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A Night At The Theater

A Night At The Theater

Autumn had finally submitted itself to the cold winds of winter just as I submitted to the floggers,
paddles and the will of my Domme. Darkness had now descended and I got out of my car and
walked into her house as she had told me to do this evening.
"Come in and kneel in front of me" she demanded. For her to say this was hardly necessary as I
always did so regardless of whether she verbalized it or not. This was my submissive's ritual when
I came into her presence confirming to her that I recognized her as my Dominatrix (or Domme). I
averted my eyes to the floor as she reached out and grabbed and yanked the chain collar that I
wore around my neck at her insistence. The action brought me closer to her and as I did she
reached down lower and grabbed my crotch, feeling me to verify that the collar bracelet she made
me wear around my cock and balls was in place. (Attached to the bracelet was a tag declaring me
to be her property, her submissive slave) This was her part of our greeting ritual confirming to me
that I was still considered by her to be her slave. "Good, you will be displaying these openly to
everyone around us later tonight". She enjoyed her life as a completely dominant being when
around me and I happily accepted my role as her submissive receiving her attention as she saw fit
to give it. This would manifest peacefully and sometimes with a deliciously wonderful violence to
my body. She enjoyed both the physical as well as the mental dominance she held over me.
"Open your Shirt" as her second command burst forth. As I unbuttoned it, she grabbed a shiny 6
foot chain and locked it onto my collar and stuffed the brutally cold metal leash under my shirt. I
shivered as it slid over one of my nipples and made both of them tighten in to little points of flesh.
"You will pull your leash out and put it in my hand when I tell you to do so tonight. I want you to
select a nice place for us to dine and then you are taking me to a theater".
She did not offer to tell me what movie she wished to see this evening and I knew better than to
query her about it and upset her with questions she had no intention of answering. She would tell
me when SHE wanted to me to know.
I took her to a nice local Italian restaurant and she was delighted with how good the food tasted.
Score one point for her subby boy. At least she was happy and not venting her easily produced
wrath upon me. She was demanding but she deserved more than I could ever hope to give her so
I was especially content when she was happy with what I did manage to provide. After our meal I
paid the bill and as we walked out of the door and toward the car she told me to give her the leash.
I docilely removed it from my shirt and put it in her expectant outstretched hand. "I rather like this. I
think you will be wearing this leash quite a bit more often from now on" she whimsically
She dragged me by the leash and shoved me into the car. When she had me start the engine she
said nothing more than "Head east on Crocker Street". We eventually turned down several other
streets and upon arrival at our destination I came to the realization that her plans for going to a
theater had nothing to do with seeing a movie. She grabbed my head firmly and turned it so I was
facing her and commanded "You will do absolutely everything I tell you to do tonight. You are not
going to get out of sucking cock tonight like you did the last time. We aren't leaving here until at
least two men have pumped you full of their cum. That doesn't mean you will escape the flogging I
plan to subject you to when we get home tonight but it might have some bearing as to just how
hard and long I beat you. You just might not bleed from that little metal chain flogger should you
please me with your actions".
We walked into the adult theater that she had led us to and with the leash arcing, in plain sight,
from her hand over to my neck had me pay the admission. The man smirked at me as he handed
the ticket and looked at my Domme and with a knowing expression told her to "enjoy the show".
She laughingly replied "You can be sure of it".
