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The princess gets to show off for her Master

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It was a wednedsay evening we went to the special bar that shows porn on the tv's and the bartenders wear very little, for happy hour. I like the idea of you sitting next to me there. One of the guys there comes over to you and asks you a question about the leash, and Y/you say, my name is teressa the princess slave girl, you'll have to ask my master, i am not permitted to speak to anyone without his permission. He looks at you in disbelief, he asks me whats up with the leash and I say she is my slave I have allowed her out this evening to be with me. I like to keep her close to me at all times the leash keeps her from wandering away, you would not want her to have to be punished with the leather paddle when she gets home for wandering away, or conversing with someone, without my permission would you. He responds no I would not want that to happen, I was just curious. and he walks to his seat. Y/you are wearing a very short mini skirt with a tiny pink thong and you are also wearing a tank top that is cut so it just covers your nipples, Y/your nipples are not covered by your bra it is only a half cup bra you are wearing. So the cleavage was alot, your legs are slightly parted so your panties are easily visible, if someone is paying attention. Before we got there I said to Y/you I did not want you to bring any undue attention to yourself, Y/you said ok. while you were sitting there Y/you turned your seat so Y/you were facing away from me for awhile. Thats when Y/you noticed no one was paying attention looking up Y/your skirt to see Y/your panties, so Y/you started to move your legs apart much wider then close together again, till someone did notice. I also noticed what you were doing, Y/you turned to look at me and I gave you THE look and Y/you turned back towards me, I said that is going to cost Y/you.

the next time we go anywhere, Y/you will be wearing your red undergarmets, and bright red lipstick, (she hates to wear red) because Y/you brought unnatural attention to Y/yourself. then Y/you pleaded with me to spank Y/you instead, with the leather paddle. I told Y/you that the punishment must fit the crime and the crime was exhibitionism without express permission from me, so all red is the punishment. Then Y/you smiled and said yes my Master. The man sitting next to us overheard us, and commented to you are Y/you going to let him control you like that, Y/you said he would have to ask M/my Master if I/i can talk to you. He did ask me if he could, I said only for a minute or two. Y/you then told him, He is my Master I/i do what I/i am told. He then said don't you have a mind of Y/your own. Y/you said yes but I/i have given total control of all aspects of M/my life to M/my Master, He decides what is best for M/me. He then said to me I wish I could find a fine looking girl like her and become her Master. I told him he was not capable of being a good Master, it's not all about totally controling her,it is about her trusting Me to do only whats best for her, and her needs. He kind of just looked at me and was totally flabergasted, not knowing what to say about that. while we were talking Y/you said to me Y/your bra strap was very loose, Y/you said to me I/i need to go to the ladies room to adjust M/my bra will You come in and help me. I said sure. I said to the bartender that W/we were going into the ladies room to fix H/her bra, and please don't take our drinks away. She then said ok dont be too long I need to use the bathroom soon. When W/we got inside, Y/you grabbed Me and kissed me soooooooooooo hard pushing Y/your tongue half way down my throat. Y/you said to me that conversation You had with that man just now made me very hot. I/i would like to give You a prize for that, Y/you then sat on the toilet, pulled me close to Y/you unzipped my pants and starter sucking My cock very deeply. Humming a tune whilst Y/you were sucking. It did'nt take but a minute or two, Y/you had me so hot I came immediatly with Y/you swallowing every drop, then waiting till he was done cumming, made sure there was none left in me before you put my cock back into my pants and we walked out like we were just angels in there. W/we went back to our seats and finished our drinks and ordered two more. W/we were sitting there watching the porn. There was two guys on the other side of the bar watching Y/you or Y/your tits I should say, I notice they were having a hard time seeing Y/you very well, I leaned over to you and whispered in you ear that those two guys were trying to get a better view of Y/your tits, why not let them see a little more of Y/you. I had Y/you raise up a little on your chair and pull Y/your top down to just under Y/your bra, flash them for a quick second, then pull it back up again and sit normally. like you did nothing. One guy on the other side missed it, and said oohh man I missed it can you do it again. I said not right now, maybe later. After that Y/you reached into Y/your purse and pulled out a pink ribbon, put it in your hair.(the signal she wanted to be fucked) (this slave is not allowed to ask directly for sex) I called the bartender over and asked for the tab, paid it and home we went for some good lovin for the princess.

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