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Only recently had I told her of my deepest fantasies. I never dreamed she would be up for them, and especially...not so soon and definitely not while she was pregnant. But there we were getting dressed and ready to meet another man that would blow her mind away. This man, whom we'd never met before, had the strongest fantasy to be dominated by a couple. Gazing over to her as we drove the busy streets, I couldn't help but massage her warm thighs that were hugged so tightly by a tight black dress.

?Honey, you look so sexy,? was all I could say as I gaze on her bulging cleavage and tall black boots. She was ready to order this man around in ways I'd only imagined. She was bouncing in her chair with heated excitement as we turned into the parking lot and spotted his jeep. Feeling my cock stiffen, I came to a halt as she opened the door and slammed it shut. She had her eyes gazed only on this strong, blonde man. She made her way over to him, obviously ready for the pleasure she would soon be experiencing and snatched his cock in her palm. I had to calm myself down as she whispered something to him. She turned around after making the man smile with lust and I couldn't help myself as I saw his eyes narrowing straight to her firm, tight ass. Giving me a wink as she entered the vehicle I asked her the only question I could:

?Is he big??

?Oh yeah.? She stated with an incredibly amused tone. We lead the way to our apartment as she was silently touching her pussy with the same palm she had grazed him with. Finally we made it and she quickly got out of the car and commanded him to follow. He was so close to her as we all made our way up to our home. She turned to me and with such force in her voice demanded that I unlock the door. Man, were we all burning up with excitement at this point. She firmly looked into his eyes as she pulled out a pair of lacy pink thongs from her purse. Before I knew it, her hand was down his pants and she was ordering him to put them on. A giant smile grew on my face as I began to feel my cock harden even more. He escaped to the bathroom to obey her orders. This gave us a few moments alone.

?Are you having fun?? I asked ?More than you know.? She winked and we made our way into the bedroom, waiting for him. Finally he entered into the bedroom, wearing nothing but the pink thongs he was ordered to wear by my wife. She made her way to him and stared directly into his eyes.

?He looks sexy in my pink thongs, doesn't he?? She asked me.

?Yes.? I replied as she threw him onto the bed. She pounced on top of him and threw her hand onto his cock with a moan.

?Ooo, big boy.? She sighed. With a grin she looked straight at me, ?He's such a big boy!? She was so excited. I took out the camera and stood back as she engulfed his large cock into her mouth. With every suck she moaned louder. I could see the intense pleasure she was giving him. Never before had she sucked such a big cock.

?Get next to him.? She ordered me. I had to obey her. How could I not obey a command by the sexiest woman I'd ever known? She began massaging me whilest sucking the man's hard dick.

?He tastes so fucking good...? she said between breaths ?God I want more. You're gonna give me more.? She ordered in his face.

?Yes, yes...I'll give you more...? he said, taking in the ecstasy. She jumped on top of him and began rubbing her clit on his penis ?I want your cock. Give me your cock!? She ordered as she massaged her clit over his penis. I lay there in amazement at how my wife could take control like that. She had never looked so hot to me. Before I knew it she had shoved his dick deep into her pussy with a loud moan.

?Yes! Give me your cock! Give me your hard, thick cock!? She kept demanding. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard as I watched her take the man in with every thrust. He was thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her tight, wet pussy. She began to scream in pleasure and released my hand. She placed her wet palm on the bed between us and jumped on her knees. He jammed his cock harder and harder into my beautiful wife. I sat up, watching her sexy body tighten and release with every powerful thrust of his cock.

?Oh GOD! YES! YES!? She screamed in ecstasy. I jumped up as he turned her onto her back and threw her legs onto his shoulders. She grinned at me momentarily as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I stood behind them, jacking off as he hurled himself harder inside her and the speed heightened.

?Cum in me! Cum so deep in me!? She ordered between gasps. The two were moaning together. As she reached behind and grabbed his ass, she forced him deeper inside her as his body suddenly jolted with intense pleasure. She let out a loud groan as he came inside her. He took himself out momentarily as I watched his pure white cum leak out of my wife's soaking pussy. She gave me a quick kiss before jumping back onto him and running her hips up and down his shaft.

?Now make ME cum!? She ordered ?Make me cum more than you! I wanna fucking soak your cock!? She screamed. She hurled herself back and forth on his cock until finally she stopped and her face tightened with amazement. It was silent in the room for a moment as she came onto the man. I have never seen so much cum squirt out of my wife. Finally she started to breath again and she looked straight at me.

Only one word escaped her mouth....


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