As we walked into the darkness I heard her making a muffled scuffling noise and as my eyes grew
used to the lack of light in the theater I could make out that she had dropped her skirt to reveal her
naked pussy outlined by crotchless panties and black thigh high hose attached to garters leading
up to a garter belt. She had unbuttoned her blouse revealing a black trimmed red bustier and
handed the blouse and skirt to me and told me to fold them neatly and put them in plastic bag to
protect them from tonight's events. She proudly led her compliant leashed possession, tugging me
hard at every step down the aisle to the front row and I sat down beside her when she had seated
herself. She laughed at me and said "No little boy there will be no seat here for you tonight. You
need to kneel down in front of me. I did so and as she spread her legs I felt the leash make the
collar tighten around my neck as my face was pulled toward her beautiful naked pussy. "Take that
delicious subby tongue of yours and lick me very slowly and lightly. I want to make you satisfy me
but you must do it slowly and gently. Ooooooooh, yes like that - Nice and slow. Move up and down
over and over. Yes you are a good little pussy licker. Mmmmm now push your tongue as deep as
you can into my pussy and hold it there" There were three men that had already been in the
theater, and as they gathered around us she gestured for them to sit down. The two men now
sitting at her sides had taken their erect dicks out of their pants and started stroking them. "Take
your tongue out of me and start licking me again" she demanded. The men, when she nodded to
them in the affirmative, reached into her now loosened bustier and they each started sucking her
nipples. "LIGHTLY!" she hissed at them. Looking up I could see her nearly drooling with lust as I
kept licking her wet pussy and she viewed their hard meat that they played with. She gave the
leash to a man evidently standing behind me as she grabbed the sitting men's cocks and moved
up and down their cock shafts as they groaned in pleasure. "I want to see my little boy be used like
a little girl tonight. Make him suck your cock and fuck him in his tight little ass if you want". She was
saying this in between gasps of lust and as she finished talking her breathing and groaning told me
that her first orgasm of the night had arrived. She nearly yelled with lust as her back arched and
she ground her pussy hard into my face. After she came she pushed me away and I could feel my
collar as I was yanked away by the man now holding my leash. I watched as she looked to her
right, and almost ferociously, told him to fuck her with his thick cock. I looked at this handsome
black man and noticed his hard cock wasn't all that long but a good bit more than average in
thickness. This was her favorite. She didn't care for them to be very long but loved ones that were
thick enough to fill her pussy tightly.
My voyeuristic pleasure was short lived though as my leash's present owner yanked on it pulling
me violently toward his naked thighs and grabbed my collar with a manly ferocity. He said "Strip".
No further words passed between us. He had given me a command and I understood there was to
be no discussion about this. He simply expected it to happen as I had been given to him to do with
as he wished. He was now my master and I was to do as he said within the confines my Domme
had given him. I was now his girl to give him what he wanted. I hurriedly removed my clothing and
as I did I briefly caught a glimpse of a black cock sliding in and out of my Domme's pussy as she
gasped "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!" Her black stud slammed his ebony cock meat
hard and fast into her pussy. She still had her hand on the other man's cock and his eyes were
closed as he moaned with intense sexual desire from her rapid stroking hand job.
I felt my head whipped around and I saw my face was mere inches from a man's cock. He pushed
it into my face beating my cheeks with it until it grew harder and then stopped, He brought it up to
my mouth and forced my lips apart with the thick mushroom head of his rock hard cock. He didn't
waste any time sliding into my mouth. He shoved my lips all the way to his body passing his shaft
through my mouth and down into my throat gagging me by surprise. His cock was thick and it held
my mouth wide open. He started thrusting his dick in and out repeatedly. He was moaning in
delight from my tongue darting along his purple headed shaft and pushing it into the opening at
the tip of the cock. He was dripping into my mouth with long strands of pre-cum giving me his
sweet and salty treasure that told me of delights he would soon force upon and into me even
though it was something I would have begged for him to provide me. He grabbed my head with
both hands and pushed his dick all the way into me as he nearly growled at me saying "Oh yeah,
I'm gonna pump my cum down your throat you little slut. Take it down your throat and don't you
dare try to pull off of my cock - you are going to drink all my tasty cum like a good little bitch. As he
moaned in waves of pleasure I felt his cock begin to throb and I tightened down hard around it with
my lips and gums. He moaned that much more as his cock now under even more pressure began
to pump thick streams of cum. I couldn't swallow it quickly enough and yanked back hard so his
cock cream would fill my mouth instead of just shoot down my throat. I gasped for breath and felt
my mouth fill with his creamy sticky delight. It tasted salty and slightly bitter, like a hoppy beer. My
Domme, still fucking her black lover, reached over to my present male master grabbing his ass
and in doing so shoved his dick back down my throat as he finished his off his orgasm and she
held it there not letting me dismount from his dick. "Make him keep sucking and licking you until
you get hard enough to fuck me" she gasped.
