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Be a Good Boy

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I sent specific instructions that I am expecting to be followed. Waiting for the key in the door and for him to walk through the door I can’t help but think about the goodies I brought for tonight in my little black bag. I’m hoping he’s feeling as much nervous energy and anticipation for the evening ahead of us. The sound of the key in the door and the handle turning kicks my heart rate up a notch and I stand in the dark room, backlit by the low glow of a couple of candles behind me, waiting for him to enter. I see him step just inside the door, closing it quickly behind him and turning to face me. I smile to myself as I see the bag tucked under his arm, knowing that he has followed my instructions so far. He stands in the doorway waiting for instruction. Chuckling quietly, I take a seat in the chair I have set at the far side of the room, still with the candles behind me, making it easy for me to see him, but keeping me shrouded in shadows for the time being. “Strip!” I demand of him, resting comfortably and watching the show before me. He sets the package down and kicks off his shoes and his socks quickly. I watch as he deftly pulls loose his tie and drops it. Next comes the shirt, he manages to unbutton it quickly and shrugs it onto the floor, quickly followed by the t-shirt he’s wearing underneath. From here I can see the smooth skin over his chest and abs. My fingers itch to run over that skin as I continue to watch in silence. Next he pulls his belt loose and undoes his pants. They drop to the floor with a soft thud as he steps out of them. I can see from here he is already aroused which turns me on tremendously, but I am determined to keep control of the situation and make him work for it tonight. My heart starts thumping harder with excitement as I watch him peel the boxer briefs slowly down his hips to the floor. As he steps out of them I demand “On your hands & knees!” Once he is down on all fours I stand again and take two steps toward him. He looks up at me and I say “Eyes on the floor until I give you permission to look at me!” Pleased with how quickly he responds by dropping his head downward I praise him “very good” as I reach into my black bag and pull out my first treat for my submissive man. Stepping over to him I lean down and stroke my hand down his back from base of his neck to his ass, letting my nails drag along leaving a faint pink trail. I reach over again and quickly buckle the black leather collar around his neck, grinning at the sound of the little metal ring at the front clink as he sits up on his knees. Quickly I slap a sharp hand across his ass cheek feeling the stinging in my finger tips and seeing the red finger marks appear instantly. “I didn’t tell you to get up yet!” He drops back down on hands and knees immediately and I can’t resist grazing my nails across the fresh little read marks left on his ass, laughing as he squirms and groans. I walk back across the room to the chair and sit back down, legs stretched out in front of me, ankles crossed. “Now crawl to me” I demand. Watching as he slowly approaches on hands and knees. I can feel myself getting excited, the warmth between my legs growing. When he has made it to my feet I tell him to kiss the black patent leather toe of my platform boots and to work his way up my legs. I watch as he bends his head down to the toe of my boot, watching as he plants quick excited kisses up the toe and entire front of one boot. I can feel his breath as he reaches the top of my boot and can hear him groan when he reaches the warm silky nylon covering my leg as he continues to kiss his way up my leg…I quickly reach down and pull his face away from my leg just as he reaches the top edge of my thigh-high stocking and instruct him to start on the other leg. I lean back and watch as he repeats the long string of kisses up my other leg, running my fingers through his hair as I enjoy the sensation. Again, when he reaches the top edge of my stocking I pull his face up, pulling his head back with his hair, looking deeply into his eyes. I smile a wicked smile at him, bend down as if to kiss him, instead sucking his lower lip into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth, suckling it and releasing him. “If you’re a very good boy I will make sure you get to cum tonight, but if you don’t behave I’m going to spend the entire night keeping you hard without letting you cum at all! Do you understand me?” He looks up at me and responds with a silent nod. “Good…now take off my boots for me.” He reaches up and unlaces each of my boots and pulls them slowly off of my feet. “Now I want you to kiss my right foot and leg. You may kiss and lick any part of my right leg as long as it’s where the stocking covers.” As he starts suckling my toes and kissing along the side of my foot I take my left foot and run it slowly up his inner thigh, gently stroking his balls with my nylon covered toes, letting them graze back to his asshole and back up. I can feel him stiffening as he continues to shower my foot and leg with kisses. His hot