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Services For The Rich,,, Part 1


I was over at a friend of mine's. He was doing very well for himself. He had a big home, nice cars etc. Every time I'd ask him what he did for a living, he'd laugh and say, I provide services for the rich. Once in a while he'd say, "I'm a male prostitute." Of course I never believed him, until one evening I was over at his place and the phone rang. He said he could be ready in 40 minutes, then said wait a second. He turn to me and asked, "Do you want to make a quick grand!" I said, "SURE!!!" Into the phone he said, "I got one, but give us an hour." After he hung up the phone, I asked him what's up? He said, "Well you know how you never believed me about being a male prostitute." "Well I know you're a horny bastard and tonight, you're one too." I said, "What?!!!" He went on to say that the limousine would be there to pick us up in 60 minutes! "You better hurry!" Good thing I lived close and was ready to go on time. The limo showed on schedule and we where dressed to kill. We were taken to a mansion in West Hollywood. As we arrived a door man stood waiting and opened the limo door for us. We got out and walked up to the huge front doors. Again the doors were opened for us and we went inside. In the lobby of this large estate there were 12 men including us dressed in tuxedoes, and 7 nice looking women dressed in beautiful evening gowns. Two different side doors to the lobby opened and we were escorted into side rooms by two of the many butlers and maids on the premises. Women went one way and the men the other. I asked my friend what the hell is going on. He said, "Just do as I do." In the side room he began taking off his pants as all the other men did. But five of us, including me, were instucted to keep our tux shirts & coats on. We handed your pants to the butlers. Then another butler stepped up and said, "This way sirs..." I followed as all the men went into a main room. There were seven couches and beds close to an over stuffed chair that looked like a thrown for a king or something. There was just one large over stuffed chair in there positioned so that whoever sat there could watch everyone on the beds and couches. There was a small table next to the chair with a wineglass & a tube of KY jelly on it. Soon one of the side doors opened and the 7 women who were dress so fine on arrival walked in but now they were all in black lacy bras & black crotchless panties with garter belts, fishnet stockings, and wearing stiletto high heels. They looked so hot! I wanted to attack!! My friend whispered to me, "You are going to remember this night for the rest of your life." All 7 of the women took their places on the couches or beds spread around the chair. The men separated and they matched up with the woman. That left my friend, myself and three other men standing there, half dressed with out dicks hanging out. We walked up to the over stuffed chair and stood there at attention in a line, I whispered out the side of my mouth asking my friend, "What's going on?" He said, "SHHHH, It's starting." The main doors opened and in walked a woman who was in her late forties. She was the one who obviously was putting on this whole thing. She had a big platnum blonde hair due that looked like it belonged in the sixties. Her face was pretty but had a stuffy look to it, kind of nose in the air type. Like she thought she was better than everyone else! She was dressed in a white lacy bra, a garder belt no panties and white fishnet stockings with stiletto heels. She had big big tits, a belly and overly large hips and thighs. Even with her wide ass she had a sexiness about her. She walked in and took her seat in the over stuffed chair like a Queen on her thrown. You could tell this whole thing was set up in advance as all the people knew what to do. I was afraid I would make a mistake. But all I had to do was stand there and wait, half dressed. A butler came in and poured the rich woman some wine. That was the queue for the action to begin. All the women dressed in black underware laid down in a variety of positions and the men began to kiss and lick them all over, very sensuously. The rich woman watched as the men performed on the women. She sipped her wine and after a while she reached down between her legs and began to masturbate. After a while the rich woman made a motion and the butler clapped his hands softly once. Then all women started to suck the men's cocks. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They all sucked dick for the rich women's viewing pleasure as she masturbated and occasionally sipped her wine. This went on until the rich women motioned to the butler again. He clapped his hands softly once again and all the women laid back and the men started to fuck them with their fishnet stocking legs & stiletto heels high in the air. I not only was watching all the women getting fucked, but I was watching the rich woman watching the fucking. I couldn't believe all this was happening. You could tell the rich woman liked watching and being in control. As she masturbated, I could see it in her eyes. I watched her head tilt from side to side as she watched the couples fucking, the whole time holding a glass of wine with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. I