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Medical Mischief I

Chapter 1

I well remember the first occasion I was exposed to the sexual drives
of the human female. I was just a young teenager at the time. My
parents lived for the most part abroad and during the school holidays
and I was often left with friends or relations kind enough to let me
share their home. On this particular occasion I found myself ensconced
in the local college halls of residence - deserted for the most part
by the usual student occupants because of the summer holidays.

Obviously my parents had found it more of a challenge than usual to
fob me off on some unsuspecting household. Not that I was a difficult
teenager you understand - at least I didn't think so. It's just that I
was a bit withdrawn and didn't mix very well. People thought I was a
bit "deep", not what you might call the light and soul of the party so
to speak.

The on-site residential tutor was a Miss Sarah Mountjoy. She had
apparently met and befriended my parents during their last fleeting
visit to the U.K. and had suggested that I could stay the entire
summer vacation in what would normally be the student accommodation at
the halls. My parents were obviously very enthusiastic about the idea
and pronounced how this would give me a taste of independence and yet
still have a responsible adult to keep an eye on me.

I had never actually met Miss Mountjoy but she turned out to be a
cheery woman in her mid to late thirties. She had a pretty face and
quite a shapely body with nice legs which were nearly always encased
in black nylon. She also liked to wear short skirts and big loose

Apart from a few residential business courses that lasted a day or two
at the most, I found myself left very much to my own devices. Miss
Mountjoy was supposed to live on site but didn't appear to be around
much. It wasn't long before I began to suspect that she had another
address elsewhere and obviously preferred that to living in the rather
spartan accommodation on campus. I assumed that she must be paid extra
for the number of people staying in the halls of residence as well as
a living allowance for her own accommodation.

I had hardly been there more than a day or so at the most when a
letter arrived. It appeared to be official - from the college
education committee no less - and was addressed to me by name. It
stated that all new residents staying longer than a week must undergo
a complete medical check at the college medical centre.

Am I the only teenager who hates to go to for a medical? There was
nothing wrong with me. I never caught colds very often and being
forced to play various team sports at boarding school kept me fit and
athletic-looking. I definitely did not want to go for a medical check
but quickly realised that I really had no choice. If it was a campus
requirement then I must go through with it. Besides, I reasoned, they
would probably take one look at my glowing aura of health and
impatiently wave me away. Even if I could have seen into the near
future, I never would have believed the events that were eventually to
befall me.

A very enthusiastic looking woman got up from behind a desk as I
entered the centre. "Hello Tom, I'm Julia Horney the receptionist" she
smiled. "Miss Mountjoy said you might call in and see us sometime."

She was dressed in a bright red knee-length skirt and white blouse. I
noticed her legs were long and shapely, encased in black nylon and set
off with high-heeled shoes. She appeared to be about five foot eight
inches tall and in her mid-to-late thirties. She had long black
straight hair, twinkling blue eyes and an efficient smile.

She sat down at her desk and took out a piece of paper. "Now if you
can just give me some details" she said smiling at me over the top of
a pair of fashionable round spectacles.

"How long has it been since you had a complete physical Tom?" She
asked slowly.

Stupidly, I told her that I couldn't even remember the last time I was
in the medical centre.

Then she started asking probing questions. Nothing passed her
scrutiny. She asked about my family, how much exercise I got, whether
I drank, smoked and even how my sex life was going.

"Sex life?" I blushed furiously, "I - er - that is I don't - er - I
mean I haven't!" I spluttered.

"Well, perhaps we might be able to do something about that." she
laughed, eyes dancing with mischief.

I didn't have time to think about whether she was referring to the
forthcoming medical or the other with that last remark. The next thing
I knew I found myself ushered into another office to fill out the
forms for a complete physical check-up.

"If I could leave these forms with you, I'll have a nurse come out and
see you," she smiled sweetly as she left the room.

Vaguely wondering how I'd got myself into this, I looked at the pile
of forms and started filling them in as best I could. Ten minutes
later, a pretty redheaded nurse poked her head around the door.

