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Wilson I

I got divorced in my mid-30's, and about the time the divorce was
final I broke up with my girlfriend because I was already having an
affair with another woman. This other woman, Mary, was about 30. She
was 5'6" tall, very thin, about 122 pounds, but with very shapely long
legs, and a perfectly shaped ass. She had small breasts, with nipples
that were almost colorless until she was turned on, when they would
get hard and pink. She never wore a bra, since she didn't need one.
She had long curly blonde hair, but it was somewhat dark, and was
bleached by the sun. Her pubic hair was black, and it was also the
longest pubic hair I've ever seen. Some of her hairs were 6" long,
but very curly (I really did measure the longest one I found). She'd
had about 60 lovers before I met her, but rarely stayed with one very
long. Most had been one-time things. When I got involved with her,
she had been living with a guy for 2 years, but broke up with him so
we could move in together. She'd had a threesome with 2 guys once,
and had been in bed with an early boyfriend while he fucked another
woman (two different occasions), but hadn't participated. She was
quite obsessed with sex, and was doing a master's thesis related to
sexual behavior when I met her.

Our affair began before we broke up with our respective lovers.
We fucked a lot, like any other newly acquainted couple. But, I was
fascinated with the number of partners she'd had (I'd had only 15 or
so, at most), and I would get her to tell me about different things
she did with them. It became apparent that I was interested in having
a threesome or some form of group sex, and she sounded like she was
interested. I thought that it was going to happen one night, but it
didn't turn out like I'd planned. My regular girlfriend was spending
the night at a friend's all-girl party (they all planned to get drunk,
and not drive). Mary and I planned to get together, since her
regular boyfriend was out-of-town visiting his parents. But, Mary got
an invitation to go out to dinner with some really good friends, and
so she went. We planned to get together around mid-night when she got

However, when she called to tell me she'd gotten back, she told me
to come over, but that I shouldn't count on staying. I drove over
(she lived only about a 3 minute drive away), and she came out of the
house in her robe. She explained that her friends, a married couple
she had known for years, about our ages, had come in after they had
brought her home. It was clear that they wanted to have sex with her.
She had mentioned me to them, but they didn't know me at all, and
didn't want to have sex with a stranger. I told her to go ahead, and
call me when they were done. I then pulled up her robe, got on my
knees, and sucked on her cunt while she leaned against the wall of her
house. She didn't have on any panties, and later I came to learn that
they had already been fooling around. She didn't feel comfortable
staying outside long, and left. About 2 hours later she called me. I
returned to her house, where she immediately leaned back on a couch
and spread her legs and had me begin eating her while she told me what
had happened. No, she wasn't filled with come (shucks, I thought).
The guy had come in her mouth though, and she had gone down on the
woman. She had me kiss her to see if I could taste anything, but I
really couldn't. We did have incredible sex. Neither she nor the
other woman had come, and she definitely wanted to make up for it.

