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Panties On His Mind

I pity all you ladies out there who don’t know how easy it can be
to win the total devotion of your men. I also pity all you men out
there who don’t know the deep joy that can be attained by devoting
yourselves to the women in your lives. But I’ve learned a thing or two
that I’d like to pass on to you all, just in case it might bring a bit
more happiness and contentment into your ordinary lives.
My secret developed quite by accident, one day when I found my
boyfriend in the bathroom sneaking sniffs of my dirty underwear. I
think he must have forgotten to lock the door; either that, or he must
have secretly wanted me to catch him and learn about his private little
game. To this day, I still don’t know which it was.
Anyhow, I drifted into the bathroom early one morning after one
of our marathon sessions of lovemaking, and there he was lying on his
back holding the crotch of a pair of my soiled panties to his nose,
moaning to himself how he wanted to bury himself in my lovely feminine
scent. I remained out of sight, and apparently he did not notice my
presence. I stayed there just long enough to watch him jerk off; he
came violently, even after he’d shot his load several times in bed with
me the previous night!
I closed the door quietly and drifted back to the bedroom,
thinking about what I had seen. He must have heard me, I thought, but
he hadn’t even looked up, let alone did he interrupt his humble act of
worship to speak to me. Needless to say, I had a lot to think about
before he got himself cleaned up and came back to bed. What was so
special about my panties? Why had he never mentioned his interest in
them before? And how could he have been so absorbed in their aroma
that he didn’t even notice me stumble into the bathroom?
When he finally came back to bed, I was ready for him. I didn’t
have any answers to my questions, but I did have a plan of action. I
had taken off the panties I was wearing (the same panties I had worn
while we had been making love that previous night!), and concealed them
in my left hand.
“How was your trip to the bathroom, my love?” I whispered to him
with a smile as he stretched out beside me on the bed.
He looked me in the eye and said “You ought to know, honey. You
were there.”
I put my free hand on his crotch and gently started licking his
ear. “You must love me a whole big bunch, baby. You even love my
pretty little panties!”
He sighed.
I slid my other hand (holding the panties) around behind him, and
clasped the crotch of my panties against his nose. “Does that smell
nice to you, my love?”
He sighed again, even more deeply, and smiled as if he was in
“Mmmm, I’m glad,” I replied gently. “You know it’s important to
me that you like everything about me. I know you love my voice, the
way I look, the way I dance and make love, and so many other things
about me. But now I know you also love the sweet feminine perfume of
my panties.”
He reached up and put his hand over mine, to hold my panty crotch
more firmly against his nose. At the same time, he thrust his crotch
against my other hand, to intensify the friction down there. I gently
squeezed his balls, and felt his penis enlarge in my hand as I did so.
I could tell my plan was already working.
“I want so much to make you happy, my big, strong man,” I
whispered to him lovingly. “Tell me how much you love my panties, if
their smell really means anything to you.”
As I said that, I quickly pulled the prize away from his nose and
reached for his lips with mine. I managed to cover his mouth before
any words could escape. I stuck my tongue inside his mouth and moved
it around, as I intensified my massage of his ever hardening cock.
As I moved my mouth away, I again asked him to tell me how much
he loved the smell of my panties. But before he could answer me, I
covered his nose and mouth with the crotch of my panties again.
He moaned again, and made no effort to escape my delicate trap.
“Do you love me?” I asked in a very soft voice, without moving
the panties away.
He nodded weakly.
“Do you love my pussy?” I asked, in an even softer, more
feminine voice.
He nodded again, and moaned helplessly.
“Do you love everything about me, including my most intimate
feminine smells?”
He nodded again, continuing to moan and move his crotch.
“Do you love me enough that you would pledge your devotion to the
service of my pussy, and all my feminine needs?” I whispered even more
gently, right into his ear.
He kept nodding and moaning, and trying to push his face and
crotch up against each of my hands. I continued this treatment for a
few more minutes, until he was on the verge of coming. Then, I let up
just a bit.
“Tell me,” I whispered, “just how much you love me.”
I pushed my panties against his nose again, and pulled them away.
“Tell me just how much you want and need my pussy to sniff and
smell and lick. Tell me what you’ll do for me if I let you satisfy
your need for my most intimate feminine perfume.”
He pulled my panties back to his face, but began to speak softly
while continuing to inhale their fragrance.
“I have always loved your femininity, the heart of your female
soul. I long to be consumed by you, to be at your mercy, to be of
service to you, and to help satisfy your most intimate feminine needs.
“Your panties carry the lovely combination of scents which prove
your true femininity. Your pussy and your asshole aromas are like
heaven to me. I will do anything for you, my wonderful female queen,
if only you will let me smell your pussy and asshole from time to
With that, I put my hand back on his crotch; and having removed
my panties from his face, I promptly seated myself there. I firmly
positioned his nose between the cheeks of my ass, and his lips next to
the lips of my now dripping pussy.
After wiggling my hips a bit to make sure I was in proper
position, I leaned back and said “If you really meant what you said,
start licking and kissing, and don’t stop until I tell you.”
Well, I the whole day went on like this, and I enjoyed every
minute. It was quite divine, and I (we) wouldn’t have wanted it any
other way. It was the only possible way to top what we’d done the
night before, and boy did we ever top it!
I’d used the remote control all day, watching my favorite
sitcoms, soap operas and talk shows, knowing he was helpless to stop
me. I even called a few of my girlfriends to tell them about my new
position as Panty Queen. I made sure to call in sick for my boyfriend,
who was too busy to stop for anything. Too bad his boss didn’t know
the real reason my boyfriend couldn’t call in for himself: he had his
tongue buried to the root inside my delicious wet pussy, and he was
completely unable and unwilling to think about anything else!