The man that she had been stroking with her hand was obviously being totally consumed with
desire and his overwhelming need to cum. She motioned for him to bring his dick up to her mouth.
She went down on him sliding it in and out past her lips and drove this man crazy with desire to
release his cum in her mouth. She could sense from his groans and body pumping his dick into
her that he was getting close to losing his load and pulled off his shaft. She devilishly looked into
his eyes and groaned quietly as she told him in a lusty whisper if he wanted to cum he would have
to fuck her little subby in the ass. She stopped all her attentions to his tumescent shaft and I went
cold with anxiety as I saw him move toward me and that he was thicker than any man that had
fucked me before. He stood up, pulled his pants the rest of the way off and shoved me onto my
back on the floor. The man I had been sucking to that point moved down to me and pushed his
now hardening dick back into my tired mouth. As I took it deeper into my mouth my legs were lifted
into the air and spread apart being held in place by both of the men using me. I felt nearly
unbearable hot searing pain as my ass was opened up and filled with an unlubricated cock being
forced quickly and roughly into it. I whimpered and both men laughed at my predicament of being
given to them by my Domme to be their little girl. The man I was sucking on leaned closer to my
soft cock and said "Hey look there's a tag on the bitch's pretty little cock bracelet he's wearing. He
said "It says - SLAVE - PROPERTY OF MISS JENNY". They laughed at it as if it would humiliate
me and I guess it did a little bit but it was a station that I was proud of as well as I was the only one
in her life that claimed that distinction at least at the present and I was willing to do anything in
order to prove to her that it was exactly what I was- her submissive slave. I was submitting to the
painful sexual aggression of two men right now in proving this to her with no real expectation of
getting any of the pleasure I was meekly giving them. It was very nearly r*pe but one I allowed
because of milady's wishes and commands.
As I lay there watching and letting them take me like this, I heard the black man growling and
grunting in a deep sexually charged voice to my Domme that he was cumming and the three of us
watched his thick wet black cock pump deep into her pussy. As he pushed into her we saw
massive streams of his cum pump out of her between his glistening black cock and the walls of her
pussy. He stayed in her pussy for several more long moments until his cock's hardness finally
began to subside. The strong musky smell of sex pervaded the area of the theater we occupied.
When he finally got off of her she stood up and told the man in my mouth to move away from me
for a moment. As he withdrew from my mouth she lowered herself placing her pussy directly above
my mouth and I felt the black man's cum dripping from her well fucked pussy down onto my face.
The men all smiled as she dropped down further onto me and told me to lick her pussy clean and
not leave a drop. I did as she demanded and saw her grab the man I had been sucking and held
him by his cock as though it were a handle and pulled him onto her as she sat back in the theater's
now cum soaked seat. I heard him groan as he told her that her little bitch's (me) blow job was
good but that my Domme's pussy was so much better. She smiled and replied with a laugh "Of
course it is but I'm going to make her keep practicing".
My cock filled ass was still hurting really awful but not quite as badly as when he had first invaded
my rectum and pushed that thick cock up into me. Pain became mixed with a little bit of pleasure
as he slid his hardness against my prostate. My cock hardened just a little and one of the men
remarked that my soft little dick must be why she made me be a fuck bitch and play toy for real
men and why she liked to fuck those real men in front of me. She motioned to the black man to
move his dick to my mouth and have me get his cock hard again for her. She said she would fuck
him again and maybe even blow him later if he didn't want to cum in my ass or mouth.
As they laughed at me and my sad looking partially hard penis, the man in my ass quickened his
pace and I groaned lightly from the pleasure he gave me as he cock massaged my prostate. I was
not enjoying it enough to have an orgasm as it still hurt to feel him pumping in and out filling my
ass . Then as he announced he would be cumming soon and filling my ass with his manly fluids. I
felt cum of my own begin to dribble out of my little softening cock. It was from him pumping his dick
into me and pushing my prostate until it caused enough pressure to push my cum out of my little
penis. The men laughed out loud saying "Look! We are getting making him all hot and bothered
and got him to cum from fucking his tight little ass!" They were mistaken but it didn't matter. I felt
pretty embarrassed from all this but I couldn't expect them to believe the truth. As far as they were
concerned the little sissy was cumming from the man's delicious fucking of my butt and that was
I slowly became aware that two other men were now standing above us and they were welcomed
by my Domme saying they could play with me but that she was too busy for them at the moment.
