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The Horse

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As a child and through most of her life she had ridden horses. An extravagance her loving Mother and abusive, domineering Father provided in her formative years. As an adult just the thought of the wind in her face brought pleasant memories from some very unpleasant and unsettling times during her teen years. Now at age 40 her Master had her riding yet a different horse for both thier pleasures .

She thought she was sexually well traveled. Tia had stumbled into BD/SM when cheating on her non appreciative husband. Hubby thought waking her in the middle of the night by pinching her nipples and climbing on and sticking it in her to deposit his load in under five minutes was sex. Tired of this she sought sex and attention through BD/SM and it was a perfect match.

Sir had found her a willing neophyte and felt she had much to learn. She knew she was a strong, sexy, capable and in charge woman. With the wiseness that comes with age Sir found in her an unfulfilled wannabe freak. A woman who desired to be controlled in bed and unable to trust any man to do the job. A woman who needed to be called a slut, bitch and a ho. She not only desired but thrived on the attention and extended sexual sessions.

Being very high spirited Tia initially tried to push the edge of her bitchiness every step of the way. As the in control owner of a thriving florist business she was admittedly a "pushy broad". She had pushed Sir too far only once and had been correctively punished. Tia was made to kneel upon uncooked grains of rice, on a hardwood floor, while sucking him to completion. He always took a long time to cum, one of the things she adored about him. Severe to her knees the over two hour lesson had been learned and never forgotten by her. She thought twice each and every time she even thought about pushing him. Finally she had no such thoughts. She served while not recieving the usual verbal encouragement she sought. Having her head held and hearing what a great cock-sucking little slut she was always spurred her on to greater sucking. Having his thick dick edge its way deeper into her throat with each thrust thrilled her to no end. She loved sucking on Sirs dick until he just plain out fucked her face.

Master wrested control through sensual subserviance, loving and careing, not abuse or pain. This night, she would totally give in all control, willingly.

Relinquish control...The one thing many high powered business women feel. A need to being always in charge. Human needs cannot be politicized as they were in the last half of the twentieth century. Feminism insured only one thing:

"Unattractive women would be hired in the workplace."

Lets face it. If you are going to look at someone everyday at your place of business you will tend to hire someone that is easy on the eyes. Too chauvanistic for you yet? It wasn't for Tia.

Deep down the need to serve and to be free of decision making is recognized by most intelligent women and many fortunate men. They must figure out how to get it. In the real world a woman may manage every aspect of her life and sometimes the lives of many others. In private it is a different story. Within those special, private moments Tia desired to make no decisions whatsoever. She wanted to be led and to be told what to do and how and when to do it. She needed to feel the love and protection of her Master. That invisible cloak of protection in itself gave her immense mental pleasure. It completed her being. He always left her that way.

She would perform extremely well on the pony tonight. If you are not familiar with the pony it is called a rail or horse also. It supported her arms, legs and body as she lay nude on the top upholstered rail. It looked similar to police barricades or what you see carpenters use only more supportive. Her arms and legs were strapped down on small shelves and her mouth, ass and pussy were at a perfect level for entry and control by her Master. She balanced there nude. Her lovely full breasts, with gr*pe sized nipples hanging down on either side.

Tia was hesitant. Fearful of the unknown, with reason. Afraid being a virgin to the device and this her first time in a BD/SM club. Wearing her collar she proceeded under her invisible protective covering to enjoy the ride. Her libido titilated by what she had seen and what she had done earlier in the evening.