"Are you Tom?" she smiled.

."Y - y - Yes" I stuttered, as my blood pressure rose a few notches.

"Good, I'm Susan Shaftsbury, the duty nurse."

"Oh, er - pleased to meet you," I babbled, trying to avoid staring at
her tall shapely figure. Her uniform appeared especially tailored to
show off the swell of her breasts, trim waist and slightly flaring
hips to maximum effect.

Nurse Susan quickly reviewed the forms and then, with a wink, handed
them to the grinning receptionist who was standing behind her. She
then asked me to follow her to the examination room, where another
nurse was waiting. I could hear the sexy swish of black nylon as she
walked, her high heels clicking on the floor. I soon found myself in a
fairly large room which housed what looked like a padded bench with
extension arms attached to the sides.

Waiting in the room was a small female figure in a slightly different
style of nurse's uniform than Susan's. She looked more my age than an
adult. She was introduced as Angela and it turned out she was a
student nurse.

Susan then told me to undress, as they didn't want any clothing to
"get in the way". I hesitated when I got down to my underpants.
"Those too!" she grinned.

The nurses were smiling from ear to ear as I reluctantly slid my
underpants down to the floor.

Nurse Susan then told me to hop up on the examination table and eager
feminine hands helped me into position on the padded surface. I was
pushed down rather forcefully on my back and I felt my wrists being
drawn back above my head and fastened to the extensions on either side
of the bench.

"This is just so we can get at you better," grinned Susan, her eyes
dancing merrily.

The nurses then grabbed an ankle each and my legs were drawn wide
apart and fastened down in a similar fashion. With hindsight I realise
it was a measure of my naivety at the time that I did not question at
all why it was necessary to fasten me down in such a compromising way.
I was soon to find out however.

I was uncomfortably aware that my teenage cock and balls were now
fully exposed to the lascivious stares of these two young women.

"Very Nice" I heard Angela whisper to Susan.

Susan told me she was going to take my temperature. "I always think a
rectal temp is the most accurate," she mused.

Before I could reply, I felt Susan's fingers gently lift my balls to
one side while she began working some slippery substance into my ass.
This immediately had a very embarrassing effect and I did my utmost to
try and concentrate on something else. While Nurse Susan's fingers
fluttered between my widely parted legs she called out to Angela that
I was almost ready. I had absolutely no doubt that beautiful Susan and
cute little Angela were both looking at my rising cock with more than
just a passing interest as Angela pushed a thermometer deep into my

"Just relax Tom," grinned Susan, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

Angela giggled, "Well, we can certainly see THAT isn't relaxed!" This
caused the two nurses to explode into fits of laughter and me to turn
even redder.

"That often happens with a rectal temp." Susan winked at Angela. "It's
not unusual."

My blood pressure was checked next and Angela finished adjusting the
straps of the examination table making sure I was held in a fixed
position while Susan pumped up the wrist collar. Bound naked and
vulnerable in such close proximity of these two sexy women was sending
my pulse rate through the roof.

Susan looked at the dial of the blood pressure monitor with a small
frown. "Well it's a bit high but I suppose it's to be expected in the
circumstances." She turned and began to remove the blood pressure
apparatus from my forearm. "Angela, can you get him ready to give a
semen sample next?" she called out over her shoulder.

There was a moments silence, then I suddenly felt feminine fingers
close around my errant member. If I wasn't restrained so firmly I
think I would have leapt several feet from the bench. I gasped in
shock as one hand began fondling my balls, while the other moved
gently, sensuously, up and down my penis. My erection rapidly went
from half to full and then to straining.

"Oh, Oh, Ooooh!" I gasped.

Susan laughed "My God - I've never seen a cock grow so long and hard
so quickly."

"You should see what it looks like from where I am" giggled Angela

"P..please, Wha - wha -what are you doing?" I croaked.

