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"This is one type of PC meter," Lucy announced, holding up the device, a rubber cylinder about an inch and a quarter around and five inches long with disk base from which extended a hose connected to a meter with a five inch dial graduated from 10 to 250. "For hygene and ease of passing it from one person to another, we use lubricated condoms. So let's see what you can do."

Completely humiliated to be the center of attention as she rolled the condom over the rubber shaft and slid it into her vagina, Darlene was still proud when Lucy exclaimed, "Wow, a hundred six!

That's a new record for a freshman." Lucy took a clipboard to record everyone's reading. Half of them, including Katy, Maria, Wendy, and Laura, could barely move the dial. Debbie and Jennifer managed to move the dial up to twenty-something and Kim managed to push the needle a hair over thirty but still less than a third of Darlene's reading.

"I'm such a show off," Lucy giggled when they had all finished.

She rolled a fresh condom over the rubber shaft and inserted it into her pussy. "Watch this." Everyone looked at the meter on the wall as the needle swung to stop above 200 and then dropped back to zero, then went back up where Lucy held it for some seconds.

"A passing grade for pussy power is sixty, but that's barely passing. Seventy will get you a C. Eighty a B and over ninty an A. Everything over 100 is A-plus so you've already earned your first superior grade, Darlene. Let's give her a hand."

They all applauded the blushing mother until Lucy held up her hand. "OK, all you fitness nuts. There are three elements to fitness. What are they?" When no one spoke, she called, "Debbie, you're obviously into physical fitness. What are the three essential elements of fitness?"

"Strength," she ventured, then confidently added, "flexibility and endurance."

"So can you guess what we'll be doing in my class?"

"Strength, flexibility, and endurance," she repeated more evenly.

"You didn't address your professor, Miz Lucy, correctly," Tina snarled, startling everyone with her loud voice. "You can expect a spanking later on to help you remember your manners."

Debbie's complection immediately changed from flushed pink with embarrassment to pale white with fear. The rosy pink returned when she was ordered to demonstrate the endurance of her PC muscles on the next machine. It was an ordinary swivel stool with an old fashioned bicycle seat attached to the pedestal with one notable addition -- a smooth black rubber dildo slightly larger than the one on the other PC meter attached to the narrow front end of the bicycle seat.

"This one's a bit squishy," Lucy snickered, squeezing the soft rubber shaft so it collapsed bedtween her fingers. "The objective is to squeeze it with your PC muscles and inflate the balloon. If you're really good, we can replace the balloon with a condom."

They all now saw the short metal tube that extended at a right angle under the seat and the long, limp party balloon that hung from it. "So slip a rubber on and climb on."

Blushing crimson, Debbie rolled the lubricated condom onto the shaft. It collapsed the first time she tried to impale herself on it and then bent over when she tried again. Giggles flowed around until she got it inside. "Squeeze and release, squeeze and release. Do it for ten minutes starting now," Lucy ordered.

"And the rest of you, insert two fingers into your vaginas and start squeezing. You all need the practice."

"Yes, Miz Lucy," they answered in a chorus.

"Except you, Darlene. You've already passed that basic part of this class. Of course, you still have to show you have passable stamina but I'm sure you do. You need to practice if you want to keep your excellent strengh down there but for now, you can go have a drink or snack. You're free for about the next hour until it's your turn to show your stuff."

"Thank you, Miz Lucy." She glanced at Tina for reassurance. Tina smiled and gestured, making it clear that she was free to go.

Feeling uncomfortable about leaving and a little frightened at leaving alone, she walked calmly out of the gym toward the dining room where she shyly avoided the two seniors talking at a table and got a cup of coffee.

"Come join us, super numerator," one of the seniors called out to her. "So what did you ace?"

"The PC meter test, mam," Darlene answered shyly even though she was a good ten years younger.

"What did you do?" the other asked.

"A little over a hundred," Darlene replied.

"Wow!" they both gasped, Bern adding, "I barely got my seventy this week. That's great. So, how is it so far in hell week?"


"It'll bet worse," Toni, the other senior chuckled. "Especially since you forgot your freshman position when you were given a break. You can be sure that Tina noted your shortcoming."

"Oh, no!" Darlene whailed, realizing her mistake.

Both the seniors laughed. "Relax," Bern told her. "Tina will find some reason to spank every one of you in the next couple of days. It's part of the program. It'll sting and be totally devastating but you'll laugh about it later. You'll probably end up wearing cuffs or a gag for a while, too, and you'll survive them and then you might find you kind of like it, being helpless, that is. I know I did."

"The whole program here is planned carefully to make you into the perfect Stepford Wife for your hubby. And you'll probably like how it turns out," Toni told her. "I'll give you an example.

Are there any mothers with young kids in your group?"

"Yes, me," Darlene replied.