Since that special day of awakening, I learned so well how to
make use of his flourishing need for me. Thanks to my careful
guidance, he fell deeper and deeper under my spell.
He lost the ability to be dishonest or disobedient to me, as my
power over him became far too strong. Any time I wanted to get the
truth out of him, or whenever I wanted something from him, I’d just
hold a pair of my dirty panties up to his nose and tell him to breathe
deeply. (Actually, I hardly had to tell him any more, since by then it
was pretty much an instinctive reaction -- he was so well trained!)
He’d start taking those long, deep breaths, and after a couple moments
his eyes would begin to close, and he’d hold his hands on top of mine
to press my panty crotch closer to his nose.
Then I’d run my fingers through his hair, and tell him what a
good little boy he is. “Yes, you like smelling my panties,” I’d tell
him softly. “You can’t resist the perfume of my pussy, can you my
He’d nod his head weakly.
“What do you say to me for letting you smell my fragrant
He’d offer a muffled “thank you” from behind the panties.
I’d pull them away and say “Again? I didn’t quite hear you.”
Then he’d say “Thank you for letting me smell your lovely
feminine perfume,” as he instinctively pulled the panties back to
within reach of his nostrils.
This is when I had him most under my spell. And this is when I
made him confess his secrets to me, or agree to do things for me. He
was most willing to cooperate at these times, perhaps even unaware that
he simply had no will at all to resist me. I’m sure at these times he
was completely satisfied telling me whatever I want to hear, and had no
desire at all to deceive me or disobey my wishes.
“It’s almost like self-hypnosis,” I began thinking to myself,
“where he himself wants to be put into a trance, and I’d merely provide
my soft voice and my fragrant panties for him to focus on so he can
As I performed this little ritual more and more, it began to
occur to me that there was more to this than mere eroticism. When I
started to connect what I was doing to self-hypnosis, I started doing
some serious research. I began reading books on hypnosis, and I
listened to some of those self-help tapes they have, which are designed
to induce hypnotic trances. I listened to the wording, the background
music, and the tone of voice. I tried to see if I could use any of
these techniques more methodically, perhaps to increase my hold on him
even more. You see, my boyfriend did have a tendency to be
irresponsible about some things, and I figured he could do a lot worse
than to have me take charge.
My experiment went so well, I decided to keep it up. As I write
this memoir, he’s so completely addicted to me that I know he’ll never
be able to break free. My spell over him has gotten so strong, that
he’s hypnotized to happily obey my soft sweet voice whenever I so much
as sigh. He’s put completely under my spell every time he gets a tiny
whiff of my pussy, and he doesn’t have the slightest notion why he just
can’t resist me any more. He doesn’t want to!
I recently put into practice a regular series of treatment
sessions for my boyfriend, which I repeat every Monday morning before
breakfast. It’s had the most wonderful effect on him, and it’s brought
us so much closer together! Here’s how it goes...

