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My Next Door Neighbors Daughter

I will probably go to hell for this, but I have had
erotic thoughts about LJ, since she and her mom moved
into my neighborhood. For the last three months, LJ
has been finding excuses to be at my house. She has
been cutting my lawn and I have let her. She has
offered to do my flower bed and I have just sat and
watched her ass. And each time, she has arrived
wearing a pair of tight hip hugging nylon shorts and
an equally snug top which has nicely revealed every
contour of her 18 year old breasts and nipples.

Last week, I got a call at work from Sandy, LJ's mom.
Sandy was crying and trying to tell me something. I
got her calmed down and I listened. Sandy said
several of her toys were missing. Sandy said she had
heard moaning from LJ's room. Sandy stood outside her
daughters door and fingered herself as her daughter
came. As Sandy was still fingering herself, she did
not hear the door open. When Sandy opened her eyes,
she saw LJ smiling.

"That's okay mom. I borrowed your toys because I know
how much you like to get off with them. I wanted to
smell you on them when I got off. Every time I cum, I
imagine you between my legs. And Mom, I really cum
hard. Would you show me what it's like to make love
to a woman?"

Sandy told LJ that what she wanted was considered
incest. But perhaps Helen could help.

"Sandy, tell me that you did not say that I would
help?" I said as a warm feeling swept through my body.

"I did. Besides, LJ says you have the hots for her.
She said you love her thin nothing swimsuit which she
wears when she is doing things at your house. Helen, I
can't do what she wants but you can. I trust you and
if you want, I will be there in case you or LJ needs
any help."

"Sandy, let me get this straight. You want me to make
love to your 18 year old daughter while you watch?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I want. And so does LJ. I
know you want to. "

Now I was the one with the flush over my body. My
nipples were erect and I could feel juice leaking out
of my panties. And it was not pee.

"Helen, how about coming over for dinner tonight?" she
said. "I'll open a bottle of wine to break the ice or
is called heating up the cunts?

When I hung up the phone, I could not believe my
conversation which had just occurred. Was this a dream,
I thought? As I was pondering what was going to be, my
boss threw down a pile of papers and said she needed
them done before I left for the evening. I took one
look at the papers and my boss. How could she be so
mean? It was Friday and I had three hours to go. The
last thing I wanted was to do something for her. But
she did have a shit eating grin on her face. Recently
I have wondered if she is monitoring my phone calls.
Perhaps she is. So she would know what I had planned
for me. I cursed my boss as I did the paperwork. I
did not curse too loudly, though. Before I started
her mean request, I went to the ladies room and
inserted my wireless vibrator deep inside me. At
least I would be happy as I completed my bosses job.
I did get the job done sooner than I thought I would.
As I drove home, I thought about what Sandy had
volunteered me for. How could she know I was a
Lesbian? Had she heard from someone I had a taste for
women. As I was wondering who spilled the beans, I
pulled up to my house. Sitting on the steps was
Sandy. Great, I thought. LJ has changed her mind
about having me make love to her, and all I have to
look forward to is a quiet weekend.
"Sandy, is there some problem?"
"We need to talk, Helen."
I could feel the doom looming.
Unlocking the door, I waited for Sandy to follow me
inside my house.
"Helen, I want you to make love to me, while LJ
I stared at her in disbelief.
"I think it would be better for LJ to see what you are
going to do to her by doing it to me, first."