"OK. Have you noticed that you're not getting many demerits but you're getting put down for lots of spankings?"

"No, but now that you mention it." She let the rest hang.

"That's so you don't lose phone and visitor privileges. If you screw up bad enough, you may end up visiting with your kids wearing a chastity belt under your skirt with a giant something pushed up your butt, but you can't be a good wife and mother if you can't see your kids. And we saw your rebel, Kim. They break the rebelious streak first and then work on her with kindness. I bet she gets a good night's sleep tonight."

"That doesn't mean it will be easy," Bern told her. "There are more indignities to be endured but lots of them will be enjoyable and even those you don't like are tolerable."

"Like what?" Darlene asked.

"Well, tonight at dinner you'll get your spanking in the most humiliating position imaginable and tomorrow, guess what?"

"I'm afraid to ask."

Their conversation lasted for most of the hour break that the three had earned. They both asked Darlene not to give away any of GWU's secrets to the other freshmen and then waved as they parted. Standing in the hall, Darlene tried to decide if she should walk back in freshman position. She decided that her punishment would probably be the same whether she walked back in position or not. And if she did, Tina might suspect that someone clued her in. So she casually walked back into the gym to find Laura sitting on the bicycle seat, humiliated as Lucy berated her for her total lack of strength and stamina.

"Go ahead and get off," Lucy sighed, sounding disgusted. "You can see how much work you'll need to do to get you a passing grade from me. Ah, and here's my star. As soon as Laura switches rubbers, climb on."

Thanks to birthing five children, Darlene easily relaxed so the rubber dong slipped right in. Then she started pumping her PC muscles. The balloon instantly stood out straight like a prick jumping to erection. As she continued to concentrate and rhythmically contract her muscles, Tina stepped forward and snarled, "I think you ought to continue in position so you will remember how freshmen are to walk."

"Yes, Miz Tina," Darlene answered, trying not to crack a knowing smile as she laced her fingers behind her neck.

"You'll have to be spanked to be sure that you don't forget again," Tina added sternly.

"Yes, Miz Tina," Darlene grunted, trying to concentrate on squeezing her muscles around the rubber shaft. Everyone stared in awe as the balloon slowly inflated from its base outward, a long party balloon like clowns use to make balloon animals.

"You've already passed," Lucy told Darlene. "Want to try for an A plus?"

"Yes, Miz Lucy," she answered, closing her eyes to concentrate, knowing that her efforts would be rewarded. She received another round of applause when she had completely filled the balloon in less than ten minutes. The rubber bulb was getting hard to squeeze and Debbie was glad to slide off the device.

The freshmen spent the rest of the afternoon enduring physical fitness tests of flexibility, strength, and endurance. Darlene did surprisingly well for her weight but still didn't pass. Only Wendy and Debbie passed everything.

The testing facilities were surprisingly sophisticated. Some were simple like a low platform to stand on and bend over to show flexibility along a yard stick between their feet. But GWU also had a treadmill equipped with a cardiac monitor and calibrated oxygen use system. Each of them had a mouthpiece put in their mouth and electrodes attached to their chests.

Before the physical fitness testing, each of them was given a pair of spandex biker's shorts and a stretchy exercise bra. Tina explained that they didn't want any chafing of inner thighs or stretched tendons or "other supporting tissue."

The endurance test began slowly as they raised the testee's heart rate into a preestablish zone for her age, then they changed the angle and speed of the treadmill to keep her heart pumping until the testee collapsed in exhaustion or scored 'superior'. Thanks to years of aerobics classes, Debbie scored the highest. Wendy loved to jog alone and enjoy nature and did nearly as well.

Strength was tested against a hydraulic press. Then they each pumped dumbbells until they were exhausted, or, as Tina put it, "Until muscle failure." Lucy carefully recorded the weight and number of rep's for each of the freshmen. Kim, who was exhausted from lack of sleep and her ordeal of the previous night did poorly on all the tests.

Right after their fitness tests, the group was herded back to the showers while still dressed in the exercise clothes. Kim even got to carry her bonds in her hands rather than wearing them.

Tina reminded the freshmen that they weren't allowed to touch their own bodies. Their afternoon shower included lots of tickling, teasing, and laughing.

The sophomores once again provided warm towels plus an extra canvass laundry bin in a wheeled frame for the exercise clothes.

Then it was time for dinner, a simple affair of spicy corn chowder served in styrofoam bowls and fresh baked wheat bisquits on paper plates.

The freshmen relaxed with their beverage of choice and a chocolate chip muffin as the sophomores cleared the tables, tossing the disposables directly into trash containers. Then the sophomores settled at the two vacant tables.

Darlene knew what was next. Spankings. She just prayed that she wouldn't be first and thanked God that she wasn't. A sophomore, Alecia, was given that honor.

