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Island Of The Giant Women I

Poor Paul was running through the jungle as fast as his muscular
legs could carry him. His long, blond hair flew behind him as he ran.
Every few seconds, a minor earth tremor caused the ground to shake.
This caused him to try running even faster. At eighteen years old, Paul
had a lean, tanned, muscular swimmer’s physique with blond hair and blue
eyes. Right now, he was straining that physique to its limits and
beyond, running in abject terror. He suddenly burst free of the jungle
and onto a sandy beach. About fifty yards straight ahead was the
water. To his left, about a hundred yards down the beach, were a small
dock and a motorboat. In a panic, the young man ran as fast as he could
for the boat. Behind him, the earth tremors were getting louder. As
tired as he was and running barefoot on hot sand, it still took him only
fifteen seconds to reach the dock. As he grabbed the first dockpost for
support and gasped for breath, sweat giving his tanned, athletic body a
sheen, he looked back and froze in terror! SHE was looking right at

DR. CAROL HEISLER was thirty-four years old. SHE had a voluptious
figure with large, firm breasts. SHE had long blond hair and piercing
blue eyes. Right now, every curve, every contour, every wonderful
detail of HER voluptious body was very noticeable even from a hundred
yards away because, right now, SHE towered above the treetops- way above
them! SHE towered fifty feet tall! Actually, it was forty-nine feet,
six inches, if one wished to be absolutely precise. This was precisely
ten times HER normal human height of five feet, six inches. HER weight
was in proportion to HER height. At this size, SHE weighed about six
thousand, four hundred kilo-tons, a far cry from HER normal weight of
only one hundred and two pounds and yet completely in proportion to HER
height and volume. HER hourglass figure was still in proportion, but it
was in proportion to HER fifty-foot frame. At this size, HER strength
was immeasurable. There certainly was neither a manmade object SHE
could not lift nor a manmade machine that could even begin to test HER
strength. There probably wasn’t any weapon short of an Atomic bomb that
had a chance of doing any damage to HER. At this size, HER breasts,
normally size thirty-four, were effectively size three hundred and
forty. HER breasts alone were as tall as a man and took up so much
volume that they were really far larger than a man was. They bounced
and jiggled as SHE stepped over the trees and ran down the beach in
great thiry foot strides. SHE was covering ten yards per second as Paul
struggled to untie the boat. There was no way he could make it! Then,
twenty yards away, SHE stopped. SHE just stood smiling at him as he
leaped into the boat and started the engine. SHE paced him down the
dock as he started pulling away. SHE had reduced HER size to just over
ten feet tall so the dock could support HER weight, which was still
about eight hundred pounds and still beautifully in proportion to HER
height. He looked up in terror as SHE towered above him, HER full
breasts virtually blocking out the sun. Then, he was clearing the end
of the dock. He gasped in relief. But that relief was short-lived! He
screamed in terror as SHE reached out from the dock. Even from yards
away, SHE could still grab him. But it seemed SHE only wanted to
demonstrate that SHE could still stop him. SHE pulled HER hand back and
giggled. Again, he sighed in relief. It seemed SHE was really going to
let him go after all! Then SHE dove into the water!

The tidal wave that struck the boat almost capsized it. It kept
moving away. When CAROL stood up in the water, SHE had returned to HER
full fifty-foot size. SHE began striding, outdistancing him, even in
the motorboat. But the boat finally got out far enough that the water
was more than fifty feet deep. DR. HEISLER started swimming, but the
boat was outdistancing HER. But SHE swam back and stood up. SHE put
HER gigantic hands and arms into the water and swung them in his
direction with all HER strength. A tidal wave that would be even a
surfer’s nightmare was unleashed. He screamed as the wall of water
struck the boat and sent it spinning through the air. Paul crashed into
the water and went under. He felt something grab him a few seconds
later. He was lifted out of the water. He wanted to clear his eyes of
the salt water but whatever held him had his arms pinned to his sides in
an unbreakable grip.

