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Now That's What I Call Cybersex

He looked at the clock in the bottom left corner of his screen
- 22:15. After a quick sigh, he clicked his left mouse button and sat
back. From his right, his computer emitted a short eerie electronic
wailing noise. "Still working." he thought. "Still wasting my phone
bill." But he was not to realise just what it would bring to him this
He logged on to the Internet, and waited for the new messages
on his most-accessed newsgroups to come in. In the meantime, he had
received some mail - 5, 6, 7 ... still going. "That's what you get
when you're on two mailing lists, I suppose. And none of it is of any
use." he mused to himself. He flicked his mail program back to where
the messages were coming in ... nothing worthwhile on; nothing on birmingham.misc ... nothing at all
of interest really.
He then clicked on alt.personals.fetish; he had placed a
message on that newsgroup earlier that day, and he wanted to see if it
had appeared, and indeed if anyone had replied to it. He quickly
scanned down - there weren't many new messages since his last check
that afternoon, but he liked to check regularly, just in case he
missed something. In any case, messages on a few of his favoured
newsgroups did fill up rather rapidly, and he never liked waiting for
hundreds of message headers to be downloaded. He soon spotted his own
message, and also that there was a small reply. Eagerly, he
downloaded the message, only to be disappointed that, on reading it,
it contained merely a colon and two closing brackets. He looked at
the return E-mail address, and then searched Deja-News to check if the
addresser had sent any other messages, but without success. He was
just about to disconnect from the Internet, and go back to playing
Worms, when his computer suddenly made another eerie electronic noise,
like before. He started to get a little worried, and looked at his
computer strangely. He knew it certainly shouldn't be doing that!
The noise continued for a few seconds, and then stopped. From
the back of the computer, a strange mist seemed to be emerging. The
man's first thoughts were "Bugger", "Virus", and "Oh my God I've blown
the computer." However, the mist seemed to be coming out in a line,
and be flowing directly towards him. Soon, a small trail of white
mist was flying round him, and the computer soon stopped emitting it.
The man just sat there, bewildered, and couldn't think what to do.
Then, without warning, the mist stopped flying and coalesced beside
him. Slowly but surely, it manifested itself into the form of a
She was quite a tall woman - 5'8" or thereabouts - with long
blonde hair. She looked about 20, and she wore a dark green jumper,
and blue denim jeans. On her feet were a pair of knee-length boots.
The man looked at her in complete astonishment. His mouth opened, but
no words came out.
"Are you Thomas?" she asked. "Thomas Morris at
Sandwell-Internet.etc.etc.?" The man could only nod in agreement.
"Hi." she purred. "I'm Liguria."
Thomas waited. A thousand questions were running through his
mind. Who was she? How did she get here? What did she want? But in
his confused state all he could manage was a feeble "Hi.", and a
slight wave of his right hand.
"You posted a message ..." she began. Not getting any
reaction from Thomas, she continued. "On one of the newsgroups. I've
been looking at what you've posted everywhere on the net, even under
those false names of yours ..." she grinned knowingly at him, "... and
now I've been compelled to come and visit you. You see, your last
message was rather, um, interesting, and even perhaps a bit, you know,
arousing?" Again she smiled at him, and seemed to lean forward
slightly. Thomas was still flustered.
"Er, er, er ..." he stammered.
"Well, that's what I'm here for." she said, warmly. "You said
you wanted a woman to act out these fantasies of yours, so here I am."
"That's very ... very kind of .. of you." stuttered Thomas.
"It's just you see I wasn't quite expecting ..."
"Wasn't quite expecting someone to appear in a mist out of
your computer." she interrupted, and began to stroke his cheek with
her fingers. "No I suppose you wouldn't. But you pays your money and
you takes your choice. I can't get here any other way."
Thomas was scared; too scared to move back from her touch.
"Who ... who are you?" he whispered.
"I'm the Internet." she replied, simply.
Thomas sat, stationary. He did not blink for several seconds.
"I can see you're confused." she continued. "I'll try to explain.
Er, there are a few of us. We kind of 'run' the Internet; give it
some kind of control - well, maintain some order over chaos, anyway.