breath distracting me for a moment, I can feel my heart racing and my pussy getting wet as I enjoy the feel of his mouth on my skin through the nylons. I reach down and loop my finger through the ring in his collar, yanking him sharply up onto his knees, pulling his face roughly to mine and kissing him hard and deep. His pulse races as I hold him tightly to me. I pull him hard by the collar until he is up on his knees, his bare skin pressed against my body as I continue to kiss him. I can feel his erection hard and hot against my leg. I grin as I slide my nylon clad leg up against him and feel him stiffen more and thrust against me in response. I run my tongue along his jaw, feeling the rough scr*pe of his stubble against my lips, moving my mouth down to his neck, gently nipping up the side of his neck to his ear as I whisper into his ear “you’re being a VERY good boy so far…maybe it’s time for a little fun.” I smile down at him again as I scoot down in the chair, letting my skirt ride up over my hips, revealing my black garter belt and smooth bare pussy to him. “I want you to lick me nice and slow.” I settle back into the chair and let my knees fall apart giving him easy access. A deep sigh escapes my throat as I feel his warm tongue stroke along my entire slit, feeling it pressing firmly against my clit before starting a second stroke. I relax and lose myself in the sensation as he strokes his tongue up and down over and over. I reach down and tangle my fingers into his hair pulling his face deeper into me, feeling my pulse start racing and my pussy start to throb in response to him. I groan and pull him closer, thrusting my hips up to meet his tongue. “Oh, I’m close…don’t stop!” I can feel my pussy starting to tighten and start gasping…just as I’m about to cum I feel him quickly slip his fingers into my wet throbbing pussy. With a couple of thrusts I feel myself slip over the edge into an intense orgasm. My pussy tightens around his thrusting fingers, my hips buck up into his face as he licks and sucks my clit, rolling his tongue over my clit ring, my fingers dig into his hair pulling him hard into my pussy as I let go and ride out the sensations, crying out in ecstasy. When I’m able to catch my breath I untangle my fingers from his hair and sigh deeply. He sits back with a self satisfied grin on his face. Once I’ve collected myself I push him back and stand up. I sigh dramatically as I look down at him. I say, “well, you definitely earned a reward, but you’ve earned a punishment too.” At his bewildered look I remind him that I told him to lick my pussy and make me cum…I never gave him permission to use his hands.

I walk over to the bed and smile back at him. “Punishment first…come lie face down on the bed!” I watch as he slowly climbs up onto the bed and lays down. I can see that he’s a little hesitant as he lowers himself down slowly, not knowing what to expect. Once he is flat on the bed I reach under the corner of the mattress and pull out a loop of silk cord and quickly slip it over his wrist, tightening it down. He lifts his head, startled and I slap him sharply across the ass as a reminder that he was not told to move. His head drops back to the bed instantly. “That’s better…now you stay down and stay still or you will earn another punishment!” I move quickly around the bed, stopping at each corner to slip another silk cord loop over his other wrist and ankles. Once he’s completely tied down, spread eagle I go back to my little bag of goodies. After rustling around a bit I find the item I’m looking for. I walk back over to the bed and look down at his beautiful body lying prone and waiting. I can see the muscles in his thighs and ass flex and relax in anticipation of what might be coming. I climb back up onto the bed kneeling between his spread legs. I take the leather paddle I pulled out of my bag and gently slide it up the inside of his right thigh, dragging it slowly up, lightly grazing his exposed balls, watching his muscles tense up. Slowly I take it across and drag it back down his left thigh. I repeat this pass a couple more times until I can see him relax a bit. As soon as he relaxes his muscles I pull the paddle back and swiftly strike him across the right butt cheek with a sharp whack sound. He flinches with a hiss and I smile in satisfaction as I see the red marks appear instantly. I lean over, stretching my body across his bare skin and whisper into his ear “with each swat you receive you will apologize and tell me you’ve been a naughty boy…when I believe you mean it your punishment will end.” With that said I slide back and land another sharp slap with the paddle on his left butt cheek, leaving a matching mark. I can hear a muffled apology from him and laugh as I reach up and strike him twice more, once on each side. “Apparently you need more incentive…I need to be able to HEAR you apologize!” After responding with another hiss and a moan I can hear him more clearly “I’m sorry…I’ve been a naughty boy.” I set the paddle down, and drag my fingernails across the red slightly welted marks on his ass and tell him he’s going to have to be more convincing if he wants his punishment to