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Medical Mischief Iii

Chapter 3

I awoke to the sounds of whispering and suppressed giggling. It took
me a while to figure out where I was and, with what I had already gone
through, I half expected to find myself tied naked to a bed. But this
time I was mistaken. I lay curled up on Julia's bedspread with one of
her towels wrapped around my waist. Julia Horney, the medical centre
receptionist stood looking into my face with a mischievous smile and a
gleam in her eyes.

"Hello Tommy" she said.

Something about her voice and demeanour gave me a very uneasy feeling.

"So this is the girl-toy you were telling me about!" came an
unfamiliar female voice from over her shoulder.

"He sure is Nicole," grinned Julia, "and he has the nicest cock you
have ever seen!"

I turned to see another woman about Julia's age standing slightly
behind her. She had dark brown hair that was parted in the middle,
curling slightly inward just above her shoulders. Her hair formed a
perfect frame for a pixie-like face, with large, brown eyes and small
nose, on which were perched a petite pair of round spectacles. Her
face had just a sprinkling of freckles and her generous mouth and lips
were parted in an eager-looking smile - rather too eager I thought.

A pretty powder blue lace bra was just visible through her
long-sleeved blouse. Her pleated blue skirt, which ended just above a
pair of shapely knees, drew attention to her trim waist and the
seductive swell of her hips. Her long legs were encased in black nylon
and ended in a pair of blue high-heeled shoes.

"He looks a bit young though," said the woman, frowning. "Are you sure
he can - well, you know?"

"Don't worry about that," laughed Julia. "I've ridden him three times

A wicked-looking smile played across Julia's lips. She reached her
hand to the side of my face and began playfully stroking my cheeks.

"I want you to meet Ms. Nicole Ridemann, my next door neighbour, Tommy
dear," she cooed, "She's a teacher at our local girls' school and
doesn't get much of a chance to er - meet eligible young males like
you. I do hope you've had plenty of sleep this afternoon Tommy dear
because I really don't think you're going to get much of a chance

The two women exploded into fits of lascivious laughter.

"Lets have a look at his cock then Julia," grinned Nicole eagerly.

I didn't like the way this conversation was going at all. The only
thing I had covering my modesty at that moment was the towel - and
that was quickly whipped away. My hands instinctively shot down to
cover my groin and I curled up in a tight protective ball.

"Come on Tommy," said Julia seductively "Nicole and I want to play
with your cock to get it nice and hard and then we're going to take
turns screwing your brains out - and we can't do that with you in this
position can we?"

Nicole covered her mouth to suppress a sudden fit of giggles.

Under normal circumstances I would have been more than happy to
accommodate the desires of these two sexy females but no stretch of
the imagination could call these circumstances normal. At that precise
moment I definitely did not fancy another dose of the same treatment I
had received yesterday at the hands of Nurses Susan and Angela. There
is something very demeaning about being tied down and forced to have
sex, to be arbitrarily used over and over again like some human dildo.

Despite my extremely vulnerable position at that moment I knew that I
would have to make a move there and then if I were to have any chance
of escape. I realised that if I stayed curled up on the bed much
longer my naked body would be easy prey to these lascivious women. So,
without giving any warning, I made a sudden dive for the floor. Nicole
was just about to grab my legs but found herself clutching at empty
air and Julia was taken completely by surprise. I figured that they
might have forgotten to lock the door after they entered the room and
I reached it in two strides. I sensed my two nymphomaniac captors were
still well behind and I felt freedom was only moments away as I
dragged at the handle.

My disappointment was almost tangible when the door refused to budge -
no matter how hard I pulled. I was gutted, all my strength seemed to
leave me as I turned to face my female kidnappers. They had not even
tried to chase me. Julia stood with one hand resting on her shapely
hip and the other clutching a key, a huge triumphant grin on her face.
Her friend Nicole looked at my naked body with widening eyes, licking
her lips as if in preparation of a sumptuous meal to come.

In the time span of what seemed to be the blink of an eye the two
women had me in their grasp once more. I knew there would be no escape
this time as they closed in and I felt long fingernails dig painfully
into my bare arms. My hands were pulled forcefully behind my back,
rudely exposing my genitals to their lascivious stares.

"Looks good, doesn't it? " husked Julia "How long has it been since
you tasted teenage cock Nicole?"

"Hmmmm - a long time - too long." whispered Nicole softly.

I suddenly felt a light, warm touch down between my legs. I
instinctively tried to leap back but I was firmly held by Julia. A
feminine hand grabbed my cock. Wrapping her fingers around it, Nicole
started rubbing it up and down. My rod stiffened rapidly with her
touch. The tall, slender woman reached down and cradled my balls with
her other hand, hefting them experimentally. She flicked her
thumbnail against my penis, then knelt in front of me. She blew on the
tip of my naked cock, her hot moist breath heightening the sensation
of my vulnerability.