"Just what Nurse Susan said!" Angela replied mischievously, "Getting
a semen sample!"

"B-b-but aren't you supposed to let me do it!" I gasped with mortified

"You mean a naughty magazine and a bottle and all that stuff." She
grinned wickedly "We just thought it would be quicker this way - it's
certainly more fun!"

"Oh my God!" laughed Nurse Susan. "If you don't slow down he's going
to spurt any minute!"

"He's so long and hard, I think he's really enjoying it!" murmured
Angela huskily.

I groaned with ecstasy and acute embarrassment. My stiff cock
absolutely throbbed with arousal, as Angela's skilled hands slipped
over my penis, caressing my balls and occasionally dipped between my
ass cheeks.

"We'll have to try and get this swelling down" giggled Angela lewdly
"Any ideas Sue?"

Susan looked into my eyes and grinned wickedly "I think I might be
able to cum up with a mutually satisfying cure!" she laughed, licking
her lips "Here, let me have a go."

I felt Susan's fingers wrapping themselves around my rigid cock and
gently pump it up and down as Angela continued to fondle my balls. I
began to buck around in response, pulling at my restraints but the
straps held me firmly in place. I realised with growing horror and
acute embarrassment that I was utterly helpless to prevent what these
pretty nurses were doing to me. I could feel myself building to an
orgasm. I tried to hold back but I realised these women were too
skilled and too persuasive for me to hold out for long.

"Please nurse, pleeeeease don't do this to me" I begged.

"What's the matter Tommy?" crooned Susan in a sing-song voice. "Don't
you like being tossed off by two sexy nurses?"

"Besides, we've got solid proof that you're loving it!" added Angela
wickedly, grasping my exposed cock in her friendly grip and stroking
the foreskin back and forward a few times, making me thrust my hips
against the restraints.

I bit down harshly on my lower lip to suppress a moan. Angela's cool
fingers tightly encircled my straining rod as she slowly stroked me up
and down. "God Sue," she said, "I think I could get an orgasm just
looking at this thing."

"You might," Susan mused thoughtfully, "but I think it'd be a lot more
fun to get one by riding it."

"You don't mean..." Angela gasped.

Nurse Susan licked her lips. "Just imagine what that would feel like
inside you."

Her eyes held a certain wildness that wasn't there a moment ago. As if
she had suddenly made up her mind, the pretty nurse stepped away from
the bench. "Seems a shame to waste such a great erection" she grinned

"S-Sue, what do you mean" said Angela, going all wide-eyed.

"Well, look Angela, I know we were just going to get this boy naked
and then play with his cock like we've done sometimes with other
nice-looking boys. But this is just too good to pass up. When are we
ever going to have young cock this hard waving in front of us again?
And Tommy's tied down, so he can't stop us doing whatever we want."

"Your- you're not going to...." gasped Angela

"Never mind what I'm going to do, just keep him nice and hard while I
undress" panted Susan eagerly.

Through a haze of ecstasy I watched in stunned astonishment as Nurse
Susan unbuttoned her tunic from the front and pulled it down over her
shoulders. Angela continued to massage my cock and balls as the sexy
nurse let her tunic fall seductively to the floor and stepped out of it.

"Like the effect?" she wiggled her hips saucily, studying my
astonished expression. "I think stockings make my legs and ankles look
really sexy," she continued. "Don't you think so Tommy?"

"Uhh..." I began, not quite able to put words together.

"I love the way they make my thighs feel," she told me, sliding her
hands over the glistening nylon covering her long, shapely legs. The
motion of her hands drew my attention to her tight blue panties,
through which I could see the faint outline of her mound and the
beginnings of a damp patch down between her voluptuous thighs. A lacy
garter belt held up a pair of sheer black stockings that matched her
black high-heeled shoes.

She really had a very good figure - long shapely legs, a delightfully
narrow waist, firm breasts standing proud from her chest, nipples
showing erect through her blue lace bra. Her bare arms were shapely
and almost hairless, but I could see muscles moving visibly beneath
the pale smooth skin.

