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Mountain Cabin , Fiction, Fantasy-Female Domination

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As he drove the mountain road Steve?s truck began to stall. He had been to a party at a local mountain Inn and had a few drinks. He knew that he wasn?t drunk but he didn?t want to be stuck on the side of the road and have to deal with the police. He patted the dash of his 1979 Dodge truck and bragged on it in hopes that she would get him home. The trucks headlights shined on the roadway as it struggled to climb the steep hill. It sputtered as it cleared the crest of the hill and started to pick up speed as he started down the other side. He eased the breaks as he neared the first corner and drifted through the turn. His truck would have to manage on more climb before he could make it the rest of the way home. The road eventually leveled off and as the speed dropped off he pressed the gas peddle. The truck sputtered and nearly died, then sputtered once more before she became quiet. He cursed as he struggled to steer it onto a pull off.

He sat there for a short time as he considered his options. He wasn;t happy when he could only come up with one conclusion; he had to walk. He hoped that he might be able to get a passer by to pick him up or maybe find a light on at one of the rental cabins and be able to use their phone to call a friend. He slammed the door and check to make sure it was locked before he started up the road. He had been walking for nearly thirty minutes when he started to worry. He thought that there had been more cabins near the road but he hadn?t been past one yet. And the chances of a driver coming by at this hour was pretty slim. He continued to walk along the side of the road and listening to the sounds of the forest. It was a little nerve racking as he heard the sounds of the nocturnal animals start to move through the night.

A small breeze teased his nose with the smell of a wood fire. His eyes opened a little wider as he looked for any sign of the cabin that it might be coming from. He hoped to see the interior lights shining so that he would be able to knock on the door without the fear of waking the residents. In just a moment the breeze stopped and the scent was gone. He became a little disappointed as he realized that there was no telling how far the wind had brought the smell of the smoke from. He dropped his head and watched the road as he continued to walk along. He would occasionally look up and check his surroundings, and it was his good fortune that he looked up when he did. He saw a flash of light to his left as the breeze move a branch that had blocked his view of the lighted window.

He moved a few more feet to get a clear view of the cabin. A smile crossed his face and he let out a sigh as he saw movement beyond the glass of the cabin. Some twenty feet ahead he found the gravel driveway that provided access to the cabin. He stopped at the edge of the driveway and looked down at the two story cabin. As he started walking down he wondered if a two wheel drive could make it out if there had been snow. He slipped and nearly fell twice in the loose gravels, but managed to keep his feet. The driveway stopped at the right side of the cabin near the main door. The cabin hung over a large drop off that one could easily consider it a cliff. He imagined that it must be an incredible view in the daylight.

He climbed the steps that led to the porch and walked towards the door. There were two large windows on each side of the door, and as he approached the first he saw that the blinds were open. He didn?t plan on looking in but the movement caught his eye. As he looked through the window he saw that there was a landing behind the door with stares leading up to the second floor and another set leading to the bottom floor. He could see both floors easily as it was all open framing. He looked to where he thought he saw the movement earlier and his heart beat quickened.

On the bottom floor a women entered the main room from a doorway. He guessed that she was in her mid thirties, a young thirty he thought. Her long raven hair swayed as she moved to the television where she placed a DVD into the player. He thought he could see her large breast bounce a little as she walked to a large couch. He thought she looked like something out of a magazine as she relaxed onto the couch with her back resting on the arm and stretching her legs onto the cushions. She raised her hand that held a remote as she appeared to press a few buttons. He couldn?t help but admire her beauty and the shape of her body. He continued to watch her for a moment, telling himself that he needed to knock on the door but he couldn?t pull himself away. He started to move to the door when he saw her hand slowly untie the loose nott that held her robe together. The one side fell freely away, exposing her panties and the half of the bra that covered her left breast. He felt his manhood start to harden very quickly as her right hand grasped the other half of the robe between the fingers with the deep red fingernail polish, and pulled it away from her body. He knelt a little lower when he realized that he was in full view of her field of view. The only thing that kept him hidden was the difference in the light inside and the darkness out side. He watched as her fingers caressed her stomach and eased under the elastic of her panties waist line. What he was watching was a turn on regardless but he had a thing for sexy lingerie. Her under garments were a deep blue with a lite purple fringe. The bra shaped her breasts perfectly and his eyes traced the elastic of her thong that wrapped around her hips and disappeared between her legs.