I sat down. I said, "I thought I was only going to be
making love to one woman. Now you want me to make love
to you first so your daughter will know what will
happen to her?"
"I want you to do everything to me that you will then
do to LJ. I don't want you to hold back. I have had
thoughts about being tied up and made love to. I
don't know if you are into bondage. I kinda hope you
"I will be over in about twenty minutes," I said. I
really need to take a shower."
"Why don't you just come over now, and all three of us
can step into the shower. I have one of those high
capacity shower units. I could park a car in it.
But it does have water jets on the floor and along the
wall in all the right places, if you know what I mean.
Don't you think, showering together will relax all of
us? Sandy asked.
"Relaxing is not what this shower will do for me
"That's okay, you can always relax after we are done
with you," Sandy said with a visible smirk.
I threw a couple of things into a bag and followed
Sandy to her home. As she opened the door, we were
both greeted by the sounds of a woman moaning. Sandy
turned to me as her face blushed. She put her fingers
to her mouth to tell me not to say a word. Quietly,
Sandy pushed the door closed. We followed the sounds
and came to a glass enclosed back room. LJ was sitting
with her legs spread. Her two sizes too small tube
top accented her young breasts and hard nipples. LJ
had her eyes closed as Sandy and I moved quietly as
mice and stood facing LJ.
LJ was wearing tight white nylon shorts which had
been pulled to the side so she could stuff her fingers
into herself. LJ came again but this time louder. I
could see goose bumps form on her neck as yet another
orgasm swept over her young body. Sandy reached over
and pinched my erect nipple. She gave it a little
twist and I bite my lip. My knees were weak and
juices were flowing out of me and down my leg. I
returned the favor and slipped my hand into Sandy's
blouse to her firm breast. Her nipples were larger
than mine. I took her nipple between my two finger
nails and pinched. Sandy moaned almost as loudly as
LJ opened her eyes.
"I was wondering when you two guys were coming back
here. Sorry but I couldn't wait any longer."
It did not take a rocket scientist to notice that LJ
still had her fingers inside of herself as she talked
to us. LJ's face contorted and her body froze. Sandy
and I stared as think white juice poured forth from
LJ's cunt.
"That was very nice, LJ" Sandy said.
"Thanks mom."
"Helen, I can't wait for you to make love to me. Mom
and I discussed it and agreed you should first do mom
so I can see what you are going to do to me. Did mom
tell you she has this fantasy about being tied down
by a beautiful woman, such as yourself, and made to
beg to cum? Well, I have a similar fantasy but I want
to be tied and made to have more orgasms than I have
ever had in my life. I want to be made to cum until
there is not a breath left in my body."
As LJ was telling me her fantasy, she was smiling at
me. As she came, she cupped her hand and caught her
love juice.
"Tell me if I taste sweet, Helen?

I eagerly licked up her cum. Feeling weak in the
knees, I said, "You are very sweet."

"LJ, we discussed this behavior, didn't we?" Sandy
said. "Do you remember what I told you and more
specifically what I would do if you did what you are
doing now, young lady?"

"Yes, mom. I thought it would be cool to have another
woman other than you taste my cum. But I agreed and
I am ready for my punishment. Where do you want to do

This whole scene was getting stranger but I was not
leaving. I watched as LJ pulled her panties off and
stood up from the couch. Sandy sat down and LJ lay
over Sandy's legs. LJ's young hard ass was fully
exposed. Sandy glanced at me and smiled. Then she
raised her hand and came down hard on LJ's fleshy ass.
LJ yelped. Sandy slapped her daughters ass again. And
LJ whimpered again. As Sandy continued to hit the
reddened ass of her daughter, LJ's yelping changed to
moans. LJ was getting turned on and so was I.

"How rude of me," Sandy said as she stopped the
spanking. "Helen, would you like to give punishment
to LJ?

I think I said yes because Sandy whispered to LJ to
get off of Sandy's lap. I sat on the couch and LJ lay
across my lap. Instantly I felt wetness on LJ's
crotch against my legs. I raised my hand and gave a
little spanking.

"No, Helen. I want you to do it hard. LJ has to
learn her lesson. And the best way is to make her
suffer. I want to see her ass bright red. Now, strike
her ass and do it like you mean it. I'll just sit
over here and rub my nipples, if you don't mind."

I looked at Sandy in disbelief as she opened her
blouse and began to rub her breasts and nipples. I
raised my hand and came down hard on the cherry red
ass. LJ moaned and began to grind her mound against
my legs. I felt myself blush as I oozed pussy juice
into my panties. I was turned on almost as much as LJ
and Sandy. And I felt a simply delicious feeling
growing in my groin. I began to swat her fanny harder
as I gushed something sweet.