When CAROL felt the ocean floor beneath HER, SHE stood up. HER
breasts floated, partially submerged. Paul cleared his eyes and saw
that SHE held him in HER left hand. In HER right hand, SHE held the
“I don’t allow valuable pieces of property to be stolen- or escape!”
HER voice boomed because of HER size but HER attitude made it clear SHE
was mocking him. SHE set him down on the dock and set the boat on the
“Please, CAROL! Can’t we talk about this?” he whimpered.
SHE picked him up by the waist in one huge hand and dunked him into the
water. SHE held him under for several seconds. He was sputtering and
gasping for breath when SHE pulled him up. SHE tucked him under HER
left arm, his ass facing forward.
“Sure!” SHE said. “Let’s talk about the bare and wet-bottomed spanking
you’re about to get!”
“Th- the what?” he stammered. “No! Wait! YOU can’t…”
HER hand, now proportionate to HER ten foot size, smacked his bare, wet
“EEYAH! Please, CAROL! YOU can’t do this!”
“EEYAH! Please! I’m a grown man! YOU can’t…”
“You’re a naughty boy is what you are and you deserve a spanking! Now
say it!”
It was really starting to sting and his ass was a nice, rosy red.
“Admit that you’re a naughty boy and you need a spanking!”
“DR. HEISLER, please, i-“
“Iiiiiimmmmmm a naughty boy and i need a spanking!”
“Please, CAROL! Please, stop! Please! I beg YOU! Look! I’m sorry!
I’m really sorry! I shouldn’t have done it!”
Tears streamed down his face from the pain.
“Darn right you shouldn’t have!” SHE said. “And you’re darn right to be
sorry! But you’re not as sorry as you’re going to be. Besides, I don’t
think that you’re really all that sorry. I think you’re just sorry that
you got caught.”
“No! I’m really sorry!” he said.
SHE couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. Here was this young, tanned,
muscular he-man who considered himself so macho, such a Ladies man, such
a stud, so confidentally arrogant, and he was standing here rubbing his
sore, blistered butt (a very cute butt, SHE thought) with both hands,
crying and nervously fidgeting, stepping from foot to foot, just like a
little boy trying to evade further punishment. Even his voice had taken
on the highpitched whining quality of a boy trying to evade punishment.
Smiling inwardly at HER control of him, SHE said, “Are you contradicting
ME, young man?”
SHE said it very firmly. SHE didn’t want him to think there was the
least pity or leniency to be had here.
“N-No, DR. HEISLER!” he whimpered. “I-i- Oh, please! This is
ridiculous! I’m a grown man!”
He suddenly realized how silly he must have looked saying that to a
WOMAN who presently towered about nine feet tall, having willed HER size
to change again. His newfound dignity very quickly vanished as SHE
looked annoyed more than angry and reached out for him again.
“No! Wait! I didn’t mean it! Please! Don’t!”
Again, SHE grabbed him. This time, SHE held his waist in HER left arm
and his legs in HER right. SHE dunked only his sore, red bottom into
the cold saltwater. He squirmed as the salt stung his blistered butt.
SHE smiled. SHE knew that making the intent of the dunking this obvious
would further add to his humiliation. SHE pulled him out and again
tucked him under HER left arm, ass forward.
“No! Please, CAROL! Please! Not agaaaaiiiinnnn!!!!” as HER hand again
slapped his wet, bare ass.
Ten times, SHE spanked his ass.