His head moved as he looked for a closer place to watch this beautiful creature. He eased to the outside of the porch and stuck his head over looking for a downstairs window. He moved quietly but quickly back down the steps and circled around the steps and under the deck. The ground fell quickly away on his right side as he braced himself with his left hand against the building. His heart raced as he neared the window. He knelt at the windows edge and slowly moved his head forward to look inside. His right foot slipped and he fell to his knee and forced himself to keep the startled yell from escaping his lungs.

He sighed as he saw that she was still there. He was able to see the small fire burning in the fireplace and the television that she was watching. He saw a man in a pirates costume and a patch over his eye pressing his face between the legs of a well endowed blonde that was in pure erotic pleasure. He turned his focus back on the lady on the couch and watched her take a sip of wine. The tip of her tongue ran around the rim of the glass and then darted into the wet taste of the wine. She sat the glass down and teased her breast that are still hidden beneath her bra with her fingertips. Her hands moved between her breasts and released the bra?s hook and pull the cups of the bra away. Her golden breast?s stood high as did her very erect nipples. He watched as she squeezed the nipples between her thumbs and middle finger. Her hips started to move as she became more excited. Both hands left her breast?s and slid under her panties. He grew very excited as he watched her fingers begin to move between her legs. Without realizing what he was doing he had unzipped his pants and pulled his hardened manhood free. His right hand began to stroke it up and down, slowly at first.

Her hands that were under her panties came free and she reached into a small bag that sat beside the couch and retrieved a large flexible dildo. He couldn?t believe his eyes. She spread her legs wide and pushed her panties aside from her flower. With her thumb she pressed a button and moved it between her legs. She moved the head of it up and down and then in a circular motion and then finally he watched the shaft of the toy slide deep into her. Her back arched as her hips started to grind with pleasure. She began to move it in and out of her quickly, before she slid it from her and brought it to her lips. The tip of her tongue slid from her bright red lips and circled the head of her toy. He wished so badly that it was his shaft that her tongue was wrapped around. He hand was now slick with the pre cum as he continued to pump his shaft. He watched her return the toy to between her legs and buried it deep and hard.

Cum spued from his shaft as his head tossed back in an awesome orgasm and this ti me he could not hold back the vocal enthusiasm as he let go with an?OH GOD? He pulled against his shaft hard as he continued to shoot his seed to the earth. He still watched inside as he came and his heart stopped as she must have heard him and turned to his direction and quickly locked her eyes on his. Startled he tried to stand and attempt an escape but his right foot gave way and his undone pants caused him to not be able to adjust as he began to tumble down the hill; his cock released its last pulse as he began to fall. He rolled twice before he came to a sudden stop against a pile of dirt. He hurried to get to his feet as he was embarrassed for being caught. He stumbled twice while trying to pull his pants up but was unsuccessful because of his erect manhood. He saw a shadow move above him and he slowly looked up the embankment to see her standing there. She hadn?t worried about covering her body as she stood there.

?Don?t move a muscle you sick freak.? she called out to him. He didn?t move as he stared up at her silhouette, the moonlight glistened on her full breast?s. He became nervous as he noticed that she carried something in her hands, and she was pointing it at him. He heard the hammer of the revolver engage as she pulled the hammer back.

?I am so sorry ma?am. I didn?t mean to...?

?Shut your mouth. Now walk around to your right and you will find some steps. Walk up them real easy.? He started to walk and dropped his hands to pull his pants up but she stopped him.

?Did I tell you to move you hands?? he let go of his trousers and waddled to the steps. It was difficult to walk as his pants continued to drop from his waist. He didn?t see the subtle smile that she wore behind the shadows. She couldn?t help but notice that he was a fine looking man with a strong muscular build as she watched the muscles work in his legs. ?Too bad he is a little too young. About ten years to young.? she told herself as she moved to the side as he neared the top of the steps. She pushed the door open and stepped aside and pointed into the room, where she wanted him to go.

