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First Time

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First Time

It was with great trepidation that he rang the door bell; this was the very first time he had ever ventured into something like this …

A small ad in a girly magazine had caught his attention some weeks previously “mature blond lady seeks superior position”. He quickly realized what the ad meant and it was not from a job seeker seeking a managerial post. He noted the number for future reference as a trip to London was planned in three weeks time.

The date of departure eventually arrived and after checking into his London hotel he retrieved the number and dialed it. The number rang for a few times and eventually a recorded announcement said “ Hi – thanks for calling, I’m sorry I cannot take your call at the moment, however should you wish to call I’m at no 26 baker Street, Apartment 2.” The recorded announcement was that of a mature lady with a throaty rasp which sent shivers down his spine. Several more calls to the number elicited the same response.

The next morning and early afternoon was taken up with meetings but at 16:00 following the last meeting, he politely declined an invitation to dinner and instead decided to stroll to Baker Street, a ten minute walk from his hotel.

No 26 Baker Street was a tall imposing structure dating from the 1800s and as he pressed the doorbell he thought this cannot be far from the supposed abode of Sherlock Holmes. An intercom by the doorbell queried as to who was at the door, the voice belonging to someone other than the lady on the recorded announcement. He advised that he wished to make an appointment. “Have you been here before?” she queried. No he responded. “Oh dear” came the reply, causing a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Well the earliest appointment we can offer is 13:30 tomorrow”

“Very well” he disappointedly replied “I look forward to seeing you then”

The following morning was taken up with appointments, at lunch he declined an invitation to for drinks, instead returning to his hotel room and showering.

A ten minute stroll found him again outside 26 Baker Street; however the time was only 13:20. A cup of coffee at a local café brought the time to 13:29. At precisely 13:30 he again pressed the doorbell of No 26. His heart was pounding so loudly he thought passers by must hear it. After what seemed like an eternity the intercom inquired as to who was at the door. “I have an appointment for 13:30” he croaked. “ooh yeees – I’ll be with you presently.” Some two minutes later the door was opened by a mature lady, dressed in a blouse and slacks, not a bit sexy he thought. “Would you please follow me” she requested. As the climbed the stairs towards the second floor apartment she opined that the weather was quite mild for the early spring. “Indeed” he responded although nothing could have been further from his thoughts.

Eventually they reached the second floor apartment and entered what appeared to be a small office/reception area. The lady queried as to whether this was his first time trying this sort of thing and then advised him of the fee. When the business transaction was complete she said “I will check if Madam is ready to see you.” She left him sitting in the office and after some five minutes returned and advised “Madam will see you now.” He was escorted into an adjoining dimly lit room. The room had a deep pile carpet and contained a metal frame bed. It was then that he saw her – she looked vulnerable standing by the end of the bed. As he approached her she seemed to grow in stature. She was blond, of slight build, in her late fifties but looking very well. She wore a black Basque and fishnet stockings.

“Is this your first time trying this” she queried. “Yes” he croaked. “What type of things do you like?” she asked. “Bondage” he replied. “OK” she responded “please remembers you must do exactly as you are told, now get undressed and leave your clothes neatly on the chair”

He undressed as she had requested and the stood by the chair on which he had placed his clothes, dressed only in his boxer shorts. “When I said get undressed I meant everything” she hissed. He removed the remaining garment and placed it on the chair. “Now come here she said, bend over with your hands on the bed.” He did as commanded and then saw she had what appeared to be a riding crop in her hand. Swish! A stinging blow hit his buttocks, followed by four more. “Now get on the bed “she commanded “and lie on your back.

He did as commanded and before he realized what was happening a leather wrist cuff was being fastened around his right wrist. Before he could even protest a second cuff was fastened around his left wrist. She then moved towards his ankles and tugged on his left ankle until he had positioned himself on the bed that the restraint on his left hand was fully taunt. A leather cuff was placed on the left ankle and tightened so that he could move neither his left arm nor leg. She then proceeded to the right ankle, secured another cuff and pulled it taunt so that he was completely immobilized. From the corner of his eye he saw her proceed to a drawer on the opposite side of the room and return with what appeared to be two black scarves and some object he could not identify. She now climbed onto the bed and sat astride him, placing the objects behind her and between his legs, but more importantly out of his sight. She reached behing and produced one the black scarves, this she pulled taunt and commanded him to open his mouth. She moved the scarf towards his mouth, however he did not respond quickly enough for her liking and received a sharp open handed smack on the cheek followed by another to the opposite cheek. He now opened his mouth and the scarf was pulled taunt between his teeth and tied tightly at the back of his head. Again she reached behind and produced two small metal objects, these looked like small battery clamps, however as he wondered what they were they were one was quickly clamped to his right nipple causing no small amount of pain. The second clamp was similarly applied to this left nipple. Totally at her mercy he was unable to protest. She now produced the second scarf and again pulled it taunt. She climbed off him and tied the scarf under his scrotum and around the base of his penis tying it tightly. “We will leave you now for a few moments” she advised “I trust you are comfortable”

Before leaving she lit several aromatic candles situated at various points in the room and then switched off the light. He lay there completely and utterly helpless, unable to move a muscle.

Some five minutes had lapsed before she returned. She lifted one of the small candles from it holder and approached the bed. Again she climbed astride him and holding the candle some 40 cm from his chest she tilted it’s angle form the perpendicular allowing some hot candle wax to drip onto his chest. He struggled against his bonds in an effort to evade this new cruel torture. “Trying to get free” she hissed. The candle was placed on the bedside locker and she climbed from the bed. Moving to the side of the bed she reached underneath and produced what appeared to be a large leather strap. This she stretched across his chest and secured tightly at the other side. Two more straps were produced and tied above and below the knees. Movement was now totally inhibited ……….. (to be continued)

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