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Into The Maelstrom Part V

When the bewildered Carolyn Lord regained her senses,
she knew either her head, the room or both were spinning
like crazy. She was almost certain she was lying on her
back on a very comfortable bed in a darkened room,
covered with a single sheet and feeling very cozy.
Beyond that, things were a little fuzzy. The one thing
she was sure of, however, was that between her legs, her
pussy was feeling especially pleasant. In fact, she
noticed that it was positively tingling.
"Ooooohhh," she murmured. "That feels sooo good!" She
moved her hips slightly, repeatedly, trying to heighten
the sensation. She remained like that for quite some
time, simply content to lay there, moving her hips and
enjoying the wonderful sensations her lower belly was
radiating all through her body.
It took her a little longer to realize that her
clothes were gone and she was naked under the sheet.
"Strange," she thought. She never slept naked at her
apartment, but perhaps she should start. There was
something to be said for the feel of silk sheets covering
her sensitive body. She could even feel her nipples
standing very stiff and erect under the thin sheet.
It was some time after that she realized she wasn't
alone. She tried closing her legs, but something big was
between them. She looked towards the foot of the bed and
could just make out in the darkness a large lump under
the sheet, right between her legs!
"Oh my God!" she shrieked. "There's a big dog in bed
with me! Doing things!! HELP!!!"
She started to get up when she heard a high-pitched
giggle, and Carolyn realized with relief that it wasn't a
dog after all. It was a woman. Then the full impact of
what was going on came to her. In horror, she now knew
that an unknown woman was between her legs! Touching
What a nightmare! She must get her clothes and get out
of here. Fast!
But the woman wouldn't let her go! The woman held the
struggling Carolyn firmly around the waist as she
proceeded to show the anguished Carolyn all that she knew
about oral lovemaking, which was considerable.
Carolyn's hips bucked and twisted, her hands
desperately trying to push the head away from her most
private of places, but it was no use. Her assailant
clung tenaciously to the shapely rocking hips, her mouth
making the most of her uninterrupted contact with
Carolyn's inexperienced vagina.
Carolyn stopped struggling after her orgasm, stunned at
what had just happened to her. Confused and disoriented
after such a rude awakening, she vaguely hoped that now
her ravisher, having abused her and presumably got what
she wanted, would now leave her alone. But Carolyn
noticed with horror that the stranger had not moved from
between her legs.
Tamiko was just getting started. She enjoyed playing
tricks like this on unsuspecting Gaijin, especially this
one-- the always-in-control and very proper Carolyn Lord.
For her, this was the beginning of a, hopefully, very
long relationship of which the delectable Miss Lord
would spend in a state of considerable undress, doing her
Carolyn's body writhed and shook as Tamiko continued to
practice an experienced and enthusiastic form of
cunnilingus on the helpless woman.
After the fifth orgasm had rocked her to her very soul,
the exhausted Carolyn mercifully passed out, again!

When she finally awoke late in the morning on
Saturday, Carolyn had no idea where she was. She only
knew that her body felt sore, like it always did when she
would over-do it at her health club, and she had a
terrible headache. Her mouth was surprisingly dry, as
if she was extremely dehydrated from too much drinking,
and she felt terribly nauseous. Even the light pouring
in from the window was causing her distress.
She suddenly sat up in bed, her top sheet falling
heedless away from her naked form, as those events (those
few she could remember, anyway) of the past evening
returned to her clouded yet horrified mind! True, the
events seemed so unreal and fantastic that she doubted
her own memory. But, for Carolyn it was enough!
"JESUS CHRIST!" she cried.
Quickly, she jumped out of the bed, leaving the sheets
crumpled on the bed. Nude, she staggered around the
bedroom until she found the adjoining bathroom and
quietly vomited into the toilet.