As he neared the top of the stairs he was amazed out how fantastic she looked; much better than he had thought as he had seen her through the window. He stepped onto the landing and as he moved past her he could not help but stare closely at her beautiful breasts as he stepped passed her. Her free hand came gently to the side of his face and pushed his head back so that he was looking forward. By this time his pants and boxer shorts surrounded his ankles. He stepped several strides into the room and turned to her with an uncertain expression on his face. She stepped in behind him and closed the door behind her. She walked past him; never dropping the barrel of her revolver. She grabbed a wooden chair and brought it to the center of the room and sat it facing the couch.

?Sit.? she ordered. He sat in the chair without argument as he became a bit nervous. He had no Idea who he was dealing with and his safety was becoming a sincere concern.

?Put your arms behind the chair.? He again followed her instructions as he felt the cold steel of handcuffs surround his wrist and the sound of them clicking tight against his skin.

?Okay Tom that should keep you still.?

?My name isn?t Tom, its...? She quickly interrupted him.

?I don?t really care what your name is. As far as I am concerned you are a peeping Tom and that?s good enough for me. She walked from behind him and picked up the cordless phone.

He couldn?t believe what was happening to him. His day had started out great as he was awarded a promotion at his work and the great time that he had at the party. But now he was in a tough spot. He hadn?t intended to invade anyone?s privacy as he was usually the type that stuck to the rules. But he was captivated by her beauty and the incredible lust that he felt for her as soon as her saw her in her erotic posture.

?Shit.? she said as she slammed the phone on the table. ?Phones are down. I shouldn?t expect anymore out of this po-dunk town.? For the first time he heard a north eastern accent in her voice. She dug through her hand bag and retrieved a cell phone.

?As soon as I get through to the police you will be out of my hair.? He was still amazed that she hadn?t covered her naked breast or her panties; what there were of them. He heard the snap as the phone closed. She tossed it back into her bag and heard her quietly mutter.

?No damn signal.? She paced back and forth across the floor several times before she stopped, facing away from him. He was watching her and was pleased to see her stop because he was able to check out her ass. It was a perfect bubble shape that wasn?t to large but far from skin and bone. The lace that trimmed the back strap of her thong dove through the cleavage of her tanned round ass. He started to dream about taking her from behind, sliding his meat from behind and watching it disappear inside of her. She spun around and walked to the couch and sat down and looked at him.

?I have an idea. I was going to turn you over to the police but since I can?t get through to them, maybe I?ll just teach you a lesson. Besides I would never hear the end of this at the agency.?

?Agency?? he asked.

?I work for the Government, out of DC. This is my vacation. You know, where you can relax and not be bothered.? She said the last with a tone of sarcasm.

?That would explain the gun I guess. Listen ma?am, I have never done anything like this before. My truck broke down and I was going to ask to use your phone. But I saw you through the window. I didn?t know what to do.? He dropped his head as he continued. ?When I saw your robe come off, I couldn?t pull my eyes away.?

She smiled sarcastically and said, ?I guess your prick just fell out of your pants. No sir, I am going to teach you a lesson. You wanted to watch me get myself off and that is where the lesson will begin.? She walked behind him and adjusted his chair so that he could see the television and what she was doing at the same time. She sat back on the couch and pressed the button on the remote and suddenly the pirate was driving the maiden mad with his tongue between her legs. She moaned loudly as she bucked her hips toward him while she locked her fingers into the Pirate?s hair and pulled his face, hard into her crotch.

She turned the volume up loud so that he could hear ever single moan that the woman let escape with her ecstacy. Steven was becoming aroused once more as he felt his member start to swell. He looked away from the television and dropped his head. He wanted to distract himself and to control his excitement. Then he heard her clear her throat.