As he’s waking up in the early morning hours, I remove the
panties I slept in and hold them gently against his nose. I lean over
and whisper into his ear, telling him just to take a few deep breaths
and relax. I tell him to smell the lovely fragrance, and to listen to
my soft voice.
“Relax, my handsome man,” I whisper. “You feel yourself
drifting, slowly drifting away. Breathe deeply through your nose, and
just relax. With each breath you take, you sink deeper and drift
farther. You are relaxing more and more with each breath, becoming
weaker and weaker. You love my feminine scent, and you will keep on
inhaling it, as you drift pleasantly away.
“With each breath you take, you become weaker, and relax more.
Yes, now you are so weak you can hardly think. Your thoughts are
fuzzy, and all you can focus on are the scent of may panties and the
sound of my voice. You can hear my voice clearly, but you are too weak
to respond. Your body is totally weak, and your will is leaving you as
you continue to relax more and more. Relax more and more. Totally
weak, totally relaxed.
“Now you have no will of your own. You can only hear my voice,
and smell the sweet scent of my pussy on my panties. My panties
control you, and my voice is the voice of my panties. You are
completely under the spell of my panties, you cannot resist them. You
find you no longer want to resist them, you want them to control you.
It feels pleasant, satisfying. You like that my panties control you,
and that my voice controls you. You are happy, relaxed, and under my
complete control.
“Relax and go deeper. Relax some more, as you keep breathing
deeply, inhaling the lovely scent you have given yourself over to.
“Your will is gone completely, and you will obey my voice without
hesitation. My voice sounds to you like your own inner voice, and you
want to let yourself be guided by that voice.
“Can you hear me?” I ask, just to be sure I’m on the right
track. “Just nod if you can.”
He nods slowly, so that the crotch of my panties remains
positioned right on his nose.
“Now I want you to listen carefully, my darling little man. I
want you to follow the instructions I am about to give you. Do you
Again, he nods.
“Later on, when you wake up, you will not remember our little
session here this morning. But what you will remember is that you are
completely addicted to my female smells. Whenever you smell my
panties, my pussy, my armpits or even my asshole, you will become weak,
too weak to pull yourself away. As you continue to smell them, you
will become still weaker, until you are so weak you will become my
willing servant. You will lose interest in your own personal concerns,
whatever they may be, and you will turn your attention immediately to
satisfying my needs and desires. Is that clear?”
He nods once more.
“And you are very happy with this arrangement, aren’t you?”
He nods and smiles, taking another deep breath of my panty scent.
“Good. Whenever you smell my panties, my pussy, my armpits or my
asshole, you will find your own will begins to slip away. It will
continue slipping away, until my voice and my smells fill your senses,
as if they are coming from deep inside you. You will obey my voice as
if it were the true voice of your own inner self. My voice will be the
most important thing in the world to you, and obeying the thoughts I
give you will be your strongest desire. You will want what my voice
tells you to want, do what my voice tells you to do. You will have no
other needs and desires than those given to you by my voice. Is that
clear, my precious little boy?”
He nods again, peacefully.
“And you want it this way, don’t you? It gives you great
pleasure and satisfaction to be in my service, smelling my scent and
obeying my voice. You will allow yourself to feel pleasure only when
you have pleased me, but the pleasure you will feel is much greater
than you’ve ever felt before. Isn’t that right?”
He nods again and smiles, and a slight sigh makes its way out.
“Okay, now keep breathing deeply. I am going to put you through
a little test.”
I reposition myself so that I’m facing his feet, and my crotch
and ass come down squarely on his face. I wiggle a little bit, until I
am completely comfortable. His mouth and nose are now perfectly placed
inside of my crack, and all he can see, smell and feel are my pussy and
ass. I wiggle some more, just to be sure the fit is perfect. With my
hands on his torso, I lean over and kiss his limp dick.
“Now, I want you to begin French kissing me, and don’t stop until
I tell you to stop. And as you kiss me, I want you to show me how much
you really love me.”
He reaches his hands around my tush, pulls my crotch against his
face, and darts his tongue around inside me. The passion with which he
kisses and licks me now is far more exciting and energetic than any
oral sex I’ve ever had before, with him or anyone else. He reaches his
tongue deeper inside me, scooping out my juices like a starving man,
and brushing my love button each time he moves to swallow. Each time,
his tongue goes deeper, and each time, I’m feeling more aroused than
before. I ride him like a bronco!
I press myself harder onto his lips and nose, trying not to
bruise him but wanting his tongue to keep reaching deeper and deeper.
Finally I reach my climax, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve
ever had, sexual or otherwise. After riding his face through to my
last eruption, I collapse on top of his sweaty body. I look over to
see a smile on his face, and bend back down to kiss his soft penis.
“Thank you, my precious little boy,” I tell him. “You have
obeyed well, and you deserve a reward.”
With that, I get up from atop his face, and with my hand softly
holding his penis I give him a passionate kiss on the lips.
“I am very happy now,” I tell him. “You have pleased me very
much. Does this make you happy?” I ask him.
A smile overtakes his face, and his penis suddenly gets very
hard. With his eyes still closed, he nods.
“When I count down from three, you will awaken ready for your
morning routine. You will not remember our session this morning,
however. You will only remember your addiction to my lovely feminine
smells, as I told you earlier, and the effect they have on you.
He looks so innocent and vulnerable at this moment, before I
awaken him. His broad smile, my juices all over his face, and even a
little bit of brown on his nose (oops!). It is so hard for me to
release him, but the only reason I do so is because I know how easy it
will be for me to get him the next time.
“One more thing before I awaken you,” I continue. “You will
spend the day with an inner happiness, knowing how happy I am to have
you loving me. No problem, no matter how big it seems to be, will
shake your feeling of inner contentment. You will be productive all
day, and all week, confident in your ability and in the value of your
“And if anyone asks you why you never lose your cool, just tell
them it is because you are devoted to the most wonderful woman a man
could ever have. Maybe some day you can bring them home to meet me,
and I’ll offer them some of my special words of encouragement.
“Now I will count down from three, and you will awaken. Three,
two, one - Awaken.”
And as he opens his eyes, I stretch and yawn and look at him. I
kiss him on the lips and tell him he must have overslept just a bit,
and that he’d better hurry if he wants to make it to work on time.
“No problem,” he says with a grin, as he bounces eagerly out of
bed and into the shower, ready to face the day.


End of Story

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