I felt even more nervous at what I could only imagine was going to
happen next.

She came right up to me, and started to stroke my cock while gazing
calmly into my eyes.

."Now I'm going to put that lovely cock of yours to good use Tommy
dear," she said, in a soft seductive voice. "Relax, enjoy it. Anyway,
I bet you've always wondered what it would be like to be sexually
molested by a pretty nurse."

I was not relaxed. Being tied down helpless and naked in front of
these two sexy nurses made me extremely nervous.

"And I might have a go on you after Sue's finished," added Angela

I tried to speak but could only issue a croak.

Leaving Angela to carry on massaging my cock, Susan removed her bra
and with her breasts jiggling free, she teased her tight panties down
her thighs, over her shoes, and off. Then she stood beside me, tall,
slender, and dressed only in her shoes, stockings and suspenders.

After a little more cock stroking, the sexy nurse climbed up on the
table. She quickly straddled my thighs and I became acutely aware of
her warm wet pussy brushing against my straining member. I felt the
heel of one of her shoes dig into my calf and her stockings massaging
my naked thighs. I gazed hypnotically at her bobbing breasts and
jutting nipples as she rubbed her vagina over the tip of my penis. I
regained my senses a little, but only for a short while. The sensation
of her slippery vagina sliding down over my so-hard penis was

"That's nice," she gasped. "Fill me up with your long hard cock. Ooh!
Yes, all the way in. Uuuh! I'm gonna remember screwing you for a long
time Tommy dear."

With her hands on my chest, holding me firmly to the table, her firm
breasts jiggling over me, she moved her vagina up and down my penis.
Such a simple motion, but given the extensive foreplay the nurses had
already engaged in, the sensations it produced in me were profound. It
felt so good to have her warm wet slickness surrounding me, pulling up
and down.

The muscles in my buttocks tightened and I began to buck against her.
I groaned loudly. A look of extreme pleasure glowed in her face. She
started a rapid oscillation at the tip of my penis, and then
lengthened her stroke over the full length of it. This began driving
me rapidly towards orgasm. She crouched over me with her hands on my
chest, her breasts jiggling with each thrust.

All too soon I felt a familiar tightness building rapidly in my balls
as my orgasm started to shake my whole frame. It seemed as though my
buttock muscles would tear themselves apart, they were tensing so
hard. My vision blurred as I spurted deep inside her and I could hear
her cry out as her orgasm hit her in turn; it rose to a loud gasp,
ending on a long note - almost a cry.

"Ohhhhh!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh my! That was great!"

Slowly, the pulses in my groin died away. I began to regain my
thinking capacity. My vision cleared. I looked up into her smiling,
pretty face.

"Ooooh! I've always wanted to do that to some nice-looking captive
male patient," she said breathlessly, climbing slowly off my prostrate
form. "Now we have to let Angela have a go on you."

In all the excitement I had totally forgotten about Angela. Now I
looked around for her and noticed she had undressed too. Standing to
once side of the examination table dressed only in stockings and
suspenders, she stared disappointedly at my limp and flaccid penis.

Angela looked even more ravishing naked than she did dressed in her
nurses uniform. I guessed that the petite platinum blonde couldn't
have weighed more than a hundred pounds at most. Her pale skin,
delicate features and green eyes suggested that she was a natural
blond, but I couldn't tell for sure since her pussy was completely
hairless! Her naked mound and the pale pink of her slit transfixed
me. My gaze moved to her tight, flat tummy and small, perfectly
formed breasts.

"It looks like you've milked him dry" muttered Angela giving my
unresponsive member a squeeze. "It'll be ages before we can get him
hard again."

"Oh dear!" giggled Susan. "You don't appear to have much stamina do
you Tommy?"

I heaved a quiet sigh of relief. My wrists and ankles hurt, my cock
was sore and my bum felt like it had had its circulation cut off for
months. I certainly was not looking forward to being screwed again in
such a short time - even by a knockout nymphet like Angela.