We don't generally interfere, but if there's something really dodgy
going on, then we won't hesitate to investigate, and if necessary,
take action. I guess you could call us the Gods of the Internet."
"But what ... what are you doing here?" gasped Thomas.
"Humm, well, even we get bored sometimes! We just
occasionally look to have a bit of fun; enjoy ourselves; you know."
Thomas stood up. He was still completely confused by it all,
but he'd now given up thinking about it. All he knew was that here
was a nice woman in his bedroom in the late evening, prepared for
everything. He didn't care anymore how she'd got here; he was
determined to enjoy himself. He put his left hand to her face, and
began to gently rub. "Just one question." he asked. "How long can
you stay for?"
"Until you disconnect from the Internet." she replied. "At
the moment, this room is 'on' the net; as soon as you disconnect,
everything from there must go back; it is physically impossible to
remain in the real world."
Liguria took Thomas' hand, and led him onto the bed. She put
her arm around him, turned to face him, and smiled. "Even Gods need
some affection and excitement sometimes." she said. Thomas smiled
back, kissed her lightly on her lips, and pushed her back onto the
They held each other tightly while they kissed. They rubbed
their hands up and down each other's backs; Liguria placed her hands
inside Thomas' jumper and slowly began to pull it up his back,
exposing a white T-shirt. He sat up and raised his arms; Liguria
pulled off both his jumper and T-shirt in one swift movement. "Hmmm."
she smiled, and caressed his chest. "Very nice. No, keep your arms
up." she instructed him, as he was about to hold her waist. She
placed her mouth to his body, and began to lick up and down. She
continued to do this for several minutes, every so often emitting a
low moaning sound. She occasionally tugged at his nipples with her
teeth, an action which made Thomas voice a sound of what seemed to be
pleasure, mixed with a hint of surprise.
Eventually, he felt he had to bring his arms down, and he
placed his hands on either side of her waist. She stopped licking
almost immediately. "Did I say you could do that?" she asked,
seemingly sternly.
"N .. no, but ..." hesitated Thomas.
"Humm, then we shall have to teach you a little lesson." she
She quickly grabbed both of Thomas' wrists, and pushed him
back onto the bed. Thomas struggled, but he was no match for Liguria
and her god-like strength. She pinned his arms and elbows to the bed
with her knees, and sat on top of him.
"Do you know what I'm going to do now?" she asked.
"No." trembled Thomas.
She smiled inanely. "I'm going to ..." and suddenly she
thrust her hands to his armpits. "... Tickle you!!!" she concluded,
"Naaaaarrrrgggghhhh!" cried Thomas as Liguria mercilessly
tickled him. His body thrashed about under her, but she stayed rigid.
"Aaaarrrggghh ... no ... no ..." screamed Thomas. "Please
stop." But Liguria wasn't going to stop; at least not yet.
"Humm." she mused. "Let's see; I could stop, but you see, I'm
enjoying this! No Thomas," she smiled at him, "I'm not going to."
"Please .." he gasped. Liguria continued. Tears began to
fall down his cheeks. "Anything ... I'll do anything ..."
"Anything?" queried Liguria, without pausing.
"Anything." repeated Thomas, amid gasps for breath.
Liguria stopped, and thought for a moment. "OK, will you suck
my toes?"
"Yes." replied Thomas, who had always been a bit of a secret
foot fetishist anyway.
"Fine. Then I want to be aroused, and brought to orgasm, with
just your tongue."
"I'll try." said Thomas.
"Then I want to see you swallow your own cum." she finished.
"Er, I don't know about that one ..." started Thomas, but it
was too late. Liguria's hands were under his armpits.
"Neearrrggghhh, no ... no ... please mercy ..."
"And you will do all that I say?" she demanded, still tickling
"Yes ... yes ... please ... stop ..."
Liguria stopped, stood up, and rolled him over onto his front.
"I never said I'd make it easy for you." she said, taking a ball of
string off a nearby chest of drawers. She took hold of his hands, and
placed them behind his back.
"What ... what are you ..." asked Thomas. Liguria placed one
hand on the back of his head and pushed it firmly down into the bed.