About 2 weeks after that, we were out having some food and a beer,
when another couple we knew, and their two kids stopped at our table.
We wound up eating together, and we drove back to their home for
drinks. After the kids finally wound down (they were about 3 and 7
years old), Mary somehow wound up lying face down on the floor while
Bob massaged her back. I think she had complained of muscle stiffness
or something. Bob went to another room and came back with some huge
electric massage device, and used that on Mary for a few minutes. I
suggested that she would be more comfortable if she took off her
shirt. She did, modestly, and lay back on the carpeted floor. Bob
continued massaging her back. I think she suggested that he go a
little lower. Ann and I just sat on the floor watching, but obviously
we were all thinking the same thoughts. As Bob massaged Mary's
buttocks, I reached over and began pulling her shorts down, and pulled
off her panties too. I also began undressing myself. As soon as I
did that, Ann stripped. Bob sort of stupidly continued massaging
Mary. I started kissing Ann, and quickly was going down on her. Bob
did get undressed then. Ann and I got in to a 69 position, with me on
the bottom. So, I couldn't really see what Bob and Mary were doing,
but from the sounds it was clear that he was going down on her, since
she was saying things like "That's too hard. Do it softer." Ann and
I probably only 69ed for about 5 minutes when she got up, turned
around, and sat down on my cock. She fucked me hard and fast, and she
leaned forward kind of working her clit against me. She came
incredibly fast, which was fun for me since most women I had fucked
only came from oral sex, no matter how long we fucked, how well we
knew each other, how much I stimulated them before we fucked, or
position. Bob was trying to fuck Mary by that point, but he couldn't
get it up. Bob suggested that Ann fuck me in a different position.
So she got up and onto her knees. I think it was at that point that
the 3 year old wandered into the living room, and Bob quickly whisked
him to the kitchen for a drink of water, explaining that we were
having massages. The kid went back to bed, and I resumed fucking his
mom. Ann had no breasts whatsoever, although her nipples stuck out
about one inch and were bright reddish-pink. Mary was blowing Bob,
trying to get him hard. I suggested that we all do something
together, so we wound up getting into a circle. I ate Mary, she blew
Bob, Bob ate Ann, and Ann blew me. Ann really was good at cock-
sucking, and I could have come, but I suppressed it wanting to come
when Mary did, or when Bob did. We did that quite a while, and Ann
finally stopped and announced that she had to go to bed. Of the four
of us, only she had an 8-5 job, and it was something like Wednesday
night and it was 2 or 3 AM. She left, much to my disappointment.
Mary however, kept sucking on Bob, and I kept eating her. Bob was on
his side, and Mary started really sucking hard. His breathing
increased in speed, and I kept lapping Mary's cunt, occasionally
flicking her clit the way she liked it. But it was pretty obvious
that she wasn't focused on her own orgasm at all, and really wanted to
get Bob off. I watched her, from the vantage point of her crotch, as
she sucked his cock. His feet were down toward me, so I could see his
balls cupped in her hand, and her throat and chin moving back and
forth, and I could see her lower lip stretched around the underside of
his cock. Bob started moaning, and breathing even faster, and I could
see Mary's throat begin to make swallowing motions. She kept sucking
his cock until she had taken all of his come. She made me stop eating
her, saying she was too desensitized from being eaten for so long
(altogether about 45 minutes, between Bob and me). We wound up
getting dressed and leaving fairly soon, and when we got home we had
really great sex, and I think we both came twice we were so horny. We
thought that it was funny that neither of us had come during the group
sex, but that doing it had made us both really horny.

About 10 days or so after that we wound up spending the night at
Bob and Ann's house after having dinner with them. My kids were
there, as were their kids. We didn't do anything that night. Mary
wans't really interested in having sex with Bob again, but confessed
that she had deliberately engineered the sex that night. She had
thought that Bob and Ann might go along with it, and she wanted me to
find out what it was like, since she figured that I probably wouldn't
like it all that much. She was right. It was fun, but not all that
amazing. However, that morning, everyone was up except Mary and me.
Bob came into our room to tell us that breakfast was nearly ready. I
had just slipped my cock into Mary, and we held still. We were on our
sides, with me behind her. Bob sensed that something was up, and
asked if he was interrupting. Mary said that we were just starting to
fuck. Bob asked if he should leave, and Mary said it was okay. I
started pumping my cock into her at that point, and Bob came over and
knelt down on the bed on her side, and started sucking her tits. He
also started feeling her cunt, and was rubbing his fingers against the
point where my cock and her cunt were joined. That got me really
turned on, and Mary also was breathing fast. I came really quickly.
As soon as I did, Bob got between Mary's legs and started eating her.
But, she made him stop. She was worried that one of the kids was
going to come into the room to get him or us. I was disappointed. I
was hoping that I might get to see her come on Bob's face.

Well, fast forward to about 3 years later. Mary and I had lived
together for a couple of years, and then she had gone off to another
city (a few hours away) to live while pursuing a doctoral degree. I
couldn't afford to leave my job, so we had been having a long-distance
relationship for about a year. On one of our get-togethers, which
happened about every 2 weeks, Mary revealed that her biggest fantasy
was to be blindfolded and fucked by a lot of men while everyone
watched. This wasn't too surprising, since Mary had me put a
blindfold on her, and occasionally tie her up, beginning early in our
relationship. She had sucked me off in a public library too. And she
had once stood, pressing her breasts against the glass, at a 3rd story
window in the library while she masturbated herself to orgasm. The
idea of watching her get fucked by another man was really exciting to
me, and I talked about making it come true. She didn't really want to
do it, though. She didn't seem to mind the idea of someone watching
us fuck though. But, she didn't want to have anyone in the room with