CAROL set him down on the dock. SHE grew large enough that SHE
could kneel on the dock, HER gorgeous ass resting on HER heels, and
still have the level of HER eyes be slightly above his.
“Now, thank ME for giving you the spanking you deserved!” SHE said.
“Th-th-thank YOU!” he whimpered.
“All of it!” SHE ordered. “Thank ME for giving you the spanking you
“Th-thank YOU for giving me the spanking i deserved!”
“You’re not a grown man! You’re a naughty boy! Say it!”
“I-i is not a-a g-g-g-grown m-man!! I-i’m a n-naughty b-boy!”
He already knew what was coming next and he hung his head in shame.
“You’re a naughty boy and what?” SHE mocked.
“I-i’m a naughty boy and i need a spanking!” he stammered, tears flowing
at the humiliation.
“Do you want ME to give it to you right now?”
“No! Please!” he begged. “Not again!”
“Then you were just speaking rhetorically. You don’t really think you
deserve a spanking?”
“No! I mean, yes! I mean- Oh, please, CAROL!”
“You better really convince ME that you’re sorry!” SHE said.
“Otherwise, I’ll give you another spanking and, this time, it will be
one for every year old you are!”
“Oh, CAROL! I’m so sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me! I-“
As scared as he was, he still hesitated at these last words, but at the
sight of the gorgeous, all-powerful FEMALE towering in front of him, he
blurted them out.
“I’ll never do it again!”
He felt totally stripped of his dignity saying that, like a little boy
begging his MOTHER not to spank him, but he couldn’t stand the idea of
suffering through another of those spankings. He just couldn’t!
“I’M not fully convinced!” CAROL said. “Perhaps there’s something you
could do to more fully convince ME?”
At this time, SHE stood up, HER breasts towering just above his head and
covering him with their shadows.
“I’ll do whatever it takes to convince YOU!’ he shivered. “Please
believe me!”
SHE felt a rush of sexual pleasure and power. This man, six feet and
one hundread and eighty pounds of muscle, was whimpering and begging.
“Well,” SHE said, “you could get on your hands and knees and say it!”
Poor Paul shivered at the degradation he was feeling.
“Please don’t make me do this!” he begged.
“Oh, you don’t have to do it,” SHE said. “I believe that you’re
eighteen years old?”
He looked puzzled.
“One for every year old you are!” SHE mocked.
The realization of what SHE meant struck him and he immediately fell to
his hands and knees.
“Please don’t spank me again, CAROL!” he begged. “I’m really sorry!”
“Hmm,” SHE purred. “What was that delightful remark you made before?
Be a good boy and say it again.”
He looked genuinely puzzled.
“You know! The lie about never doing it again! That sounds so special,
so wonderfully darling, just soooo cute! Say it again!”
His face was so beet red with humiliation that it actually surpassed his
ass. Even his ears were red.
“I’ll never do it again, CAROL! I promise!”
He said it so miserably; it was like someone was making him eat shit.
“Hmm, that didn’t sound too convincing,” SHE said.
SHE just stood staring down at him, not saying another word, letting the
silence and HER glare totally unnerve him. He totally broke.
“Oh, please!” he begged. “Please don’t do that to me again! I really
mean it, CAROL! I’ll never do it again! I-I was a naughty boy!”
SHE said, “I know it took a lot for you to admit that, young man! Now I
need just one more demonstration of how sorry you really are! Put your
head on the dock and your arms behind your neck. Then lift that nice
red bottom up in the air.”
He did so, seeing no way to resist. He was almost crying again as he
hoisted his bruised and battered ass up for whatever pain SHE wished to
inflict upon it. The stinging, mind-numbing pain SHE had already
inflicted was now an aching soreness in his ass muscles.
“Tell me again that you’ll never do it again, that it was very naughty
of you to disobey and run away from home like that and that you’ll obey
like a good boy from now on!”
“I-I-“ he stammered, trying to remember it all. “I-I’ll never do it
again! I’m- I’m sorry that I ran away! I’ll be a good boy! I’ll
obey! Please don’t spank me again!”
CAROL gave him a light, playful slap on the butt.
“Oh, please don’t! Please!” he begged. “I’ll never do it again! I
swear! I’ll never, ever do it again!”
He was blubbering like a child, talking like one. He knew it but he
couldn’t help it. But, instead of spanking him, SHE rubbed his butt
with HER hand.
“Stand up!” SHE ordered.
When he did so, SHE reached under his arms and lifted him like a small
child. HER current size was such that he was the size of a baby
compared to HER. SHE held him with HER left arm, tucked against HER
left breast. SHE kept his arms pinned to his sides. SHE stuck HER
index finger into his mouth, filling his mouth and forcing him to open
his jaws wide. He instinctively sucked on it and was silently thankful
that SHE has short nails.
“There! There!” SHE mocked. “MOMMY’S little baby has been properly
punished and we’ll say no more about it!”
Tears of shame and humiliation streamed down his face.