"Mom, Look. Helen is getting off on spanking me."

I froze in mid spank.

"Helen, don't stop spanking her. She has to learn a
lesson. But before you begin again, tell me if she is

"I feel her wetness on my legs," I said.

"Helen, reach between her legs and push your fingers
into her. Is she soaked?"

I felt my face get hot as I reached between LJ's legs.
Yes, she was not just wet. She was soaked.

"She is quite wet, Sandy."

"Good, she deserves to be soaked. But make sure she
does not cum. She does not deserve to cum. She is a
devil daughter. She will not cum until I tell her she
can cum. If she cums, I will be quite upset. You will
make sure she does not cum?" Sandy said with a
straight face.

I must have looked like a deer frozen by the
headlights of a car. None of this was making any

"LJ likes to cum too much. So when we are around
friends, she must ask for permission to cum. If she
cums without permission, she will be tied to my four
poster bed and punished. And she knows that."

"Now please continue to spank her. But I want to hear
her cry out when you apply your hand to her cheeks.
And remember, she is not to cum."

Thinking to myself, I wondered if I was set up. But
why. I thought I was supposed to be showing my next
door neighbors daughter how to be made love to.
Suddenly, I really got into the spanking. I was
smacking the firm red cheeks of a 18 year old who was
laying over my lap. And I was getting turned on as
well. There was the all too familiar feeling between
my legs as I felt my love juice moisten my panties.
The harder, I spanked, the more LJ moaned and
screamed. I had one hand pushing on her lower back, so
her body was centered on my mound. And as she moved
around, she rubbed against me. The more she moved, the
more I spanked. And the closer I came to cumming.

My eyes were closed as I spanked. I did not see that
Sandy had risen from her chair and moved behind me. I
felt a light kiss on my neck. I shivered. My eyes were
still closed. Then a fingernail scratched the back of
my neck, and I moaned. As I tilted my head back,
Sandy's lips touched mine, our tongues met. She
reached down, found my hard nipples and pinched them,

LJ moaned and came. I moaned louder and came with a
gush which soaked through my panties and onto the
couch. Sandy continued to pinch my nipples and suck
my tongue. It felt like one continuous orgasm was
washing over my body. As my orgasm died away, Sandy
pulled away from me. Then quite out of the blue, she
slapped my face.

"I told you to make sure that LJ did not cum. You
promised. Now you must be punished! Look how much she
came. She soaked my new couch. I told you not to let
her cum."

"What do you mean by punished?" I asked.

Without answering me, Sandy blurted out, "Time to come

"Helen, you are welcome to join LJ and myself in our
shower. It is big enough for 8 but 3 will fit just
fine. I know that LJ is prime for fucking and so am

Was this a dream, I wondered.

I followed Sandy who by the way has the firmest
clothed butt I have ever seen in my life. And I had
yet to see it undressed. LJ followed me. LJ had her
hands on my butt. I guess she was helping an old(ha)
lady up the steps.

As we entered what I would guess was Sandy's bedroom,
Sandy turned and faced me. She smiled and I nearly

"Helen, I need to ask you something. I know you think
that LJ wants you to make love to her. But I want to
make love to you as well. I don't want you to feel at
all uncomfortable about being here. If you want to
leave now, that is okay. But if you stay, WE PLAN ON

I did not have to think twice about this. "Okay," I

'That's what I thought you would say, " LJ said.

"Now stand still as we undress you. Do not move or
try to help us. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said as I felt a shiver race through my body.
I was about to be undressed by a 18 year old and her
mother. I stood motionless as Sandy unbuttoned my
blouse and LJ pulled it away from my body. Sandy's
fingernails touched and scratched my neck and down the
front to the top of my bra. My nipples were
beginning to show themselves as she lightly touched
my breasts. LJ was massaging my neck and shoulders.
Off came my bra and fell to the floor. Sandy continued
to massage breasts and nipples. Pulling and twisting
my now hard nipples, made me dizzy with passion. Sandy
pulled down my jeans and then my soaked panties. LJ
had moved against my back and was rubbing herself
against me. I reached behind me to feel LJ's young
body. LJ moaned loudly in my ear. LJ reached around my
front , found my wet pussy and pushed her fingers into
me. LJ rubbed me for several minutes until I came. I
closed my eyes to absorb what was happening to me.