Suddenly changing her mind, she looked at one of them and said "Come on over here and sit by
me. I will stroke you until you are ready to get off. Then I want you to get up and go spray your goo
all over my little boy's face". He quickly sat down next to her and she proceeded to tightly grab his
dick as he groaned in pure lust filled sexual pleasure.
My ass pounder suddenly sank the entire length of his hard cock shaft in deep and remained
buried between my widely opened ass cheeks. As he groaned in ecstasy I felt the throbbing of his
dick as he began shooting his warm cock cream deep up into my ass. I could actually feel it spurt
up into me and it provided some relief as I became lubricated by his gooey cream he had
unloaded in me. I began to girlishly whimper in both pain and delight to their amusement.
As my ass filling cock's owner pulled his now limp dick from my butt the black man moved close to
my face and looked me in the eyes as he said "now you're gonna get to be a black man's bitch
you little white trash Ho". With that hard cock I had just sucked back to life he filled my ass back up
and immediately started fucking me so hard my body rocked on the cold theater floor. I thanked
heaven that I had already been fucked and that the cum still inside me was lubricating his thick
black dick as he gave me the hardest ass pounding I had ever experienced. He saw my cum that
was pumped out of my soft penis onto my stomach grabbed my hand and made me smear my
own cum on my fingers and forced them into my mouth. "Lick your own cum up for your lady Miss
Jenny's pleasure, boy bitch" he sneered. As he continued his frenzied ass fucking, he leered at me
knowing my ass would be filled for a second time tonight - this time with HIS cum as the sex driven
pressure built up in his cum filled black balls. He kept pushing past my prostate making more cum
seep out of me. No pleasure, no orgasm, just cum dribbling meekly out of my soft penis.
My Domme was still being fucked fast and hard and the man on her told her he was going to cum
pretty soon. The man being stroked by her evidently felt that information was too hot for him and
he stood up and pointed his dick at my face. I looked at his dick and as I did so he shot long thick
ropes of cum onto my face covering my forehead, eyelids and cheeks with his hot white spunk.
That sight (from the sound of her screams) made my Domme cum hard and her pussy fucker
started filling her cock filled hole with his load. I watched through the cum dripping down my face
over my eyelids and once again saw her get up from her chair and move above me. The man's
cum dripped down on me and instead of dropping down onto my face just let it keep dripping there
as the guys watched. Then she leaned over and smeared all that male cock cream all over my
face and neck covering me with it. "The guys all smiled and snickered as she said "Guess what
you'll be wearing home when we leave here tonight?"
The black man increased his speed and when he froze with his cock deeply buried in my asshole I
knew he was filling me with his second load of the evening. He pulled his still hard but softening
cock out of me and said "Not too bad of a piece of ass for a wimpy little white boy bitch." I smiled at
his statement and then that smile was quickly removed from my mouth as the second guy that was
standing above me earlier let his cock be guided into my mouth by my Domme. She huskily voiced
that she wanted to feel his cock throb as my new male lover pumped his cock's load into my
mouth. She said if I could deep throat him and let him cum in my throat instead of my mouth she
would jack me off. She then told him to sink it deep as he could into my throat each time he
pumped it into me. She would stroke his shaft as it came out each time giving him that much more
length to slide his dick on each and every stroke. He groaned on each movement inward and
outward. His slick cock glistened above me and I saw the wicked erotic leer of my Domme as she
knew what I was going to have to do for her pleasure. My male mouth fucker pushed in and out of
me as he groaned lost in his own lust. He looked at my Domme and said "Take your hand away.
