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Chained Wrench

I leaned back in the steaming tub of water, only my head above the surface.
Slowly I ran the soap over my submerged belly and breasts. M, sitting on the
toilet, watched my hands' travels. I watched M watching me. Her soliloquy of
days' end chatter slowed and became choppy with the punctuations of my hands
toying with nipple or navel. Her eyes shone with intent interest and I smiled
to myself.

Finally, she stopped talking entirely as my hand made a broad sweep down into
the crevice between my legs. "Do you like seeing me play with myself?" I asked
huskily. "Uh-hmmmm." M murmured. Encouraged by the her flushed face and rapid
breathing, I dropped all pretense and began in earnest my pleasuring of myself.

As I leaned my head back in the enjoyment of my own masturbation, I slitted my
eyes and watched her. M was rapt. Her glassy eyes stayed locked on my hand
except for quick glances at my face. I made certain my countenance reflected
just the right amount of sensual abandon. Eyes almost closed; lips moistly
parted; teeth chewing lightly along the bottom lip. Ah yes! She was responding

Watching her watching me intensified the orgasm welling inside of me and as I
began to crest, I concentrated on the rapid rise and fall of her large breasts.
Her breathing was hot and raspy. My climax burst from me with a subdued
intensity. The dilation of her eyes and her wet, parted lips reassured me M was
well beyond mere arousal.

I stood and took the towel from the hook. "Go get into bed." I said as I began
drying myself. "What?" M looked up at me. "I said, go get into the damned
bed." I growled. "Now!" I punctuated. Startled by my tone, she visibly
jumped. Her eyes began to harden with anger and then softened. A slight smile
edged her mouth when M realized my intention.

She stood up and started out of the door. I reached out and grabbed a handful
of her hair and, turning her, pulled her to me. I leaned to her and crushed my
lips onto hers, pulling her lower lip between my teeth. M moved against me and
I felt her hard nipples through her shirt against my bare skin. I reached
around and took an ample ass cheek in each hand and, squeezing them, pulled her
mound into mine. I moved mine against her, pulling, grinding, pushing.

Her response was hot and wet, and I could feel her moist warmth through the
crotch of her sweats. "Go on ... get in bed and wait for me." I looked down at
her. She smiled up at me and turned. "And take off your clothes first." I
added and smacked her ass with my open hand. M looked back over her shoulder,
her eyes smiling with anticipation.

I slipped on my kimono and took my time making my way through the house towards
the bedroom. The toolbox caught my eye and I stopped, tilting my head in wonder
at my novel idea. I smiled as my hand closed on the cold steel handle. I took
the large pipe wrench into the kitchen. As I soaped and scoured the tool,

I called over my shoulder: "Are you in the bed like I told you?" A long pause,
a sigh, and then a breathy, barely audible "yes." I turned off the faucet.
Drying my hands, I took the wrench, still wet, and went to the refrigerator. I
opened the freezer compartment and placed the now-clean forged instrument
inside. I closed the door and laughing to myself, walked to the bedroom. The
bedside light was on and its shaded glow danced over her.

She lay there, naked and waiting. Her dark hair fanned over the pillow. Her
eyes were closed and her long lashes lay against her flushed cheeks. Her arms
waited at her sides. One leg absently slid back and forth along the sheet, its
movement antagonizing the welt of flesh I had aroused between her thighs.

I stepped into the room and M opened her eyes to me. Her lips parted in an oval
lipped sigh and I saw her round belly and large breasts tremble.
I strode over to the bed and ran one finger from her breastbone down along her
flesh to her navel, circled once and then continued on, through the dark silk of
her bush and into her cleft. I jabbed my finger deep inside of her.

M was so wet and the lips of her vagina closed around the base of my finger,
holding it there inside her. She raised her hips in response and I forced her
back into the bed with my other hand. "Don't move unless I tell you to." I
spat. "Do you understand?" M nodded her head. "Good," I cooed "because I
wouldn't want you to be a bad girl." I paused a moment and seeing the sparkle
in her eyes, asked: "Are you a bad girl?" She chuckled softly: "Yes. I'm a
very bad girl!" "Well, then!" I said, jerking my finger from her hole and
turning her onto her side, "bad girls must be punished!" and brought my open
palm down on her upturned ass-cheek.