"Please, can I go now?" I begged.

"Not so fast stud" laughed Susan. "We've not finished with you yet.
Angela here is as horny as hell and besides we have all day if we want."

She gazed thoughtfully at my damaged manhood. "Hmmmm, there is one
thing we could try that might perk him up a bit".

Susan disappeared from view, high heels clicking on the floor and
returned a few moments later with a small bottle of fluid and a
syringe. She grinned wickedly at me as she inserted the needle into
the glass container and proceeded to fill the syringe with its contents.

"Hold still Tommy" she giggled. "This might hurt a teeny-weeny bit"

Before I could even think about reacting she had grabbed my limp penis
and stuck the needle into its underside. I yelped at the sudden sharp

"Don't worry Tommy" she crooned. "This is called `Alprostadil` and
it's really good stuff".

Slowly she injected the whole contents of the syringe into my cock.

"I've never heard of it, what's it do?" asked Angela curiously.

"Alprostadil acts on blood vessels within the penis to produce
engorgement of erectile tissue" quoted Susan, reading from the label
on the bottle. "It is injected directly into the shaft of the penis
just before intercourse - an ideal dose producing an erection within
ten minutes that lasts anything up to an hour."

"Wow, a whole hour of screwing" giggled Angela sexily

"It gets better" laughed Susan. "Too much causes erections lasting
many hours - or even days!"

"Wow - so how much did you give him?" asked Angela breathlessly.

"The whole bottle," Susan smirked "In about ten minutes he'll have the
biggest and longest lasting erection ever."

"Oooooh! The very idea is making me so horny I just can't wait for
his cock to harden" Angela gasped excitedly.

The cute little nurse suddenly hopped up on the examination table and
clambered over my helpless body. I became acutely conscious of her
naked bottom and slit pressing into my chest. Her eyes were wild and
greedy as she adjusted herself so she was kneeling above me, slowly
lowering herself until she was sitting on my face.

My mind was whirling. This was the first time in my life I had been
forced to do cunnilingus. It was the most incredibly sexy smell I had
ever known and I tentatively licked and stroked her tight little
vagina with my tongue. She tasted of salt. The sexy little nurse
arched her back and gripped my shoulders, rocking backwards and
forwards, my face trapped sensuously between her stocking-clad thighs
She came almost instantly; smearing her cum juices all over my lips
and face.

My cock was stirring rapidly again. Whether it was the effect of the
injection or Angela riding my face I don't know. The next thing I
knew, Angela had moved down to my thighs and I felt her stocking clad
legs smooth and warm around my hips. Angela's hand was on my cock
again. It was getting very hard.

I felt the tip of my penis being positioned at the entrance to her
slit. She was straddling me with her cunt wide open. I could feel her
juices as she slid over me.

"Come on big boy," she gasped. Come on, get nice and hard for me. I
want to feel you inside my hot, tight cunt. That's it, that's the way.
Ooooh! You feel so good."

I was fully erect. Angela lifted off me, and when she came back down
she impaled herself right on my cock. God, her pussy was tight! I
thought she might still be a virgin, but she seemed to know how to
move like no virgin should. I felt her hot, wet cunt wrap tightly
around my shaft as she slowly sank down. Her eyes were wide, her
breathing was ragged, punctuated by "oohs" and "ahhs" of delight as
more and more of my dick disappeared inside of her until her mound
pressed firmly against my pubes.

She was crazed with lust. She didn't seem to care what she said or
did. She started moving on me, sliding up and down. She had incredible
control of her vagina. I could feel it massaging my shaft as she rode

"Why did I ever wait so long for this?" squealed Angela. "I've never
felt anything this good. God, I could fuck you forever!"

The sexy nurse was picking up the pace. "I'm gonna ride you like a
bucking horse, you stallion," she gasped. She was bending low over me
and I felt something rub against my chest. It was Angela's hard little
nipples brushing sensuously against my skin. Then she sat up again and
started moving faster. It felt like my cock was getting rubbed raw as
she slid her pussy onto it over and over. This girl was giving me a
thorough screwing.

