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Into The Maelstrom Part X (final)

Tamiko had been freely wandering the firm's empty dark
offices for almost a half hour before she discovered the
missing Miss Carolyn Lord.
"Whoa! What a presentation that must have been," she
said to herself when she saw Carolyn. She walked over to
the prostrate woman to survey the damage.
Miss Lord was on her back, nude and unconscious, her
legs splayed open over the couch arm. Carolyn's body was
coated with drying sweat. It pooled between her breasts
and at the base of her throat. Her hair was matted with
it. Vaginal fluids were also drying on her, down the
insides of her thighs and on the cushion beneath her.
Tamiko quickly noticed the exciter attached to Carolyn's
vulva. She tried out the local control and found the
battery quite dead.
"You must have had quite a day, my precious."
Carolyn's beautiful body showed surprisingly few
bruises, considering the kind of day Tamiko now
understood Carolyn to have experienced. She looked
around and saw no sign of Carolyn's suit or shoes.
"And I thought we played rough," she said, as she put
her arms under Carolyn's and pulled her to a more
comfortable and less exposed position on the couch.
"Why, our group can't touch the legal profession if
this is how they treat their own," she thought. Her
mother had always told her to never underestimate the
value of a professional education, especially when it
came to doing something really fun, like the corruption
of the pure. "We must get some lawyers into the group"
she mused. "Perhaps Carolyn would know of some likely
candidates, now."
"Come on, my precious," Tamiko said quietly. "It is
time to wake up and begin your new life."
Tamiko sat next to the nude woman. She reached
between Carolyn's open thighs and fingered the exciter.
As Tamiko thought, it was attached to her skin and pubic
hair by a light adhesive. She swiftly pulled the exciter
off Carolyn's sensitive crotch, pulling out a few pubic
hairs in the process, and, standing, placed it in the
back pocket of her tight designer jeans.
"OW!" Carolyn screamed as her eyes flew open. She
bolted upright and tightly held her wounded crotch with
both hands. She looked around wildly for a moment until
she saw Tamiko standing beside her.
"Tamiko! Oh, Tamiko!" Carolyn cried, jumping up and
throwing herself naked into the waiting arms of her
friend. "You wouldn't believe what happened to me," she
sobbed, as she wrapped her arms tightly around the
Japanese girl. "Everyone went crazy! They... they...."
"It's all right, my precious. You are safe now. You
are safe with me. You will always be safe with me,"
Tamiko purred soothingly as her hands moved lovingly over
Carolyn's sculptured naked back and buttocks.
"Oh, Tamiko," bawled Carolyn, "I'm so glad to see you!
You can't imagine what they did to me!" Carolyn wailed
as, heedless of her nudity, she clung desperately to the
small teenager.
Overcome with relief at finally being safe with
someone she could really trust, the beautiful Carolyn
Lord cried and sobbed over all of the pain and public
humiliations she had been forced to undergo today.
Tamiko casually dipped her right hand between
Carolyn's thighs. She carefully inspected Carolyn's
crotch with her skilled fingers, noting the very swollen
labia. She inserted three fingers into the dry cuntal
passage. It was still tight, yet there was a hint of
looseness now which hadn't been there before. "You have
been busy," she thought. She enjoyed the familiar feel
of the hot, tight passage for a moment, then began a
gentle motion with her fingers. Soon the channel was
flowing with Carolyn's vaginal fluids.
Next, Tamiko cupped Carolyn's firm right breast with
her left hand and carefully inspected the reddened
nipple. She tilted her head and started to thoughtfully
lick the surrounding aureole first, then the nipple
itself. Her efforts were rewarded when the nipple
quickly sprang erect. She moved to the left breast and
did the same to it. When both nipples were as erect and
hard as bullets, Tamiko shifted her mouth from breast to
breast and continued her administrations evenly between
the two proud orbs.
The sobbing Carolyn began to notice some familiar
tinglings starting to occur. She was so distraught, and
at the same time so relieved at seeing Tamiko, her mind
simply dismissed them as unimportant. But the tinglings
became more and more insistent, until she could ignore
them no longer.
Carolyn fought to get her crying under control and
find out what was happening to her.
"Tamiko. Tamiko, what are you doing to me?" she
gasped between her decreasing sobs.
