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Before I got married I spent an occasional evening in adult bookstores watching the porn videos in those small booths. On one occasion I watched a guy and his girl enter the end booth that I knew had a small peep hole into the adjoining booth. I quickly entered the other booth and sat down with my eye glued to the hole. After feeding several bills into the machine, the guy stripped off her blouse (no bra) and began sucking her tits. In a minute she had him unzipped and was giving him a blow job. I made a little noise moving my chair so I could see better and it was pretty obvious that the guy knew that someone could be watching and liked the idea because he adjusted their positions so his dick and her mouth were right in front of the peep hole. I could see that he had a really good sized uncut cock, quite long but not very thick and she was taking the whole thing right up to his balls.

I kept watching and by this time I was stroking myself pretty good. The guy stripped off her skirt (no panties) and bent her over the chair, fucking her from behind, but keeping her turned so anyone at the peep hole would have the best view. He was reaching around and teasing her nipples with both hands. She was moaning pretty good but with the sound from the video I don?t think anyone on the outside would have known this was a live show.

Much to my surprise, it seemed to me that the guy started to stare at the peep hole and then actually began to make what I thought was a ?come here? motion with his right hand. I thought ?what the hell? and eased out of my booth and over to the door of the next one. In just a second the other door opened a crack and I could see the guy was holding it open just enough for me to watch him keep fucking the girl over the chair. I got as close as I could and, when he eased the door open a little further, I slipped into the booth with the two of them. It was a good thing that this was the end booth as its almost twice as big as the others. It had a chair as well as a padded bench seat against one wall. For a minute I just stood there not believing that he had let me in and wondering if she was going to object. He just kept fucking her slowly from behind, watching to see what I would do. I moved a step closer to the couple and she reached over and took my cock out of my jeans ? I guess I had forgotten to zip up in my hurry to leave the other booth. She immediately took my hard cock in her mouth and I fucked her in the face as he kept slamming her in the pussy from behind.

I reached out to cradle her tits in my hands and the guy took his hands off her tits and grabbed her waist, pulling her back hard against his dick. I could see she had beautiful big tits, probably 38 C?s and rock hard nipples surrounded by big aureoles. Him fucking her from behind kept her tits swinging and brushing the palms of my hands ? what a great sensation. Speaking of sensation, by now she had my whole 8? cock clear to the balls and was playing with my balls with one hand and fingering my asshole with the other.

About this time the other guy started to groan and then came hard, really pushing into her pussy and almost tipping the chair over. After emptying his load into her, he pulled out and sat on the bench, watching me mouth fuck his girl. I lost all interest in him and concentrated on what was happening to my cock as it slid in and out of her throat. This was easily the best blow job I had ever experienced. About this time the porn video ran out and the guy fed some more bills in the slot. As he sat down again I could see he was watching the video and stroking himself hard again. I thought ?man this can?t last? and I was partially right as I started cumming directly into her throat and she never lost a stroke, swallowing every last drop and licking her lips as my spent cock slipped from her mouth.

I thought I heard a sound from outside and looked over at the peep hole. Sure enough, I could see an eyeball. Some other lucky guy was getting a show but I had a better seat. It was then that I realized no one had said a word since this affair began. I started to say ?Hi? or something equally dumb, but the guy just made a motion with his finger in front of his mouth indicating I should stay silent. He had gotten hard again and the girl stepped over to him and bent down, taking his dick in her mouth. This left her ass in the air and I felt my cock starting to rise. I maneuvered behind her and saw that his first load had really filled her pussy to overflowing. I slipped my semi hard on into her pussy crack and the mixture of her juices and his jiz helped it slide right in. In just a few strokes I was rock hard again. As I started fucking her from behind I realized I was looking right at the guy who was still getting a blow job. Someone I had never seen before was watching me fuck his girl from the back and seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. He didn?t say anything but mouthed to me what I took to be ?in her ass?.

By now, my cock was well lubed from the contents of her pussy and I pulled it slowly out and slid it up her butt cheek crack towards her tight pink asshole. She seemed to know what was coming as she spread her legs a little wider and pushed her ass up higher. I moistened my thumb with her pussy juice and open her asshole with it, then slid the head of my dick in to just past the rim (I?m circumsized). I let her asshole relax a little and then began to ease my cock in further with slow, short strokes. I could hear her moaning around the other guy?s cock and I thought maybe she was uncomfortable with this as my dick is about the same length as his but quite a bit thicker. It didn?t seem to bother her too much as she began to push back, helping to slip the entire length of my cock into her ass, without missing a stroke on her guy?s dick.

Once I was all the way in, I took my time ass fucking her, letting my cock slide almost completely out and then easing it completely back in. I was trying not to stare at the other guy but its hard not to notice someone else fucking the same girl at the same time. He seemed to be getting off on the fact that I was burying my big cock in her ass as he sat up straight so he could see as much of it as possible. About this time he began to shudder and then came again and again in her mouth and she took his whole load without so much as a gag. Then she let his dick fall out of her mouth and he moved sideways on the bench. She put her forearms flat on the bench and this put her ass even higher in the air, giving me an even better angle to fuck her poop chute. He now had a really good view of his girl?s ass fucking and I began to fuck her harder and faster. She was moaning pretty good now and really pumping her ass back against me. My balls were slapping against her clit and pussy and driving her wilder. I reached around and squeezed those magnificent tits as they swung free with the action of her body.

I held back as long as I could and then began to cum in long spurts, more that I ever had before in my life. At the same time she began to shudder and sob as she came hard against my cock. Her ass squeezed the entire length of my cock at least a dozen times, wringing out every speck of cum. I slipped out of her as she fell against the padded bench totally spent and still slightly quivering. I sat down hard on the bench next to her, weak in the knees and unable to stand any longer. As she recovered she leaned over and sucked the length of my now spent cock, not so much as a blow job but as a thank you for a job well done.

It was then that I saw the other guy was holding the door slightly open again and several other men were watching what had just happened. I gathered myself up as best I could, kissed the girl and eased out of the booth. As tired as I was, I didn?t stay to see if anyone else was invited in.

After I got married I had several experiences with my wife at the same book store which had added a theatre as well as the booths. Those stories will come later if you liked this one.

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