The sound of the slap resonated through the room and was echoed by her squeal of
pleasure. I watched the flesh of her butt turn pink then glow red in a perfect
outline of my large hand. I released her and stood and walked to the dresser.
I could feel her eyes following me. I enjoyed her expectation. Opening the
handkerchief drawer, I took each of the five scarves by their corners, one by
one, pulled them out and flung them through the air at her. They dr*ped her in
a rainbow of silk.

M was so beautiful lying there, the scarves about her. Her glowing skin against
the vibrant colors, her dark eyes sparkling with desire. I kneeled on the edge
of the bed and over her. My kimono came open, revealing my puckered aureolas.
I leaned down to touch her perfect breasts with my own hard nipples. I butted
against her parted lips with my own and softly urged them further apart with my
gently probing tongue. She offered me her's and I took it gratefully. As our
tongues danced, I thought how contentedly we could just lie there, kissing.

M's kisses responded perfectly to my mouth. No suction cup over the lower half
of my face with her! Ah! she was wonderful! I felt her fingertips along the
soft skin of my back and, remembering, with regret, our game of the day, halted
our kiss. I pulled away from her and looked down on her. I could see the
excitement in her eyes when she realized her mistake.

Screwing my face into a mask of rage, I hissed "I see you cannot obey me, you
bad, bad girl. Didn't I tell you not to move?" "I ... I'm sorry." M breathed
and I thought I saw the glimmer of real fear in her face as I straightened
myself off the bed and stood over her. I slid my hands under her and ass turned
her away from me. Her large cheeks were exposed to me, the one still pink from
the previous punishment. M yelped as my hand smacked down on the other cheek.
I watched the mirror redness of its imprint color her tender flesh.

M lay there trembling. "Turn over" I said huskily "and spread your legs." She
did as she was told. Her nipples were hard, the aureoles ridged with
excitement. I took the nearest between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. M
gasped as I pulled the pliable flesh up. I let go and reached for the closest
scarf. Wrapping an end around each hand, I snapped it taut. The sound was like
the muffled crack of a whip and she jumped. I wrapped the scarf around her
ankle and then secured it to one of the spindles at the foot of the bed.

I repeated the process with her other ankle. I needed more material to tie the
knot and, grasping her ankle, jerked her down further on the bed. Her eyes
never moved from watching me. After her hands were secured to the headboard, I
leaned over her and tied the final scarf as a blindfold. M was breathing
heavily now and I could see the gleam of wetness in the hairs of her bush.

I ran my hands along her softness. Grasping a mound of breast in each hand, I
kneaded them like two large loaves of dough. I squeezed and pressed them and
pinched the nipples. M was panting now and I moved onto the bed between her
legs. Shaping my hands into claws, I dragged my fingers along her skin. My
short fingernails left wakes of red flesh behind them as they traveled. My two
hands moved incessantly over her, kneading, pinching, stroking, clawing.

Finally, they raced each other to her bush and stopped there, luxuriating in the
soft curls. The hair of her mound was so soft and I lay my cheek against it,
stoking my face with its brush. I could smell her, intoxicating and hot, and
wanted to taste her salty sweetness. I wanted her and I had her. Slowly and
tautly, I ran my tongue along the satin of her inner thighs and along her outer
lips. Her breath was labored and little mewlings escaped as I flicked the tip
of my tongue over her clitoris.

I opened my mouth, withdrew my tongue and kissed her there, my lips moving
against her hard little hooded button. Oh, M was sweet! I sucked lightly,
pulling more of her clitoral ridge into my mouth. Her hips were moving with
their own purpose now. I opened my mouth further and darted my tongue against
her nodule. Then, licking down to her vagina, I circled it slowly, deliberately!
Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I plunged into her.

