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Master, Mistress, And A Maid Part Two


(His side of the story)

Stepping out of the shower, picking up your still quivering and
dripping body I move you to the bedroom. Looking around, the only flat
surface is the bed, "I guess that will have to do," giving you that
lustful gaze. Just the moon shows through the curtains. " I believe that
it is a bit hot in here." Laying you, on your back, down on the bed then
moving to the French double doors I open them letting in a cool breeze.
The wind crawls over your body chilling you. I watch as the goose bumps
move up your body. First they creep along your legs breaking the
smoothness. Then as they slither around the shaven mound, to which I have
spent, hours pleasuring myself. Moving down the still slick lips so
delightful I have to refrain myself from licking them with my tongue. Down
to the clit, which is begining to become hard again, poking it's soft tip
from between the folds of the flower petals. I watch fasinated as the the
chill works it's way over the flat stomach to rise to the top of your
breasts. Which are crowned in ever harding nipples. On upward it crawls to
till you cannot hold back the moan the escapes you lips, knowning full
well that I am watching.
"It is time again to service me." Your eyes open wide at the
forcefulness tone in my voice. You begin to wiggle in antisipation of my
half hard cock growing to it's full erectness under you touch. You turn
over onto your stomach. Crawaling submissivily toward me, the covers
sticking to your still wet form.
Standing at the edge of the bed I look down watching, "this time YOU
will stroke me," as your reach out to take hold of my manhood. It hardens
as you tighten the grip. Now you fully realize that one hand won't do. The
other hand comes to meet it's sister, stroking inch over inch until I am
fully erect. Just as you cannot resist taking me into your mouth, "Not
just yet, run the hot little tongue of yours over my balls."
You roll over on to your back push my cock up to better position your
mouth near my aching rocks. Tracing a line of saliva down the center you
suck one into your mouth, caressing it, rotaring your tongue around and
around. "Yes make me want to take you. Dont forget the other," I say as
voice becomes deeper from the excitement.
Suddenly I pulls away, a moan of disappointment ecapes you. I grab the
side of your head, "Open up," you take me trying to open your throat
before I thurst to deeply, choking you. Just as the head of my swollen
cock passes your lips you clamps down trying to slow me me down but this
is my fun and you relax. I realize that i about to go to fast and slow
down. Slowly inch by inch I slide my cock into your awaiting mouth, til at
last I reach the back of your throat. I hold for a second until you relax
then insert to my full length. I start pumping slowly in a rythm, letting
you get used to my full length. You circle my member with each stroke
futher driving me to the point. Thrusting harder between your lips,
deeper i go wondering how much of me you can take at this pace. You think
that if I cum now you can rest. I suddenly turn the tables once more in my
Leaning over you I lower myself to within reach of your moisten labia.
I place my hands between your legs spreading them for better access. One
hand reaches out to touch the slick lips, slowly working my way down into
the depths of your pussy. The lips spread open wanting me deeper. I storke
the clit in irregular circles first clockwise then, counter clockwise.
Next I run my finger the length of your woman hood inhaling deeply the
musky scent of your arousal. Lowering my head I begin running my tongue
the length of you. Deeper I prob and deeper I thrust. Deeper and deeper,
faster and faster for several minutes, til you are on the brink of another
orgasm. I stop just before; you release your honey over my tongue; and I
empty myself down your throat. "Not yet," as I pull back. Breathlessly you
moan wanting, no needing the release.
Stepping back, "what are you willing to do for me in order for me to
take the need away?"

(my turn again)

"Anything" I all but scream as the the need for thrusting cock consume my
heated flesh. My pussy is beating a passion pulse within me that begs for
release. I am frantic as I search my mind for some diversion worthy of
you. In my distraction, I reach out to stroke your cock. CRACK! the
slap of your hand on my fingers brings me closer to reality and. the
thought hits me.