?Excuse me Tom, but I want you to watch me.? her voice was loaded with a seductive tone as she spoke. He lifted his head and looked at her. Her movements were slow and intensely erotic. Her hands cupped her large breasts as she caressed them before she lifted them enough that she could lick her nipples with her tongue. Steve thought that he actually saw them become more erect as she wetted them with her tongue. She then tossed her head back and let out a low moan as she squeezed her nipples between her fingers. Her eyes opened as she looked at him and seductively traced her lips with her tongue. Steve was growing insane with lust as he watched her tease him. Her hands pressed against her body as she slid her hands to the waist band of her panties. Her fingers slid between the sexy material and her hips. She lifted her ass from the couch and peeled the thong from between her legs. She lifted her legs and pulled the thong around from her feet. She stood and walked to her peeping Tom and dangled them in front of his nose. Waving them back and forth, teasing him. She straddled his legs and leaned forward, gazing at his erection.

?Oh do you want me? Are you horny baby?? she said as she ran her index finger between the lips of her pussy and exposed her clit. She bent her legs and lowered herself to him. His cock slid against her hot and swollen clit.

?Is that what you want? Huh?? her voice was soft and teasing. But she quickly straightened her legs and moved away from him.

?Oh you are horny.? she said as she reached down to his manhood and slid her finger along its opening, wiping away a small amount of pre-cum. His heart sank as she moved away. He wanted to nail her so badly that he was beginning to ache. Her finger went to her open mouth and slid it down the length of her tongue before she went back to the couch. She stretched out as she had been when he first started to watch her. Her right hand reached into the bag and again retrieved the battery powered dildo. She rolled on her side to face him and bent her upper leg, giving him a nice view of her neatly trimmed bush. She lifted the dildo to her lips and she ran her tongue around its head and then plunged it into her mouth, pumping it slowly. She continued to suck on it while her other hand went between her legs and started to tease her clit. He twisted his wrists, trying to free himself but they were too tight. He could feel every heart beet through his swollen shaft. He wasn?t sure how much more of this wonderful torture that he could take.

She ran the toy between her breast; circling them before she ran it across her nipples. She moaned with pleasure as she moved it down her abdomen and between her legs. Her thumb pressed the switch and Steve could hear the small vibrator rev into action. She ran it along her clit as she let go of a more intense moan. She stared at the television and watched the pirate thrust deep between the lags of his willing mistress. She slid it partially inside of her and held it there, moving the outside in a circular direction. The woman in the movie was begging for the pirate to burry his cock deeper. She took the cue and plunged her toy deep into her pussy. She moved it faster and faster while she turned her attention to her captive audience.

She stared at him as her hips began to gyrate and buck towards her hand.

?Do you wanna see me cum, baby? Ummmm I bet you would like that. Or do you want to come over here and burry your shaft between my spread legs, ride me hard and make me cum? Well what?s it gonna be??

?Oh geesh I want you so bad.? He was so tore up that his voice was trembling. She slid the toy from her and gently rolled from the couch and crawled on her hands and knees to him. She stopped with her face nearly between his legs. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and moved it towards his swollen member. He pushed his hips as far as he could toward her but before her tongue touched the head of his shaft she blew a soft breath against his sensitive cock. A slow stream of pre-cum eased from its head. As he let out a begging moan. She smiled up at him with a devilish smile.

She ran her finger up his shaft; collecting the moisture on her finger. She rubbed it between her fingers and said, ?Ummm that?s slippery, She raised up to her knees and ran the wet finger between the lips of her wet love nest. She moaned as she paid close attention to her clit; rubbing it hard and fast. Her hands then reached for his legs as she used them to atand and she once again straddled his legs. She leaned close to him and pressed her tits against his face and then slid them down his chest. Her legs were now spread as she sat on his lap and started to move her hips, mimicking sexual movements. He wanted his hardness to be in her so bad as he tried to move so that he might slip inside of her. But his manhood was only lucky enough the brush the skin of her abdomen.

He was going crazy as he attempted to get to his feet by rocking the chair forward and lifting with his legs. She pushed him back hard with her body and she slid uncontrollably forward as she was now pressed hard against his erection. His eyes were closed as he felt her damp warmth against his swollen member. She to was still for a moment herself, enjoying the feeling of a real cock between her legs. It has been so long since she had been with a man that she almost allowed him to enter her. She could feel his manhood pulse under her as she slowly slid away from his erection.