She moaned loudly and ground her hips up into my face. I fucked her with my
tongue, withdrawing it to rasp over her clit and then back down to stick it deep
into her warmth. M was whimpering now and I surprised myself with the
realization I was making grunting, rooting noises. It was hard, but I pulled
myself away from the delight of eating her and raised myself away, making sure
no part of my own body came into contact with hers.

"No, no, don't ... please don't stop now ..." she entreated me. "Must I gag you
as well?" I laughed as I got off the bed. "Don't go anywhere! I'll be right
back!" I teased from the doorway as I left the room. Walking towards the
kitchen, I stopped mid-stride as a glint caught my peripheral sight. I turned
my head and looking at the dogs' leashes and collars hanging from the hook,
snapped my fingers in brilliancy and turned to the utility table. I opened the
drawer and picked up the cellophane wrapped package I'd placed there weeks
before. I weighed the heft of the contents in my hand. Tearing the package
open, I poured the steel links out into my other opened palm. The twenty-two
inch dog choke collar gleamed there.

After quickly washing the dog choke chain and holding it in one hand, I withdrew
the now freezing cold pipe wrench from the freezer with the other. Back in the
room, I lay the wrench on the edge of the bed. Then, with deliberate slowness,
I dangled the choke chain over her. Gently, I dr*ped the full length of it from
the point between her breasts down to her cleft. M shuddered with the
unexpected coldness of the steel as it touched her flushed flesh. I toyed with
her there, dragging the chain over her exposed flesh. Then, slipping a hand
under her hips, I raised her and pushed the chain under. Reaching between her
legs, I pulled the chain through and up onto her belly. The chain lay there,
one end-ring laying over her navel, the other buried beneath her and the length
of gleaming silver chain between. Grasping the available end-ring, I tugged,
seeing the chain disappear between the lips of her vagina.

M squirmed, pulling the bindings tighter around wrists and ankles. She was
making guttural noises as the metal rubbed against her swollen pleasure. I
played the chain against her until it was slick with her juice and slippery in
my hands. Unable to grasp the chain securely any longer, I took the end-ring
and gently, inserted it into her hot cunt. My finger pushed it as far as
possible and then I withdrew and, proceeded to insert the rest of the chain's
length inside her. M was writhing against her constraints and moaning
unintelligibly now. I knew she was beyond mere excitement. M was at the chasm.

When she was filled with the chain and my finger, I began fucking her, slowly.
I relished the feel of the hard chain on one surface of my finger and the soft,
wet, ridged walls of her pussy against the other. The chain made her tight. So
tight, I almost couldn't get the second finger inside of her! My tempo was
measured, slow and thrusting. M was moving with my rhythm and the chain inside
her was growing warmer with her heat.

I picked up the wrench with my free hand and, withdrawing my fingers, slipped
the icy handle in their place. The clink of steel on steel rose liquidly from
her tunnel. The erotic chinking of the chain and wrench meeting within her was
the only sound other than our own quick breathing. The handle slipped deeply
into her and I began to fuck her with it, slowly at first, then gradually
building to the crescendo.

M began to moan loudly, "yes" and "oh" and "please" interspersed. I again was
making noises. I could feel the sweat pouring from me in my excitement and
exertion. I threw my head back in the pleasure of hearing her approaching
orgasm and the sound of the the metal inside of her meeting. Lowering my head to
her breasts, I sucked a nipple in and chewed and licked. I groaned against her
flesh. She was screaming now. Her slick perspiration mixed with my own.

Finally, with a jerk, I pulled the chain and the wrench from her and plunged my
hand deep into her in their place. M was open and wet and hot and I slid in
easily. I rammed her deeply, thrusting in, out, harder, deeper. One final
scream "Ohhhhh!" and my hand was lathered in her cum. And then, M began to
laugh! I kneeled over her, my hand still inside and panted. Withdrawing my
drenched hand, I raised it to her lips and she sucked my fingers, between
guffaws, until almost all was gone. Then, untying her and removing the
blindfold, I lay down and pulled her on top of me.

I held her there, smiling contently to myself, enjoying her laughter.

End of Story