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Club Trix And Maria

Pulling up to the gay club I think to myself it has been too long
since I have had female companinship. Some days a man can not satisfy
what you need ( I am bisexual) and all I want is a clean sexy woman to go
to bed with. One last look in the mirror I fix my hair and step into the
cool night air. Looking around I do not see any familiar cars, I guess
tonight I will have to find new freinds.
" Hey Tj! How are you and your 'Wife'?" I ask as I hug a tall thin
doorman around his neck.
" He and I are good, Stanley just got a job promotion and we will
soon be moving." Tj smiled as he talked about his lover.
Ok so one familiar face, lets see if anyone else is here. I walk to
the bar and frown, I forgot Rhonnie ( my ex-girlfreind) was working here
" Hey hun haven't seen you in awhile. I would like an Amaretto Sour
please, double shot." I ordered as I stepped up to the counter.
Giving me my drink and handing my money back she smiled and leaned in
" Your drinks are on the house all night if you will find time for me
tonight hun, I am a free woman again. What do you say?" Rhonnie said will
pleading eyes.
"Ya we will see, I did come here to meet new people not to play
around with the old ones. Thanks for the drink," I answered before I
walked into the other room.
I sat at a table drinking surveying who I may like to enjoy for the
night. A long haired Latina brunette with a large bust and a fat ass that
barely fit in her very short skirt strolled past the Dj booth and I
couldn't help but stare. She was beautiful. I had met her on one occasion
but had been very drunk at the time, so I couldnt remember if we had
really spoke. She had seen me skinny dipping before, so she has seen me
naked it was only fair that now I get to see her beautiful full body. As
I sat there and thought I didn't notice a woman aproaching me.
"Would you like to dance?" she asked loudly so I could hear her over
the music.
Turning my head I saw a short thin lady. She was attractive in her
tight jeans and small top but her hair was short. I didnt like girls with
short hair there isn't anything to grab on to when you are trying to make
them be submissive. Hearing the music blarring I decide to get up and
dance with this willing volunteer. Grabbing her waist we walk to the
floor. She dances in front of me truning occasionally to the song
grinding on me, then turns her ass towards me and pushes it into my cunt
and hips moving back and forth to the music. I was into the music and
dancing when I saw the long haired woman from before. She was looking at
me and smiling, and to my surprise she was sitting alone drinking a Bud
Light. The music changed to a slow song and I decided to dance another
with this woman and watch the reaction of the long haired Latina lady
sitting just off the floor. My dance partner turned around and looked at
me then grabbed me by the waist and slow danced to the song starting. I
dont know if the music became softer or it just faded in my head as I
watched the long haired woman sit and stare. We both looked longfully at
eachother and I smiled a mischievious smile. The dance ended and I
parted kissing the stranger on the cheeck. I had gotten my reaction
and was going for the long haired woman.
" Hello," I said with a smile as I sat next to the long haired
" My name is Maria I dont think you got it last time when you were
naked in the water," she teased mockingly and she grabbed my hand and
kissed it gently. " I saw you were looking at me as you danced with the
other woman. I suposse she did not catch your attention like I did."
" You are far more beautiful than she, I felt like you should have my
attention instead. Your smile is amazing I would love to kiss those sweet
lips of yours," I explained laying on the charm.
She put her hand on my shoulder and drew me toward her telling me it
was ok to kiss her here. I opened my mouth and gave her a long sweet kiss
running my tongue across her tongue ring.
" What else can you do with that tongue ring?" I asked imploringly.
Obviusly she was not new to this and was as staright forward as I was
so she said " You will find out later when I lay you on your back at my
My mouth almost dropped open. I have not found a woman that would
talk open like this before. It was nice to have someone that could match
me. We were sitting in a corner just off the dance floor but no one was
around. I wanted to sit on the table and let her do her thing but I
decied against it. I didnt want to get thrown out just yet. My mouth met
hers again and i scooted closer sitting in front her, blocking her body
from veiw of anyone else in the club.
Her very short skirt had ben pushed even further up when she sat down and
her cunt was almost exposed. Her large breasts were barely beeing held my
a small hankerchief looking top that tied with strings in the back. Her
nipples shown through her top and I couldnt help but think how beautiful
this woman really was. I just hope she had tallent to match her beauty.
My hand laid on her fishnet covered thigh as we kissed more, she