CAROL carried Paul back to the compound in the center of the
island, walking slowly and casually, cradling him in the crook of HER
left arm.
“MY little baby will be soooo happy with his new life!” SHE purred.
SHE was intentionally degrading him, speaking to him using baby talk.
He knew SHE was doing it intentionally to emphasize HER power over him,
the fact that he was, for all practical purposes, a helpless baby in HER
arms. He was humiliated by it and resentful of it. SHE, on the other
hand, was enjoying every moment of it. It was a totally new experience
for HER. SHE was treating this man like a child, a baby, he was totally
in HER power and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it! The
rush of power it gave HER was mixed with a sexual excitement, a
giddiness that made HER wet and caused HER nipples to harden. SHE was
delighting in HER power, in HER capacity to treat this man or any other
as SHE wished. And SHE realized now that this was the way all men
should be treated!

This was a very unexpected and very welcome side effect of HER
discovery. SHE had honestly never expected the specific results SHE had
gotten nor the effects it would have on HER emotionally. But, from up
here, the world was seen from a very different perspective, in more ways
than one.
“Mmff! Mmff!” Paul was saying.
He moaned helplessly, a silent and captive audience.
“Yes!” SHE mused. “Exactly what they should be!”

When they reached the clearing where the compound was, CAROL was
met by TERESA FRANKLIN, owner of AMAZON ISLAND. It was called that
because TERESA had gathered together the most brilliant FEMALE
scientists on the planet to do research here. Having grown up seeing
HER MOTHER totally dominated by HER wealthy fiancier father, SHE longed
to do something to increase the dignity of WOMEN. When SHE had been
only sixteen years old, HER parents were killed in a plane crash and SHE
found HERSELF the wielder of billions of dollars, one of the richest
people in the world and certainly the richest WOMAN.

“Well,” TERESA smirked. “I see you brought back our wayward little
“Was there any doubt?” CAROL laughed.
“Of course not!” TERESA smiled. “The days of men are over on this
planet- mostly thanks to YOU!”
“Thanks to all of US!” CAROL said. “It was a team effort- a FEMALE team
“Yes!” TERESA said. “Clearly the Growth process works.”
SHE stepped back and twirled around, displaying HER toned, tanned,
voluptious body- HER eight-foot tall toned, tanned, voluptious body!
“How convenient,” TERESA said, “that the process only works on WOMEN!”
“Yes! Very convenient!” CAROL smiled. “Even if sweetcheeks here had
gotten away, it wouldn’t have changed anything. The process won’t work
on men. It’s inevitable now that WOMEN will rule!”

