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My Wife!!!

So much for the yeahhh like that would happen stories... Cuz boys this always happens...when your a bit in to the swinger style and your husband gets off on knowing what you are and enjoys everry minute.. Believe me it happens! And it happens when ever I want it too.. And I like it..Life's funny like that the first part of my life sucked but it opened up a weird door to the future.. Look i'm not asking for sympathy.. I'm multi-orgasmic I'm a squirter and I'm hot!!!! A Day does not go by that i am not cumming! with my husband a new found friend.. an old friend or myself.. Or even someone i just met in a grocerie store.. The thought of making a guy hard and shooting jizz on me controls my day and puts the sparkle in my eye.. Sure i know theres a name for it Nymphomaniac I suppose but frankly my husband forbids therapy.. he lives for his time in my hot spot... which is when ever he wants he loves the pictures and videos and sometime stay over friends I bring home..So your cute and firm and love it like I do.. wondering if these stories are true .. if I'm in it you can bet they are.. hard to pick one story to write to you about..wonder if you want to know about the guy on the motorcycle or my husband on a snow mobile.. want to hear about my vegas trip , under the waterfall... the chic I licked under a table in Pizza hut ? How about the night I went to a ladies night out and danced with three of the strippers until they couldnt perform anymore after I took them out back and two of them were unable to return to the stage.. look guys life is wonderful .. so dont doubt every story here you read because I might just be in them..Only draw back is that I insist on protection I test clean and think dirty.But want to do this as long as I can.I get off on a hard cock in my mouth .. and can come just by watching a guy stroking his rod in front of me.. I'm the total package I love it on top ...bottom or even in my ass! And good news is this really isnt made up...For once! Better news is I am on this site CUM find me... Look HARD..and a good clue will be start in the skinned and ready beaver section.I have posted pictures! CUM Find me!

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