She stood up when she was finished, feeling much
relieved. Maybe that was it, she thought. Perhaps she
had just eaten the wrong thing yesterday and it gave her
strange nightmares. She suddenly became very anxious to
remove all evidence of last night. She quickly flushed
the toilet, and grabbed the first tooth brush and tube of
tooth paste she could find and proceeded to clean out her
foul mouth. Afterwards, she ducked into the shower and
just stood there, letting the water pour over her, first
as hot and then as cold as she could stand it. Feeling a
little more human after her shower, she returned to the
bedroom, determined to get dressed and leave this
terrible place as quickly as possible.
"Those things could not have happened," she thought.
There must be some logical explanation. She was a good
girl and would never even think of doing such things, let
alone allowing such things to happen to her. It must
have been some kind of very realistic nightmare. Either
way, the less of these people she had to deal with the
Thankfully, she found her suit hanging neatly on a
hook beside the bedroom door, her shoes directly
underneath. However, she couldn't find her blouse, scarf
or underwear. Fortunately, it looked like her slacks had
been repaired in the night. Not wanting to wait and
search, she put on what clothes she had, wanting only to
leave this place as quickly as possible, and not really
caring what she looked like while she did so. As far as
she was concerned, Tiffany could bring them to her later,
or they could even mail them.
Carolyn looked at the bathroom mirror and sighed. She
knew she was showing a great deal of cleavage; and that
it was painfully obvious to anyone who cared to look that
she was wearing nothing under her jacket. But it
couldn't be helped. Besides, she would only be at risk
until she reached her car and then her apartment.
She took a comb from the dresser and ran a few quick
sweeps through her damp hair, to give her at least a
semblance of respectability. She left the bedroom and
quickly walked down the long hall leading towards a small
foyer and the front door.
Her unencumbered breasts gently shook beneath the
jacket, her highly sensitive nipples rubbing against the
smooth lining. A tickling sensation came from where her
slacks pressed against her naked vulva, probably a seam
she never noticed before rubbing directly over her
highly-sensitive pussy lips. She could feel her over-
worked and now traitorous body already responding to
these new stimuli.
"Oh, God! Will this never end?" she muttered as she
stopped in the hall to try and collect herself. She
heard someone moving about in the front room and wanted
to be ready. All she had to do was find her purse and
she was out of there!
Crossing her arms below her chest to keep her breasts
from moving, Carolyn walked erect and proud into the
front room.
The room was empty. She looked quickly for her purse
but couldn't find it. In desperation, she started going
through the hall closet, then remembered someone had
taken it into the kitchen for safekeeping.
Carolyn found Tamiko in the kitchen, dressed in a
terry-cloth robe, sitting at the counter, having coffee.
"Good morning, lazybones!" Tamiko said brightly. "Care
for some coffee?"
"No, thank you," Carolyn said, coldly. "I'm just
looking for my purse. Is Tiffany here?"
"No, everyone cleared out early this morning. I think
Maria gave her a lift back to her dorm. She had a
marvelous time, by the way, and can't wait to tell you
all about it when she sees you at work."
Silence followed while Carolyn made a half-hearted
attempt to locate her missing handbag, all the time
trying to avoid the stare of the girl. "If only I could
be sure how good a friend Tamiko really was," she
"About last night..." began Tamiko.
"What did you think of our little ceremony?"
"I can't think very clearly this morning. My head
hurts for some reason and I really don't remember much
about it. I just want my purse and to leave, thank you."
She said coldly.
"It's right there on the counter."
Carolyn saw her lying in plain view on the kitchen
counter. Feeling foolish, she grabbed it and started to
walk out of the kitchenette.
"You mean you can't remember anything from last
night?" Tamiko called to Carolyn's back.
Carolyn stopped. Memories of the past evening began
flooding her mind. She turned to face Tamiko.
"I remember Tiffany being... examined." Carolyn
started to feel very uncomfortable being here.
"And..." Tamiko added, helpfully.
"And two of your friends, Fawn and Samantha, stayed
with me the entire evening. They kept trying my clothes off."
"Why would they want to do that? With your clothes, I
"Well. I remember that I was very warm. Later, I had
trouble with my slacks and Samantha took them to be
"Here, sit down. Have some coffee."
