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Good Wife University 4 7

Jennifer peered over Wendy's head. Her eyes bugged out when she
saw the tiny EurAsian woman alternately shuffling each foot
forward a few inches at a time. The short bar padlocked between
the boots on her feet effectively hobbled her. Worse, Tina's
whole body was covered with red bumps. Just looking at her made
Jennifer's skin itch, adding to the discomfort of a full bladder.
When Kim got close, Jennifer saw the welt on her bottom left by
Gwen's switch.

'Hurry up!' Jennifer mentally demanded. It was pure torture to
stand with her feet apart. She wanted, no, needed to press her
thighs together to relieve the discomfort caused by holding the
urine in her distended bladder. She moved each foot in a bit,
pointed her toes in, and drew her knees together. The position
was terribly awkward but it helped her sphincter sqeeze her
little pee hole closed.

Katy was brave enough to beg, "Please, Miz Tina. May I use the

"I thought I told you that you could only say 'Yes, Miz Tina' or
'No, Miz Tina' until given permission to to speak," Tina roared,
facing the young girl and standing nose to nose. "Were you given
permission to speak?"

"No, Miz Tina," Katy whimpered, squeezing her thighs together

"That's two demerits for speaking without permission," Tina told
her, taking a notepad and pencil from her breast pocket. "And
another for not standing with your feet shoulder width apart. And
I'm sure that you answered 'Yes, Miz Tina' when I told you that,
didn't you?"

"Yes, Miz Tina."

"So you lied to me," Tina said matter of factly. "And the
penalty for lieing is a spanking. When was the last time you
were spanked? Or have you ever been spanked?"

Muscles screamed in Jennifer's legs now as she made sure her
feet were spread enough while still squeezing in with her thighs
and butt.

As the interrogation continued, Kim mentally thanked Tina for
letting her use the toilet in the infirmary. With her legs
forced wide apart, she knew that she would never have been able
to control her bladder. She saw that most of the other women
were having difficulty, too, bringing their legs closer together
and tensing their bodies to hold it in.

"We will delay your spanking for a little while," Tina told Katy.
"Now take my key and release that future good wife from her
shackles so that the leather isn't ruined by the water. Go on."

"Yes, Miz Tina," Katy answered, terrified. She took the key and
knelt, squeezing her legs together, finding it easier to contract
her bladder sphincter muscle and prevent peeing herself.

"You're a big strong looking young woman," Tina snarled, invading
Jennifer's personal space to stand so close that her epelets
actually grazed the girl's erect nipples. "Think you can take

"No, Miz Tina," Jennifer whimpered, terrified by the woman
standing so close.

"Don't try," Tina smiled. "Do you need to urinate?"

"Yes, Miz Tina."

"Go to the shower. Remain in position and wait for me."

"Yes, Miz Tina."

Turning to Katy and Kim, she ordered, "You two, as well."

Both crisply answered, "Yes, Miz Tina."

A minute later, Tina had all eight women lined up in the shower
room facing each other. Almost all of them had earned demerits
by the time they made it to the shower room. Most were straining
to hold back their urine, a couple with tears in their eyes.

The shower room was just a big open room with tiled walls and
floor. There were two shower heads on each of three walls, the
open doorway in the fourth wall. "You all said that you felt the
need to urinate. Go ahead," Tina said with a wicked grin.

"Yes, Miz Tina," Katy sighed, releasing a splattering stream onto
the tiles. Most of the other women followed her lead and even
Kim managed a trickle. Poor Laura, though, couldn't make her
sphincter muscle relax. She was lambasted by Tina for several
minutes and made to assume a humiliating squat until she finally
peed on the shower room floor.

"If anyone needs to defecate, you do that in the toilet unless
you really make a rectal orifice of yourself. Do it before you
shower. Oh, and one more thing," Tina told them as if it were an
afterthought. "Freshmen don't get to touch their own bodies.
Unless you're given specific permission to touch yourself, you'll
have to ask a classmate to even scratch an itch. So you'll have
to wash each other. Don't let me see you touch yourselves or you
will be cuffed and whipped, got it?"

"Yes, Miz Tina," they answered together.