breathed heavier trying to rile me up some. She put her hand ontop of
mine and slide it up her skirt and onto her warm cunt. She was not
wearing any panties,these fishnet stockings had to go. I used my pointer
finger and thumb to tear a hole in the crouch of the fishnets stockings.
She enjoyed me ripping her clothes off and she made a soft teasing moan.
I forced my hand in and ripped the tear bigger and bigger. She licked her
lips and made a soft noise again. I decied to get her back for teasing me
like this. I started at the torn waistband/crouch and took each leg of
fishnets off digging my fingernails into her legs, scraping them as I
pulled the stockings down her thighs and legs. Slipping her shoes off I
laid them and the stockings on the floor.
My hand again goes to her warm cunt and I pinch her clit between my
two fingers hard. She really did moan this time, so loud i had to look
around to make sure no one was watching or heard. I moved a couple
fingers down into her pussy which was already wet and kept my thumb on
her clit. Not wanting this to take a long time I worked fast and hard
finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. she leaned onto me and moaned in
my ear as I went faster, I bit her neck and her muscles tighten around my
fingers. I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and nibbled it then licked
her ear all over breathing heavily into her ear to make her come closer
to cumming for me. This was really turning me on as well. In a few
minutes I could feel her body stifen and I shoved my tongue in her mouth
and kissed her so she wouldnt scream. She had an orgasmn on my hand and
the chair. I removed my hand and she sat back trying to calm herself.
"Now we can go and you can show me what you can do with that tongue
ring." I said proudly to her as she sat thigh grinning.
Getting up I threw the torn fishnets on her chair noticing it was
quite wet she got her shoes and we walked to the door.
"Tj I'm sorry babe but we accidently left a a mess in the corner over
there, You'll have to get someone to clean it up." I informed Tj the
doorman as we walked out both laughing.
"Follow me to my house, it is a few blocks from here." Maria mentioned
Alone at her house we wasted no time. We shut the front door and I
pulled her skirt down and ripped her top off. Her large breasts laid
there on her wonderful brown naked body waiting for attention too. She
kissed me but i pushed her away and took off my clothes. She grabbed my
hand lead me to a back bedroom. When I walked in I noticed a strap on
dildo, a vibrator and a whip on her nightstand, she must be just as fun
as I am I thought.
" My turn," she told me and she whipped around and grabbed her strap
on. In no time she had the massive blue plastic on and ready to penetrate
Willingly I laid on my back on the bed and she moved her mouth to my
cunt, she licked me using her tongue ring to slid acorss my clit several
times and then spit on my pussy hole and backed up.
" Get up on all fours" she demanded.
No sooner than I did she shoved all 8 inches in my wet pussy. I
flinched from the force of it all going in at once. I could tell she
wasnt the innocent woman she looked to be in the club. She was about to
dominate me, which was unusual becuase I had always had that role with
women before.
" Do you like that bitch?" Maria asked in her cute accent.
She pulled me back by the throat and pumped it in hard and deep a few
more times.
"Answer me when I speak to you or I will stop and send you home
horny." She screamed into my ear.
Shoving the dick into me again moving her hips fast and smooth this
time she continued to pump me. I moaned with pleasure, I could feel my
clit sweeling up waiting to release.
" Does it feel pleasing to you?" she inquired again.
" Yes Maria it feels so good." I managed to say between moan and
heavy breaths.
Grabbing my hips she moved swift and deep over and over, pulling me
back by the neck sometimes. She slapped my ass hard and I knew I was
about to have a huge orgasmn.
"I'm about to cum!" I yelled she pulled out and I shot it all over
her leg and the bed.
" Turn around and clean me off!" she demanded pointing at her thigh.
I hesitated and looked at her, I had never tasted my own cum and was
unsure I really wanted to. She didnt give me a choice though she grabed
me by the back of my head and neck and forced my head down. With the
dirty strap on dildo laying in my hair I layed my tongue flat and
licked her clean, then used my hand and wiped it dry.
Sitting up I kissed her. It must be getting late I thought.
" You can get dressed and go home now." she said flatly.
I am glad me and Maria had the same idea about tonight. She just
wanted the company of a woman and so did I it didnt have to be more than
that. I grabbed a pen and paper off her dresser and wrote my number.
"If you want some casual fun, call me." I said with a smile before I
walked to the front door for my clothes.
I did end up seeing her several more times at the club and hooked up
some, nothing serious just pure fun woman-woman sex.

End of Story

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