I'm going to bury my dick in his throat and cum. She said "Not a chance I want to feel your cock
throb as you are pumping your cum into him". With that he took a few quick strokes choking me
each time and then buried his dick until my lips touched his belly. My Domme's forefinger and
thumb were wrapped around his dick and I could feel them on my lips as I felt his cock throbbing
on my lips. tongue and throat. He let out a loud moan as his cock throbbed even more and
proclaimed in a near scream "I'm cumming you little bitch! Take all of it you little pussy whipped
cock sucker! His throbbing hard cock continued to shoot his load and I gagged on his cock and
spurting cream and tried to pull back but he was applying too much pressure and my Domme was
pushing my head toward him anyway. He finally stopped spurting and I knew I somehow had
managed to take his entire load as he had creamed all of it down my throat. I never got to know
the wonderful feeling or taste of his cum in my mouth and play with it as it sat upon my tongue. But
my ordeal would be rewarded with my Domme's promise of her jacking my little penis off!
I asked her if she would jack me off now and she replied I was a greedy little girl to ask that after I
had just tried to back my mouth off my lover's cock. But she said that she would do it to prove how
fair a Domme she was. She took some of the still wet cum on my neck and fingered the head of
my cock with it. The men watched as my cock responded to her deft wickedly erotic touch and
finally hardened to its full length and girth. She grabbed it and started to slowly stroke me. She
looked up at one of the men whose dick was hard and stroking himself as he watched us. She said
to him "Bring your cock down here and rub it on his cock. Stroke yourself and his cock until you
cum all over his dick". I replied in a whimpering voice "But milady, you said YOU would jack me off"
She growled at me and said "Listen to me. Your cock, your balls, your ass and most especially
your cum is for MY pleasure and you will cum in the way that pleases ME! Just consider yourself to
be very lucky to be allowed to cum at ALL! Now let this man cum on your cock and lube you up for
you to jack yourself off with it". The man proceeded to stroke us both and I felt humiliated that I
was going to have to make MYSELF cum by masturbating myself with another man's cum on my
penis in front of these men without the pleasure of a sex partner, be it female or male getting me
off. While she said that the man had stroked our cocks furiously and I was very hard from his
attention to both our cocks. Suddenly he lustily groaned very loudly and I saw his cock shoot his
warm white cream upward into the air and watched it return down onto our cocks and his hand.
"Clean his cum off his hand and cock with your tongue. Get EVERY drop and then you may have
your tiny little jackoff orgasm". The men watched intently as I submitted to her orders and cleaned
him up until she was satisfied with my performance. The men gathered around me stroking their
own dicks as they watched me and now they were going to get to voluntarily get themselves off by
watching me be humiliated (by my Domme's order) being FORCED to make myself cum by
stroking my own cum covered penis in front of them.
I reached down to my cock still soaked from the man's cum and slid my hard dick through my
closed fingers and thumb and groaned loud enough for all to hear about how good it felt to have
the cum slippery tightness thrill my sex hungry balls and dick. Each stroke brought me closer and
closer. Each time I tightened my grip and increased the pressure my cock felt as it and sent waves
of pleasure down deep within me. It felt similar to when I was a horny masturbating teenager
without a girl friend and I pumped through my hand covered with lotion to simulate a warm wet
creamy vagina. The men watched as I arched my back and then it hit me like a brick wall. My
orgasm slammed into me and I began to cream. I don't shoot streams of cum like I did when I was
younger and so a pool of thick white cum dripped down onto my belly as it seeped out of the tip of
my shaft. My Domme then announced "Now lick up ALL of your own cum off of your belly using
your fingers and tongue". I put on a show for all of them as I scooped my own cum onto my fingers
and loudly slurped them into my mouth cleaning them with my lips and tongue. Hearing and
watching that all the men started stroking faster and my Domme told them to let her know when
they were ready to cum. One of the men said he was almost ready. She backed up to him and put
his dick between her legs, The feel of her ass against him must have set him off as he began to
cum and with his dick pointing forward from between her legs it looked like she had her own cock
and was shooting her own cum down onto me. She moved herself and her new found dick to aim it
at my face. More cum landed on me than I already had. As each of the 5 men let her know of his
