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Lunchtime Vignette

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He hurried to her apartment as soon as he could. The message on his pager had just said "Be here soonest for lunch." When she opened the door for him, she quietly pointed to the side room where the computer and her toys were kept. Knowing the routine, he went into that room, half-noticing the active chat session on the monitor. He took off his clothes (hanging them in the closet) and lay on the floor with his legs spread and his hands folded behind his head.

She walked into the room, unsmiling, dressed down in jeans and sweatshirt and carrying the thin stranded flogger and an adjustable cock ring. As always, his cock rose at the sight of her. She knelt by his waist and fondled "her cock", then suddenly slapped him *hard* on the balls. His vision clouded as his stomach lurched, and by the time the shock and initial pain had faded she had put the cock ring around his shaft and throbbing balls.

She twirled the flogger until it made a whistling sound in the air, then brought it down over his chest until the tips barely scraped his nipples in passing. She angled the strands one way and the other, covering his chest with bright red lines that quickly faded, moving the flogger downward to leave similar marks on his belly. His erection had grown back through this and he struggled to keep from moving his hips, knowing how keenly those nylon strands would bite into his cock.

She pulled the flogger back and paused, admiring her handiwork.

She reached down to trace some of the lines on his belly and his body quivered in response. Satisfied, she unfastened her pants and slid them down to the floor. She had nothing on beneath -

the dark curls between her thighs glistened in the light. She stood over him, presenting her ass for his attention, and kneeled slowly taking his cock in her hand and holding it at the most convenient angle for her.

He gasped as she sank down onto him and started a slow up-and-down movement. Her anus winked obscenely open and closed at him, and he licked his lips absent-mindedly. Not for the first time he both thanked and cursed the cock ring - it kept him hard for her, but the longer she rode him the more sensitive and painful the head of his cock became. She knew this, of course -

she had used her little vibrator to bring herself to a quick shivering cum right before he got to the apartment, just so she could last longer with him inside her.

He watched helplessly, toes curled, wishing she would at least allow him to lift his hands to touch her as she grunted and moved faster on top of him. He winced as she squeezed her cunt around his cock, then felt her spasms as she began to cum. His cock throbbed painfully now, swollen and trapped as she rubbed one hand over her clit and screamed out her pleasure, again and again. Finally she rolled off to one side, leaving his cock to slap stickily against his belly. There was a time of silence, broken only by the paired sounds of heavy breathing - one from passion denied and one from pleasure taken.

She stood on wobbly legs and left the room for a moment, returning briefly with a damp washcloth. She took the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, then released it and cleaned his groin of her juices. She then lay down on top of him and kissed him deeply, rocking her now-clean crotch against his still pulsing cock. "I just love having take-out," she purred. "Hope you don't get into an accident with that on the way back to work!"

And with that she left the room. The clock on the wall told him he'd have just enough time to get dressed and get back for his afternoon meeting - but only enough time for that.

Lying in her bed, softly stroking between her legs, she heard the door close behind him and imagined what he would be like until he could remove the cock ring. She wondered which of the secretaries in his office would call her later with a detailed personal report...

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