I groaned with extreme eroticism and pulled and writhed and wriggled
against the restraints pinning me down.

"You're so long and hard!" she gasped. "I've never been filled like
this before! Damn, I can't take any more! I'm cummmmiiinnggg!"

Angela kept riding my cock until finally I could feel her shivering
and shaking on top of me. "Ohhhhh, my," she groaned -- "Ohhhhh, my,
this is soooooo good!"

Her shaking died down after a couple of minutes, and then after a
longish pause to regain her breath, she started to move up and down

Just then, I heard Julia the receptionist's voice coming from the door
of the examination room. "You were taking such a long time I
wondered..." her voice trailed away to an ominous silence.

"ANGELA! What in the world are you DOING!" It suddenly sounded like
Julia was running over to the examination table.

"MY GOD!" she gasped.

"Oh, hush up, Julia," Angela pouted as my cock, still hard and thick,
popped out of her cunt. "We were just having a little fun with Tommy
here, that's all."

"A little fun! Tom's a patient. Angela, you've r*ped him!"

"Oh, come on, Julia," Susan put in. "A woman can't r*pe a man.
Besides, there's no harm done and I bet Tommy here really enjoyed it
if he's honest."

All I could do was groan as Julia came up and stared wide-eyed at my
naked, abused body tied spread-eagled to the examination table. Her
eyes took in my still-erect cock and my face sticky with girl-cum.

"My God!" gasped Julia breathlessly. "I thought you said you were just
going to strip him naked and play with him a bit."

"Yes, well you could say we got a little carried away with this one."
chortled Susan, her breasts jiggling as she laughed.

"Please... can I go now?" I groaned.

"Fancy a go on him Julia?" grinned Susan, ignoring my pleas. "He's
going to have that erection for hours yet, might as well make use of

Julia licked her lips and stared at my steel-hard cock, then at the
scantily clad nurses, then back at my cock again. Her face at that
moment was a mask of shock and surprise. Her eyes were wide open and
her mouth was working but nothing was coming out. There was a long
moment of silence - then she said, "But we can't do this - can we?"

"Well, that question is a bit academic since Angela and I have just
screwed him," grinned Susan. "Besides, when did you last have a naked,
virile young male tied down to use for your personal pleasure?"

It was obvious that Julia was weakening. She hesitantly reached over
and gently traced the length of my erection with her well-manicured

Even in my dazed state, Julia the receptionist looked just as good as
she had when I first met her an hour ago. Black shoulder-length hair,
a bright red, tailored suit hugging her curves tightly; long, shapely
legs looking silky in black hose, pointy red high heels.

"Well - if you think its OK." She whispered huskily.

Before she could change her mind, the two nurses helped her to
undress. Angela pulled off the receptionist's jacket and unbuttoned
her blouse while Susan unzipped her tight skirt. In no time at all
Julia was down to the same state of undress as the Susan and Angela -
stockings and suspenders. Casting aside her bra and slipping out of
her panties she climbed up on the bench and eagerly straddled my head.

Giggling girlishly, she settled down over my face. Her cunt was hot
and pleasantly musky. Her neatly trimmed bush tickled my nose as she
wriggled on my face. She began humping my face--slowly at first, but
then more rapidly. Susan obviously felt I was slacking as I suddenly
felt her fingers reach between my legs and give my balls a painful
tweak. This had the desired effect and I began swirling my tongue
inside Julia's labia, rubbing her clitoris with my nose.

"Ooooh God!" she gasped, "That's it, there - just there."

I bonded my mouth and lips to her thrusting pussy, my tongue
delicately probing her damp, quivering vagina as I endeavoured to
match the rhythm of her bucking hips. She was raping my face, fucking
my mouth, nearly decapitating me with pure unbridled passion. I felt
her pussy spasm above me; a sticky hot spray of female ejaculation
coated my face, stinging my eyes, and gushed down my throat. She
moaned and bucked, squeezing my head painfully between her shapely,
stocking-clad thighs.