could see that the longer this went on, the more excited the rich woman became. She waved at the butler, and he softly clapped again. The women rolled over on their knees with their butts high in the air, faces turned sideways on a pillow. The men wasted no time, they started to fuck the women doggie style. I was watching the rich woman closely as she was really enjoying this. I looked around the room, and noticed the looks of displeasure on the women's faces. I took a closer look and they were all being fucked in their asses. The rich woman was really enjoying it and said, "That's it men, shove it in!" "Girls, take their cocks." All the women were on their knees, the men behind them reaming their buttholes. Before long the room smelled of anal sex. I could see the lust & nastiness in the rich woman's eyes as she said, "Yes, Take their cocks girls." "Feel it working your ass." I watched the rich woman licking her lips and masturbating as she enjoyed what was happening all around her. She then took her bra off exposing her big lucious tits. They were so huge they hung down the front of her, but in a very sexual way. Before long she gave a different signal and one of the men I was standing with stepped up next to her chair. My friend whispered, "Remember that signal." The man (A black man) stood at attention half naked facing her. His big black dick was hanging out at her. She took a drink of wine, then took a cigarette in hand. The butler stepped up and lit it. She sat there on her thrown smoking and watching all the anal fucking around her. She took hold of the man's cock who was standing in front of her and slowly stroked it watching it turn hard in her hand. As she looked at it she got the nastiest grin I've ever seen. Holding his dick, she went back to watching all the anal fucking. What a sight, watching her. This nasty bitch with a cigarette in one hand holding it out like she was the most important thing in the world, and a big black cock in her other hand watching live sex all around her. This rich eccentric wide assed bitch was turning me on something fierce! With all this anal sex, and her enjoying it! I thought I'd love to take her, bend her over and fuck her hard in her BIG,,, RICH,,, WIDE,,, ASS!!! She finished her cigarette and started sucking the black man's cock. All the people anally fucking around her continued to do so. After a while the man she was sucking was ready to blow his load. He said to her, "I'm cumming Miss." She took his dick out of her mouth and ordered, "Give it to me!" then stuck his dick back into her mouth, sucking and jacking him hard. You could tell he began to cum in her mouth with her red rich lips wrapped tightly around his big black dick. It looked so nasty, with her blonde hair, white skin and his black cock in her mouth. His body shuttered as he was cumming. The Rich Bitch drank his sperm as I could hear her gulp it down, then licked her lips. I could tell this woman loved sperm by the look on her face after eating the black man's load. When he was done he left the room. She signaled again and my friend stepped up and she started sucking his cock. After a while she stopped and took a drink of her wine, watching the anal fucking around her, then went back to sucking him. She was enjoying sucking dick while all these women took cocks up their butts. It was recreational sex for her! Her enrtertainment! I could see her watched the couples anal fucking, even though she had a dick in her mouth. Every now and then, one of the men of the couples anal fucking would cum on the women's ass. I'd hear the man say, "I'm cumming." The rich woman would turn her attention to that couple and watch. The woman would say, "Shoot it on my ass." The look on the rich woman's face was absolute lust as she watched the different men dump their load on the women's assholes. After they came, the women stayed on their knees with their sperm covered assholes pointing at the rich bitch. This was all for the rich woman's viewing pleasure. She wanted all this around her while she was getting her sex. Obviously it added to her eventual orgasm. The room smelled of ass and cum. I thought what a rich, nasty, eccentric, slut! Having all this, just so she could get her kinky climax. Before long my friend was ready to cum. He said, "I'm cumming Miss." And she took his cock out of her mouth and jacked it onto her huge tits. He dumped a big load all down the front of her, all over her huge tits. She took her hands and smeared the sperm all over her cum covered tits. She never wiped it off and her tits glistened with cum. She liked having it all over her like that. You could tell. When he was done cumming, he turned to leave the room. On his way out he winked at me and continued to walk out. I was still in shock at all of this. She motioned and the guy next to me, and he stepped up to the rich woman leaving me & another guy standing there, waiting to be used by the rich whore. I just waited and watched until it was my turn. The rich woman took another drink of wine then leaned back in the chair spreading her legs wide hanging them over the arms of the chair. I could see her pussy patch was trimmed very thin and she wanted her pussy fucked. She ordered the man to get on his knees in front of her. The half dressed man got down on