As Tamiko got up for the coffee, the tired Carolyn
returned to the counter. "Coffee would be good," she
thought. Some of her previous feelings of affection for
this little Japanese girl from the night before were
slowly returning to her. "Tamiko is always looking out
for me," she thought. Gratefully, she sank onto one of
the stools at the counter.
"Oh my!" gasped the surprised Carolyn as something
fuzzy wrapped itself around her crotch.
"Are you all right?"
"Oh, yes. Just tired."
"Must be some loose threads," she thought, "from
Tamiko's repair work. She would have to take a look at
her slacks this weekend, when there's time. "But, my
goodness," she thought. "What a feeling!" It will be a
relief to change out of these, she knew. She couldn't go
around feeling like that all day. Way too distracting!
"And were they?" asked Tamiko.
"Were your slacks repaired?"
"Yes, they were. Good as new in fact," Carolyn lied.
To herself she thought, "They were fine, all right,
except for that spool of thread you left in the crotch."
Still, she at least attempted to fix them.
"Thank you for doing it, Tamiko. Sam had said that
you were a good seamstress."
"You are welcome. What happened after you ripped your
"The last thing I positively remember was Sam taking
my slacks away. Everything after that is a total blank,
except for..."
"Except for what?"
"I... can't tell you. It's very embarrassing. I've
never...I've never felt so ashamed." sobbed Carolyn as
she broke down on her stool.
"Come with me," gently commanded Tamiko. She led the
distressed Carolyn by the shoulder over to one of room's
plush couches.
Tamiko settled the crying Carolyn on the couch, then
went for a box of tissues and their coffee mugs. When
she seated herself next to the sobbing woman, Carolyn
immediately turned and through her arms around the
waiting Tamiko.
"Now, now. Tell me all about it. I'm sure it's
nothing at all," said Tamiko, as she tried to reassure
the stricken woman as she gave Carolyn the first of many
facial tissues.
Carolyn hugged her friend tightly, unable to speak
through her sobbing of the unthinkable things she was
sure had happened to her last night. She just continued
to clutch Tamiko and cried. After a moment, she felt
Tamiko's hands moving between them, and the buttons of
her jacket becoming open.
"What are you doing?" Carolyn sniffed between sobs,
still unable to relinquish her hold on Tamiko.
"You're crying all over your jacket. This is too nice
to ruin like that," Tamiko said quietly, as she quickly
unbuttoned the remaining buttons. "Come on, lean back.
This has to come off."
"Yes, you're right," sobbed Carolyn as she obediently
leaned backward. Tamiko pulled the opened jacket off of
Carolyn's shoulders and down her arms. She folded the
jacket carefully and placed it on the coffee table in
front of them.
Carolyn immediately returned to holding Tamiko tightly,
careless of the fact that she was now nude above the
waist. She was finally getting her crying almost under
control when she felt something at her waist, and then
heard the sound of a zipper. She suddenly realized that
Tamiko had now unfastened her slacks.
"You're starting to ruin these as well. So, off they
"Do they have to?" inquired Carolyn meekly, between
sobs. In her reason-shattered mind, she knew only that
the sole person who offered her any concern or comfort
lately was this sincere Japanese girl. Because of that,
her dependence on Tamiko had grown so quickly that she
was prepared to do whatever she wished. Yet, she still
felt uneasy. "Oh my!" she thought. "I remember now- no
"But I'm not wearing any..."
"Yes, I know. But, your slacks must come off. Don't
worry about underwear, I've seen you before, remember?
Now, lift."
Carolyn, rocked at this most casual reminder of the
most embarrassing moment in her life, could only hang her
head in shame and passively raise her hips to allowed
Tamiko to pull her slacks down past her hips. The slacks
quickly made their way down her thighs and off her legs.
Carolyn saw that the girl had removed her shoes for good
At least Tamiko was keeping her clothes close for a
change, she thought numbly, as she automatically covered
her pubes and breasts. Her slacks were carefully folded
and joined the jacket on the table. Her shoes were
placed alongside the couch.
