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The Club

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Hmmmm so we?ve been talking about it all week about getting up the nerve to finally do it and Saturday night is finally upon us?. We are going to the ?the club? and if all goes according to plan, we are going to be more daring tonight than we?ve even been before???.

Hmmm we park our car and quickly go over the ground rules one more time. We slowly walk to the door and you pay the man the fee for our tickets to pleasure. Butterflies in our bellies ? very anxious and very nervous at the same time ? we walk past the bouncer and the couple greeting everyone at the door with the promise of a good time?..

We walk in the club and its not so crowded but there are at least 10 couples in the room. You give the bartender our bottle of vodka and she makes us drinks ? very potent ones which is probably good as it will get us to loosen up a little quicker. We survey the room and it seems there are quite a few experienced couples as well as a few couples that are more like us. We sit and start getting a little comfortable after finishing our first round of drinks. We notice some couples look a bit interested in us as we stand at the bar ready for our second round. More people come in and the room is starting to fill up. It?s getting crowded and many couples are retreating to the many hidden rooms and dens throughout the club. The second drink is hitting me and it?s making me so horny. You see how horny I am and it instantly makes you rock hard. I press my hand against your pants and gently stroke your cock, my pussy getting wetter and wetter and I?m dying to have you inside me. We decide to go exploring room by room watching people in various stages of sexual pleasure as a way to ease us into what we are inevitably going to do tonight. Dark rooms with curtains pulled aside by voyeurs wanting to get a glimpse of the couples in the beds of various rooms. Other rooms with doors and mirrors above brightly lit for people to sit and watch as they have raunchy sex ? women giving hand jobs and blow jobs for all to see high above the ceiling. Couples on couches half dressed, exposing body parts as women lay legs spread and their men eating them. Guys standing in corners while their girls are on their knees jerkin them off and suckin them off. Rooms filled with couples swapping partners with hungry looks on their faces as they explore their new found sexual pleasure. Group sex everywhere ? one room filled with 4 couples all enjoying the sexual juices exploding from each of them. Then finally we come upon ?the room? the one that is unoccupied as no one has dared to go in. This room is large and round with a huge round red velvet bed inside. It is surrounded by windows at every angle. Immediately you cock gets hard, so obvious through your pants. Just the sight of it makes me so wet and we know this is the room we?ve been talking about. Dare we go in and possibly draw in the biggest crowd of the night? I grab your hand sooo nervous yet so excited. You grab my waist and pull me close. I can tell you are nervous too, but just as fuckin excited as me. For a moment you get real serious as you look into my eyes, knowing they will give you the answers you are looking for. You whisper in my ear ?Baby are you ready?? ?Are you sure you want to do this?? I whisper back in your ear ?Yes as long as I?m with you Babe, I am ready? You squeeze my hands and bring me closer to you and you kiss me. You can tell by my kiss and the look in my eyes that what I say is true. Given the reassurance that I am ready you kiss me again and we enter where no one else has gone tonight. So turned on by you I put my imaginary blinders on and focus on you alone as we sit in the middle of the bed. You are so horny for me and the idea of us putting on a show that you quickly undress cause you are anxious to undress me in front of the crowd slowly forming at every window. You quickly take off my dress and throw it to the floor, but then you slow down when you get to my bra and panties. You slowly take off my bra making a point of displaying me with each move you make. You quickly graze your eyes over the crowd to see the reaction of the men watching us and it?s turning you on. I tell you I see guys already exposing their cocks from their jeans and you slide my panties down my legs ever so slowly knowing you are getting them more aroused. The thought of us in the room alone exposing ourselves to all those around is so much fuckin hotter than we both expected. Finally we are both naked and laying in the center of this huge bed. You start to kiss me and just the way I kiss you back you know that I am ready. You move your hands from my face as you slowly make your way down my body and stop at my hips. Wanting to see how turned on I am you slip one hand between my legs to test how wet and ready I am. You are amazed to see that my pussy is already dripping wet. I move my hands down your legs and find my way to Charlie and he is rock hard and I know you are ready too. I survey the crowd and let you know the windows are filled with onlookers as we begin ?our show?. You lay me back on the bed and start kissing my neck working your way down my body. My body burning with desire for you, I slowly arch my back and my head goes back, my tits pushed forward exposing my very hard, erect nipples. It?s makin you crazy watching me as my body is arched, knowing full well how turned on you are getting me. You decide to go with the mood and spread my legs on the bed just a little bit at first to tease the crowd. You start teasing me by playing with my clit knowing it will be getting hard by the touch of your hand. You run your fingertips lightly and slowly over my outer lips and then you start kissing my inner thighs as you spread my legs as far as they can go. The guys start stroking harder having just seen the inside of my very pink pussy wet with my white love juice dripping from my hole. With your finger you take my juice and spread it all over my pussy lips. No longer able to take it you move down to lick my juice and play with my clit at the same time makin me crazy and wanting you inside me even more. You open up my lips to give them a better view of the meat that is yours and that you so love. You continue to lick my