"And make sure you clean all bodily orifices well," Tina
cautioned. "If I detect any odor at all from a gluteal crease or
around someone's vulva, you will all be punished. That includes
soap odor so make sure you rinse well, too. Now, you have my
permission to talk while you shower."

Even though they had permission to speak, hardly a word was
spoken as they lathered each others' bodies. Tina caught several
touching themselves. Soon they were giving cautious suggestions
like, "I still have soap under my chin" and, "I don't think I got
your butt crack rinsed good enough."

The hot shower felt heavenly and, in spite of themselves, the
unaccustomed sensation of another woman's touch felt good. Some
of the women felt aroused. All felt embarrassed. The
humilitation got worse for a few moments as they were all ordered
to bend at the waist and use their hands to hold their butt
cheeks open while Tina walked down the row and sniffed their
bottoms, pronouncing them sufficiently clean.

A pair of twenty-something woman in revealing maid uniforms,
really just corsets with an apron front and white high heels,
pushed in a laundry cart full of towels. The small, white
institutional towels were much too small to wrap around even the
smallest body. But the towels were warm as if they just came
from the dryer and, remembering Tina's dictates, they all dried
each other.

Eight sinks lined the wall and a kit was placed at each sink.
They were allowed to use tooth and hair brushes provided their
hands didn't touch their own bodies.

For an hour, they worked under Tina's strict supervision,
cleaning the bathroom, making their beds and the beds in five
other rooms similar to theirs with notable differences. The
other rooms showed personal touches like photographs, flowers,
and drawings, plus some diversions like stereo headphones and

As she agreed, Kim let Katy replace the boots and cuffs but Tina
commanded that the cuffs be in front so Kim could help with
chores. Then they marched to the 'mess hall', as Tina called the
pleasant dining room. There were plastic checked table clothes
and fresh flowers on each table for four.

More than a dozen women were already there, eating breakfast or
cooking and serving. Tina pointed to each of the freshmen and
then to a chair starting with Kim. Kim set a perfect example,
standing behind the chair with her hands behind her neck. The
others realized that, had they been first, they might have sat
down and ended up with more demerits or even more punishment.

"Take your seats," Tina commanded. The freshmen carefully sat
down, fearing that they might be violating some unspoken rule for
which they would be punished. "At ease," Tina ordered in
military fashing. "This is as close to a break as you're going
to get for the next couple of days. And now I give you your
first instructor, Miz Clarice."

The older woman stepped forward wearing bright yellow terry
coverall shorts and matching yellow 'jelly shoes' with inch and a
half heels. She looked completely different from the slut that
half of them saw the night before.

"Good morning, future good wives," Clarice smiled at the group.
"I hope you'll enjoy your stay here but I'm afraid we have some
strict rules about discipline. Anyone on the staff and any upper
classman can enforce the rules at any time so be on your best
behavior, OK?"

"So let me introduce you to the upper classmen. First, your
cooks and servers today are sophomores, Cindy, Debbie, Alicia,
and Terry. Your cooks are..."

Laura hardly heard what Clarice was saying. She was busy looking
around the room. The sophomore women were wearing identical
outfits that consisted of white corsets with an attached apron
that hung down in front to just barely cover their pussies but
left their bottoms completely exposed. Garters held up white
nylons and all of the women wore white high heeled pumps. All of
them had their hair up in a pony tail although a couple barely
had enough hair to get a white scunchy around. The women's ages
varied from late teens to over forty. All eight were attractive
but very different in body type.

There were only four juniors, looking out of place eating
breakfast while dressed in outrageously sexy lingerie. They each
waved when Clarice mentioned their name. Unlike the others, all
appeared to be in their twenties and all of them were slender.

Eight seniors were then introduced. Again, they were all
different and they dressed differently. One, named Liz, was
obviously pregnant, about six months Laura guessed. Some of them
wore robes. One, Jessica, was nude except for a belly chain and
ankle chain. Toni and Kimberly looked like teenagers.

"Which brings us back to all of you. Do you know each other's
names yet? Kim, can you name all your classmates?"

"No, mam, Miz Clarice," Kim answered.

"Well, it's time you all met each other. I want each of you to
introduce yourself. Stand up and give your name, your age, your
marital status,..."