TERESA took a closer look at Paul, held snuggly in CAROL’S arm.
Paul was looking straight at HER. TERESA’S long black hair flowed down
HER back and HER deep brown eyes regarded him. He felt his balls
tightening and his cock hardening at the combination of looking at
TERESA and also looking at CAROL and being held against HER soft, warm,
yet gigantic breast. Suddenly, TERESA burst out laughing.
“Oh, CAROL! It looks like you gave Mr. Macho stud a much-deserved
spanking! Why, his wittle bottom is all red and blistered!”
“YES!” CAROL laughed. “I gave him a good spanking and he’s learned his
lesson! He’s promised that he’ll never, never, ever, ever disobey us
again! Didn’t you, baby?”
Paul was again red in the face with humiliation.
“You said that you would never do it again, didn’t you?”
Paul nodded his head.
“Now you tell TERESA what you told ME!” CAROL ordered.
Over Paul’s head, SHE gave TERESA a look of amusement. SHE set Paul
down in front of TERESA. CAROL stood behind him, giving TERESA a
knowing smile. Paul looked in front of and behind himself. In both
directions, he was dwarved by these two beautiful WOMEN, shapely and
gorgeous and yet so massive that his eyes were only on the level of
THEIR belly buttons. CAROL leaned over and patted his butt.
“Tell TERESA what you told ME,” SHE whispered.
The consequences of not obeying were quite clear. SHE lightly patted
his bottom several more times, not so much because SHE really thought he
would disobey but more because SHE was just plain enjoying it. As light
as the touches were, his bottom was so sore that they still hurt.
Somehow, because TERESA was only eighteen years old like himself, it was
even more humiliating to have to say this to HER.
“TERESA,” he said, head lowered, “I’m very sorry for what I did! I’ll
never do it again!”
He stood there, head lowered. TERESA gave CAROL an incredulous look.

“Did YOU really let him off that easily?” TERESA finally said.
“Of course not!” CAROL said. “For some reason, he’s suddenly being
shy. Paul, you be a good boy and say it to TERESA just like you said it
to ME!”
“And look ME in the eyes when you say it!” TERESA ordered. “I’M not
down on the ground. If anything, you’re the one who’s there!”
“Yes! That’s right, come to think of it,” CAROL said. “He was on his
hands and knees when he apologized to ME!”
Shaking with shame, Paul knelt before TERESA and got on his hands and
“Now look up,” TERESA taunted, “waaaay up!”
He looked up, up past HER gorgeous, tanned, athletic legs; up to HER
DIVINE VAGINA, hovering like an unattainable goal so far above him in
many ways, totally beyond his little boy’s capacity to satisfy; up to
HER firm, muscular stomach, accentuated by the delicious curves of HER
exquisitely soft and voluptious hips and waist; up to HER breasts, not
so large as CAROL’S but firm and full and, at HER current size, huge
beyond belief though not extremely large in proportion to HER overall
body size; up to HER soft and wonderful throat and to the underside of
HER lovely chin and, finally, when SHE deigned to look down upon him
from the heights of Mount Olympus where all WOMEN would soon effectively
be residing when they chose to, far above the lowly men beneath them,
his eyes met HER large, deep and wonderful brown eyes. He felt himself
drowning in them and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.
SHE was exquisite! He was furious with HER. But, to his surprise, he
realized that he didn’t hate HER or CAROL. In spite of all the
humiliation THEY had put him through, THEY had done nothing to cause him
real harm. In fact, it was obvious that CAROL was being extremely
cautious in HER handling of him and knew precisely how far SHE could go
without doing him real harm. That didn’t change the total humiliation
he felt. In fact, what was happening right now actually made him feel
even more humiliated. He was suddenly glad that THEY made him get on
his hands and knees because it concealed what was happening in his
groin. He felt the blood rushing through his face, the heat and sweat
of sexual desire, but it was different than ever before. Even the
smarting pain in his sore ass, the biting warm pain of the spanking, was
contributing to it. His balls were swelled and tightening with desire,
his cock as hard as steel. He thought about his sore ass. No! That’s
not what THEY called it. THEY called it his sore bottom. That single
change of terminology caused his balls to ache even more. He looked up
at TERESA, towering all-powerful above him. That sight, and his own
lowly position like a dog at HER feet, caused his cock to start
throbbing with desire. He was totally confused, trying to comprehend
what was happening to him, why these feelings were overwhelming him.
But right now, he had to obey!