"I wonder how big we can make this young pussy pleasurer grow" she
murmured sweetly, and I groaned as, without hesitation, she wrapped
her ruby lips around the head of my cock.

I gasped and writhed and wriggled as she bobbed slowly up and down,
trapping my cock between the warm wetness of her mouth and her
flicking tongue. I struggled in Julia's firm grasp as Nicole began to
move her head faster. A tidemark of red lipstick showed as a faint
ring around the base of my glistening erection as it slid in and out
of her pursed lips.

"Aargghh!" "Urrrggg!" "Ummffff!" I moaned through gritted teeth while
her mouth continued to suck at my steel-hard penis. Soon, I felt a
telltale tightness in my balls, I knew I would be spurting my load at
any moment - but so did Nicole. She lifted her head and smiled
devilishly, licking her lips as she viewed the effect her actions were
having on my nether regions.

Suddenly, as if by some prearranged signal the women quickly dragged
me over to the double bed. Amid squeals of triumphant laughter I felt
my legs being stretched wide apart and fastened to the bedposts with
two of the velcro straps. I clumsily struggled but I was powerless to
prevent my arms being stretched above my head and fastened securely to
the other bedposts.

Ms.Horney and Ms.Ridemann stood back to admire their handiwork with
several approving glances at my helpless, naked body. They were in no
hurry, they knew that more fun was only moments away.

"Now let's ride him," Julia smiled mischievously.

I groaned with despair as I watched the sexy schoolteacher unbutton
her blouse and slip out of her blue pleated skirt. Nicole delighted in
the look on my face when I saw her long, shapely legs were encased in
sheer black stockings. A blue lace garter belt made an exquisite frame
for her tight, lace panties through which I could see the faint
outline of her mound and the beginnings of a damp patch down between
her legs. I watched apprehensively as she unsnapped the front of her
powder blue lace bra and pulled it off, freeing a pair of pert,
freckled globes with reddish-brown nipples.

"Do you like looking at women's tits Tommy?" she laughed, jiggling her
breasts and rubbing her thumbs over the jutting nipples.

Grasping the top frame of the bed, she gracefully swung her shapely
legs over my naked body and sat firmly on my chest.

Nicole grinned down at me from between her jutting breasts. "Now
Tommy dear, I think I'm going to enjoy riding you a lot."

She slowly slid forward on my chest until her crotch was right in my
mouth and my head was trapped firmly between her stocking clad thighs.
She thrust her mound against my face. Her sexual arousal had soaked
her panties. Her panties pushed against my nose. They pushed into my
open mouth. Her wetness was slowly smeared onto my mouth, nose and

I was being smothered. I was gasping for breath. I struggled with all
my might. I squirmed trying to wiggle free. She was fucking my face.
It felt as though she was slowly killing me. I thought I would soon
black out from lack of air.

I gasped for breath as she suddenly raised herself up from my captive
face. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her flimsy panties, she
slowly slid them down and over her shapely thighs.

"We don't need these getting in our way, do we Tommy?" She giggled
girlishly.She lowered herself down, forcing her neatly trimmed pussy
into my face. She moved her hips back and forth, then around and
around, smearing her juices on my face. The swollen lips of her slit
now moved on my closed lips.

"Either get that tongue working, or I'll smother you," she threatened

I inched my tongue into her slit as she gyrated her hips above me. My
tongue flicked and licked inside her, giving me ample taste of her
love juices. She began cooing and gasping as my tongue penetrated her
womanhood. Her juices were flowing from her arousal filling my mouth
with her warm pleasure.

I felt female fingers teasing my cock and fondling my balls. The bed
bounced, and I was suddenly aware of another pair of feminine thighs
straddling my lower body. I didn't have to be a detective to know it
must be Julia. I felt the head of my erect penis slowly sinking into a
deep, hot, moist slit. Spasms of ecstasy shivered through me.

Julia paused for a few moments, savouring the pleasurable feel of my
cock filling her hot vagina. Slowly, she began to thrust. Pausing,
gyrating lightly, then slowly lowering herself down, enveloping my
manhood. She moved upwards, pausing, gyrating, slowly easing back down.

She continued the slow, torturously exasperating pace. These women
knew they were driving me into ecstatic torment. Teasing me with
their deliberate pace, Julia continued to thrust up and down while
Nicole humped my face. My bonds denied me any hope of escape.