Tamiko returned to her place alongside the stricken
woman. Carolyn sat primly, right arm across her breasts,
left hand over her pubic area, legs tightly pressed
together, while the tears continued to flow down her
high-set cheeks.
Carolyn felt Tamiko's arm extend comfortingly around
her shoulders and she let the Japanese girl pull her
against her, so that they were now seated chest-to-chest,
with Carolyn's arms trapped awkwardly in front of her.
"What's wrong, honey?" Tamiko asked quietly.
"Something happened to me last night, and I...don't
know what it was. I can't remember anything! Plus,
I'm...I'm not even dressed," Carolyn wailed.
"That's all right, honey. It's not important. Let me
show you," Tamiko said reasonably, as she slipped out of
her own robe. "Now, I'm not dressed either. Is this so
bad?" the wily Japanese asked, as she gently but firmly
pulled Carolyn's arms from their protective stance and
placed them around her own slim waist.
"But it's not right. I...we should be dressed,"
Carolyn sobbed as she found a surprising refuge within
Tamiko's comforting arms, pressing herself tighter
against the nude Japanese girl, to avoid having to face
the fact of her own nudity.
Tamiko did not respond. She just continued to hold
Carolyn, her hands moving over the woman's bare back in a
soothing manor. She exulted in the feel of Carolyn's
warm, firm flesh, her full breasts being pressed against
Tamiko's own small mounds, their nipples occasionally
making electric contact.
It was not until she found herself nude once again did
Carolyn finally get a grip on her outraged emotions. Her
sobbing quieted to sniffles, which quieted to silence.
She remained where she was, her face pressed against the
base of Tamiko's neck, her full breasts tight against
Tamiko's. She still could not get herself to speak
openly about the events that so shocked her last night,
yet she knew that eventually she would have to, otherwise
she might just be spending the entire day naked in this
apartment. But, the funny thing was, that prospect
didn't scare Carolyn near as much as it would have
yesterday, because of Tamiko. Tamiko was with
her now. Carolyn was certain, although she could not yet
understand why, that Tamiko would always be there to help
her. Even so, she still had to take care of herself.
"I feel much better now, Tamiko," Carolyn whimpered,
speaking into Tamiko's neck. "I can't thank you enough
for helping me."
She reluctantly pulled her head back so she could look
at Tamiko's face.
"I don't know what could have come over me like that.
Thank you for caring."
"It is all right, my precious. It is all right,"
Tamiko murmured, patting the nude Carolyn gently on the
Tamiko knew that the crying was over, which was just
as well as the tissue box was empty. Although the prospect
of spending a Saturday morning being held by a nude
Carolyn Lord was delightful, she could think of an even
better thing to do with her. It was time.
"Well, Tamiko. I think I should be getting dressed
and leaving now," Carolyn said, as she moved forward to
retrieve her clothes from the table.
"Good," replied Tamiko, as she grabbed the surprised
Carolyn by the shoulders and pushed her back onto the
couch. "But first, you will tell me exactly what
happened last night to make you so upset. You've had
more that enough time to prepare yourself."
"But I can't," wailed Carolyn, feeling herself
perilously close to the point of crying again. "It's so
"Carolyn, you are not leaving this couch until you
tell me what you think happened. I really would like to
know. If you were molested or something in my apartment,
I need to know about it. But first, I want you to lean
Carolyn obediently leaned back on the couch. As she
sat there, she suddenly felt very vulnerable. She
quickly crossed her legs and again quickly covered her
breasts with her right arm and her pubic area with her
left hand.
Tamiko grunted "Humph" in disgust and pulled Carolyn's
arms down to her sides.
"Now, I want you to rest your head as far back on the
couch as it will go."
Placing her head on the back of the couch, Carolyn
found herself staring at the ceiling. She knew her
breasts were totally exposed and vulnerable, jutting out
in a most shameless fashion, but there was nothing she
could do about it.
"Now, I want the story. But, remember this. You can
hid nothing from me. I can see into your very soul right
now and can tell if you are speaking the truth or some
flimsy rationalization. This is a very serious matter.