impending orgasm she did the same thing- backed up to them and put their cocks forward
between her legs making her look like she had her own cock. I was sprayed in my face with "her"
cum by the first four men like that, When the last man announced that he was getting very close
she told him to get into position like all the other men but instead of him spraying his cum on me
she told me kneel up to "her" cock and suck "her" until she came in my mouth. I moved my mouth
up to her and "her" dick happily slid into my mouth. He must have been really excited by all this as
this cock took no longer than a minute to pump its semen into my mouth. "Don't you dare swallow
unless I say you can!" my Domme warned me sternly. I felt the man's sticky cream in my mouth
and savored the male sex flavor I was being "forced" to hold in. My Domme looked down at me as
"her" cock softened and withdrew after spending its load in my mouth. After a few moments she
commanded "Okay little girl, instead of swallowing it I want you to take "my cum" and put in my
hand. I opened my mouth and allowed it to drip onto her hand as she had ordered. When the last
few drops had made their way to her hand she brought it up to her mouth and dipped her tongue
into it and tasted it. After hearing a contented moan emanate from her she dropped her cum filled
hand down to me and smeared the rest of his cum along with the cum of the other four men that
was already on my face and beard. She made me lick her fingers clean of his succulent white
cream and then said good night to the men as they began to depart and thanked them for
pleasing her by making her subby boy a little girl for the evening. She turned to me and said "Get
dressed, quickly. Be very careful that you do not wipe any of their cum off your face. This is your
reward for giving those men so much pleasure. Take me home now. When we get home I plan to
beat you good and hard, for trying to pull that man's cock out of your throat, until you openly cry
like a little sissy because you can't take the pain anymore. We walked out of the theater and the
man I had bought the ticket from looked at me and smiled widely as he saw my cum drenched
face. My Domme yanked hard on my chain forcing me to hurry and catch up with her as she took
long strides in her wickedly erotic black high heels.
When we got back to her home she told me to strip down naked. "This is not going to be a beating
to put you into the subspace you crave so much. I want to really hurt you tonight so you know that
I will not put up with your disobeying my orders. Then I am going to have you stand up while in
deep pain and have you undress me then lay me down on the bed and lick me until I am satisfied
enough to fall asleep. After I've fallen asleep, and if you think you can while you are in that much
pain, you may masturbate your little subby dick again, not your bigger boyfriend dick I allow you to
have at times, but you may not cum under any circumstance. Now lay down with that well fucked
butt of yours up in the air". As I was now nude and turned toward the bed and faced her, she saw
that I was now fully erect. She was infuriated by this as I was never allowed to be that hard without
her permission. She gave me three resounding smacks to my balls and cock and I quickly lost the
erection. "If you keep getting these nasty little hardons all the time without my saying that you can I
shall have to lock your little cock up in a cage or maybe you'd like to try to melt a big bag of ice
with that hot he-man cock of yours" she laughed scornfully.
Usually when she flogs me into subspace she starts out lightly and would slowly increase my
beating to a searing intensity but this time she had only her harshest floggers out. But this time she
had taken her two smaller but lethal ones out - one made of rubber tubing and the other of a fine
mesh chain. Both stung so terribly much more than the other leather floggers. As I got into position
I heard her say "You may whimper and cry all you feel you have to but I intend to make sure you
don't forget this beating for a very long time. Be comforted by the fact that this is going to make me
smile and along with your tongue fucking you are going to give me afterward I should be quite
happy". She had picked up her rubber tubing laced flogger and swung it in a large arc and the first
awful lash hammered down on me and stung my buttocks with an incredible intensity. I cried
openly and wept loudly as the burning pain forced itself upon my now completely submissive
psyche. At the appearance of my tears and a dark red welt the flogger had placed on my ass
cheeks my Domme's face blossomed with a long overdue cathartic evil grin and I quietly smiled
inwardly to myself knowing her attention was finally now completely focused where it should be to
relieve all the tension and burdens the world placed upon her - on her little subby boy's
punishment. More and more lashes followed the first as I cried ever so happily for my Domme.

End of Story