Well, I did something really unusual. I posted an ad in a local
bookstore, seeking persons who wanted to watch me fuck my girlfriend.
She was scheduled to visit me in about a week. I actually found
someone. It was a married guy with a kid, about 26 or so. He had
left his number, but when I called him I got his wife, who told me he
was at work. I made up some story that I was soliciting donations for
some fraternal cause, and she wound up giving me his work number. As
it turned out, he hadn't left his number at the bookstore, but had
been in the bookstore with a friend. They had been reading ads and
chuckling at them, and his friend had gone back and left the guy's
name and phone as a joke reply to my ad. But, even stranger, the guy
was interested when I explained that he wouldn't be in a room with us,
but would just be out in his car looking in through a motel window. I
went to the bar where this guy worked part-time (he was a student).
We talked some, and when he realized that I wasn't some wacky pervert
(hmmmm?) he told me to contact him at the bar again when I had a plan.

I set to work, casing motels where someone could get a good view
from outside. I finally hit upon the Motel 8. In my town they are
built with 3 floors, but the bottom floor is partly below ground, so
that the windows are at ground level. They are perfect for peering in
to the room. In fact, when I was driving around one, there was
another guy driving through the parking lot just looking in windows
to check it out. I wound up typing out a set of instructions for Mary
to find when she got to our house. I talked to her on the phone and
told her that I had something kinky planned for the next time she came
over. She asked if it involved her fantasy, and I told her yes. She
asked if it involved having another person in the room with us, and I
told her it wouldn't.

The instructions I typed directed her to bathe, take a quarter of
a xanax to relax, and go to the Motel 8 and get the key I had left
for her. It also said to follow directions exactly or she would be
punished (by the way, Mary also had me slap her butt sometimes when I
was fucking her from behind, or eating her from behind while she was
in a kneeling position, and sometimes she had me pull her hair really
hard --- I was kind of freaked out by this at first but she liked it
so I did it). I also had her wear a pink garter belt, pink stockings,
and a pink g-string under her clothes. I did book a room, pay for it,
and explain to the clerk who to give the key to. I took candles to
the room, vibrators, anal beads, massage oil, a blindfold, ear plugs,
and a bunch of Penthouse Variation magazines. I also packed a camera
in my knapsack, and a portable tape recorder. I had typed up another
note to leave in the room. It explained that Mary was to turn the
heat up to a temperature comfortable for her to be in her g-string and
stockings, and that she was to put on the blindfold and practice going
to the window and opening the blinds while wearing it. Once she was
good at it, then she was to insert the anal beads, get on the bed, and
read the nasty stories I had marked in Variations. They were all
light bondage and husband-watching-wife-get-fucked stories. She was
also to think about different kinky sexual encounters she'd had, and
be prepared to describe them to me in detail. The letter also
explained that once I got there, I wouldn't speak, and she was just to
start telling stories while I did things to her. The letter added
that if I patted her on the head that she was to repeat something she
had just described, and add further details, remembering more
information about a cock, or what someone had done to her. In the
last couple of days before she came over, she tried to get me to tell
her what I had planned, but I didn't, and she was really excited. I
did have her go out and buy a really good quality sleeping mask to use
as a blindfold. I also went by the bar to see the guy (I have no idea
what his name was anymore) that I had arranged to watch. I told him
my plan concerning the Motel 8, and that I would meet him in the
parking lot. We exchanged car descriptions.

I had to work the evening she would arrive. So, when she got home
she found my note. I had told her to expect to find a note, and to do
what it said. Anyway, about 9 that evening when I was finished
working I called her to tell her that I would be seeing her soon, in
about 45 minutes. She said to hurry, that she had been reading the
stories and she was really horny. In fact, she said that she had
nearly masturbated on the trip over. I told her that she was going to
get to come a lot. I drove to the motel which took about 20 minutes,
and found the guy in the parking lot. I went in to a restaurant next
door to call Mary again. The only pay phone was busy. I finally
asked a waitress if I could use the regular phone, and did. I called
Mary and told her that I was calling from a pay phone on the way to
the motel, and that I would be there in about 20 more minutes. In the
meanwhile, she was to put a pillow on the table next to the window,
leave the room lights on, put in the ear plugs, put on the blindfold,
and then go to the window blinds and pull them up all the way. She
was then to lean over the table with her ass pointing toward the
window, and begin to masturbate. I told her to pull out the anal
beads one at a time (there were 5), timing things so that she pulled
the last one out as she was coming. I told her that after her orgasm
she was to stay on the table in front of the window. I also told her
to spread her legs good and wide.