"Nothing, my precious," the Japanese teenager absently
replied, intent upon completing her devilish work.
"But, Tamiko. You are! You are doing something to
me. I can... I can feel it."
Tamiko didn't reply until she heard Carolyn's breath
become quite heavy.
"Can you really?" Tamiko politely asked, her head
between Carolyn's heaving breasts.
"Yes, I can," said the now panting Carolyn. "I can
really feel you doing things to me."
"Oh," replied Tamiko, her right thumb now brushing
Carolyn's vulnerable clitoris.
"You have to stop. Tamiko! You have to stop right...
Aaaggh!" Carolyn cried as she unexpectedly climaxed under
Tamiko's expert ministrations.
"No! Oh, No!" Carolyn wailed as she frantically clung
to the Japanese exchange student, her tired body
reacting strongly to this surprising occurrence. The
strong pulsings of her vagina were almost painful to her,
they had happened so often today.
Her body and mind now absolutely spent, Carolyn could
only cling to Tamiko, her breasts heaving, her vaginal
juices trailing unheeded down the inside of her thighs.
Carolyn found herself drunk with fatigue. She could only
stand and let Tamiko do with her whatever she willed.
She was capable of nothing else.
"Look, you can tell me all about your problems later,
my precious," Tamiko told her matter-of-factly. "Right
now, let's get you dressed and home."
Tamiko led the pliant Carolyn over to where she had
left the clothes she had bought for her.
"Look at what I brought for you, Carolyn."
Carolyn turned her head and looked dully at the neatly
folded pile on the sink counter.
"Now, step into these."
The bright red panties that Tamiko was pulling up her
legs seemed different than what Carolyn was more used to
wearing. The panties consisted of a low, simple triangle
in front and a single narrow strip down the back that
fitted between her buttocks and legs. Her dazed mind
finally realized that Tamiko had gotten her a thong!
She couldn't wear that! If only she weren't so
exhausted. She just didn't have the strength to protest.
She just wanted to go home, and as long as Tamiko was
going to take her there then everything else could wait.
Tamiko pulled the panties high and tight, so that the
fabric was buried between Carolyn's buttocks and forced
into her vulva.
Carolyn's new red bra came next. After Tamiko put it
on her, Carolyn puzzled mind tried to figure out what
exactly it was supposed to do for her. The slight
harness did not contain and protect her breasts so much
as it openly displayed them.
Next there were a tight pair of soft jeans. Carolyn
stood passively as Tamiko pulled the jeans up her legs
and hips. The jeans were so tight it took Tamiko three
times to fasten them. "OK," thought Tamiko, "I'll be
more careful with the jeans next time."
The mistake was understandable, really. After all,
Carolyn Lord was Tamiko's first real-live Westerner to do
with as she pleased.
Next, Tamiko placed the still pliant Carolyn into a
button-down, white semi-transparent body shirt which
clung to Carolyn like a second skin.
Last came a comfortable pair of sandals.
Tamiko took a moment to look at her new creation.
"Wow!" she breathed. "Even after all she went through
today, she was still something to take the breath away,"
she thought. "Amazing. How lucky can I get?"
Leading her by the hand, Tamiko took the passive
Carolyn back to her desk for a final check. Taking her
wallet and key ring from the desk top, Tamiko led her
passive charge to the reception area and the bank of
On their way down, Carolyn dimly realized that she was
blacking out. One moment she was looking at weird
underwear, the next she was standing in an elevator. She
felt so tired, she was quite ready to lay down just about
Some habits die hard. Even in her current exhausted
state, Carolyn automatically checked her appearance in
the polished doors of the elevator.
"Oh my!" she said. It was like being splashed with a
bucket of cold water! Shocked out of her daze, she was
horrified. These were not her clothes! All of a sudden,
she felt naked. There she was, fully dressed and yet she
felt absolutely naked. Her vulva was clearly defined
under the tight fabric of her jeans. So, for that
matter, were her breasts under the body shirt. She was
totally exposed!
Carolyn was at a loss as to how she got dressed this
way, let alone how she got into an elevator with Tamiko.
"What was she doing here, anyway" she wondered.
