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Good Wife University 3 7

Kim was sure the others were asleep. It seemed like they were
going to stay up all night, whispering intimately at the other
end of the room, occasionally gasping or giggling. They finally
turned out the lights and drifted to the beds to get some sleep.

Kim waited a little longer, listening for even breathing and
total quiet. Then she slowly counted to one thousand. Throughout
the long count, she heard no sound but the crickets outside and a
bull frog far off in the distance.

She sat up slowly, fearing that the bed would creak. It didn't.
She felt for her shoes, then decided that high heels weren't
suitable for an escape and left them on the floor by the bed. She
did want some clothing, though. Something. Anything to cover up
with. Not willing to stay in the old building any longer than
she had to, Kim pulled the top sheet from the bed and wrapped it
around herself before tiptoeing out of the room and into the

Dim nightlights along the hallway lit her way. At the door, she
pushed gently, just enough to get it to swing. She was surprised
that it wasn't locked. Then she slid through the opening barely
wide enough to get her body through, the cold metal grazing her
exposed flesh and pulling off the sheet.

Once outside the building, Kim decided to follow the driveway.
She reasoned that it would lead to a road that would lead to a
larger, more traveled road. With luck, she would find her way to
a phone where she could... What? Dial 911? Call her husband

She decided that she'd deal with that when she reached
civilization, far from the weirdos at the old school. She
started down the driveway, paved with brick near the entrance but
soon turning to gravel. The sharp stones bit into her bare feet
so she moved to the grassy edge. The grass was cold and soggy
but better than the gravel. The going was tough because of a
moderate up-hill slope in that part of the lane.

As she moved away from the building, darkness became total. A
sliver of moon provided just enough light for her to make out the
driveway. Night sounds were more evident now, closer, each
making her jerk toward it. What kind of animals might be out
here, wherever here might be, she wondered. Were any harmful? A
racoon might not be deadly but she had heard about a rabies
epidemic. Or what about a skunk? Or a bear? Or were there wolves
out here?

'Why do I have this feeling that I'm being watched?' Kim
wondered, then dismissed the feeling a paranoia. When the frond
of a fern wet with dew brushed against her leg, she gasped and
moved back to the gravel. The woods came right to the edge of
the drive now.

"Where do you think you're going?" a man's voice demanded from
somewhere ahead of her, startling her so much that a squirt of
urine escaped to run down the inside of her legs. Without
thinking, Kim ran away from the voice up the middle of the
driveway, bruising her bare feet.

"It's Kim," came Gwen's voice, disgust evident in her tone.

Kim heard a whine. A light came on behind her. She recognized
the whine as an electric motor, probably a golf cart. Knowing
that she would never escape by the driveway, she turned into the
woods. The edge of the woods was full of briars, prickly wild
rose bushes, and even more prickly wild black berry vines.

"Kim, come back before you hurt yourself," Gwen demanded in an
even tone, shining a flashlight on Kim's naked bottom.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Kim screamed, moving sideways to try to find a
path through the thorns. The light blinded her, destroying her
night vision. The flashlight threw such harsh shadows that Kim
became totally disoriented. When she tried to take her next
step, a vine snagged her ankle and she fell into the brambles.
She screamed as thousands of thorns pricked at her flesh.

"Come on, Kim. You'll only make it worse," Gwen called calmly.

Kim cursed Gwen and the man who waited quietly on the driveway
and her husband who talked her into agreeing to come here and
herself for being so stupid as to sign papers agreeing to
corporal punishment and restraint and... She had to get her mind
back on track. She saw now that there would be no escape through
the woods. She struggled to stand, still tangled in thorny
vines. It didn't matter where she put her hands, she found more
thorns but she finally managed to stand. Dozens of thorns
remained hooked in her skin when she managed to stagger back to
the drive. The sheet was hopelessly snagged in the briar patch
so she left it there.

"Come on, Kim, and we'll take you back."

"Fuck you!" Kim shreiked. "There's no fuckin' way you're going
to take me back there." She stood defiantly, sobbing.

"It's not that bad," Gwen said in what she hoped was a soothing
and convincing voice. "I won't hurt nearly as..."

"Fuck you!" Kim repeated, pulling her arm back and swinging her
fist at Gwen's silhouette, barely visible in the darkness because
of a stray cloud blocking even the sliver of moon.

Experienced at martial arts, Gwen saw Kim close her fist and draw
back. Gwen was ready when Kim swung and deftly moved to the side
and parried, grabbing Kim's arm and twisting it behind her back
in a hammer lock. Gwen's husband, Rodney, helped afix police
issue handcuffs to Kim's wrists, locking her hands behind her
back while Kim continued to curse and struggle.

"There are consequences for every action," Gwen calmly told Kim
even though she was a little out of breath from the adrenalin
rush of the short fight. "I had hoped that you had learned a
lesson but it's obvious you need more convincing."

"Fuck you, bitch," Kim repeated, refusing to move.

"OK," Gwen told her after putting a collar around Kim's throat
and locking a long chain to it. "Fuck me."