"This was in your fantasy, wasn't it?" she demanded.
"Nuurrrgggghhhhh." moaned Thomas.
"Besides, I'm an oral kind of person." she continued, while
pulling the string around his wrists. "I sometimes find hands get in
the way somewhat. Don't you?" Thomas made no reply.
Liguria continued to wrap the string around his wrists for
several minutes. Every so often, she would give it a sharp tug, to
ensure its tautness; Thomas would give a little yelp of discomfort,
which she would ignore. "Oh, and if at any point you fail to satisfy
me," she added, while tying one of the many very fast knots in the
string, "I will have no hesitation in giving you a very hard
After a little while Liguria stood up, and rolled Thomas over
onto his back. The top of his arms began to ache, but he could not
move them even one millimetre, the string was so tightly coiled around
his wrists. He struggled for a few seconds, and then gave up.
Liguria sat on his waist, facing away from him, placed her hands onto
his trainers, undid the laces, and eased them off his feet. Then she
put her fingers inside his socks.
"Do you realise", she asked, "that I know your feet are
incredibly ticklish?" She slowly rolled them off his feet.
"Nooooooo!!" yelled Thomas.
"Especially just after your socks are taken off ..."
"How ... how did you find out?" begged Thomas, with a certain
amount of panic.
"Simple." she replied, exposing his feet and casting his socks
onto the floor. "I read all your E-mails too." She placed her
fingers onto the soles of his feet; he began to thrash wildly around.
"I haven't started yet." she complained.
"Yes you haaaaaaaaaaave." bawled Thomas.
"Oh?" queried Liguria, as she began to move her fingers about
rapidly. "Are you really that ticklish?"
"Noooo ... please .... noooooooo." he wailed. "Stooooo ....
ooooo .... ooooo ..... ooooop."
Liguria continued for a while, but then abruptly stopped.
Thomas wiggled his toes a little. She stood up, and turned round.
Smiling at Thomas' now frightened face, she swiftly unzipped his
trousers and pulled them right off. Throwing them to one side, she
then pulled off his boxer shorts in the same way. She pulled him to
his feet, and stood in front of him. Finally, she kissed him, and lay
down, face-up, on the bed.
"Strip me now." she commanded.
"Strip?" queried Thomas. "But ... but how?"
"With your teeth." she replied, firmly. "Otherwise ...", she
grinned, "it's spanking time."
Thomas sighed. He was naked, completely under the control of
a highly erotic woman, and he was quickly forming an erection that
Liguria would not fail to notice. In fact he was a little embarrassed
about it, but had no choice but to ignore it. Liguria sat up, and
pushed her arms towards him. Thomas tugged at one of the sleeves, and
dragged it off her arm. He did the same to her other sleeve, then
placed his teeth around the neck of the jumper. After a little
effort, he managed to drag it over her head, and carried it like a dog
over to the other side of the room. He dropped it and came back, to
find that under her jumper was a pale blue blouse.
"Oh god." he said. "Buttons."
"Thomas." warned Liguria.
"I know I know." he replied.
There were 8 buttons in all. Thomas started at the top;
Liguria tilted her head back a little to allow him to place his mouth
nearly under her chin. He tugged at both sides of the soft linen;
using his tongue to press against the button itself, he eventually
managed to undo it.
He went slowly down the front of her blouse, having to nibble
at the linen which began to taste more and more horrible as he got
used to it. Ignoring his discomfort, he carried on. Eventually he
got to the last button, when he stopped.
"Hang on." he said, and swallowed twice.
"Yes?" complained Liguria, tapping her foot on the carpet.
Thomas spat on the floor. "Horrid taste in my mouth. Sorry."
"How many spanks is that worth, do you reckon?" she asked.
"Oh be fair." defended Thomas. "I'm doing my best; and I've
never done this before, you know that."
"In my dominating moods, I'm a perfectionist." she retorted.
"Now get on with it, or else."