The evening began at The club by touring the section that was much like an Adult Book store for BD/SM supplies. Wearing her collar, in a seeming dream like state, not believing what she was doing, she perused and marveled at the costumes and leather ware for sale. He searched the shelves looking for exactly the right sized butt plug to insert into his pet. The right size would almost match his girth. He was a large man. Six feet four inches tall with "those big hands and fingets". She enjoyed having his fingers and fists in her pussy or asshole. She was flexible enough to stretch wide enough for four of his thick fingers in each hole. Yet was able to grasp, with amazing muscle control, just one of his them with either opening. His dick was long and thick and stretched her mouth open wide while she worshiped it. Worshiping Masters big black juicy dick, her words, had proven to be her favorite pastime. Master, or SIR as she called him had taught her how to have an earth shattering orgasm while speaking with her over the phone. She begged for him to "fuck her ass" during thier very first meeting he aroused her so. Ass full and being spanked sent her to Nirvana. He also taught her to cum over and over as she worshipped, slurped and licked his large dick and sucked his balls into her mouth. A real cocksucker can make herself cum while she performs. The educational process showed her she could cum copiously with the correct stimulation and she did time and time again.

Her juicy pussy was soaking the rail as Neal knealt and sucked on her toes. Neal had given the couple a tour of the upstairs pleasure rooms. He had been introduced by a hostess as being expert at doing his "foot thing" and had been overtly staring at her beautiful naked breasts all night. Tia was real curious to find out just what the "foot thing" was and now Neal was sucking on her toes while Master leisurely fucked her face, mouth and throat. In and out he went as he clutched her head taking his pleasure. No gag reflex at all was evident. Much practice had gone into that. Actually you could see the head of his dick in her throat from stroke to stroke. She had proven an eager dick sucker and with the right encouragement became even better each time they were together. The "foot thing" Neal was providing only heightened her ecstasy, which had begun in the bar area with a slave unwrapping. It was a Christmas theme and the female slave was unwrapped, paddled, bullwhipped and then allowed to cum by her Masters' bullwhip handle up her wet snatch. Over the time that this was happening Master and Tia were in a secluded corner observing and being observed as they played. Slave Tia asked if she could kiss her Master and proceeded to face him, kiss him and sit on his thigh and ride her wet pussy into cum after cum after cum. Opening her front wrap silk blouse to give Master access to her braless ripe breasts. She came non stop as he pulled on her nipples and ordered her cums. Many in the crowded bar watched as she did, so very vocally, from the frottage and nipple pinching.

Another man then came into the upstairs play area and sat down twatching Slave Tia perform. Her exhibition aroused him so he had to clutch his hard on through his pants eventually taking it out to stroke a skinny five inch erection. He was amazed at her ability to swallow so much dick strapped down with no hands. A feat most cocksuckers never achieve. Nearly sucking her Master off she came and hollered on his dick in her throat. A feeling he treasured. Cumming from sucking dick and having her toes sucked Tia was a never ending cum running machine. Cum was flowing from her pussy onto the horse. Master motioned to Neal to switch places cautioning not to cum in her mouth and Neal eagerly offered her his dick. Sir told her to feast. She thanked him, liked what she saw and gobbled Neals offering as greedily and with the same fervor with which he fucked her mouth. At the same time Master was fisting her pussy with four fingers and popped his new butt plug into her asshole. His other hand now beat a steady beat on her ass cheeks leaving large red hand prints on her pale white butt. Each swat eliciting yet another cum from her as she vocalized it onto the dick in her mouth. Neal could not stand her mouths onslaught much longer than five minutes and asked where he could cum. Master indicated her back and told Mike the observer he could take a turn but, not to cum in her mouth. Boner in hand he fed it but, not as fast as she could inhale his it. Swallowing the little dick whole she made him cum in less than a minute. He deposited a load on her shoulder still amazed at her oral capabilities. All this while she came continuously as Master fisted her pussy and replaced the butt plug with three thick fingers in her asshole. Her cum now escaped her pussy as if shot from a cannon. Sweat beads covered her back and butt to mingle with the cum deposited there and still copious amounts of cum shot out of her pussy. Master caught a hand full and had her eat it from his cupped palm causing her another huge shuddering cum one more time.

From roughly nine in the evening until one in the morning, at the club, Tia was in a state of continual orgasm. Slave Tia felt more alive than she ever had before.

She had proven herself. Her worth. Her calling. Her role in life. Submission created Pride and she was extremely proud of herself. After being lovingly cleaned of cum and then being helped from off the horse all she wanted to do was fall into a very contented sleep after sucking the three men. Master had other plans..

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