Their thrusting began to become faster and deeper. Gasps of breath
interrupted their panting. Julia's vaginal muscles squeezed my cock.
Nicole's fingers clutched at my hair as she humped against my face and
rode my mouth and nose. She screamed loudly as her orgasm racked her
body. Her trembling flesh pressed against me as she stiffened her
body against the spasms of lust.

Just as Nicole's orgasm was ebbing, mine erupted. The shot of my
semen spurting inside Julia's hot cunt caused her to gasp and squeal
as her orgasm racked her shuddering body. The sexy receptionist
trembled and shook while her cunt muscles sucked the semen from my

Both women were shouting as they came, and I was making noises too,
but Nicole's smothering cunt muffled my groans.

"Oh my God!" gasped Nicole breathlessly, "that was the most delicious
orgasm I've had in ages."

"I told you he was a good fuck Nicole" grinned Julia triumphantly.

"How about swapping places," said Nicole eagerly as she swung herself
off my naked abused body "I want to have a go riding his cock now."

" No problem dear" grinned Julia.

I was suddenly able to see again. Julia must have been in so much of a
hurry to get my cock inside her that she had only bothered to remove
her skirt and panties. She hopped on to the floor and pranced nimbly
over to the dressing table. Dressed only in her blouse, shoes and
stockings, the curvaceous receptionist looked ravishing - even to my
jaded perception.

Nicole looked at my limp manhood with consternation. "I thought you
said he could keep it up for hours!" she moaned.

"Don't panic Nicole" said Julia "He's not finished yet believe me."

"No-oo - please!" I cried out in panic at what I knew was coming next.
But I was powerless to prevent another dose of Alprostadil being
forcefully injected into the base of my cock..

"Uugggh!" I groaned as Julia removed the needle.

"It'll take a little while before we see any effect" said Julia "but
we can amuse ourselves with him while we wait."

Quickly casting aside her blouse, Julia removed her bra and with her
breasts jiggling free, she put one knee on the bed and pivoted around
it until she was kneeling above my shoulders facing my feet. She sat
back on my face, capturing my nose between the cheeks of her bottom.
She squirmed back and forth until her pink vagina rested on my mouth.

"OK, Tommy," she ordered, "Give me your tongue."

I tentatively licked her pink slit, feeling the ridges and valleys.
Julia's cunt tasted salty and quite sexy, similar yet different to
Nicole's. I realised that extra tangy taste must be my own semen
mixing with her pussy juices. I pressed harder with my tongue.

"That's right, Tommy. Oooh! Make your tongue all pointy. Ahh! Lick up
inside my vagina."

Julia was obviously enjoying herself. She sat down harder on my face
and concentrated on forcing my tongue deeper inside her. Every so
often she lifted herself up just enough for me to catch my breath,
then she sat back down, enveloping me with her cunt

"Give his cock a squeeze, Nicole. Let's see if we've got any action

I felt Nicole's hands hefting my cock, then her fingers wrapping
around it. Squeezing gently, she slowly moved her hand up and down. I
could not help groaning even though my mouth was fastened to Julia's

"Jeez Julia, his cock is growing fast. I think it's even bigger than
it was before"

Julia shifted her hips to a more comfortable position, and lowered
herself on my face again. She made me lick her pussy lips, gradually
focussing on her clitoris, bearing down harder as she became more
aroused. Nicole toyed with my rapidly-stiffening cock, stroking it,
rolling it around in her hands and squeezing it. I gave another
muffled groan.

I worked my tongue on and around Julia's pussy. As I licked and sucked
again, she moaned in ecstasy, although I could barely breathe. I
wanted to get it over with as fast as I could so she would get off my
face. Her clit hardened and I played around with the little knob with
my tongue. She clenched my face with her hot thighs and I writhed and
moaned in pain as she squeezed.

Julia bounced up and down on me as she approached her second climax of
the evening. "Ooooh! Get ready Tommy! I'm going to grease your face
any second now!" she gasped.

I felt Julia spasm on my captive features and suddenly my mouth and
nose were filled with her pungent juices. I coughed and gasped, nearly
choking as she ground her pussy down hard.

"Oooh, yes, Yes, YESSS!" she cried as her orgasm washed over her in
multiple waves of ecstasy.

After a minute, Julia rolled to one side and lay breathlessly beside
me. She looked up at Nicole who was still toying absently with my
cock. "Hey, Nicole, I thought you were going to ride his cock - he
sure looks like he's ready now."

I was still gasping and wheezing but sure enough my cock was pointing
stiffly at the ceiling as Nicole ran her fingers sensuously up and
down its length.

"Don't you feel a little guilty about having sex with someone so
young?" asked Nicole absently. "I mean, my God, this boy doesn't look
much older than Amy, my own daughter".