Then I felt something cold on my wrists and before I
could react, LJ had snapped on a pair of handcuffs to
my wrists. My eyes snapped open.

"Hey, what gives?" I said.

"I said we were going to have our way with you and
this is the beginning, bitch."

LJ slapped my bare ass and laughed. I did not laugh.
I moved away.

"Mom, do you think she needs more spanking?"

"Yes, sweetheart. I think she needs to learn her

"What lesson?" I blurted out.

"You promised me you would not let LJ come and she
did. Now you have to pay. "

"Step out of your pants, Helen," Sandy commanded.

I guess I did not act fast enough because Sandy
pinched on my nipples with her finger nails. I glared
at her and stepped out of my pants.

"That's a good girl. Now step out of your panties as
well. "

Again, I was pinched.

I stood and watched as Sandy and LJ undressed. Sandy
still had the nicest butt I would ever want to have my
way with. LJ's stomach was flat and she was smooth
and shaven. I do love camel toes.

"Okay girls, shower time. Time to get all wet and
slippery. Are you wet and slippery, Helen? LJ, be a
good girl and see if our guest is wet and slippery."

LJ came within two inches of my body. Her lips touched
my lips and our tongues met. She was not
inexperienced at all. As our tongues played tagged,
her hands went first to my breasts, then my nipples
and down my tummy. She sucked my tongue into her
mouth and closed her teeth over it. As she bit down,
her fingers slid easily into me. Just as quickly, she
pulled out and back. I wanted more and was left

"Mom, she is ripe."

"Okay, Helen. Follow me."

I did not move fast enough because suddenly Sandy
produced a pair of rubber tipped forceps. She opened
the forceps and slowly closed them over my left
nipple. My nipple felt like it was in a bear trap. I
think she would have closed it all the way and crushed
my nipple if I had not said, "Okay."

"That's a good Helen. Now follow me. "

I had no choice as she pulled on the forceps which was
closed over my nipple. LJ was stroking my ass as we
walked to the bathroom.

"LJ, honey, do turn on the shower for us. I want to
see how wet our guest is, myself."

Sandy pulled me to her as her fingers probed deep
inside of me. I was getting worked up and I know
Sandy could tell. As Sandy pushed her fingers deeper,
she closed the forceps a bit more. The pain was
making me feel quite turned on. Then Sandy pushed
deeper into me and touched my G spot. The room was
spinning as Sandy pressed harder. I came with a gush
which left me drained.

"Mom, the shower is ready."

"Helen is ready too," Sandy answered.

LJ stepped into the steam filled shower. Sandy pulled
me along and I too stepped in. Looking around the
shower stall, I saw nozzles mounted on the walls and
the floor. Above the nozzles on the walls, were
stainless steel hooks.

"Helen, if you want to call it quits, we can stop. I
will then ask you never to associate with either LJ or
myself again. We will be just like any other
neighbor. You can say hello in passing but we will
never invite you over for anything ever again. You
will never know how sweet LJ tastes when she cums.
You will never see her eat her mommy the way I like it
to be done. And you will never be invited to sex all
night-er with some of my Les Gf's and their daughters.
it's your choice."

Without a seconds hesitation, I said, okay.