his knees in front of her and then she ordered him, "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" He lined his dick up with her pussy and shoved it in. She just smiled a slutty smile as he fucked her. Obviously this whore loved to be fucked as the man had no problem getting his big dick in her. She laid there getting fucked with her hands reaching down between her legs, holding his hips pulling him towards her as his cock went in & out of her pussy. All the anal fucking was still going on all around the rich woman as she got her sex. I thought how much is this rich bitch paying all these people! And the women, getting fucked in their asses for hours while she gets her fill of men train style. I watched the man fuck the rich whore hard as her huge tits jiggled and bounced from each stroke of the fucking. After a long while the man was ready to cum. He to said, "I'm cumming Miss." She instructed him to shoot it all over her belly and pussy. When he was ready to shoot, he pulled it out and jacked it all over the front of her. She had eaten one load of sperm and was covered with two more loads all down her front. She didn't wipe any of it off, she smeared and rubbed it all over herself with her hands. I could see she loved the stickiness of it. She looked at me and gave me the signal to come to her. All the couples were still anal fucking around her. The rich woman was smeared with sperm from her neck, & tits, down to her pussy. I though I was going to have to mount and fuck this sticky spermy rich slut as she laid back in the chair covered in cum, legs spread from the last man fucking her. She told me to take the KY and grease up my cock. I did as I was told, Then she turned over on her knees in the chair. Her huge tits hanging beneath her and her wide ass sticking out at me. She slowly reached back putting her hands on her big ass. She ordered me to fuck her butt as she spread her big ass wide for me, exposing her dirty butthole. This was perfect, just what I wanted to do to this eccentric whore. I looked at her butthole, it was dirty and it looked like it had been well fucked many times before. She was still watching the women getting fucked in their asses and getting their assholes sprayed with cum. I thought this is what the rich woman's whole sexual thing is. Having all this anal sex around her as she worked up to her own anal fucking and I was going to get to ream her butthole. I put my hands on her hips as she looked over her shoulder at my greased cock, and through her heavy breathing she said, "I want it in my ass, fuck my ass." I drove my greasy cock up her dirty, gritty asshole. She rotated her hips as it went in deep. She reached up and clung to the back of the chair. I heard her murmur, "OOOOHH,,, YYYYEEA... FUCK MY BUTTHOLE!" As I shoved my cock up her ass. I held tight onto her saddlebag hips as I drove it home. I loved it! She loved it, as my cock worked her sticky gritty butthole. I started fucking her butthole just as hard as I could. She loved it and moaned as she dug her nails into the top of the chair. On the sides of her I could see those huge tits swing and her big hair due bouncing with each hard anal stroke! I worked her butthole over hard for a long time. Through her heavy breathing the eccentric bitch said, "This is how you take a cock girls." "Yes,,, Fuck my ass!" I looked down and I could see her well used asshole milking my cock. Working it's magic and bringing me closer to climax. As I readied to cum, I did like the other men and said, "I'm cumming Miss." She said in a breathless order, "TAKE IT OUT AND SPRAY MY BUTTHOLE WITH CUM!! I did as I was ordered. I fucked her asshole hard until just before I exploded. I pulled my cock out of her ass jacking it feverishly and shot a huge load right onto her butthole and up her back! She could feel the first two hot waves hit her butthole hard and splatter everywhere. She goes, "Oh, Yea! Spray my ass!!" "Spray my butthole good!!" The next few waves of sperm shot all the way up her back. The last couple of waves I shot onto her wide ass. She absolutly loved it. I took the tip of my dick and smeared my cum all around her butthole. She loved it going, "OOOO,,, Yes, That feels good, smear it." All the women around her were still getting their asses fucked or pointing their sperm sticky assholes at her I took my cock in hand and slapped her butthole twice with my dick, like take that. Then I took my queue and left like the other men before me. As I was walking out, The eccentric bitch signaled a maid. The maid came over and rubbed my sperm all over her back and wide ass like it was lotion. When I reached the door, a butler opened it and I stepped out. I don't know what happened in there after I left. Who knows, anything was possible with that rich eccentric whore! Then I realized what this whole thing was about. This woman was obsessed with cum & anal sex. She'd watch the women submit to hard anal fuckings while getting her's and the other women's buttholes used and sprayed with cum as she worked towards her climax. I met my friend out in the dressing room. We dressed and we were taken home in a limousine. On the way my friend said, "Well you wouldn't believe me!" What a way to make a living.........

End of Story

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