She sat on the floor and spread her legs with her knees bent and began to play with her wet pussy. She rubbed it slowly as she tossed her head backward as she began to move her fingers more quickly. Her finger would occasionally disappear inside of her. She looked up at him as her hips began to rise from the floor and meet the plunging fingers. Her moans were loud and occurred more frequently.

?Oh yeah.? she said with a smile on her face. ?Don?t you wish you were pounding me right now? Oh I am about to cum.? She got to her feet and straddled his right knee and ground her pussy against it. Her pace quickened as her hands dug into his shoulders as she moved even faster. His leg became wet as she slid back and forth until her body froze and her legs tightened around his. He felt her shudder and then went limp. Her entire body was moist with sweat as she laid her breasts against his chest. The scent of her perfume teased him as she laid her forehead on his shoulder. He moved his head towards her neck and kissed her there, lingering there with his lips against her soft skin. His mouth opened as his tongue reached out and tasted her salty skin. Her head pulled gently away and she turned her lips to his. She pressed them against his softly and kissed him teasingly. She saw the agony of sexual tension in his eyes as she pulled away from him. Her right hand drifted from his thigh towards his intense erection. The tips of her fingers teased the length of his shaft before she wrapped her fingers around it and started to move her hand up and down. His cock was wet with pre cum as her hand pumped it, sliding easily across his flesh.

?Should I stop?? she asked He just shook his head no as he tried to pump his hips toward her hand. He wanted to be in her more than anything but it was not to be as he was nearing his orgasm. The muscles inside of his manhood began to contract as his seed began to spill.

?Mmmmmmmmm,? She leaned close to him and asked, ?Don?t you wish you were inside of me right now. I get you would like it, so wet and warm.?

?AHHhhhhh.? he yelled as every muscle jerked hard as he began to cum. His hot cum sprayed against her stomach and breasts with each ejaculation. She pumped his member hard as he continued to release his load. Finally his body relaxed and he fell to the back of his chair. She remained on his knee and ran her fingers through his cum that spayed to her breasts. She leaned in and kissed him before she stood and walked away and through a doorway, closing it behind her.

He sat there leaning back in the chair with his heart racing, trying to comprehend what had just happened that evening. His shirt was damp with sweat as he continued to catch his breath. He was relieved to release the pressure that had been building but he was disappointed that he was made a fool of and not been able to have taken her like he fantasized about when he first saw her. He heard the water running in the bathroom as he waited for her to return. He shook his head in disbelief as he looked down at his undressed mid section. There he sat completely exposed. He tried to free his hands one last time but was unable. The water turned off in the bathroom and she opened the door with a towel as she dried her skin around her breast?s and stomach. She was the most erotic creature that he had ever seen. She walked behind him and said.

?I think that is enough of a lesson. Don?t you?? He shook his head in agreement as he felt her working the locks on the cuffs.

?Now if I were you, I would get my pants up and get the hell out before I try the police again.? The cuffs came free and his arms relaxed by his side. He was unaware how uncomfortable they had become. He shook his hands for a moment and then stood to his feet. His back ached from sitting on the wood frame chair for so long. He stretched his back as he was taking his time, showing her that he was a little ticked at the way she had controlled him. He bent to grab the waist band of his pants when he noticed that she had left her revolver unattended. He let them stay crumpled at his ankles as he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her to him. He pulled her close and kissed her wildly. His tongue darted in and out of her mouth and his hands reached around grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and squeezed as he nearly lifted her from her feet, spreading her ass wide. She struggled to free herself from his grip but he was far too strong.

He looked her straight in her eyes and told her, ?Now I am going to teach you a lesson. I am going to do everything that you teased me with and more. You will not forget this night either.? He pressed his lips against her once more as he kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants.

?Stop it.? she said as she tried to pry free from his arms.