Slowly, Thomas chewed at the linen surrounding the last
button. Soon enough, it came loose. He tugged at one of the now
loose sleeves, and very quickly the whole blouse slid off Liguria's
smooth skin. At this point Thomas first noticed she was wearing a
bra, and began to inwardly panic. Trying not to let it show, he
turned his attention to her knee-length black boots. They were both
tied like normal shoes, but the laces were very long, and held in
place by several small metal hoops going up the boot. Thomas dropped
to his knees by her boots, swallowed again, and tugged at one of the
ends of the laces on her right boot. The shoelace unknotted itself
very simply. Then he gripped the shoelace about halfway up her boot,
and pulled his head back. The shoelace unravelled from the topmost
metal hoops. He grabbed the top of the boot with his teeth, and
pulled downwards. After a bit of effort, her boot came off, exposing
a small black sock.
Thomas crawled over to her left boot, and tried to untie the
laces. This time, however, he was left with a tight knot that he
could not undo without using his hands. He looked up at Liguria, with
a certain glance of pity.
"More spanks." was all Liguria would murmur.
Thomas had a little think, then had an idea. He took the
shoelace between his teeth, and tried to bite through it. The taste
was even worse than that of the linen, and he had to stop a couple of
times to clear his mouth, but he eventually managed it. He dragged
off her boot in the same way as before. Liguria wriggled her feet
about. Thomas took the end of her left sock in his teeth and yanked
it off in one go. He then took the top of her right sock, and rolled
it down her leg using his tongue. Soon her feet were bare. Thomas
could not control his excitement; his erection was quite large at this
point. He was just about to touch her sole with his tongue, when he
heard Liguria call.
"Hey!" she shouted. "I'm not naked yet!"
Thomas scampered to the side of the bed. "My jeans and bra."
she stated, simply.
Liguria tilted round slightly, and Thomas was able to catch
her bra strap in his mouth. He found incredible difficulty in
removing it - to him, it was like trying to remove a belt. Eventually
however, he somehow managed it. Liguria turned round, and Thomas
could not help but notice her breasts. He was not particularly turned
on by breasts in general, but these were simply beautiful. Not
particularly big, but perfectly formed. Thomas just wanted to suck at
them, but Liguria pushed him away, and pointed to her jeans.
Thomas found incredible difficulty here too; the denim was
very tough and didn't want to come apart. The button was metal, and
the combination of the two made him nearly throw up at the taste.
After finally undoing the button, he took several attempts to pull
down the zip, which was a more pungent metal taste. Thomas could feel
it go right through his teeth and down the rest of his body. Finally,
after much jerking and force at the bottom of her jeans, they came
off. Thomas came back to the side of the bed, and removed her
knickers with ease. They were both finally naked.
Liguria looked at Thomas, then at his erection, then back to
Thomas. "I see you're enjoying yourself." she remarked.
Thomas looked at her. "It's a fantasy." he answered. "And
it's kind of fun, really."
Liguria turned onto her stomach, and pushed her feet and
ankles over the end of the bed. Thomas crawled around the bed, and
knelt beside them. She wiggled her toes, and Thomas replied by taking
both of her big toes into his mouth. He held onto them firmly with
his teeth, and began to suck them. His tongue idly caressed the tips
of her toes and ran along the nails. After the unpleasant taste of
her clothing, sucking her toes made a nice, refreshing change. He
went along her toes on her right foot in turn, gently tugging at each
one with his teeth, and licking between them with his tongue. After a
few minutes, he turned his attention to her left foot, and began to
nibble the tips of toes. Finally, after taking each of her toes in
turn into his mouth, he ran his tongue down the soles of both of her
feet, and nipped around her ankles.
He looked up at Liguria, who promptly stood up and walked next
to him. She pulled him to his feet, and smiled. "That was nice." she
purred, and sat on the bed, her legs slightly apart. "However," she
went on, "it doesn't make up for the mess you made of stripping me."
Before he had a chance to complain, or even defend himself, Liguria
had pulled him off his feet and onto her lap. He lay, face-down, with
no part of his body touching the ground. Liguria placed her left hand
on his bottom; she moved her right hand under his body and gripped his
erection, which had been strategically placed in the gap between her
thighs. She paused for a few seconds, twitched a little to get
comfortable, then, without warning, pinched Thomas on his left
buttock. Thomas yelped in pain, but Liguria just ignored him. She
raised her hand above him, and began to slap him quite hard.
