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My Fem Dom Fantasy

The night would start with me going to a resteraunt for dinner and drinks with my mistress. We would sit next to each other and she would place her hand on my thigh. I would be wearing a sexy dress or skirt and a matching bra and panty set. She would then play with my pussy thru my panties. Once we were done eating she would lead me back to her car and drive us back to her place. She would have me rub my pussy while she drove. We would arrive at her place and she would walk me into her house. Once we were inside and the door was closed and locked she would proceed to put a collar and leash on me and have me strip down to my bra and panties. Then I would be led into her bedroom where she would have me bend over the edge of her bed so she could spank me for being a naughty little slut. Once she felt I was thoroughly punished for being a slut she would remove her clothes. Finally she was fully naked so she then would tell me to lick from her ankle to her pussy. When I got to her pussy I was told to wait untill she decided she wanted me to lick her pussy. I waited for a few mins kissing her thighs begging to be able to lick her sweet cunt. Finally she wrapped her one hand into my hair and jerked my head back and slapped me across my face and asked "What are you waiting for you stupid whore? Lick my pussy and make me cum." Then she shoved my face into her pussy. I would lick her till I felt her gush all over my face. She finally stopped trembling she stood me up and jerked my panties from my body. I then was forced up onto her bed and tied to the bedposts. Once she was done she would start to tease my pussy and clit with her variety of toys. When she could take no more she would get her strap on out and fuck me like there was no tomorrow. Once we both came repeatedly she would remove her cock from my pussy and cram it into my throat. "Clean my cock off good slut." When it was completely clean she removed it and forced my face into her cunt once again. I licked it clean and sucked all her cum from her pussy. "You are a very good slave you slut. Now leave!"

End of Story