The list was long. Fortunately, Clarice uncovered a big poster
for the women to refer to, listing each item of personal
information the women were to give including some very
embarrassing ones.

"... Ah, OK. I don't like oral sex. I've never let a man cum in
my mouth so I guess I have to say that I don't swallow and I've
never had anal sex. The last time I played with myself was last

The pancakes were scrumptous and the women enjoyed their
breakfasts when they weren't introducing themselves. Laura
suprised everyone when she said that she always swallowed, never
masturbated and had tried anal sex but her husband couldn't get
it in. Wendy was last and confessed a total ignorance regarding
sex, never having had a sexual relationship and never even
masturbating to orgasm.

"Thank you, future good wives," Clarice smiled. "You're free to
talk among yourselves while you finish breakfast and enjoy a cup
of coffee or whatever beverage you prefer. Enjoy the service
because you'll soon be doing the serving."

"How did you get yourself, you know," Katy asked Kim as soon as
she had permission to speak.

"I tried to run away and ran into a bunch of sticker bushes. Now
I have to wear this stuff for three whole days according to Miz

"She is a bitch, isn't she?" Jennifer whispered.

"Just doing her job, I guess," Kim shrugged, defending the woman
who showed her some compassion.

"I can't believe she made us pee in the shower and then clean it
up with Chlorox even though the shower ran for like forever."

"I was almost like Laura. I didn't think I could do it but I had
to go so bad."

"Yeah, like I didn't think I could hold it even as long as I did
and I know I leaked a tiddle."

"So, Wendy, did it turn you on to touch another woman?"

"Yes, and it turned me on even more to do the touching," she
countered teasingly, letting everyone guess her true feelings.

"Oh, horrors! A lesbian touched my naked body," Maria gasped in
mock horror, making everyone laugh softly.

"So, which one of you is gay?" Cindi, their sophomore server
asked, looking totally smashing in the white outfit against her
coffee colored skin.

"Wendy thinks she is but she's not sure because she's never had
sex," Maria chimed in. "But she says she has sexual feelings for
women so I guess that makes her queer."

"You'll learn," Cindi chuckled. "I'm universally sexual which, to
me, means that I just like sex whether it's with a man, a woman,
a rubber dildo, or a plastic vibrator or even my trusty fingers.
Don't go into this with any preconceived notions. They love to
blow them up. But, OK. I guess, well, Wendy, have you ever
French kissed?"

"No," she croaked out, embarrassed.

"May I please be the first woman to French kiss you?"

"I..." Poor Wendy looked terrified.

"Come on. Get up and put your arms around me. That's it. Now
close your eyes and just feel." Cindy pecked around Wendy's face
for a few moments and licked teasingly at her lips. "If you get
any more tense, you're going to explode, girl," Cindy laughed.
"So loosen up. This is easy and fun. Now," and without any
further delay, Cindy pressed her mouth to Wendy's, prying with
her tongue until Wendy compliantly opened her mouth and felt the
black girl's tongue invade her mouth.

At first, Wendy was afraid to pull back. Then she didn't want to
pull back any more and held Cindy tightly to her, tentatively
extending her own tongue to carress Cindy's. A minute later,
Wendy was greedily twisting her head and pressing her lips
harder, trying to deepen the kiss.

"Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we, Cindy?" Clarice
asked softly. Wendy jumped back, suddenly aware of what she was
doing and where and that everyone was watching and that she was

"She'd never French kissed before and I wanted to be her first,"
Cindy said proudly. "She's a quick study."

"I noticed," Clarice smiled. "Enjoy it, Wendy?"

"Yes, mam, Miz Clarice," she stammered.

"Try it with a man the next chance you get," Clarice recommended.
"I suspect that you'll like that, too. OK, ladies. It's time to
start the main part of the day. So first, rules."

Clarice recited a long list of rules, handing each table a pile
of four folders that contained the complete list. There was also
a schedule for their freshman semester, complete with a reading
list, assignments, and standards. They had just opened their
folders when Tina ordered, "Freshmen, stand! Leave the folders
on the table. You can get them later. Position."

All eight women snapped their hands behind their necks, lacing
their fingers and awaiting their next order which came quickly.

End of Story

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