"Kat! I'll give you Kat" I beg. Pondering for a moment Kat's compact
body, long dark hair and totally submissive attitude. you are tempted.
You have wondered how I would treat her under your expert guidance and
advice. "Done! but you won';t feel my hard cock in you till she is
here." "But..." I whimper. "Hush. Did you think I would leave my Kitten
in any codition other than Purring?" You kneel beside me on the bed to
thrust your fingers into my melting pussy. pinching my clitt gently and
rolling it between your fingertips you bring me to a satisfying but way
to swift orgasm. Spent but still longing, I watch as you stroke your
engorged cock above me. I begin to tell you all the ways I will tease Kat
in front of you with numerous toys and objects until I will make her kneel
in front of you while you pump hot cum onto her face and tits. which I
will then feed to her off her quivering body. You reward mt storytelling
by thrusting your cock down my throat and gush sperm into my waiting
mouth. " Don't make me wait for the show" you say as you dress for work
and I reach for the phone to see what Kat is doing tonight...

My hands tremble from anticipation, as I wait for an answer on Kat's end.
After 4 rings her machine picks up. "Hi this is Kat. If you need me...
and I know you do, Leave your name number and a brief but descriptive
message and I'll call you" BEEEP. damn "Hi Kat this is Jazz. I need
you, writhing beneath me... Call me immediately!!

I will have to find something to occupy me, while I wait for her call. I
guess I could watch a movie. 4 hours and countless pornographic tributes
to women with better bodies than mine doesn't help. My attitude is a
bitch level from the frustration when she finally does call. She realizes
this instantly and is properly subdued. "I need you here as soon as
possible!" She has been anticipating this call but had made other plans,
unbreakable ones. I am going to explode from frustration. "Tomorrow
night ? If that's the best we can do. 8:00 then" I hang up the phone
dreading the evening. I know you won't break your promise. and I am going
to be teased all night with no relief in sight. I definely had better not
smoke any dope. I would pounce on you.

As the next evening rolls around, I am showered, dressed to the nines in
a black lycra spandex come-and-fuck-me dress and black leather thigh high
stilleto boots as I answer the door....

"You're late" I state. "But Jazz it's only 8:05" "Have you forgotten
your place? Speaking to me as if you were my equal." My tone says I will
tolerate nothing but an apology. She quickly reverts to her normal
demeanor as she all but grovels for my forgiveness. I can almost feel the
little slut get damp as she realizes what she is in for. "Hush. Don't
give me any of your pathetic excuses" I let my eyes wander over her
almost adolescent form. With Kat at 5'6" and me at 6'1" in my boots the
differences in our physiques is most obvious. Her muscular frame and
compact breasts set off my voluptuous curves to the max. She has chosen
to wear white, Not a bad choice, as I see stocking that from under the
edge of her white lace dress.

I know you will be home soon, as I fill her in with a vague outline of the
evening's events. She sits down, as her knees grow weak, almost begging
to fill my needs. I have had her wrapped around my finger since the first
time I set my tongue against her pussy. She has let me know she is always
available to service me, but this is a first for her, that I have wanted
to use and abuse her with another. We wait and you are late. You know
how that frustrates me.

Kat slide to the floor. She moves to kneel at my feet, caressing my
leather encased legs. "I could take the edge off for you, Jazz" I lazily
lie back against the cushions, "You have my permission to distract me" I
command her. She wastes no time, as she spreads my legs, to kneel between

Her soft fingers flutter along the skin at the top of my silk stockings,
tantilizing me. I close my eyes, savoring my body's response, as those
warm little fingers ease inside the elastic on my black lace panties. Her
breathing accelerates as she exposes my shaved pussy, I tremble as it
whispers across me. My body responds to this attention by releasing
moisture that Kat immediately reacts to.
I listen to the rustle of her dress, as she adjusts her position to get
closer. I am quivering with need, as her gentle fingers part my labia
exposing my clit for her perusal. When she is close enough, I twine my
fingers into her waist length, black hair.

"Do you want to pleasure me" I ask in a voice hardened by need. "Yes,
please. I need to taste you." "Tell me first how you will. Then perhaps
I will consider it." She know I love to here it talk dirty, so she
launches into a description designs to enflame me.