"Gladly," Rodney answered, lifting his wife to the seat of the
cart and plunging in. Gwen was soon groaning in ecstasy,
muttering, "Yes, deeper. Harder. Ah, yes!"

Kim struggled in her bonds, discovering that the other end of her
chain leash was locked to the frame of the cart's surry top. She
stood there in disgust and disbelief as a couple fucked just a
few feet from her. The gravel under her feet hurt. The cuffs
were uncomfortable. Her shoulders still ached from being cuffed
last night and now she was cuffed again. And every inch of her
skin stung from the thorns.

Tears flowed freely as she waited until first Gwen and then
Rodney groaned in orgasmic relief. As the couple's breathing
slowed to normal, Gwen said, "I guess it's time to take this one
home. So start walking, future good wife."

"Fuck you, bitch," Kim spat out. "There's no way I'm going

"You're repeating yourself," Gwen said calmly. "I've already
heard that one. Now, let me explain things. You _ARE_ going
back. You can either go back the easy way, pretty much like you
are now, or you can go back with your butt covered with welts.
Which will it be?"

Still defiant, Kim shouted her favorite explitive.

"I really hate to do this," Gwen sighed, climbing out of the golf
cart. "Some of the staff get off on whipping students but for me
it's just a necessary chore. Now move." With that, she swung a
whippy switch at Kim's bottom.

"Yei!" Kim shreiked, twisting to avoid the switch.

"Want more?" Gwen asked. "I can switch your boobs or belly as
well as your bottom if you want. And if the switch doesn't get
you moving, I can get a whip or a cattle prod. And if they don't
work, we can always drag you, but I'm afraid the gravel might
scr*pe off all your skin. So, what will it be? More stripes and
then the whip? Or are you ready to start walking?"

"Fuckin' bitch," Kim muttered as she took her first step back
toward the cluster of buildings. Rodney slowly moved the cart,
keeping pace with Kim as Gwen followed with the switch. It
seemed to take forever to make it back. By the time they did,
Kim's feet were swollen and terribly bruised. She was panting
and covered with a sheen of salty sweat that stung as it flowed
over the thorn pricks that covered her body.

"We better check her out in the infirmary," Gwen told her husband
as she unlocked Kim's chain leash from the cart. She lead the
defeated woman back into the building through a side door and
down a hall to what appeared to be a doctor's examining room.
"Have a seat and let us have a look at you."

Kim felt totally humiliated as the naked couple examined her
body. She desperately wanted to cover herself.

"Kim, you've really done it. Nettles are broken off in your
skin. There's nothing we can do now but wait for them to fester
out," Gwen sighed. "We can't leave you like this, though. You'll
get infections. Will you give me a hand, hun?"

"Whatever you need, sexy," Rodney grinned.

"We're going to have to scrub her down with an antiseptic. I
guess alcohol."

"No!" Kim screamed. "No!" And she continued to scream at the top
of her lungs as Gwen poured rubbing alcohol into a stainless
steel bowl and then the couple used sterile sponges from plastic
packages to scrub Kim's entire body with the antiseptic,
occasionally stopping to pluck a thorn from her skin.

When they finished, Gwen gave Kim a few minutes for the stinging
to subside and for her to regain her composure. Then she said,
"I hate to do this, Kim, but it's standard punishment for someone
who tries to run away." She produced a pair of demiboots with
six inch heels and put them on Kim's feet, locking them on with
padlocks. Then she brought an eighteen inch long bar with
eyelets on each end and used two more padlocks to secure it
between her ankles.

"Can you take these off?" Kim whimpered, twisting to show the

"Cuffs are standard punishment for trying to hit a staff member
or anyone else, for that matter. We can make you a little more
comfortable, though." With Rodney's help, Gwen buckled padded
leather cuffs to Kim's wrists and removed the steel handcuffs.

"Now, Kim," Gwen said in the tone of a mother's lecture, "Your
next few days are going to be pretty miserable but it'll get
better if you'll just go along with the program. If you don't,
you'll be totally miserable for the next twelve weeks and you
don't want that. Oh, and the standard punishment for profanity
is a day gagged but I'm going to forget the number of times I
heard the F-word tonight. Now, try to get a little sleep."

Gwen kissed Kim's cheek, then lifted the side rails of the
hospital style gurney and turned out the lights as she left.

Kim tried to sleep. With her ankles spread by the bar, she
couldn't sleep on her side and the cuffs made it impossible to
sleep on her back. The pain and then itching, plus not being
able to scratch where she needed to, made sleep impossible. She
was still awake, sobbing softly, when she saw daylight filtering
in from somewhere and heard movement in the halls.


"Up and at 'em," Tina yelled, flipping on bright overhead lights
in the two freshman rooms. "Stand in the hallway with your back
against the wall and await further instructions."

"What time is it?" Laura groaned, rolling in her bed.

"You weren't given permission to speak!" Tina yelled. "That will
be two demerits. No one speaks unless given permission,
understood? I don't hear you, ladies. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mam," came some mumbled acknowledgements as they rose.