"Tamiko, what am I wearing?" the embarrassed Carolyn
"You are wearing your clothes, my precious."
Carolyn's tired mind thought that one over a bit.
"My clothes?" she finally muttered. "These are not my
"Yes, they are. Well, sort of. You see, I had a
feeling you might be ready for a change by now, so I
bought you some things. I checked for your sizes at your
"You were... You were at my apartment?" asked the
bewildered Carolyn.
"Of course. Since we're going to be seeing so much of
each other from now on, I had a key to your apartment
made this morning. Nice place, by the way. Anyway,
since I was bringing you these presents, I'd thought I
would just go over early and become comfortable with your
things. I said I'd meet you today, and here I am."
"Oh. I see." Carolyn wondered vaguely what she had
done with her suit and shoes.
"You brought my laundry?"
"My goodness. You are out of it. I gave those to
Tiffany at your office late this morning. Don't you
"Uh, no I don't, actually. I'm sorry. It's just that
I'm very, very tired. I'm not really sure I can even
make the drive home right now."
"No problem. I'm here to take you to that very
"Why, thank you. I really appreciate that, honestly I
With that, Carolyn lapsed into a silence which was not
broken until the two arrived at Carolyn's apartment.
Carolyn was so unaware that she didn't even notice, let
alone comment on, when Tamiko used her own set of keys to
get into and drive Carolyn's sensible subcompact car.
During the trip, Carolyn uneasily slept, not realizing
that Tamiko had used her right hand to massage Carolyn's
vulva the entire journey.
At Carolyn's apartment building, Tamiko used her copy
of Carolyn's parking and building pass to enter the
basement parking garage, and then get them up to
Carolyn's apartment. Standing in front of her apartment
door, Carolyn could only wait until Tamiko had let them
in using her own keys.
Realizing that she was in her apartment at long last,
Carolyn tried to think desperately of what she wanted to
do here, but could not.
It was Tamiko who brought her into her bedroom and
carefully undressed her. Nude, Carolyn automatically
went to a dresser drawer and pulled out one of the tee-
shirts she inevitably slept in. After pulling it on,
Carolyn staggered to the adjoining bathroom and relieved
herself of a surprising amount of urine. Tamiko used the
time to ready the queen-sized bed for Carolyn and
Staggering back to the bedroom, the totally exhausted
Carolyn Lord fell face down onto her bed. She did not
move after that, even though the fall had worked the
bottom of her tee-shirt up over the lower part of her
buttocks, leaving them quite exposed.
Although it was still only late afternoon, Tamiko
readied herself for bed. She undressed completely, then
made herself a mug of tea. Thus fortified, she got into
bed with Carolyn. She briskly took the tee-shirt off the
heavily sleeping woman and threw it to the floor. She
flipped Carolyn over onto her back and lay down beside
her. She pulled the covers over them both, and settled
in for a long, well-earned rest.
Tamiko's last thoughts concerned the future. Would
her parents let her keep Carolyn for her very own, or
would she have to give her back when she was done with
school here and had to return to Japan? Either way, she
was planning on having a great deal of fun with her for a
very long time, indeed.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when Carolyn finally
awoke after a troubled sleep. She felt terrible. Her
neck muscles were incredibly stiff from the constant
tension of yesterday. Feeling the sheet on her sensitive
breasts, she realized that she was naked again. She
looked around and found her tee-shirt on the floor beside
the bed. She sighed at the sight. "Can't I keep
anything on anymore?" she thought.
After a refreshing shower she felt better, though not
much. Her robe was missing from its usual place behind
the bathroom door. "Must have left it in the laundry
room again," she grumbled.
Carolyn, naked except for a towel wrapped around her
wet hair, padded on bare feet from her bedroom through a
narrow hall and small living room, and into the kitchen,
on her way to the laundry room. It was only after she
saw Tamiko, wearing her missing robe and grinning at her
from the small kitchen table, that Carolyn realized she
had a guest in her apartment.
"Oh my! I'm so sorry!" she sputtered as she quickly
attempted to cover herself with the small bath towel.
Unfortunately, it wasn't big enough to circle her body
completely, so she could only just cover her front. She
then tried to back out of the room, but Tamiko was up and
over to her in a flash. Tamiko was soon holding a corner
of the towel tightly in her hand. Carolyn knew she
couldn't leave now without loosing her towel!