"I am going to take my fingers and pull back the lips of your drenched
pussy. then I am going to start by flicking my tongue on your clit till it
is almost excruciating. Then when you can not take anymore, and you grab
my hair thrusting my face against you, I will take your clit into my
mouth. I will suck on it, while teasing it with my teeth and tongue,
until your body arches off the sofa. As you teeter on the verge of
orgasm, I will thrust my fingers into you, pounding into your receptive
canal, while my tongues flicks rapidly, until you have rewarded me by
pouring your nectar onto my tongue. May I please service you now?"

"You have my permission" eager to see if she could follow her own script.
She did. Moments later, it seemed, as I lay spent, gazing at her face
that glistens with remnants of me, I hear your key in the lock...

You slam open the door, startling Kat. You run your cold gaze over us.
Already admonishing us for our unplanned start. I realize I will pay for
it later, but can not stop myself from shivering with anticipation.
Tonight we are equals. Animals prowling a sexual jungle, stirking an
unesay truce, to share the prey.

As much as you delight in my submissive side, You can't help but smile
as I stride to you in arrogance. My red hair flicks against my exposed
throat and cleavage. My nipples still taut from my orgasm, strain to
escape the confines of black lycra that cage them. Your lips meet mine
with unfettered passion. Response flares in our loins as we approach the
evening's venture with wild abandonment. I gring my pelvis into as I move
my lips to your ear..."She was excellent and very obedient. You should
try her." You lean back against the door, waiting to see my next move.

"Come Kat" I beckon to her. She hesitates, deliberately. God how she
loves to be 'forced'. I saunter leisurely towards her, with a casual
smile.. I lean forward till our noses almost touch. "Slut!" I whisper
running my fingers into her hair. With a quick thrust, I yank her head
back and nip her throat. "Don't take the chance tonight, girl. I am in a
mood to orchestrate. I will play on your nerves, a song of exquisite
torturous ecstacy." Kat's eyes glow as her imagination runs wild.
I loop my hand in her hair and force her to crawl to you. "For your
insolence, you will now beg, or the honor of sucking his cock" I command
her, tightening my grip.

"Please gift me, by allowing this lowly woman" she falters as I tug back
her head. "Tell him" I order "Admit you are a slut. Tell him how you
need to suck his cock!" " Yes! Yes! I do. I am ashamed of my lascivious
needs! Even now I am getting wet just from the thought of the smooth skin
of your cock sliding into my hot mouth. Please. Please I must suck it. I
will be your willing slut for as long as you wish but I must taste you
now" Her fingers are grasping at your zipper, when I slap her hand down.

"Not yet" I hiss "Did You hear him give you permission?" Doesn't she beg
pretty? Has she begged enough?"

Your only answer, is the thrust of your now hardening cock, towards her
face. She leans forward, pulling back at the last moment. She waits for
my approval as well. I nudge her back ignoring her whimper of
frustration. I slowly ease down your zipper in front of her avid gaze.
I see her eyes widen as she tries to comprehend the hardened state of your
still half limp phallus. I lean over to engulf your member between my
lips, sucking you to full hardness. As I pull my lips off your fully
erect cock, Kat gasps at it's size. I stroke your darkened length, as I
pull her head forward. She is mindless with her need at this point. I
take pity on her and ease her mouth open. As your dick slides into her
mouth, I tell her "Remember, I gave you this. You owe me. You will stop
before he cums" Her eyes signal her agreement, before they close to savor
the texture of cock on her tongue.

Kat really does know everything about oral sex. It was only an half hour
since she had sucked me dry of love's juice, yet here she was thirsting
after more! You are willing to let her feast on your first orgasm,
knowing you would drag out your next. My body, rather than my eyes, first
senses your approaching orgasm. I tug her hair to make her stop. "Let's
see just how truly skillful you are" I tease as I step between you. I
plant my ass against your groin, stroking small stokes around your cock
with my thighs. You throb almost painfully, torn between fucking and the
sucking. You want the best of both worlds. 'I can solve this ' I croon as
I tell you to rip off my panties. You are more then willing to comply and
you tuck the torn remnant of lace and silk into your pocket, noting the
wetness as you do. You grab my hips, intent on thrusting into my damp
folds. I am too slick and my frothing pussy rides the upper ridge of your
manhood. Swift as a bird, kat has moved between my spread thighs to halt
your backward motion with her titilating tongue action.