I went back out to the guys car, and we drove around to the next
to the last window and pulled up right outside it. I think we were
both stunned to see my long-legged girl-friend, her gorgeous ass
pointed right at us. We could see her back with her long blonde
curly hair flowing down it, her narrow waist with the pink garter belt
around it, and the g-string over the garter belt, and the pink
stockings on her legs. Her legs were spread wide, and you could
occasionally see her fingers flick out from under her bush, covered
only partly by the g-string. The guy asked me if she had a tampon in,
seeing the white string that the beads were attached to. I explained
to him that she had beads in her ass, that there were 5 of them, and
that she would pull them out as she got closer to coming, and that she
would pull out the last one when she came. I got out of the car and
went right up to the window and started taking pictures (yes, they
turned out, I used fast film, and no, you can't see them because I
don't have a digitizer -- maybe someday). I was really turned on
watching Mary play with herself in front of this window. I couldn't
believe that she was doing it! And this guy was watching. She came
after about ten minutes, and I told the guy I was going in to fuck
her, and he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted. He said he had
to go back to work soon.

I went in, took off my clothes, and put the tape recorder on the
bed and turned it on quietly. I moved Mary's ass around since there
wasn't room between her legs and the wall for me to fit in. I removed
the g-string, but left the garter belt and stockings on her. I
started licking her ass, and she moaned. She also commented on how
cold my hands were -- I think she figured I had been watching from
outside. I licked her asshole. The guy outside pulled up about half
a foot, and he scooted over to the passenger side to get a better
view. I was nervous, and wasn't getting hard, so I moved around to
the other side of the table (Mary was sideways to the window now,
still laying on the pillow on the table). It was one of those small
motel tables, so her head was at the other edge, so I just shoved my
cock in her mouth. Mary started sucking away. She was great. One of
the great things about her cocksucking was that she always swallowed
everything. She wouldn't quit sucking until you made it clear that
you were completely through. She also had good technique. Anyway, I
fucked her mouth until I was hard. Then I put on a condom and fucked
her. I put the condom on to confuse her, since we never used one
because I'd had a vasectomy. I also had deliberately worn some
strange deodorant with a strong odor. Mary was very sensitive to
smell, and I had sprayed it all over my balls and ass and neck. I was
hoping to confuse her about who I was. Remember, she knew I wouldn't
be talking. I patted her on the head to remind her of the story-
telling I had requested. Well, she started. And guess what. The
first story was of the first time she fucked me. And it had details
of something I had known about in a vague way only. The first time
we ever fucked, we had decided the previous day to have an affair.
We probably would have started that very same day, but we were at her
house and her boyfriend was due home from work any time, so we only
made out. Anyway, the morning that we were going to fuck, she woke up
all horny and excited. She hardly ever fucked her regular boyfriend
anymore, so she thought that she would take advantage of her arousal
and she had him go down on her until she came, and then she fucked him
until he came. Then she met me a couple of hours later to begin her
affair with me. So, that night I got the details. I also got the
details of her threesome with the couple when she and I had first
gotten together, and also got the details about her threesome with 2
guys (yes, she did wind up taking it in both her ass and her cunt --
she didn't come though -- she got overstimulated again). And some
other stories. I turned her over onto her back, and fucked her that
way so the guy could see her tits. While I was fucking her, he drove
off. I guess he had to get back to his bar job. I was disappointed,
but I left the blinds open. It did occur to me that someone might
complain to the clerk. So, I stopped fucking Mary's tight little
cunt, with its smell of pencil shavings (anyone else ever fuck a woman
whose pubic hair sort of smelled like pencil shavings?). I put the
blinds down halfway so anyone who happened by could see us fucking,
but couldn't see my head so might think that I was unaware of how they
could see in. We just kept doing stuff, me eating Mary a little, her
blowing me, then fucking (I left the condom on). I occasionally
patted her head so she would elaborate on a story. She eventually
came again while I was eating her and she was telling me a story. I
fucked her some more, and finally a car pulled up, and I could see the
legs of a man get out, and then a woman's legs came around the back of
the car, and then they walked off toward the front entrance. They had
been off to the side of my field of view, so I don't think that they
saw us. Only a few minutes later, another car parked, and only a man
got out. He walked past our window toward the rear door. I saw his
legs stop in mid-stride in the middle of the parking lot. He turned
toward the window. I was eating Mary's cunt at the time, so I could
see up to his chest. I'll be damned if this guy didn't just walk
right up to our window, and stand about 2 feet away so he could see
down into the room. I kept eating Mary out as she moaned and told me
another story. I stopped and fucked her for a few minutes. Then I
pulled off the condom and stuck my dick in her mouth. She turned her
head sideways and started sucking me real hard, moving her head really
fast. I put a small vibrator into her hand, turned it on, and stuck
her hand down near her cunt. For the first time I spoke. I said
"There is a guy outside watching us. Put on a show for him." She
spread her legs wider, and stuck the dildo into her slit and started
rubbing it up and down. She then fucked herself with it, and kept
pulling it out and moving it up and down her clit. Meanwhile, she was
moaning on my cock and sucking it for all she was worth, while I
played with her tits. I could tell when she was really close, and I
reached down her stomach and pushed her legs open wider, and held her
cunt lips open so the guy could see her clit and into her cunt. She
started coming, and I pulled my cock out and started coming on her
lips and cheek, and Mary opened her mouth wide so my come would land
on her tongue. She kept moaning as I finished, and she sucked my dick
back into her mouth as she slowed the movement of the vibrator against
her clit. I pulled out of her mouth, and went over to the blinds and
closed them.

