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Being Watched Part 1

my wife and i enjoy exhibitionism so we liked to go to this park near a lake and running path we would park our van near the path under a light where people running by could see in clearly, this morning like most she only had on a short skirt and a small tube top no bra or pantys she is very tiny 5' and 95.pounds small but sexy with big nipples 32b tits, we would wait till we seen someone running the path and she would get her head down and mouth around my cock while i would pull down her tube top so her tits were exposed most guys would glance and maybe run bye again a few times to get a better look ,,this one morning it was almost daylite and this older guy was coming by he looked at her sucking me and her lovely tiny tits hanging and thought we did see him and hid by some bushes where he could watch us better that made it nicer for us she started sucking deeper , i seen him he had his cock out wacking off and i could not hold it any longer i started to cum and i pulled out of her mouth so he could see the cum hit her face and drip onto her tits,,mmmmmm it was a great feeling he must of cum too, when she was wiping the cum off her lips we looked he was zipping up, he walked by the van she still had her bare tits showing looked at us and said great show see you next week,,bye-bye...we laughed said have a nice day, he must of seen us before and new we came here most sat. mornings,,,lol well part #2 i'll tell you's about him a few weeks later,,,bye-bye- lol

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