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Tobi Loves To Show Off Ii

"What do you mean, I could make lots of money?"
"I have allo the money I need, any money we made from tapes or pictures
would be yours. More for your nest egg if you ever want out of our deal."

"This sounds too good to be true, can I talk to these women who stay at
your place??"

"Sure, talk to anyone you like. I'm not an ax murderer or something tobi.
I just have money and am able to live out my fantasies, and through me,
you'll be able to from now on. Whenever you want out, if you ever do, the
$250,000. will be in a savings account, you'll have the car, and whatever
else I give you, no strings attached, I enjoy spending my money, I'm not
going to risk going to jail."

"Didn't you risk going to jail today? What if I had chosen to leave,
leave the money, the car, everything. I have your name, I can describe you
and this motor home, everything."

"you're right. What can I say, I thought you were worth the risk, I
figured once you found out about my plan, and that you were in no danger,
you would go along. Was I wrong?"

"I guess not, I mean everything you've talked about sounds exciting, I
wouldn't have to work, right? Working minimum wage jobs is such a
drag..ever since my Mom died a year ago, it's been a struggle."

"No you will never have to work again. Even if you decide to back out,
the money and the car are yours."

"okay, let's go see this estate of yours, and I'll let you know then."

And so, it had began. It was hard for J.D. to believe it had been....five
years ago....

J.D. could tell by the look on Tobi's face that she was happy with their
days work too, "Hi honey, I think we got some good film today, don' you?"

"Oh yes, did you see that old geezers face when he realized I didn't have
any panties on?? I loved it!! Let's go to the motor home and find a place
to park. I need to be fucked really bad!!"

"Ohhh...no honey, I'm in the mood for a classy hotel with a lot of windows
and excellent room service, are you game??"

"You devil you, we're going to give some poor room service waiter a heat
attack some day! Let's do it!"

And so starts on of J.D.'s favorite games. Many times on their trips,
J.D. would rent a large motor home, so they would have a quick place to
retreat to for mad passionate sex after their escapades, but occassionally
they would go to a ritzy hotel, where Tobi Lynn would scandalize the room
service waiters, and anyone else who could see in the windows of their
luxury suite, today was to be one of those days.

We picked a luxury high rise that was attached to one of the cities most
exclusive office compexes by an above ground walkway, which was also
attached to a major mall. J.D.'s corporation occupied several floors of
the office building, but the employees of the company would never know they
were spying on the bosses' wife, since his ownership was buried under
several levels of red tape.

The suite was one of the best in the hotel, but not the penthouse, since
that would spoil the fun. no one could look into that suite. J.D. had
dismissed the bellhop with a tip that would start tongues wagging amoung
the staff, they were ready to set up their game. First J. D. McCall
wathced his beautiful wife strip off what few clothes she wore with pride.
She was a beautiful woman, her figure perfect, and since they had been
married, pampered with the best excercise equipment money could buy, and a
trainer who knew how to use it to best advantage. tobi had been a
beautiful woman when he met her, but these last five years she had only
grown more breathtaking. She was a small woman, with near perfect breasts,
just big enough for this hands to cover, with absolutely no sag. Her ass
had caused many a man to turn for another look, even when she was not
provocatively dressed, when she made a point to emphasize her assets, men
had been known to follow her for blocks. Each time he saw her naked body,
J.D. swelled with pride and desire. today was no exception as he set up
the video camera in the suites bath area, so that he could capture the
reaction of the room service waiter when tobi answered the door stark ass
naked. Occasionally in these days of equal oppurtunity employment, a woman
"wait person," spoiled their fun, and then there was the time when an
openly gay woman responded to their call, and the look of lust on her face
was plain for all to see, but that's a story for another time, since the
doorbell was ringing, signalling the start of todays game.

J.D. had a perfect view of tobi's beautiful ass as she walked to the
door. today it was indeed a man, a very young man, who sttod in awe at the
sight that greeted him. Obviously a college student, he would certainly
have something to tell his classmates upon his return to school.

Uhh...hello Ma'am, you..uh ordered service..uh, I mean ROOM SERVICE?"

"yes, thank you young man, please come in. What kind of
"...uh...service", did you have in mind??"

" Ma'am??? uh nothing..I mean is there anything else I can do to...oh jeez,
I mean for you?"'

"No, thank you, here's a nice tip for you, have a nice day."

"Thank you, Ma'am..wow!! A hundred bucks??..are you sure??,,Thanks a

Tobi Lynn was laughing as she closed the door. "Hey J.D., I hope you got
that on tape...that was a real hoot!! Did you hear when he asked "what he
could do to me!! I don't know whether

End of Story