?Oh I don?t think so lady.? he said as he forced her to the couch. With the back of her feet against the couch she had no where to go but to fall back onto the couch. He looked down on her naked body as he jerked his shirt over his head. He dropped to his knees and forced her to spread her legs. She tried to stop him but failed as he buried his face between her legs. She pushed the palm of her hands against his forehead and tried to push him away but this only caused him to be more determined as his tongue found his clit. He flicked his tongue against it and then ran the length of his tongue across her clit before he ran his tongue deep into her warmth. He then wrapped his lips around it and gave a lite sucking pressure while he swirled his tongue along its side. She had stopped fighting his pleasure and began enjoying the treat that he offered. He felt her hips begin to move against his face as her breathing became hurried. Her fingers now locked into his hair and forcing him closer to her. Her hips began to thrust toward him quicker when he jerked away from her. She looked up at him with a desperate confused look, not understanding why he had quit.

?Now lets not be cumming so soon.? He said as he smiled at hre with a devilish grin. He climbed onto the couch and straddled her chest as he began running his softened shaft between her beautifully full breasts. She watched him and had to admit that he turned her on as he took control. His fingers pinched her nipples as he pumped her breasts and on a single gentle thrust he slid his cock into her mouth. She pulled back at first because it was a surprise but she was soon taking him in her mouth and teasing him with her tongue. Her skill with her tongue made him rock hard again. His hands wrapped around the back of her head as he began to pump her mouth. He pushed it in slowly and let her work her magic with her tongue.

He didn?t want to loose it yet as he pulled free from her and slid down her body an stopped between her legs. She knew that she wanted him to take her as she willingly spread her legs. Her right hand spread the lips of her pussy as he pressed his cock her opening. He pushed against her as he felt her warmth surround the head of his cock. He pulled it out and then pressed it into her once more, this time he plunged deep inside of her. He didn?t want to be gentle at this point as he remembered how she teased him. Each thrust was deep and hard as the sounds of their bodies meeting could be heard each time that he buried himself in her. Her eyes grew large as she had never been taken like this before. No one had ever been man enough. Her hands grabbed his ass as her legs wrapped around him as she reached a level of ecstacy that she could have only wished for. She begged him not to stop as she started to moan louder and louder. She breathed in panting breaths as she neared orgasm.

Steven slowly pulled his manhood from her as her hips continued to try and take him in, her legs not willing to give up as she squeezed him tightly. He pulled her from the couch and turned her away from him. Her knees on the floor and her tits resting on the couch, he looked down at his hardon as it rested in the crack of her ass. She looked back at him and shook her head with a pleading no. He smiled as he wetted his finger and ran it down the middle of her back down to the crack of he ass. He slowly pushed his finger in as she gasped for a breath. He took his cock in his hand and pressed it to her ass. Her body moved away from him as he grabbed her hips and pushed his hardness into her. Her back arched up sharply. He reached around her and took hold of her breasts and forced himself deep into her ass. He moved slowly at first as her muscles tightened around him, nearly causing him to lose it. Her muscles finally relaxed as he started to pump her ass harder. Her hands that rested on the couch started to push her body towards him, meeting his thrusts.

?Oh shit I?m losing it.? she screamed. She moaned louder than before as her finger massaged her clit bringing her to an incredible orgasm. He body shook as he watched his erection disappear in her ass time and time again. He pulled out of her and rolled her on her back. She reached up and took it in her hand and started stroking it rapidly. His ass muscled tightened as he pushed his cock towards her chest. It twitched as it released its first load of hot cum on her breasts. He moaned as his head tossed back and his eyes closed as he continued to climax. When he was finished he opened his eyes to see her breast covered with his seed. He fell back to the floor and relaxed his tired muscles.

She leaned over and kissed him with a look that told him that she was still in control. She stood and walked to the bathroom once more but this time she turned to look at him. With her index finger seductively circling her swollen nipple, she said. ?You need to be gone by the time I get out of here. She turned her beautiful body around and gave him one last glance of her tight ass before she closed the door behind her. He wasn?t going to push his luck as he quickly dressed. He wondered if anyone would ever believe him. He laughed out loud as he knew the answer. Once dressed he slipped out the door and headed toward the driveway, stopping long enough to look through the window that had got him in the mess to start with, then he jogged to the main road.

The woman went into the bathroom and started the water for a shower, thinking this was great start to a vacation as she looked in the palm of her right hand and read the name on the driver?s license. ?Steven Thomas.? She smiled and dropped it into her make up bag.

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