathing get very heavy and I could tell she was building to a climax as she murmured, "All those young girls, Now fuck me." This turned me on and started me building towards another climax. I pumped her pussy back as best I could being tied up and all. We fucked each other until she was about to cum. The more excited she became, the more excited I became. She was saying, "I DON"T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME!!" "OOOHH YES, FUCK ME!" "YES SUCK MY TITS & FUCK ME!!!" I still had her nipple in my mouth sucking it hard, as she was about to cum. She said, "YES, SUCK MY TITS!" "FUCK MY CUNT!" "FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!!" "SHOOT YOUR CUM IN ME!!!" "I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM IN ME." that was it. We both exploded in climax together. I could feel her body shuddering as she came and I filled her pussy with all the cum I had left. We just stayed there for a few minutes, my cock buried in her cunt, as my sperm oozed out of her. I could feel it running down my shaft. We were enjoying the climaxes we had just given each other. It felt so good, even though we didn't know each other. Afterward she took off the blindfold and untied me. She said she wanted to see me again and that she had never had anybody full fill her fantasy like that, fucking someone she'd never even met and didn't know..........

End of Story

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