The humiliated male looked TERESA in the eyes, straining his neck
to do so.
“TERESA-“ he began.
“Excuse ME!” SHE interrupted. “Are we equals?”
“Er, uh, no!” he said meekly, suspecting that this would be the right
“Then why are you calling ME by my first name?”
“Uh, I’m sorry!”
“That’s not an explanation! Why did you call ME by MY first name?”
THEY were treating him like a child and he knew it. But there was
absolutely nothing he could do about it.
“Uh, I didn’t know any better,” he whimpered.
“Oh, I think you did, but WE’LL let it go for this one time!” TERESA
SHE looked over at CAROL.
“If that’s alright with YOU?”
“Oh, that’s fine!” CAROL laughed. “It’s your turn to watch him.”
“Babysitting is such a drag,” TERESA sighed.
CAROL’S eyes caught TERESA’S and a look of absolute triumph passed
between them. THEY were enjoying every moment of this.
“Call ME MS. FRANKLIN!” TERESA said to Paul.
“Yes, MS. FRANKLIN!” he said meekly.
“Continue!” SHE said.
“MS. FRANKLIN, I’m very sorry that I ran away! I’ll never do it again!
I’ll do anything to make up for it!”
He remained on all fours, nervously waiting as the two supremely
powerful FEMALES looked down at him.
“Well, young man, WE’LL certainly find out!” TERESA said. “Give ME your

When Paul stood up to obey, TERESA laughed.
“CAROL,” SHE said, “come over here quickly and look at this before it
CAROL stepped over and looked at him. SHE looked puzzled.
“I’M sorry, TERESA,” SHE said. “Am I missing something?”
“Not much!” TERESA giggled. “But look at the little boy’s groin.”
CAROL looked and burst out laughing.
“Oh my gosh!” SHE giggled. “He’s got a little erection. It’s so small,
I didn’t even notice!”
“Are YOU sure that’s really what it is?” TERESA mocked. “I mean, maybe
he just needs to go peepee real bad!”
“YOU’RE probably right!” CAROL said. “I mean, what other reason could
there be for a little boy like him having his peepee stick out like
that? I mean, going peepee is the only possible thing he could use it
for, isn’t it?”
TERESA couldn’t stand it any more. SHE burst out laughing hysterically
and CAROL couldn’t help joining HER.
“This is just too good to be true!” TERESA laughed. “He actually likes
“I don’t neccesarily think he likes it,” CAROL said. “It’s just that he
can’t help being aroused by it! It’s those helpless little boy feelings
ingrained from infancy but being forced to react to an adult male
SHE looked down at Paul.
“The humiliation you’re feeling must be beyond description!” SHE
“Please!” he begged. “Please don’t do this to me!”
“Give ME your hand!” TERESA said.

Paul held his right hand up and TERESA took it in HER left hand.
SHE didn’t squeeze but he still felt the vise-like power in HER grip as
HER hand easily engulfed his like that of a full-grown WOMAN holding the
hand of a two-year old. CAROL took his other hand in HER right hand.
He literally felt like a little boy standing between two towering adult
FEMALES who totally controlled him.
“Well,” CAROL purred, “LET’S take OUR little runaway home.”
“Yes!” TERESA said. “Isn’t it about beddy-bye time for him?”
He was sure that the humiliation couldn’t get any worse. He was so

The two all-powerful FEMALES talked to one another casually as he
was forced to run to keep up with THEM. When he couldn’t maintain the
pace, THEY just lifted and carried him, hanging by his arms. THEIR
conversation was literally over his head. He didn’t even consider
interrupting as THEY mockingly discussed his care and treatment. He
knew the consequences. THEY led him into the building. DR. JAN HUNTER
stepped away from HER computer console and over to where THEY held him.
SHE was currently at normal size. DR. JILL WILSON, the fourth and final
member of the team, also was currently at HER normal size.
“So YOU caught him, did YOU?” JAN said matter-of-factly, as if the
outcome had been inevitable.
“Was there any doubt?” CAROL said.
JAN walked up to the helpless male, still being held, and cupped his
balls in HER right hand. SHE squeezed hard, digging HER fingernails
in. He lifted his knees up in agony, still hanging by the hands of
TERESA and CAROL. SHE let go and he hung in limp agony.
“Naw!” SHE laughed. “WE’VE got them by the balls now!”

End of Story

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