I remember what you said earlier about the girls. Fawn
and Sam are very close friends of mine."
"I sorry," Carolyn said, meekly. "I didn't mean
"Do not be sorry. Be right. Now, no matter what you
feel or think you feel from this time forward, keep your
eyes shut and keep talking. Remember, eyes shut and keep
talking, no matter what. It's important. I want to show
you something. Okay?"
"Okay," squeaked a worried Carolyn.
"Now what am I getting myself into?" Carolyn wondered
as she closed her eyes. She gathered herself for the
ordeal to come.
"I was in bed..." she began.
"So far, so good." said Tamiko as she slipped off the
couch. She gathered up all of the clothes on the coffee
table, and took them to the kitchenette counter, where
they would be out of harm's way.
"...and...someone was with me," continued Carolyn
softly, when she felt Tamiko's return to the couch.
"Oh, ho," Tamiko said as she uncrossed Carolyn's legs.
Tamiko swung her right knee over the reclining
Carolyn's waist, being careful to place it directly on
the woman's left hand laying at her side. She did the
same with her left knee and Carolyn's right hand.
"Tamiko! You're on my hands. It hurts and I can't
move them."
"Yes, I know. So far, all you have told me doesn't
sound particularly sinister. We had a full house here
last night and had to double up on the beds. Be happy
you didn't end up on the floor like some of them," she
said dryly.
Carolyn was very confused. This wasn't going at all
like she thought it would.
Tamiko sighed. "Now to the main event," she thought.
"Now, tell me about Samantha and Fawn. From what both
they and you told me this morning, they only did exactly
what you wanted them to do, nothing more or less."
As Tamiko talked, Carolyn tried to get her hands free,
but couldn't. "Oh my God!" she worried. "She's naked
and sitting on me. As if that weren't bad enough, her
pubes are right on top of mine." Carolyn could feel them
rubbing through her pubic hair! Carolyn was just about
to order her to get off, when the injustice of Tamiko's
statement finally came to her.
"That's not true!" Carolyn protested.
"Okay, then. So tell. Tell me all about Samantha and
"Well, they...OH!" gasped Carolyn, when she felt
Tamiko lick her left nipple.
"Don't stop. Keep talking," Tamiko ordered.
"Yes. They were on either side of me and...Oh My!"
Carolyn's right nipple had just been tweaked.
"They were both acting very strangely. They were...
They were acting as if I were a man."
"That you certainly are not," Tamiko said, gently
cupping Carolyn's breasts for emphasis, rubbing her
thumbs on the erect nipples. Her hips started a rhythmic
motion asTamiko gently rubbed her pussy over Carolyn's.
"Tamiko, please. You shouldn't be doing that," said
the breathless Carolyn.
Tamiko continued her administration of Carolyn's
"So, what did they do to you"
"They were touching me and...and kissing me."
"Where were they doing this?"
"In the living room."
"Where on you, idiot?"
"Oh. On the neck."
"You mean like this...and like this...and this...and
this...and this..." said Tamiko as she repeatedly kissed
Carolyn's sculptured neck.
Carolyn felt herself turning into melted butter.
Tamiko's hands on her breasts, lips on her throat, and
the constant rubbing at her crotch were a combination
that was causing Carolyn to loose her mind. Her hips
were jerking uncontrollably in an effort to escape
Tamiko's constant attention there.
"Oooh, Tamiko. I can't think when you do that.
Please stop."
Tamiko ignored her and continued her love-making.
"What happened then?"
"When, what?"
Carolyn was finding it increasingly hard to
concentrate. Tamiko was giving sensations and feelings
she had never known herself capable of experiencing--
except in her dreams. Between the shocks her body had
received in the past twelve or so hours and Tamiko's
activities now, Carolyn's mind was reeling. She didn't
know what to do anymore. All she could comprehend at
this time was that, ever since she had come to this
apartment, her body had never been so out of control.