Sandy pushed me against the cold tile of the shower.
She spread my legs as she soaped my ass. Then she
slide the wash cloth up and down my legs, pausing to
reach under me and rub my clit. I began to moan as
she rubbed my clit, harder. I wanted her to continue
to massage my clit and I wanted to cum for her. As my
orgasm was closing in, she slapped my ass and laughed.
She spun me around and roughly washed my chest and
again my pussy. Of course my nipples were hard. And
each time the wash cloth rubbed against them, I

I was soaped from top to bottom as LJ took over. LJ
removed a handheld shower head from the wall and
pointed it at my pussy. The water began to pulse
against and into me. My knees buckled but before I
could collapse, LJ had pulled on the hemostat and
brought me back to reality.

LJ held my pinched nipple as she played the water on
all the right places on my body. She had this evil
look in her eyes and I felt horny as hell. She made me
bend over as she pushed the shower head against my ass
hole. Little needle fingers pulsed against my tender
ass tissue as LJ cleaned the soap from my backside. A
wonderful orgasm was growing as she turned me around
and aimed the needle fingers at my breasts. That was
all I needed. I opened my mouth to scream and she
slapped my face. Nothing like throwing cold water on
a perfectly good orgasm. I glared at her but my glare
shifted to Sandy as I watched her shove her fingers
deep into her pussy. I had almost forgotten about

Sandy looked up, smiled and came. Her pussy pumped
white cum into her cupped hand. But without offering
her cum to me, she slurped it up.

My hands were still fastened behind myself and my
pussy needed service. I wanted to cum badly and I
could do nothing. Sandy must have been reading my
mind. She came to me, looked deep into my eyes as she
placed her hands on my nipples and breasts. She began
to massage my breasts and my knees got weak again. We
were still in the shower as hot water fell over my
body as my next door neighbor massaged my chest. She
led be away from the tile wall to the middle of the
shower. Then she stopped. Listen, I wanted to say. I
do really need to cum but all you two are doing is
turning me into mush. Both you guys have cum and I
have yet to get off.

Then the hot water stopped. I was standing there in
the shower, with water dripping off my body and an
urgent need to have an orgasm. Sandy pinched my right
nipples between her finger nails and gave a little
tug. I followed her into the bedroom. All three of us
were still naked. I was wet and wanted to get wetter.
I was not really in a position to tell them what I
wanted. I mean I could have said, I wanted out but
something in me, said stick around.

"Spread your legs, Helen."

I stood with my legs spread.

"Now LJ, I want you to show me what you have learned
about kissing and licking ass. I want you to do to
Helen, what you have learned to do to me. I want you
to make Helen feel right at home."

LJ walked around me, pausing to touch my nipples.
Then her fingers slipped into my pussy and pumped for
a few times. Then she disappeared behind me. I felt
her fingers on either side of my cheeks. She pulled
my cheeks apart. Then I felt the most heavenly feeling
I had felt ever. LJ's 18 year old tongue touched my
ass hole. And I came. I really came. And her
talented tongue continued to ream me out. Her tongue
took on a life of its own as she licked from the tip
of my pussy to my tail bone. I shook more than jello.
Just when I thought I could not take it any longer, I
felt fingers on my pussy. Looking down, I saw the top
of Sandy's head. Her lips sucked my clit as her
tongue probed my pussy. Sandy's tongue was as talented
as her daughters.

If this wasn't heaven, nothing was. Then it happened.
No warning. No buildup. I came like a freight train.
It was one continuous orgasm. A really long one or was
it three or five or eight. But I came.

And when I came, I peed. Not just a little. There was
no way that Sandy would not notice my pee. She did
not pull away when I peed.

"Look mom. Helen peed. She needs to be taught a
lesson, doesn't she?" LJ said.

"She is our guest, LJ."

"Mom, how come, Helen gets off and when I pee, you
punish me."

"LJ, you have a point. Fair is fair."

"Helen, since you said you wanted to stay, then you
must obey my rules of my house. I hope you enjoyed
your little orgasms. Because now you will become ours
to do whatever we want. And LJ will first do whatever
she wants to you, while I watch. And if LJ does not
do it right, she will be made to do it again and
again. Helen, are the bottoms of your feet ticklish?"

