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Bill get a spanking and more.

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Do you believe him coming home high when I am having the girls over for lunch and a card party? In the house he walks staggering and bumping into the table and then nearly falling in the middle of the living room. I screamed at him that he was such an asshole. He sat down in his chair and said meekly that he was sorry.

The girls got up and Suzy said well we must get back to our assholes as well. We all laughed. They left but Jane stayed behind to help clean up. She said I know what I would do if my Jim ever came home high and screwed up my fun. She said she would spank his ass if front of all the girls.

I said that is what I feel like doing to Bill. Plus I would make him clean up. So why don’t you Jane said?

I starred at her and said really. Do you think he will let me? Don’t ask just do it was her response. I said as soon as you leave I just might. No she said do it now in front of me so he will be humiliated in front of me.

I grabbed a plastic spatula and went into the living room. He was almost passed out. I screamed at him to stand up. He did and I said pull down your pants and underwear NOW. He did with a grin and said oh boy do I get to fuck both of you? That sent me over the edge. I instructed him to bend over the arm of the couch. He did with his smooth hairless ass sticking up. I told him I was going to punish him for being an asshole. I pulled his shirt up and gave him one good hard whack on his right ass cheek. He said is that the best you got? So I really gave it to him on the next hit and followed it with 20 more firm whacks on his bare ass. He started to whimper and beg for me to stop. But I was encouraged by Jane to give him a good hard spanking for his stupid behavior. I continued to spank his ass. Each time hitting him just a little harder as I reddened his ass like a bright red apple. He was now crying and begging my forgiveness. He said he would never be bad again.

I looked over at Jane and she was all flushed. I asked if she was all right? She said it always makes her hot when she spanks Jim and now she said she was turned on watching me spank Bill.

I have always been attracted to Jane so I figured here is my chance. I whispered to her why don’t you spank him also? Go ahead Jane spank his ass but first let’s get naked. This will tease him into thinking he will get to fuck us after we beat his ass. I was really into it now. Being in control for one of the first times in our marriage was a real turn on. I gave her the spatula. She said you know I am always naked when I spank Jim so she stripped right then and there. Bill’s eyes popped out of his head as he gazed at her fine body. She is 5’ 2”, 115lbs, blond hair cut short, blue eyes and a body to die for. Firm tits maybe 34C small waist and a perfect butt that led to straight slender legs. Her pussy hair was shaved completely off. My mouth was watering. I said WOW Jane I always admired you body but I had no idea it was so perfect. Jim certainly is a lucky man. She smiled as I was stripping also and said hey you are hot also. She said I like a tall girl with big boobs. I have always wondered what it was like to touch another woman’s tits she added.

I said and I always wondered what it is like to make love to a woman. We laughed and said so here is our chance. But first we must administer some more punishment to your asshole of a husband. Bill protested saying he had enough, but I said shut up you prick and stay on you belly.

Jane rose up high and let the spatula come down hard on his red bare ass. She spanked him 25 times bringing him to tears again. He was screaming please stop. She did and said stand up you pig. He did and we were shocked to see his cock was rock hard. He is 7” and average in girth. Today it was at full mast. At a 45% angle and the hardest I have ever seen it. Pre-cum was leaking out the tip. He started to reach for it but Jane said NO. Do not touch your cock. We want you to watch us make love and see what you are going to miss out on today. Now sit down and don’t you dare touch your cock.

We then started to kiss. It was raw passion. She had her hands all over me. I reached for her firm ass and she had my tits in her hands. We the kissed our way down to each other’s pussies. We moved into a 69 position and ate each other’s pussies. I was in heaven. Eating my first cunt as my husband of 20 years watched. Jane knew what she was doing as she brought me to 3 climaxes in about 15 minutes. She came twice.

We then sat on the floor and told Bill to jerk off for us. He grabbed his cock and started to slide his hand up and down over his manhood. Jane was fondling my tits as I fingered her bald pussy. Bill said I am going to cum and cum he did. He shot all over his stomach the biggest load I ever saw.

Jane stood up and ordered him to scoop it up in his palm. He did and she directed him to lick it up and drink it down. Bill looked at me and I said do it Bill and don’t miss any. Bill put his hand to his mouth and licked the cum into his mouth. Jane said show us. He opened his mouth and there was a puddle of cum on his tongue. Swallow it she said. He closed his mouth and swallowed.

I looked and saw his cock got hard again as he swallowed. Well fuck he likes it! He likes to get spanked and he likes to eat cum. I wondered out loud if he likes to suck cock also.

Jane called Jim on her cell and told him to get over right now. He showed up 5 minutes later. Jane told him to get naked. He I guess thought we were going to have a 4 some. So he was out of his clothes and naked in 5 seconds. Nice I said as I saw his 7” thick cock for the first time.

Jane said Bill wants to suck your cock. Jim was shocked but moved over to stand in front of Bill. His cock now hard a dripping pre-cum. I said go ahead Bill suck him off and drink his cum. I know you want it. So do it or we will spank your ass for you again?

Bill reach out and took his cock in his right hand, cupped his big hanging balls in his left and opened his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and licked Jim’s cock like he was in love with it. He licked all over it. Then opened wide and sucked him in. He bobbed his head up and down and stroked his hand at the same time.

Jim screamed out oh shit here I cum. His ass tensed up and then he shot his hot load into my husband’s mouth. He shot a good 8 times shooting his spunk in Bill eager mouth. I saw Bill swallow many times. Not one drop spilled out of his mouth.

Then it was Jim’s turn to suck Bill. He did at Jane’s direction. It was so hot to watch these two friends suck each other’s cocks for the first time. Jane and I fell back in each other’s arms again and made the sweetest love I ever felt.

It has been 6 months now and we get together every weekend for sex games. We have shared each other’s mates. We have done DP’s and daisy chains. We do what Jane and I want to. And if the boys protest or whine we get out our new leather paddles and give them some punishment we all love so much.

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