Tamiko continued her expert manipulations on the
vulnerable woman located beneath her. Carolyn tried to
talk but found that she could only groan, the ability for
speech being beyond her shattered mental abilities, so
overwhelmed was she with previously unknown sensations.
Unconsciously, her hips were now moving in time with
Tamiko's, deliberately rising to enhance to exquisite
contact. Carolyn suddenly realized that she had thrown
her shoulders back to place her breasts more firmly into
Tamiko's hands. "Oh, my God! What was she to do?" she
Tamiko saw that Carolyn was finally ready for her.
She shifted her body so that she no longer straddled the
nude Carolyn. She positioned herself so that she could
look directly down on Carolyn's beautiful, up-turned
face. She lowered her head and kissed Carolyn fully and
deeply on the lips.
Carolyn at first was too stunned to do anything.
Tamiko was kissing her! She could feel the other woman's
tongue gently trying to work its way between her closed
teeth and into her mouth. She tried to protest this
outrageous behavior, but Tamiko kept her mouth pressed
firmly on Carolyn's and she could not say anything.
Carolyn, her heart racing, tried to make herself relax.
"I must quit panicking every time Tamiko touches me,"
she thought. This girl was only trying to help her find
out what really happened to her. She was not someone who
was trying to reach her, invade her private inner self
like some disgusting guy. She was only trying to help
her. If this was she wanted, then this is what Carolyn
would do.
Besides, this was starting to feel surprisingly good
to her, and she wasn't sure why.
Carolyn found herself reacting instinctively to the
kiss by tentatively putting her arms around Tamiko's
neck. As Tamiko kept on kissing her, Carolyn, her mind
in a whirl, found herself starting to kiss the young
woman back. She opened her mouth slightly and she
accepted Tamiko's tongue, which had been trying to snake
it way through her even white teeth. Meanwhile, a slim
Japanese hand slipped between Carolyn's partially closed
thighs and began to gently stroke her super-charged
pussy lips.
Tamiko finally broke the kiss, although her hand
remained working between Carolyn's thighs, and Carolyn
found herself gasping for air.
"What did you do that for?"
"Why not?"
She felt a pleasant tingling sensation below her belly
and bent her head forward. Carolyn froze when she saw
Tamiko's hand between at her crotch.
"Why...why are you doing that?" she stammered.
"To show you. This is what happened to Tiffany last
night, not to you. You just thought it happened, wanted
it to happen, to you."
"No! Never! I'm a good girl!"
"Oh, really? Of course you're good. But, how then do
you explain those vivid dreams you had last night?"
"No! They weren't dreams. It really happened." said
the befuddled Carolyn, her mind in a whirl because of
Tamiko's educated hand. She looked beseechingly into the
dark, almond shaped eyes above her. "Didn't it?" she
wondered aloud.
With this first open sign of doubt, Tamiko knew she
had truly won.
While her mind resisted, Carolyn's body, primed from
an evening of overwhelming and long denied forbidden
pleasures, greedily responded to Tamiko's actions.
Totally vulnerable and helpless against Tamiko's expert
administrations, Carolyn's body had driven all reason
from her mind. She didn't know what was real and what
wasn't anymore. She could only sit there, nude and
helpless, while Tamiko drove her insane with incredible
Carolyn found that her terrible cares and worries of
the morning were being swept away in a sea of pleasure.
Try as she might to deny it, whatever Tamiko was doing to
her felt very good indeed. "Why did this feel so good?"
she wondered. Normally she hated anyone to get close to
her, let alone touch her. Now here she was, a grown
woman sitting naked on a living room couch on a Saturday
morning with a strange oriental girl over 10-years
her junior, and she just wanted it to go on and on. What
was happening to her?
Keeping her lips pressed directly on Carolyn's, Tamiko
casually explored Carolyn's open mouth with her tongue.
She shifted her stance over the prostrate woman to ease
her access to Carolyn's vulnerable cunt.
Her mind a blank from too many intense emotions,
Carolyn was able to only kiss the Japanese girl back as
best she could. Hesitantly, the inexperienced Carolyn
circled her arms around the back of Tamiko's neck.