Sandy stood behind me and whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to take off your cuffs. I don't want you
to fight us or try to get away. We are going to make
you cum like no other woman has ever made you cum. We
will not hurt you unless you agree to some pain. I
know that sometimes a little pain is very good in
driving a woman over the top. I will tell you
everything we are going to to do before we do it. If
you don't want to go along with us, then leave now."

"OK," I Answered.

Sandy un-cuffed me, while LJ removed the hemostats from
my smashed nipples.

"I want you to lie down on the bed. We are going to
tie you spreadeagled to the bed. And then I am going
to watch from the end of the bed while LJ has her way
with you. She is going to first suck and tickle your
toes and the very sensitive soles of your feet. I
will ask you not to pee in my bed when you cum because
if you do pee, then I will punish you myself. And I
can be a bitch."

I did not object as I was pushed back on to the bed.
Nor did I say anything when Sandy and LJ pulled
fastened my wrists to the iron head board. I did moan
when they stopped near my breasts and each took a
nipple in their mouths and sucked me. They did this
while I tried to get off my squeezing my legs
together. I was so close to cumming but somehow they
knew that because my legs were suddenly spread and my
ankles were secured to the end of the bed. I wanted
to beg to cum but I had not begged for sometime.
Sandy slipped a pillow under my head so I could see
what LJ was going to do.

I watched Sandy move a chair close to the bed. She
smiled at me as she spread her legs and dropped her
hand into her pussy. Then she began to massage her
clit. She knew what it was doing to me. Then I felt a
warm wet mouth slid over my big toe and a very active
tongue lick my toe. I reacted by jumping and trying
to move my foot out of the way. But because of the
ankle tie, I was helpless. She licked and sucked my
other toe and I was so close to having a toe orgasm.

Then she withdrew her mouth. Now I was close to
begging. But she did not stop for long because she
began to tickle the soles of my feet. I screamed with
laughter. She did not quit even when I begged her
stop. I wanted her to stop because I felt the need to
pee. I tried to yell that I was going to pee but I
could not stop laughing. And of course the urge to
pee just got worse.

Not only did I need to pee but I felt the brute of all
orgasms boiling in my groin. And this time I did not
beg but I came with an eruption of first cum then pee.
And their was no mistaking the pee because it rose in
a stream and hit LJ on her chest.

I stared at LJ and tried to say as softly as I could,
please don't tell your mother.

"Mom, Helen just peed," LJ said.

LJ Stood up and pointed her finger at me. I wanted to
tie that bitchy teenager down and see how she felt
when I made her cum so much that some of her brain
cells died.

"Helen, you have been a very bad girl. And now you are
going to pay. Have you ever heard of figging? I have
always wanted to see how a woman reacts to having
fresh ginger slipped into her ass and her pussy. I
read that ginger makes Ben Gay seem tame. I will tell
you that it is the closet thing to being on fire with
suffering any burns. And since you think its okay to
make fun of my lovely daughter, you should be made to

Now, I was getting scared. This was a side of Sandy,
I had never seen. I began to pull at my wrist and
ankle ties but alas I was going nowhere fast.

I glared at Sandy as she reached into plastic bag and
withdrew a ginger root. Yes, I had heard of figging
and yes I wanted to see what it was like to have a
lover experience the effects. But I wanted to be the
one watching and not the one receiving! Sandy pulled
on a pair of plastic gloves and took out a paring
knife. Then she peeled the dry skin off the root and
seemed to shape it. I was scared, yet terribly turned

"Now, lovely Helen, I want you to relax as I push this
ginger into your ass. "

Relaxing was not what I had in mind. But someone
Sandy knew that I was not going to go along with this
easily. LJ reached over and took my nipples in her
fingers. She squeezed the living shit out of them. I
relaxed as Sandy pushed the ginger into me. Then Sandy
pushed a black butt plug to within an inch of my nose.
She withdrew it and licked it several times. The
plug was forced into my ass, holding the ginger.
Okay, I thought. This is not so bad. Actually there
was a cold sensation in my ass.

