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Some Gym Fun

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My wife and I have a great relationship anda very open communication. We have been married for 10 years and have done some soft swinging. The most that she has ever done is played with a few cocks and I once received a blow job from her and a friend. We have role-played quite a bit in our relationship and always talk about adding others to our sex life.

We have also gone to a few swingers clubs and had some great times mostly just watching everything going on. We then go home and have great sex. Each time we go we always think something may happen but the situation just has not fit perfectly for us to take advantage.

One thing that we do is always challenge each other and talk about our fantasies and what we would like to see each other do or have done to each other. My fantasy like many here is to watch her with another man or have her tell me about an incident or some fun she might have by herself.

Up to this point I didn't think much was going to happen unless we went to the swing club. However this past week things have changed quite a bit. My wife loves to go to the gym and work out and I always tease her about having fun at the gym. The best time ever was this one evening we were both at the gym working out and I made her wear very short shorts with no undies. I told her to continue to work out and we would just text each other through our work out. I wanted her to tease as many guys as she possibly could. Just leading up to going to the gym I have never been so excited and turned on.

I myself love going to the gym and checking out all the hot girls in some of the shortest and skimpiest outfits you can imagine. My wife was also very excited because she kept texting me all day about how much fun we are going to have at the gym. I got to the gym at 430 and started to work out. My wife got there at 445 and we chose this time because it's the busiest the gym is. I couldn't believe how hard I was when I saw what she was wearing. She had on one of those spandex tops showing her perfect round tits. And a very short gray pair of shorts that were very loose fitting.

It started out where she went to a couple machines and we just smiled at each other but from the first machine she was on it was a leg stretcher. Some of you may know what this machine is you put your legs inside and you just spread them out completely. Anyone in front could clearly see up her shorts to her bald pussy. I went to the machine in front and could clearly see straight up her shorts. I then moved to other machines so I could watch others trying to catch a view. This machine is very popular for the women and also for the guys it's kind of funny to watch all the guys get in position for that view. As I watched the first guy that got in the machine in front could clearly see he was trying so hard to keep looking without being noticed. I texted my wife and told her someone was watching she would not look up and would let him completely get a great view of her bald pussy. She text me that she was getting very excited.

She stayed on that machine for a long time and at least three or four guys moved up to get a great view. She then got up from that machine and walked over to do some ab work out. This allowed her to lift up her knees straight up in the air with their feet on the ground this again gave a great view up her shorts. This time I noticed one guy was really following her no matter where she went he positioned himself again with a great view. I was very excited knowing he was looking up her shorts to get a view. I told my wife that the same guy was following her and was in front of her after she got off the phone texting me she took her hand and moved her shorts even more to the side, almost to tell him it was okay to look and she knew he was looking.

I couldn't believe that my wife was sitting in the gym with her pussy in full view. She then got up after this machine and she moved to the bench machine this allows her to set with her legs spread as she is doing a bench press. This time the same guy came over and started to talk to her. I was very excited but also nervous about what they were talking about. You could see that they were chatting and both laughing. The next thing I know my wife is walking past me, past the water cooler and into the racquetball courts.

I'd wasn't sure where she was going and why until she Texts me. She told me that he completely called her out and told her what she was doing to him. She said he was very cute and he wanted to meet her in the racquetball courts. Her next text was telling me that he said he wanted to feel what I was showing him. I couldn't believe how hard I was and how nervous about what was happening.

I then watched him go past me past the cooler and towards the racquetball courts. My heart was pounding wondering what was going on. I went back towards the racquetball courts and all of the courts were occupied with guys playing racquetball except one I couldn't see into that court but I could hear them talking very faintly. Then I could not hear any noise for a long time I wasn't sure what to do so I went back out into the gym. I couldn't believe what could be happening or what was happening all I know is I was very hard and very excited.

They must have been gone for over 30 minutes and finally I saw them both walking out. He went into the men's locker room and my wife went to a machine and I could see her grab her phone. The next text I got was OMG. I text her back what happened? she then text me back I'll tell you in our car. She then got up and went out to our car. I waited a few minutes and followed her out.

When I got into the car she had a huge smile on her face and when I looked down at her shorts she had a big wet spot on her gray shorts. The first thing she did was kiss me and tell me how much she loved me and thanked me for letting her do and enjoy anything she wanted. She then went on to tell me what had happened in the racquetball court.

She said the first thing he did was kiss her and reached down and start rubbing her wet pussy with easy excess from the bottom of her shorts. She said they'd just made out and he played with her pussy for like five minutes. She then grabbed his cock and was rubbing it through his shorts. She told me that he felt nice and thick and then she bent down on her knees and started to give him a blow job.

She said she couldn't believe how excited and turned on she was that there were so many people around and she could get caught at any time. She said she gave him a blow job for like five minutes and he stood her up, turned her around without even asking or saying a word, bent her over and slowly just pushed her shorts to the side and stuck his cock inside her. She said she was so wet and so turned on that she could feel him filling her up and felt amazing. She said he fucked her hard for five minutes and then pulled out and cumed on her back and the back of her shorts.

Her pussy was wet from the fucking she just got she and you wet spot in shorts and still see that to this day. We went home and fucked for hours. I couldn't believe how wet she was also how turned on she was. This happened last week and we talked about what to expect next.

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