"Go ahead and stroke his cock," grinned Julia. "Doesn't it make your
spine tingle and your pussy moist just touching it? Just imagine it
sliding between your legs."

"It seems so wicked to fuck a boy less then half my age," giggled
Nicole breathlessly. She tried to sound very 'matter-of-fact' but it
was obvious from the tone of her voice and the tightening of her hand
around my cock that she was weakening.

She straddled my hips and took my staff daintily between her thumb and
forefinger and rubbed its purple head back and forth against her

Her voice became loving and earnest. "You know Tommy, I've always
wanted to know what it would be like to screw a sexy young boy like

She put her hands on my chest and moved her hips in a gentle rocking
motion. She slowly sank down, engulfing my sensitive penis in her
soft, slick warmth.

"I think if I'd had a son even half as good looking as you Tommy dear,
Amy and I would have had him stripped and tied to my bed ages ago,"
she continued breathlessly.

I groaned and writhed under this voluptuous woman as she slowly thrust
her hips back and forth. She pressed her hips backwards and moved her
pelvis so the base of my cock pressed against her clitoris.

"Ooooh! Just hold still, little boy. Aaah! Hips a little higher.
That's better."

She put her hands on my chest for balance, and moved faster against
me. Her high pointed breasts jiggled and bobbed inches from my face as
she slid my captive cock more rapidly in and out of her cunt.

"Ooooh Yes! Do you like being regularly screwed, Tommy? Is this the
kind of thing you boys think about when you toss yourself off?"

Her face became flushed and her mouth hung open as she increased the
pace until she was frantically bobbing up and down on my naked, abused
body. The bedsprings creaked ominously under the strain and her
luscious tits swung from side to side.

"Ooooooh Aaaaaah I'm real close nowwww, Tommy," she wailed. "I'm going
to cummmmmmmmmm!"

"Uhhn, Uuuuhnnn, UUUHHNNNNN!" I grunted as my balls suddenly heaved
and my spunk spurted into Nicole's heavenly pussy. My naked body
squirmed and writhed between her legs as pulse after pulse of my hot
cum flooded her insides. Nicole whimpered as I spurted into her, our
juices leaking out around my shaft to trickle down between my balls.

"Ooooooh, sooo good....oh, oh, oh, oohh, Oh, OOOOOOOH!" Nicole cried
out as her pussy quaked around my cock, sending shudders of ecstasy
coursing through her body. Her hips bucked up and down and her cunt
gripped and relaxed around my cock as it milked the last drops of cum
from my aching balls.

"OOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOH, oooooooh, oooooooh, mmmmm, mmm!" She gasped.

Her voluptuous naked body shuddered and jerked over and over again
until at last, like a clockwork toy, her gyrations ran down and she
collapsed breathlessly on top of my abused body.

"Oooooh, that was wonderful!" she sighed softly.

Eventually, the physically and emotionally satisfied nymphomaniac
slowly rolled off of me. She sat up on the bed and adjusted her
garter belt and stockings. Julia eagerly whispered something into the
red-head's ear, at which point they both looked at me and giggled.

I lay exhausted, spread-eagled on my back, my wrists and ankles still
tied to Julia's bedposts. My raw cock remained erect from the
drug-induced stimulation. My abused body was smeared with a sticky
mixture of my semen and the cum-juices from my two female rapists. My
arms and legs were aching with fatigue. I made no attempt to struggle
against the velcro straps that stretched me to the bedframe. I could
not even lift my head. My mouth felt tacky. I was in a haze, I felt as
if my mind was wandering. I was totally exhausted.

Julia stood by the bed with her legs slightly apart and her hands
rested lightly on her curvaceous hips. Her exposed pubic mound only
inches from my face. Behind her stood Nicole brushing away unruly
strands of dark hair from her face. Both women smiled wickedly as
they stared down at my helpless nakedness. I could not help feeling
very vulnerable.

I lay watching them with feelings of deep apprehension and despair. I
hoped fervently that they were not going to r*pe me again. I wanted to
cry out for mercy. Julia sat on the edge of the bed and gently stroked
my face. I opened my mouth to speak but she placed a long, slender
finger on my lips.

"Shhh, quiet Tommy dear" she said soothingly. "Its OK, you can rest
now. In a moment we are going to untie you and you can have a nice hot

I began to relax when I realised I would soon be free to walk around

"C - can I go home now - please?" I stammered weakly.

"Of course you can dear," grinned the sexy receptionist. "Only - it
won't be your home."

A sudden chill ran down my spine. "Not my home. W - w - what do you

"Why, I've told Nicole that she can take you home with her tonight,"
said Julia, her eyes dancing with mischief. "Besides she wants to
introduce you to her daughter Amy!"

End of Story