Carolyn stiffened when she felt Tamiko's hand between
her thighs become abruptly more active. "Kissing is one
thing," she thought, but this is something else again."
Even her female relatives liked to kiss each other, and
her, on the mouth, although never like this! But Tamiko!
If only Tamiko would quit kissing for just a moment,
she'd then be able to set things right.
But Tamiko wouldn't stop at all, and Carolyn found her
resistance becoming progressively weaker as she felt her
inside continue to melt!
Tamiko, sadly aware that time was short this
morning, released her kiss just before she guided
the naive Carolyn Lord to an explosive, mind-shattering
Overwhelmed, Carolyn gasped, "AAAaahh!" as
without warning an orgasm uncontrollably quaked its
way through her body.

Not having the time to teach Carolyn the finer points
of girl-love, Tamiko sat down on the couch alongside
the spasming Carolyn and quietly manipulated herself
to a pretty good climax of her own.

Fifteen minutes later, the two lay entwined on the
couch, satiated.
Carolyn's fears were, for the moment, forgotten.
Tamiko had made her see that she herself had caused
whatever strange events happened to her last night.
She had no one to blame but her own slutty nature.
But Tamiko had then taken her shame and lifted it to a
higher plane. She made it something else. For the first
time in Carolyn's life, she felt truly fulfilled as a
woman, trained from early childhood into believing that
her only recourse for a satisfying relationship was a
male, especially a very old fashioned Greek one.
Otherwise, she would spend the rest of her life in
solitude, because all of the men she came into contact
with seemed only concerned with themselves and their own
dirty needs.
She never realized that her answer to her eternal
loneliness might come from so unexpected a source as in
the form of a beautiful Japanese girl. Carolyn looked at
the face of the girl sleeping in her arms and sighed with
Carolyn Lord had finally fallen for someone in a big
way. The fact that it was a woman who had cunningly
seduced her mattered not at all to her, at least for the
"Thank you," she said softly.
Tamiko Suzuki had understood this woman quite well,
and had been hoping for just such a reaction. Carolyn
Lord was going to find her life very different from now
on, and in ways she couldn't possibly imagine. She
chuckled at the thought.
Carolyn heard the sound and smiled. "She must be
having a good dream," she thought. "She might even be
dreaming about me."
Carolyn wasn't wearing a watch, but realized it must
be getting late. There was some work she just had to
finish at the office today before the major conference
this afternoon. Damn.
"Tamiko. Tamiko, please wake up. I really must be
going now."
"Ohio Goziamus. How are you feeling now?" Tamiko
asked, slipping her hand over Carolyn's buttocks. "Are
you all right? You look like you could use some sleep."
"I'm very tired, and my head is killing me. You know,
I would just love to go to my apartment and sleep the day
away. But, I only have just enough time to change and
get to work. We're having an important conference this
afternoon with some major clients, and I'm a key player."
"Then you must go directly from here. We can have you
cleaned, dressed and gone in 15 minutes," Tamiko said as
she briskly got off the couch and stood up.
"But I need to change and..."
"Come on! There's no time to argue." Tamiko pulled
the confused Carolyn quickly to her feet. Carolyn's body
began to sway as her head swam from the sudden movement.
"Oohh. I'm so dizzy."
"A quick shower and you'll be fine," Tamiko said as
she held the swaying woman by the waist.
Standing in the cool air of the apartment, Carolyn
finally realized that she was still naked.
"Do you have another robe, or even a bath towel, I
could use. I can't walk around your apartment like
"You've been like that all morning and it hasn't
bothered you too much."
"Tamiko, please..." the blushing Carolyn murmured.
"What if someone should come in?"
"Let me worry about that. In fact," Tamiko said,
slapping Carolyn on her delectable rump, "let me worry
about everything."
Tamiko took Carolyn back to the master bedroom, her
right arm around her waist, her right hand resting
casually on Carolyn's right buttock.
Tamiko steered her directly into the shower stall.
"Be back in a minute with some towels, honey."
"Thank you."