"I can't hear you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes, mam," they all called out clearly.

"Now line up in the hallway. And welcome to hell week." Tina
always yelled even when she wasn't intentionally yelling thanks
to her experience as an Army Drill Instructor, a position she
still held in an Army Reserve Training Regiment. "If you toe the
line, I'll be gone in three days. If you screw up, I'll make
your life a living hell for weeks. So don't screw up. I am Miz
Tina. You will say only 'yes, Miz Tina' or 'no, Miz Tina' as is
appropriate. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miz Tina," they all called out.

"Now assume 'the position'. The position is feet shoulder width
apart and hands behind your neck, fingers interlaced. Don't move
until I say you can," Miz Tina ordered, walking away with a
swager, swinging her riding crop menacingly. She was actually a
very attractive woman who just turned thirty. At home, she loved
to serve her husband as his personal slave. That turned her on
like nothing else. Except for dominating women. After a day of
dominating women, she was a most subservient sex slave to her
master and husband.

But that would be later. For now, she had to fetch Kim and make
her life just barely tolerable while showing the woman how much
easier it would be for her to cooperate. She mentally reviewed
dozens of alternative ways she might handle the rebel, knowing
that she would have to make snap decisions on what path to take
as she observed the woman.

Steeling herself, Tina burst into the infirmary. "You! Rebel.
It's time to get up and get on with your training and hell week.
You started a bit early, don't you think?"

"Yes, mam."

"Yes, Miz Tina," she roared.

"Yes, Miz Tina," Kim managed to say through her parched throat.

Ah, Tina thought. I've got it. "Don't you tell a soul I went
soft with you or I'll make it even worse on you," she whispered
sternly to Kim. "I have to keep up my image."

Kim smiled to herself in spite of her discomfort and fatigue as
the drill instructor filled a glass with cool water, stuck in a
straw, and set it on the table. Tina lowered the rail on the
gurney and helped Kim sit up. Her legs, still secured in the
uncomfortable boots and spreader bar, dangled over the side. Then
she offered the poor woman the straw. Kim immediately sucked the
glass dry.

"And now you've got to pee, I bet," Tina smiled wickedly.

"Yes, Miz Tina," Kim answered submissively. Mentally, Tina
scremed 'Yes!' while keeping her expression stern.

"There's no graceful way to pee when you're being punished.
Humiliation is part of your punishment, but it'll be easier to do
it in here than in front of everybody else. Come on." Tina
helped Kim to the floor and into the tiny toilet room in the
side of the examination room. Kim found out just how difficult
walking could be when wearing heels and a spreader bar with her
arms cuffed behind her back.

As soon as her bottom hit the cool seat, Kim released a stream of
steaming urine with a satisfied sigh. "Thank you," she sighed
again, making a few more squirts to completely empty her bladder,
quickly adding, "Miz Tina."

"All you're allowed this morning is yes or no," Tina sternly
reminded Kim. Then she smiled, "Your classmates are standing in
the hallway, dieing to pee. I'm enjoying making them wait."

Kim thought about what Gwen said about other staff who loved to
cause pain. She immediately feared Tina and what the woman could
do to her.

"I can't make them wait forever or the floor will be flooded,"
Tina said. "I did that once and I found out that once one woman
loses it, they all do. We'll have to be quick. Where are you
most uncomfortable, future good wife? You may answer."

"My bottom, especially that crease where my bottom meets my
legs," Kim told Tina.

"OK, here's the deal. I gotta look tough so I've got to make you
do something... Ah, here we go. You have to carry this antiseptic
soap in your mouth. Now we're not supposed to let you out of the
heels and cuffs for three days. Usually a rebel who tries to
escape doesn't get to bathe for that time and they usually don't
even get to wipe their butts for that time so that they'll do
just about anything just to get a shower, but I've decided to
have some pity on you. I'm going to tell the other women to
release you from your bondage so you don't ruin the leather. I'll
let you get a shower. Maybe it'll help keep you from getting
infections all over. I don't want any objection when you have to
put this stuff back on, got it?"

"Yes, Miz Tina," Kim answered, unable to get up from the toilet
because of her bondage. Tina pulled a 'wipe-n-dipe' from a
plastic package and wiped Kim's pubis, then she pulled out a
fresh one and took a few more swipes going far higher than
necessary to be sure that Kim's clit' was stimulated... just a
little bit.

Kim blushed with embarrassment at being wiped by another woman
and was thankful when Tina threw the oily towellette in the waste
basket and helped her to her feet. "Remember, not a word to
anybody that I'm giving you any kind of break," Tina snarled.

"Yes, Miz Tina," Kim managed as Tina put the cap of a plastic
squeeze bottle of antiseptic soap into Kim's mouth. Kim
submissively gripped the bottle with her teeth.

"Now move," she snapped, slapping the riding crop down hard on
the gurney. With difficulty, Kim shuffled forward, shuffling
each leg forward a few inches, feeling her inner thighs strained
by the awkward position. Getting through the doorway took some
effort. Then everyone was looking at her.

End of Story

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