But wait. The cold stopped and now my ass was
getting warm. Okay, I can handle this. The warm grew
to hot and hotter. And fuck, it is hot. My ass is on
fire. As I twisted and tried to get away from the
pain, I watched through tear clouded eyes as Sandy
took another piece of ginger and touched it to my
clit. This I felt, right away. My clit was heating up
and so was I. I don't know what happened to me but I
wanted to fuck anything. My ass and clit were on
fire. And I was flooding the bed with cum. The more
I cam, the hotter was the sensation in my pussy and
ass. My cum was flowing down to my ass.

Sandy pushed the piece of ginger into me and held it
in place with her finger. I could feel my vaginal
muscles spasming as the ginger did whatever it did to
me. My pussy was trying to suck her fingers deep into
me and I wanted more. Up until this time, LJ was
just standing near the bed, fingering herself. Not to
be kept on the sidelines for long, she got on the bed,
lifted her leg over my head and lowered her pussy to
my mouth.

LJ ground her pussy into my mouth as I tried to catch
her clit with my teeth. As LJ came for the fourth
time, she paused. This was enough time for me to
catch her clit. I latched onto her clit with my lips
and would not let her go. I attacked her clit with my
tongue as her body convulsed. And convulse she did.
And when I made her cum, she tasted like warm honey.
And I held her clit in my teeth and she bucked and
ground her pussy into my mouth.

As I was sucking her clitty, I felt a hand on my
ankle. And my ankle was free. Then the other ankle
was freed as well. LJ was so into having her orgasms
she did not see what her mom was doing to me. Sandy
released my wrists as well. When I reached up and
grabbed LJ's nipples with my free hands, LJ gasped.
Sandy pulled LJ off of me.

I sat up.

"Now ladies, I think its my turn. You both have
gotten off way too many times. Now I get to play. I
want you two to rub your clits against each other.
Lets see what it looks like to have a mother and
daughter rub their clits against each other." I watched as Sandy and LJ intertwined their legs so their clits were in direct contact. They were so close, there was hardly room for a feather between them. They each were leaning back on their hands for support. Then I got an idea."Do you have any nipple clamps Sandy?" "Under the bed in the red box," Sandy answered.I reached under the bed and brought out the red box. My, my but the red box was full of toys and vibrators.And there were several sets of nipple clamps."LJ has never had nipple clamps.""Good," I said as I took out the clamps. Each clamp was connected to a chain. I got up on the bed and took one of Sandy's nipples in my fingers. I did not have to rub and massage her nipple very long. I took her nipple in my fingers and gave it a squeeze. Sandy moaned. Then I opened the clamp and slowly closed it over Sandy's hard nipple. I watched her eyes as the clamp bit into her sensitive flesh. Her upper lip quivered a little as the clamp bit down. Then I looked at LJ. Her nipple was rock hard. "Does this excite you?" LJ."Sandy, I think your daughter likes this. Are you sure she has never done the clamps before?"I attached the other clamp to each free nipple and then I sat back. Such a sight to see a loving mother with her nipples attached to her daughters nipples. But wait something was missing. I tied each of their wrists together so they could not move and get a way.I went to kitchen, cut a nice size piece of ginger for each of them. Coming back into the bedroom, I reached into the red box of toys and removed two red butt plugs. I had each of my lovers lift herself up as I reached under her and inserted some ginger, then the butt plug. Then I slipped the biggest vibrator Sandy had, between their legs. The head looked like a basketball, so I knew it would press on all the right places. Actually the head of the vibrator slipped between their legs as though it was meant to. Then I switched it to hum. And hum they did. They jerked and twisted and moaned and came as I played them. And yet they stayed close to each other. The nipple clamps kept them close. And to make sure they remained together while I did some shopping, I tied their knees together so their legs were around each other.I kissed LJ and Sandy and their lips and left.'We can't stay like this," Sandy yelled after me. "You'll stay like that until I release you. Hope you cum alot but remember, I don't want either of you to pee or you will have hell to pay!"

End of Story

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