I then turned her over and started eating her ass. Mary loved to
have her ass licked, especially from behind. I worked her like that
quite a while, and she continued with the story she had been telling
me before we had come. I played with myself a while, and then had her
suck my cock again. Actually, since she was on her stomach, I just
fucked her mouth for a while, until I was hard again, and then I
fucked her from behind and came really quickly. Mary had such a tight
cunt, and she loved to squeeze it tight while she was being fucked. I
finally took the blindfold off of her, and took the earplugs out. We
got on the bed, and she told me how much she had enjoyed everything.
I told her that I had too, and asked her if she enjoyed coming while
someone watched.

She told me that she thought that I was just fantasizing, that I
had put the blinds down when I had come in. I explained to her
exactly what had happened. I told her about the guy I had recruited,
how he left, and how later the other guy had seen us and had come to
the window. She was fine about all of it, and I started touching her
and making out with her, and telling her how it turned me on, and she
got really turned on and I pushed her back onto the bed and got
between her legs and ate her again until she came. I then got on my
knees, and straddled her head, and fucked her mouth until I was hard
again. I turned her over, and started fucking her from behind. I
then told her that I had a confession. I asked her if she had noticed
anything different during the sex. She said what did I mean? I told
her that right at that moment was the first I had actually fucked her
that evening, or for that matter, had any sexual contact with her. I
told her there had been a guy with us the whole time, and that he had
just left before I took off her blindfold. I explained that he was
the one who had eaten her, fucked her mouth, everything. She said
that the first time she had started sucking cock, she thought that it
didn't taste like me (the deodorant had worked!), and she had thought
to herself, if it wasn't me, who cares? I described what it was like
to watch her masturbate while she was sucking him off, watching her
moan and stretch her lips over his cock. Mary started getting turned
on then, and started playing with herself while I continued a slow
steady fucking rhythm. I told her that it had turned me on so much
watching her suck him off and moan on his cock and obviously get ready
to come herself. While I was telling her about it I told her how good
it felt to fuck her with his come lubricating her tight cunt, how he
had mouthed the words "tight cunt" to me while he was fucking her from
behind just before he came. I told her I loved fucking her right
after another man had finished with her. Mary was really turned on
then, breathing really fast and fingering her clit and her cunt was
squeezing my cock -- squeezing, squeezing, as I pushed into her and
pulled out slowly. I told her that watching her suck him off had
turned me on so much that I had stood next to him jacking off and when
he started coming in her mouth I started coming onto her face, too.
Mary started coming at that moment, and that triggered me to come too,
and I told her that I loved her and loved fucking her and I would eat
his come and my come out of her. Well, that did it, we both came
really hard even though she had already come three times already over
the past 2 hours, and I had come twice. After we finished, and
rested, we cuddled and I told her that no one else had been in the
room, but that the part about being watched by two different guys at
different times was true. When I was done, I'm not sure what she
finally believed.

P. S. We spent the night. The next morning, there were about 3
guys outside loading some kind of trailer with a race car. They kept
looking in our window once we opened it. And they stared at Mary a
lot when we were loading our cars. I'm pretty sure that one of them
was our voyeur, and he must have told his buddies.

End of Story

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