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The Hotel Room

I travel a lot on business and there have been a few times I looked for a couple to be with in the city I was going too. This trip though I didn;t have anytime to meet and get to know anyone. I flew into Scranton, Pa one evening and headed to the hotel. I checked in and as soon as I got into my room unpacked and then decided to go get some ice. As I headed for the ice machine I couldn't help but notice the shades open in one room (yes one of those hotel with outside doors into the room). As I looked in there was a naked woman masterbating. I stood there while this woman was concentrating on fucking her pussy. My cock was getting very hard. I watched for at least 15 minutes as she had her eyes closed and sticking the vibrater in and out of her pussy. I couldn't stand it anymore so I knocked on the door. The woman asked who it was? I asked her if she needed any help with what she was doing, there was a long pause. She open door while hiding behind it. She looked at me and said what do you have in mind. I told her I was watching her for a few minutes and would love to help out. She invited me in and began to undress me. We started kissing and by now my cock was rock hard. I asked her if she wanted me to close the dr*pes? She said why it got you in here. I was a little scared to be fucking with the dr*pes open. We got on the bed and I started eating ehr pussy. I kept being distracted and looking towrds the window hoping nobody would complain what was going on in here. Then I decided screw it and then started fucking this woman. She had a wonder set of tits and a very sexy body. She was in her late 40's and so was I. I felt like someone was watching and I looked over at the window and there was a tall man looking in. I just kept fucking and not showing any interest in him. She came and said it was my turn, so I layed on my back as she sucked my cock. She swolled my load and we sat up on the bed. The tall man was gone. We sat there in full view of the window and outside and I aksed her why the curtains were open while she masterbated. She told me she actually didn't know they were open until I knocked. I told her I was in the swinging lifestyle and have done some pretty sexual things but never had experienced this. She told me it was my turn and I should go back to my room open the curtains and start masterbating. She would then stop by and watch and then knock on the door and join me. I got my clothes back on and kissed her and left to head back to my room. Of course I was nervous and when I got back to my room I open the curtains and got naked. Got on the bed and started masterbating. I kept looking over at the window but she was not there. I decided to just concentrate on my cock and forget the curtains were open. Sure enough the there was a knock on the door. I open door in all my glory and there stood the tall man and a woman (his wife) He said he watched me with the other woman and went back to his room and told his wife and they went looking for us. The curtains were closed in the last room so they headed back to their room and saw me. I invited them in. He was like I said a tall skinny man but his wife was a BBW (big Beautiful woman) I have always loved bigger woman with huge tits and she was both. I couldn't wait to get them tits out of those clothes. They undressed and my cock got very hard again as she showed me her massive tits. I started kissing he and I could feel the husband reach around my body and start stroking my cock. I have been with bi couples before and done oral on a guy and loved it, so I was pleasantly surprised that he was bi. he asked me if I minded and I said oh no please do. I laid on the bed and he started sucking my cock. She came around so I could suck and play with her tits. We kissed alot while her husband sucked my cock. Then it was my turn to suck his cock. his wife came over and we shared her husbands cock both licking and taking turns at sucking his cock. He was ready to cum and she said would you like to take his load and I did. I sucked his cock dry and loved all of it. I then laid her down towards the end of the bed so I could stand up and bend over and fuck her as I tried to get his cock hard as I sucked it again. I fucked and sucked for ahwhile getting her to cum several times. She asked me if she could be on top, which I ove when I came look up at big tits hanging down at me. She got on top and got my cock inside and we began fucking again. I could feel her husband grab a hold of my balls as we fucked. It didn;t take long for me to cum. As soon as I came her husband turned his wife over and began sucking my cum out of her wife's pussy. We talked for a bit and then invited me back to their room for a drink and stay the night with them if I liked, which I did. In the middle of night we went at it again and to say I was very tired for my meeting the next morning is an understatement. I have not got the nerve to masterbate in front of a open widow again but I know I will

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