love hole and suck on my lips knowing full well that you are teasing them and taunting them with what is yours and what you know they all want. Two guys in a corner were jerkin off so hard they already came. I can?t believe that men are so turned on by us that they actually came already. I see their cum on their hands and I tell you. The idea of men turned on by looking at my dripping pussy just makes you hotter and more eager to please the crowd with your prized possession. Wanting to please you as much as you are me, I move my body to my side and opposite you so I can start to suck you off. You are so fuckin big and hard I see your vein popping on the side of your cock from your balls all the way to the tip. You have never been so hard and your precum is dripping waiting to be inside the warmth of my mouth. More precum than I?ve ever seen from you, I slowly swirl it around your cock with my tongue. My hand on your balls gently squeezing in tune to you sucking on my clit. So in sync with each other as we lay in a 69 position licking sucking and enjoying each others juices. I look to my left and am staring right in the eyes of a guy stroking his cock really fast. His eyes are locked with mine as he watches me sucking so eagerly on your cock. He is so turned on by it and wishing my mouth was wrapped around his big dick swollen in his hand. I tell you what I see and your cock starts throbbing faster inside me. I feel the walls of my pussy wrapping around your big cock even tighter. We are so turned on by each other that we are lost in our own thoughts and the crowd surrounding us is just noise to us, although we are both clearly turned on that they are watching and getting hot and turned on by us. Not able to take it anymore and needing you inside of me baaaad, I pull myself on top of you and the crowd gets a good look at my ass as I slowly mount you and slide you rock hard cock deep inside me filling me up as my lips take you all in. OMG it feels so tight and so warm as my juices are flowing like wild. You continue to move me up and down your cock by holding onto my hips. I see a couple to my right out of the corner of my eye. I tell you play by play what they are doing. She is on her knees sucking her man?s cock as he is intently watching my lips grab your cock. He can see my piece of meat hanging below my ass and he cums in her mouth. I tell you what I see and your cock is thrusting faster and harder and deeper inside me, the muscles of my pussy grabbing your cock even harder and tighter. I lean back and you start to play with my clit. It?s so hard and it feels so good when you touch it that I feel this tingly sensation going throughout my whole body. Knowing everyone is watching and the heat between you and I in the room, is making the two of us crazy. I can see the lust in your eyes as you pull me closer to kiss me. The passion in your kisses tell me exactly how hot you are for me and how much your body is on fire. Seeing the look in your eyes only turns me on more and it doesn?t take long and before you know it I am cumming. Cumming all over your big cock as you slide in and out of me over and over again my clit on fire from touch and the rhythm of your finger moving around my clit in a circular motion. You want those around us to see the white thick juices flowing from my pussy, so you lay me down and spread my legs, opening my lips and exposing the inside of my pink wet pussy once again. You put my juice on your finger and swirl it on my erect tits and start licking it off. Guys are jerkin off harder and their faces are pressed up against the glass to get a closer look. They just can?t get close enough and you are teasing them with my juices. We can see the look in their eyes just how bad they want a taste of my pussy juice, so warm and sweet. I soooo want you to cum too so I start to suck you off again teasing them even further as the hunger in their eyes gets bigger as they are wishing it were their cocks in my mouth. So fukin hard as you thrust your cock in my warm mouth. I lick the precum and move it all over my lips with my tongue. I can see one guy, his hand moving so fast and wanting so badly for his cock to be in my mouth too. He watches as I lick you up and down your shaft while my hands are squeezing your balls and I so feel you tense up and I just know you are about to explode. I tell you that we should tease them more and really give them a show as I beg you to please cum in my mouth. Within seconds of me saying so you shoot the biggest load of your life right into my mouth. There is so much cum I am unable to keep it all inside my mouth. It is running down the side of my mouth and down my chin. I decide to tease them some more so I take your cum dripping from my mouth and start rubbing it all over my body. I rub it into my tits and then I rub some all over my ass. OMG its so warm and it tastes so fukin good. Thinkin our show is coming to an end I lay down beside you only to see your cock is getting erect again and you so want to fuck me for a grand finale. You pull me on top of you giving them one last view of my ass that you love so much. It?s turning you on knowing they are whacking off and looking at my ass. I arch way back and catch the look in their eyes once again. They are like animals ready to move on prey as they watch my tits bounce as you thrust harder and harder deep inside me. I feel your body stiffen as is mine, and I just know we are both ready to come again. I scream out ?Baby here I cum? and you look at me to let me know that you are ready to cum too. OMG what a hot warm feeling as your cum is pumping inside my wet throbbing pussy. The smell of our juices mixed together is such a turn on for us as we lay there kissing, our bodies tingling so. We lay back and look around at the windows around us and we see so many satisfied ?customers?. Cum all over their hands and a wild look in every set of eyes watching us. We kiss for a bit more, taking in all that is surrounding us, talking amongst ourselves on how hot that was. Hmmmm deciding we did enough teasin for the time being, we decide to get dressed and go have a drink, both of us knowing full well that we are just taking a break and will return for round 2 after a few strong ones and hopefully an even bigger crowd?????

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