As a throaty laugh escapes me at your obvious quandry, I push your
shoulders back against the door, Leaving your feet still some 2 feet from
it. "Arch your ass, I will ride here as she finishes pleasuring you. Kat
fervently agrees and relaxes, now that she knows she gets your cum. Your
hands come around my body to firmly grasp my tits. Kat swallows you down
her throat, till her nose is grinding my clit. I admit to myself that I
am impressed. Out stroke I thrust against your taut cock. in as she
swallows, Moving her head slightly from left to right, She milks your
cock with her mouth as she nuzzles my erect clit. All the breathing in
the run seems to fall into a synchronized rythmn. As we climb a peak
together. Kat thrusts her fingers into her soaking pussy. fervently
masturbating herself.

You cum first pumping hot cum down Kat's gulping throat. Feeling yourdick
as it throbs with the force of your ejaculation, puts me over the edge as
I grab your ass for support. Kat purrs with pride even as she pours
juices down her quivering thighs.

Kat's body gleams with a light film of perspiration, as she looks up at
me with eyes glazed with lust. She licks the taste tase of you off her
lips, as you feel your cock lose some of it hardness. You notice how wet
your dick is from my love nectar, as you support my weak knees.
You reach in front of my body to caress my slick clit.

Kat's eyes light up with the appetite of a voracious nymphomaniac. "Wait"
this single command from my lips stops her forward motion, but can't stop
her from teasing me with her lip licking actions. Your eyes watch over my
shoulders, while you tease her by opening my labia and taunting Kat with a
view of my glistening interior. I laugh as she squirms. "Come along
then, kitten " I offer with a twitch of my hips. "Clean me up"

Kat cleans me with an almost obsessive attention to detail. I Feel my
body respond to her tender administrations. Your fingers tease me as they
part my lips to give Kat accessibility. When your fingers on your left
hand moving to my nipples while you use your forefinger and middle finger
to splay me open, I decide to indulge my appetites again. I put my hand
on the back of Kat's head to press her more firmly against me as passion
rises in my blood. Your fingers pinch my hard buds alternating with
gentle flicks. My knees shake slightly with the force of my orgasm as it
sweeps over me, causing me to gush on Kat's tongue.

Kat sucks feverishly on me straing to get every drop. She is crazed with
want and need now. I have seen this before and know she will do anything
for me. I clench the walls off my pussy around her tongue forcing out
every drop onto her waiting and eager tongue.

Trying to regain strength in my knees, I pull her mouth off my pussy.
Turning my body, I remind her of your prescence. I let her go, rewarding
her for that delicious pussy-lashing I just recieved. She hesitates not
even a second before swallowing your cock. Tasting my juices mixed with
yours on your now limp dick, seems to excite her more and she fingers her
clit with desperate need.

"Enough of that. Don't you ever get enough?" I berate her as I readjust
my outfit and boots. "Into the bedroom with you. Now! Before I change
my mind and leave you unfulfilled"

Kat moves. as if to rise. "No way, Miss Thing! Crawl in there. If you
want to have something hard in that pussy of yours...You'll maintain a
suitable and submissive attitude"

She crawls slowly, knowing we are watching how her ass rotates in the
white outfit she still wears. I stride to her stopping her with my boot
on her ass. Knowing her level of excitement, I warn her against
pleasuring herself. "There are lots of toys in there. If you are lucky I
will use them on you. But if you start without me..." My tone leaves no
doubt in her mind as to the severity of her punishment should she chose to
disobey me. As I kiss you hello again, I wonder... Would this be one of
those times she will choose to go against my wishes...I almost hope she

End of Story