"Come. Sit with me at the table, my precious," Tamiko
said as she led the protesting Carolyn by her towel to
the kitchen table.
"But, Tamiko! Please, I really need to get something
on first, and then I'll be right out."
"Oh, no you don't. We are all alone here. So sit,
and keep me company."
Carolyn sat carefully, fully conscious of the flesh of
her bare back and bottom pressing against the cold
plastic chair. She was terribly flustered from sitting
barely covered like this in the full light of day. "My
God!" she thought. "I hope no one visits me this
morning." How could she ever explain this?
"Tamiko, it's, uh, really great to see you this
morning, but, what... what are you doing here?"
"You invited me, silly. Remember yesterday? When I
drove you home from the office?"
"You drove me home? No, I don't remember." Carolyn
held her lowered head in her hands and groaned, "Oh, my.
Everything is so fuzzy. I can't think at all."
"It is all right, my precious. You have had a long
day and are still a little tired. You should take it
easy today and rest."
Tamiko stood up and went behind the distressed woman.
She placed both hands on the base of Carolyn's
aristocratic neck and began to work the stiff muscles
"Oooh. That feels good," murmured the surprised
Carolyn. She eventually felt the stiffness in her neck
simply melt away, yet Tamiko continued to work her
muscles. Carolyn soon felt very dreamy.
Tamiko kept working with her hands, moving now over
her shoulders. Carolyn's unsupported towel soon fell
from her body and landed forgotten on the floor.
"Why must you keep calling me that?" Carolyn sleepily
asked her friend.
"Calling you what?"
"'My precious.' It's so embarrassing."
"Because I want to. Now, tell me, my precious, what
is really bothering you this morning?"
"How perceptive she is," Carolyn thought. "She's just
a teenager, yet she can read me like an open book."
"I don't think I can work at the firm anymore,"
Carolyn said. "I believe terrible things happened there
yesterday, just terrible."
"Terrible, in what way?"
"Some people there took advantage of me. They did...
things to me, terrible things!"
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes. I am positive," Carolyn said quietly. "I can
never set foot in that place again. I just couldn't!"
Carolyn cried.
"Well, then. I know something which just might perk
you up a bit," Tamiko said as she moved her hands down
over Carolyn's breasts.
"Oh! Must you do that?"
"Yes, I must. Now, don't you want to know what I
"What do you know?" Carolyn asked absently, her mind
on other things.
"Do you know an Abigail Stevens?"
"Who?" Carolyn asked, not in the least interested, as
Tamiko was now kissing the base of her neck as well as
massaging her breasts.
"Mrs. Abigail Stevens."
"Stevens... Oh, yes. Now I remember. She was one of
the representatives at the conference. Strange woman.
She kept staring at my... at me."
"Well, she left some interesting messages on your
answering machine yesterday."
"For me? Are you sure it wasn't a wrong number? I
hardly spent five minutes with the woman."
"Quite sure. She said she got your home phone number
from your boss as a favor, and started calling you from
her cell phone as soon as she had left your firm."
"What could she possibly want from me?"
"It seems she was very impressed with your... your
work and wanted to offer you what sounded like a very
good job, working for her, of course."
"Doing what?" asked the suddenly very wary Carolyn.
"Executive secretary. She said she had been looking
for someone with just your paralegal experience for some
time. She considered your performance on the
presentation to be excellent, and your brief introduction
afterwards as a most satisfactory interview. You are in,
my precious, if you want to be."
"Oh. That's okay then. I don't know. The timing
couldn't be better, and the position does sound tempting.
But... Oh my, Tamiko! What are you doing to me??"
Carolyn gasped.
"But... Go on, continue," Tamiko replied, kissing and
licking the sensitive neck as her hands continued to work
their magic on Carolyn's swollen breasts, her thumbs now
brushing against the erect nipples.
"But, I don't know if I can really trust her. Maybe
it was the way she kept looking at me, that always made
me feel very nervous when I was around her."
"Oh, come on! What could possibly happen?" Tamiko
said convincingly as her right hand crept under the table
towards Carolyn's unsuspecting but very inviting pussy.

End of Story

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