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The Glass Elevator

My partner and I were fairly new to the Lifestyle, we
were not married yet, but spent as much time together
as when we could. We both had children that we were
responsible for, so it was not always easy to find
time to be together.

It had been almost a month, with work and the X's
schedules, there had been no time for us, not even a
Saturday night at Wide World or a small party with

To say we were in need of some time together, would be
an understatement. Finally a weekend to ourselves. We
headed for Palm Springs, no parties, or groups of
friends, wanting to swing with us. Just my partner and
I, with two days to share each others company.

I checked in, room 303. (I still remember the number)
The fastest way to the room was the glass elevator
facing Indian Ave. I pulled the car around, got our
things into the elevator and hit number 3, we were
off, or so I thought.

About 5 feet from the 3rd floor the elevator came to a
stop, we were stuck. We called the desk for help and
were told the maintance man was on his dinner break.
The staff placed an out of order sign at the bottom
and left us to wait until his return.

Now picture this, here we are, two very horny and
hungry for each other people, trapped in a glass

The sky was filled with the master's hue of colors,
pale orange and purple reflecting against the soft
white clouds as the Sun slowly set.

My partner was dressed in a long skirt with a loose
fitting blouse (no bra) and sandals. To know that was
all that was separating me from her naked body, was
driving me wild.

No to mention, she had teased me during our drive
down. I am surprised we even made it. Sliding her
panties to one side, I watched as her long fingers
played with the moist pink flesh of her womanhood.

She had climaxed several times and I was hungry to
sample her sweet wet bush with my lips and tongue. My
hard cock was straining for release, as the wind
coming through the window, caressed her hair. Faster
and Faster I drove.

With that picture in my mind, my cock was getting hard
as I pulled her close to me. Glass elevator or not, I
needed to fill my arms with her body, the body I had
been longing for. Our lips parted and I tasted the
first moist kiss upon my lips.

Her lips were wet as tongues met, as we held each
other in a passionate embrace. I caressed the checks
of her luscious ass as I pulled her even closer. My
lips and mouth finding all the secret intimate places
that made little sighs escape her lips.

Beautiful colors filled the sky, as the Beautiful
image of her naked body filled my mind. I turned her
so her ass was pressing against my hard cock. I filled
my hands with her breast, pushing the fabric of her
blouse up to her shoulders.

I teased her neck and ears with my lips and tongue as
her nipples grew hard. She moved her ass against my
cock slowly, as if she were fucking me. This was my
cue, pulling her skirt up I found the panties that
covered her moist mound, gently pushing them down her
long legs.

She pulled her left foot from the panties, allowing
her legs to spread. My fingers explored and teased the
moist pink flesh of her pussy. With my fingers deep
inside her she started to CUM.

Moving my left hand to her breast I found the pert
nipple and rolled it between my fingertips as another
wave of sensation moved through her body.

I had to taste her, bending her at the waist, I pulled
her skirt up exposing her sweet ass and wet pussy to
my hungry eyes. Going to my knees, I licked and
tongued deeply into her, savoring the essence of her
CUM as it filled my waiting mouth.

Pushing her body back to me, I felt several more body
trembling Cums move through her. Suddenly she moved
away, reaching for me she pulled me up, as her lips
met mine in a passionate embrace.

The colors of the sky were deeper now, as night was
surrounding the mountains, and still the elevator had
made no move. I felt her hand caressing my hard cock
and I knew what she had on her mind.

She unbuttoned my pants releasing my hard cock, as she
slowly stroked me as our embrace continued. I knew it
would not be long, before she would be on her knees
teasing and loving my cock with her moist lips and
mouth, while I look into her Beautiful radient eyes.

I knew I could not last long in her sucking mouth, I
soon erupted watching her swallow every drop while
stroking my cock for more. Suddenly the elevator
started to move, pulling her to her feet we tried to
straighten up as best we could.

The doors opened and we quickly stepped out wanting to
get to our room, when we heard cheers coming from
above. Apparently we had not noticed, but half of the
roof on the elevator was glass also. Giving everyone
one on the 3rd floor a very Sensual show

Taking our bows, we moved quickly towards room 303
with her panties clinging to her right ankle.

During that weekend, I swear, I heard more headboards
banging against the walls then ever before. I guess
there is something to be said for visual effects after


End of Story

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