Under the soothing shower, Carolyn began to feel her
old self again. She jumped when she heard the shower
door open behind her.
"What?" she gasped, spinning around.
"Just me," Tamiko said with a grin, brandishing a wash
cloth. "Well, you are my guest." She entered the glass
cage and quickly shut the door.
"I can wash myself, thank you," Carolyn said, with
bite. "Perhaps she'll get the hint," she thought, as she
turned her back on her and adjusted the water to full
force. Grabbing the soap, Carolyn furiously started to
cover herself with suds.
"Whoa!" thought Tamiko. "Attitude! We'll just have to
fix that, and soon, too."
"Oh, come on. It's a lot faster this way," Tamiko
said persuasively as she began using the soaped up cloth
on the trembling Carolyn's suddenly tense back.
Tamiko knelt down behind her and lovingly began to soap
the Greek beauty from the toes up. When she reached her
waist, Carolyn had by then stopped soaping herself and
could only passively wait for what was to come, lost once
again in Tamiko's touch. After thoroughly washing the
firm half-moons of Carolyn's buttocks, Tamiko started
working the cloth between her partially opened thighs.
She brought the dazed Carolyn close to climax several
times before finally allowing her release.
Carolyn, spent, sank to the floor of the shower, where
Tamiko continued her soaping of the beautiful woman with
quick, efficient strokes.
When she was finally finished, she had to help the
exhausted Carolyn to her feet and carefully washed the
soap off of her. She turned off the water and led the
pliant woman out of the shower. As Carolyn leaned on a
wall for support, Tamiko briskly dried her with a large
towel. She then led the docile woman back to the
"Where are my clothes?" Carolyn asked.
"Your suit is on the kitchen counter."
"And my blouse and...underthings?"
"I sent them to the cleaners with Fawn early this
morning. I didn't think you would be needing them quite
so soon. Don't worry. They should be ready about 1 p.m.
or so."
"But, I can't leave here things.
Everyone would notice. I must get home and change. I
am very late already."
"Don't go home. Just go to work as you are. No one
will notice anything. I'll bring you the remainder of
your clothes then they are done this afternoon."
"But Tamiko, I can't do that. I'll be
I can't go out in this without a blouse and underwear."
"My precious. Trust me, you'll be fine. You'll be
the only one who will know how you are dressed. Anyway,
It will just be for an hour or so."
"Are you sure? I don't feel right about..."
"No time to argue! We need to get you dressed and out
of here, now!"
Carolyn's mind was spinning. Things were happening
too fast for her right now. She just didn't know what
was the right thing to do anymore. Carolyn had never
felt so tired, and it interfered with her thinking.
Perhaps Tamiko was right after all. It seemed she
usually was.
"Oh, all right! I'll go straight there. and thank
you for your offer. That's really very kind of you. I
hope that it's not an inconvenience or anything."
"Trust me, it is not problem at all."
Carolyn looked deep into the dark almond-shaped eyes of
her new friend and felt lost in them. "What an
extraordinary effect this young woman has on me," she
marveled. "Absolutely extraordinary."
"You know, you've been very nice to me, and I really
appreciate it. I only hope that some day I'll be able to
repay your kindness and generosity."
"That's all right. I'm sure we'll think of something
you can do. How about us having a sleep-over at your
place tonight? Yes, that sounds like fun. For now
though, off to work with you and I'll meet you there with
your clothes. Maybe!" Tamiko said as she pushed the
laughing Carolyn out the door.

Tamiko didn't tell her the real reason she had to
spend the day without changing or her underwear. It
wasn't just a question of training. Tamiko had altered
the crotch of Carolyn's slacks. Now, whenever she walked
her pussy would be slightly but constantly stimulated.
And when she sat down anywhere, oh sister! Plus, her
magnificent tits would be constantly moving, rubbing those
sensitive unprotected nipples against the silk lining of
her jacket. By the end of the day, the prim and proper
Miss Carolyn Lord would have unknowingly stimulated
herself to a frenzy.
Tamiko could hardly wait.

End of Story

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