end so we can move onto his reward. I quickly follow this with another bare handed slap on either side of his ass…I can feel the stinging in my fingers as he moans again…this time as I drag my finger nails across the new red marks I can hear him clearly and in a pleading tone say “I’m very sorry…I’ve been a very naughty boy!” I stretch back up over his back again, being sure to let the lace of my stockings to graze across the sensitive skin on his ass to kiss his ear and whisper “Now, that’s my good boy! I think you’ve definitely earned a reward.” I climb back off of the bed and retrieve the bag he dropped by the door. I stop long enough to strip down to nothing but the garter belt and stockings and return to the bed. I pull the package of silky knee-high stockings I had him purchase on his way here tonight out of the bag sliding them over my hands. I tell him to relax and close his eyes. “I want you to just lay there and enjoy the sensations you feel as I stroke you head to toe with these lovely silky nylons. I start at his toes, sliding my nylon clad fingers up the bottoms of his feet and between his toes, stroking the skin lightly. I slowly work my way up lightly dragging my hands over his ankles and calves, stroking my hands in light circles. I find myself getting excited again knowing he is enjoying the feel of the nylon on my hands stroking over every inch of his skin. I slowly work my way up his thighs, alternating strokes from the outside of his thighs to the inside, gradually climbing up to his ass. As I get to his still reddened ass I bend down and place light kisses across the red marks following my lips with my hands, stroking softly, watching as light goose bumps raise up on his skin. I continue to work my way up his body, gently and slowly circling my hands over his skin. I continue up over his back to his neck, slowly sliding them around his throat and up his jaw. Knowing I have his full attention by now I slide myself off the bed long enough to release his wrists and ankles and tell him to turn over onto his back. Once he’s on his back I can see for myself that he is totally enjoying himself. I lay back down on the bed next to him, this time positioning myself so my legs and feet are by his face, my upper body down near his thighs. I slide one foot across his cheek, feeling the nylon dragging roughly on the stubble on his jaw. “You have permission to do as you like with my feet and legs for now” I tell him. Without hesitation he grabs hold of my ankle and brings my foot back over to his face, dragging the nylon across his cheek and lips, nibbling the arch of my foot and kissing up my foot to my toes. I can hear him sigh as he covers my foot and toes with kisses, followed by a deep moan when he feels my still nylon clad hand wrap around his cock, squeezing him lightly, feeling how hard and hot he is. Using one hand I continue to stroke slowly up and down the length of him, using the other hand to fondle and stroke his inner thighs, cupping his balls, stroking my fingers along the skin between his balls and asshole. I can feel him grow even harder and hotter as he continues to nibble and kiss my foot and I stroke him pushing him further and further into an aroused frenzy. When I feel like he can’t possibly get any more excited I pull my legs free from his hands, turn myself around and swing a leg over his waist so I’m hovering over him. I lean down, letting my breasts graze across the skin of his chest, feeling the heat radiating off of his body. I kiss him deeply and passionately, letting my body press down on him, feeling his hard hot cock pressing against my pussy. I break the kiss and nibble across his jaw up to his ear…and tell him “I want you inside me. You’re free to do as you like…you’ve been a very good boy for me…now let’s just have some fun.” I pull myself back and up over him again and slide his hard cock into my pussy with ease. I’m so turned on and wet, my pussy is throbbing and I can feel him hot and hard inside me. As I begin to ride him slowly I feel his strong hands grab my hips, pulling me closer, thrusting up into me with each stroke. My breath is coming in gasps as I let myself give into the sensations I’m feeling, his heat, the strength of his hands, the intensity in his eyes. I feel myself losing control as my throbbing pussy starts tightening over his cock. Feeling him thrusting himself up off the bed deeper and deeper into me, feeling the friction on my clit, as he reaches up a hand to play with my nipples I feel myself slip over the edge as I start to cum on him, feeling him thrust harder and faster. I can feel when my orgasm pushes him over the edge as he thrusts into me one last hard time, holding my hips to him tightly as he cums with me, feeling my pussy pulsing over his cock, hearing him moan with pleasure. When the shuddering finally stops for both of us I collapse down onto the bed next to him, feeling his arms pull me close to his body, both of us still breathing hard, hot and sweaty. I reach up and stroke a hand across his jaw, kiss him tenderly and say “I’m so glad you decided to be a good boy for me.”

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