The first few strikes were on his fleshy buttocks, and did not
cause him too much discomfort. However, as soon as she switched
attention to the back of his thighs, Thomas began to feel the sharp
pains of her hand. She kept hitting him across his legs for several
minutes; all the while she was encouraging his erection further by
grasping it in her hand and rubbing it up and down. Thomas could not
decide which was the bigger distraction. Liguria spanked him all over
his backside; his legs, bum, back, and sides, until Thomas was
practically screaming. She kept up inflicting the pain, until Thomas
felt her rubbing was nearly bringing him to climax. As if she could
almost tell, Liguria stopped both the spanking and the rubbing, and
turned him onto his front. Thomas looked at his erection - it was
larger than he'd ever seen it before.
"I suppose you'd like me to suck it?" enquired Liguria.
"Er, well .... only if ... you want to." hesitated Thomas.
"Good." she replied. "Then I won't." She lifted Thomas up,
and placed him on his knees on the floor in front of her, between her
legs. She lay back, exposing her naked clit for Thomas to view. "You
know what to do?" she asked. Thomas nodded, swallowed again, and
placed his mouth to the lips of her womanhood. He played with the
lips with his teeth for a few moments, which made her emit a moan of
pleasure. Then he edged his tongue inside her opening, and wiggled it
about a little.
The taste inside that hit him was overpowering; like an oily
fish that had long gone off. But he persevered; it was something he'd
always wondered about but never really experimented with. It was a
relatively new experience for him, and he thought he'd make the most
of it. In any case, he didn't really have any choice, except by
disconnecting the phone, and he was actually finding the whole
experience enjoyable enough not to want to do that. These were all
fantasies of his, after all.
He tried to remember all the little hints and tips he'd read
in the last couple of years; where to put his tongue, how long to
spend in one particular place, etc. As he moved his tongue, Liguria's
moans got louder and more frequent, and he quickly realised the best
way to do this kind of thing was whatever came naturally; ignore the
analysis - just do what you want. He rubbed his lips on the sides of
her opening, and probed deeper with his tongue. He could feel her
beginning to tremble, and began to explore inside her more deeply and
further to the sides. Thomas swallowed; he could feel her taste drop
down his throat and through his body. The moaning, and indeed
breathing, was louder now, and more and more of her juices were
flowing into Thomas' mouth. He drank them all up, and continued to
lick her inside. At length, Liguria sat up.
"You can stop now." she said.
Thomas lapped up some more of her juices, and pulled away. He
looked at her. "Thank you." she mouthed. "That felt ... simply
wonderful. More than makes up for the stripping."
"A pleasure." replied Thomas.
She pulled him up, and sat him down next to her on the bed.
"Here, let me do something for you." she said. She took hold of his
erection in her right hand, and began to rub it up and down again.
Thomas began to give out low sounds of pleasure as she did so. His
moans increased in frequency as her rubbing brought him nearer and
nearer to climax. He was almost there when ...
He heard a couple of clicks, that seemed to come from his
phone. He looked to his left; Liguria was nowhere to be seen. He
looked around; he could not see any of her clothes either. With a
little difficulty he stood up, and walked over to the computer.
"Bugger." he thought, as he read what was on the screen. "That would
have to happen now!"
In the centre of the screen, on top of the window he had open,
was a small green dialog box headed 'reestablish connection'. The
message continued, 'Connection to', 'Sandwell-Internet', 'was
terminated. Do you want to reconnect?'
Thomas walked to a nearby wooden bookcase, and rubbed his
bonds on one of the rough edges. After much struggle, they broke and
Thomas could use his arms again, although they did ache a fair amount.
He sat down by his computer, and clicked on the 'reconnect' button.
The computer made its electronic warble, and Thomas logged on.
He noticed he had a new E-mail message, and he clicked on it
to read it. 'Thanks for a great time.' it read. 'Maybe see you again
sometime.' He chuckled to himself. "Thanks Liguria." he said. Then
he noticed the 'from' E-mail address; it was the same as the one that
had replied to his original advert ...

End of Story

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