"Oooooh Yessssssss!" she cried.

After a while she slid down my body and slowly impaled herself on my
long, hard penis. She grabbed one of my nipples in each of her hands,
wiggling her hips to force my cock more firmly inside her and licked
her lips.

"Now I'm going to ride you." She husked, squeezing my nipples for

The sexy receptionist clenched my engulfed organ with her vagina and
leaned forward, jiggling her luscious tits inches from my face.
Gripping my waist with her shapely thighs, she simultaneously bucked
her hips on top of me, pinning me down and fucking me at a leisurely
pace maximising her pleasure.

I tried to thrust my hips up, but my restraints held me secure while
she continued to control the speed, tempo, and intensity of her ride.

"Steady, " she gasped. "Don't cum in me yet!" Julia again squeezed my
nipples hard to emphasise her words. I don't think she quite realised
that, with a whole bottle-full of alprostadil injected into my cock, I
was incapable of loosing my erection for some hours yet - no matter
how many times I came.

My head arched backwards with the extreme erotic pleasure I was
feeling. I saw the wicked gleam of lust shining in Nurse Susan's eyes
as she quickly straddled my face and parked her pussy right on my
mouth. Her fingers clutched at my hair as she began humping against my
face and riding my tongue. Her cunt tasted hot, tangy, and somewhat
salty, and I realised that I must be tasting my own semen mixed up
with her pussy juices.

Julia pounded into me with her shapely hips, pulling me inside of her
and grinding my naked torso against her scantily clad body with sexual
abandon, whipping herself towards orgasm at my expense. At precisely
the instant of her libidinous explosion, I felt two fingers thrust
into my ass, causing me to spurt suddenly and uncontrollably deep
inside her.

And from the way she started squeezing my face between her hot,
shapely thighs and drenching my mouth with pungent pussy juice, I knew
Nurse Susan was coming as well. Both women were squealing as they
reached orgasm, and I was making noises, too, but my groans were
muffled by Susan's cunt pressing hard into my mouth and nose.

The two women spent themselves on me, continuing to ride me for
several minutes, Julia using her vaginal muscles to squeeze every last
bit of cum from my aching balls.

"Oooooh God! That was the best ride I've ever had." she gasped.

Exhausted but with satisfied smug expressions on their faces, the
women climbed off my abused, naked body. My dick remained rigid and
pointing resolutely at the ceiling but my aching balls felt as if they
had been sucked inside out through my painfully hard cock. My mouth
and tongue tasted like the bottom of a parrot's cage and my wrists and
ankles were rubbed raw with my constant struggles. If that wasn't
enough I was lathered with sweat and sticky cum juice.

Picking up their discarded clothes, all three women left the room
leaving me strapped to the examination table. Only Angela paused
momentarily at the door to blow me a kiss and give me a sexy wiggle
before she turned and walked out of the room.

I was left to my own devices. No amount of tugging or pulling would
loosen the straps holding me down. I heard sounds of water splashing
and giggling female voices next door. It seemed that Susan, Angela and
Julia were taking a much-needed shower after their exertions.

After a while they trooped back to where I was still strapped down.
They were all fully dressed again, Susan and Angela in their uniforms
and Julia in her red skirt and jacket.

"Now Tommy," said Susan matter-of-factly. "We've decided we can't let
you go just yet - not until that nasty swelling goes down." She
giggled wickedly.

"And we can't keep you here either," added Julia.

"So we're going to give you a little sedative to put you under while
we clean you up and take you somewhere safe," smiled Angela.

As she was speaking I felt a sharp pinprick in my arm and I turned to
see Nurse Susan administer an injection. The last thing I saw was
Susan's smiling face as everything went black and I slipped into
blissful unconsciousness.

End of Story

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