Peggy read the accusation: discourtesy. "Thank you for helping us out," Peggy snickered. "We won't have to try to explain spanking positions to our freshman class. You can demonstrate for us. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Miz Peggy."

"Good. Now to the table."

"But Miz Peggy," Alecia objected. "Liz requested the rack."

"I know, but I want you to demonstrate the position." The woman took off her apron before bending over a table and grasping its sides. "You will note that her feet are outside the table legs, wide apart but that her thighs are well back from the table edge," Peggy pointed out. "And now, our beloved rack."

A wooden framework was pulled from behind curtains that covered one wall of the dining room. It was a simple square constructed of two-by-four lumber that was eight feet long on each side with metal eye-bolts spaced every six inches or so along the inside surface. More complicated was the horizontal crosspiece assemblage that fit inside the square frame. It was shaped somewhat like a wooden barrel with every other stave missing that hung on two right angle brackets.

Peggy explained the rack in some detail. Except for the outside square, everything was adjustable for the size of the woman to be disciplined. Liz, the pregnant senior who was wronged, attached a larger than life size rubber penis to the middle of the thing.

Alecia was fitted with padded cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

Then she was forced to simulate fellacio on the rubber cock, the only lubrication she was allowed. After she was impaled on the dildo, ropes were pulled through the eye-bolts and tied off holding the poor girl spread eagle with her bottom thust out behind her.

Liz teased poor Alecia, making her rock her pelvis on the dildo several times before the first blow of the wooden paddle was actually delivered. Liz took her time, pausing for almost a minute between each sharp smack. All of the freshmen winced each time the heard the sharp crack followed by Alecia's gasp and groan. "Now kiss and make up," Peggy ordered after the sixth blow was landed.

The freshmen gasped even more at the blatantly lesbian kiss that followed the punishment. Liz and Alecia remained in an embrace for several minutes, sharing intimate carresses and lots of tongue.

Tina read a list of sins committed by the freshmen such as failing to walk in the freshman's required position and touching her own body during her shower. Kim, back back in full bondage, the high heeled boots and spreader bar plus her handcuffs, was first. Because she was already in shackles, she was affixed to the rack for her spanking.

Darlene felt more and more terrified as it became obvious that she was next. She wanted to run, run and hide. To escape.

Anything to avoid the humiliation and pain. But she didn't, more afraid of the punishment for running than facing what was about to happen.

"Would you like to be gagged?" Tina asked her. "If you curse, you'll be punished for that, too."

"No, mam, Miz Tina. I don't use cuss words. I just don't. It's because of my children."

"Very good. Assume the position."

Tina bent over the table, conscious that her bare bottom was exposed but even more aware of the cool air that wafted over her now very exposed sex that was surely gaping wide open. Tina told her to move her bottom "a little farther back." She had to hold on now to keep from falling onto her butt and realized that the position gave her lots of room to move but gravity dictated that her bottom would always return to the perfect positon for...

Smack! The first swat landed without warning, a sizzling sting that completely covered her buttocks that instinctively clenched tightly. Darlene hissed out a cuss word that was so well covered by her forceful exhalation that no one recognized it as profanity.

And then she waited for the next blow. And while she waited, the feelings in her bottom changed, first to a sensation of tingling along with the stinging, as if she had sat on the floor in one position for too long. And then heat, a warm feeling that wasn't completely unpleasant now that her breathing was back...

Smack! A harder, more crisp swing by Tina, followed by another interminable pause and all of the same feelings. 'Just ten more,' Darlene whimpered to herself. 'I can stand this.' It hurt, but not as bad as may other hurts. Even little grease spatters when she fried...

Smack! Tina timed the remaining blows carefully for maximum...

'What?' Darlene wondered, realizing that there was some method to what was happening. 'Not pain. Just feelings, all the mixed up jumbled silly humiliation along with the heat, sting, tingle, clench, and, geez, arousal. Please, God, no! Everyone will see that my pussy is... puffy and wet and... "Please!"

"Please, what, Darlene?" Tina asked calmly.

"Just get it over with," Darlene sobbed pitifully.

"But it's already over. You'll have to count out loud next time."

'Next time,' Darlene sighed, pulling with her arms until her body weight was again balanced over her feet before she tried to stand and holding the table for balance as she brought her legs together.

'Feelings,' Darlene realized were an important part of this little ceremony. Now she knew what it meant to be tanned because with each step, her bottom felt leathery, as if it had been toughened into suede leather. She put her hands back there to rub away some of the discomfort and found that every touch set off more tingling and burning sensations. But her bottom didn't feel like leather to her hands, it just felt leathery to the sensory nerves in her bottom.

But it was over for her and time for a cold cola before they were herded back to their rooms to finish their homework. But before they started, they all talked a while, mostly to Darlene and mostly about her spanking.

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