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Shy Beverlys Private And Public Awakening Part 4 - Exhibitionist

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(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have been asked if these stories are real or fictional. They are in fact actual experiences and not embellished.)

A Friend Leads to a New Experience

Now while Beverly had led a sheltered life before we met, she does have some interesting girl friends. One, Sharon, is an exotic dancer. She is not a hooker, but just a gal that earns money lap dancing and pole dancing. As she puts it, "My panties never come off."

While she works mostly at some local clubs, she also hosts private affairs at her home. Typically, there are three to four dancers, with anywhere from six to ten guys showing up. Now, I had never seen Sharon dance and had no intention of doing so since she is Beverly's friend. However, one night we met Sharon at a bar. She told us she was having a party at her home and asked if we would like to see what goes on. In fact, she needed a bartender and would be happy to have one or both of us take the job. I told her we would get back to her.

Later that night Beverly asked me if I wanted to go. As I was trying to think of an appropriate response she said, "I know you would like to see the girls. That's okay as long as you don't get a lap dance or touch them."

I said in that case call Sharon and tell her we will tend bar.

On the appointed night we went to Sharon's home. Beverly was dressed very conservatively in slacks and a long sleeve sweater. As we were first to arrive in order to set up the bar, only the girls were there. They were all clad in baby doll tops, open in the front, with bikini panties or thongs. (Yeah, it did not take me long to get hard.) What struck me most was how at ease they were. There was no doubt in my mind that what they did may have been arousing to the guys, but it was just a way to earn money for the girls.

About thirty minutes later the guys started to show up. As they picked a girl for a lap dance, they moved over to the big couch which was right in front of the bar. The girls removed their tops and began gyrating on the guy's laps. While the guys all remained fully dressed there was a difference from what I had once seen at a gentleman's club, in that the girls allowed the guys to touch them and the girls in turn touched the guys over their clothes. No wonder the guys preferred Sharon's home over going to a club.

It soon became obvious that the guys were there for the girls and not the drinks, so we had a lot of time on our hands to watch what was going on. Beverly whispered in my ear, "I can see from the bulge in your pants that you are excited. That's okay because for some reason I too am excited."

With that Sharon came over and said, "Looks like you can take a break from the bar, which is a good thing since you two look like you need to go at it. Why don't you two have some fun? Beverly, I know that you don't want any of the girls to give him a dance, but you could do it. You don't even have to take off your clothes and don't worry about the other guys. I'll tell them you are in training and that you can only be with your guy."

"Want to try it" I said to Beverly.

There were three couples on the couch, with one spot open in the middle. Taking a seat, Beverly straddled me and then began her dance. She was as good and as sexy as any of the other girls. Dressed or undressed. Maybe it was just our closeness or maybe it was the excitement caused by what was going on around us, but after a few minutes I felt that it was just Beverly and I in the room. I was about to share this thought with Beverly, when she whispered to me that she was feeling exactly the same.

This closeness led to our both being aroused and it was not long before I slipped my hands under her sweater to play with her tits. She looked around a little self consciously, but did not stop me. I told her no one was looking and that she should not be concerned as the other guys were concentrating on their girls.

As Bev's nipples began to harden from my attention, I could sense that she was getting very excited. One thing I know about Bev is that when she gets this way, all her inhibitions disappear. Wanting to see just how excited she was, I unzipped her slacks.

As my hand probed under her panties it came to a very wet pussy. I wanted more and I knew that she too did not want my hand so constricted, so I slowly began to remove her slacks.

Suddenly, Sharon called out, "Food's here". With that the music stopped and everyone got up and went into the kitchen.

Beverly turned to me saying "What should I do?" I told her to leave her slacks off. While hesitant, she did so and we went into the kitchen to grab a bite. As I fully expected, she got quite a few looks. When one fellow approached her to ask for a lap dance, she used Sharon's "in training" line and the guy approached another gal.

Food eaten, the music once again began and we moved over to the couch. Since the most exposed part of Beverly's body was her bottom, I began to rub her clit over her panties. She was soaked and it was quite entertaining watching her cum and having to hold it in. Since I had her all hot and ready to explode, I decided that her sweater had to go. While she was straddling my lap, I began to pull her top up. Not sensing any resistance I pulled it over her head. Dressed only in her bra and her panties we again got into it.

At one point she was sitting on my lap with her back to me. I noticed that the other girls were in the same position with their guys so this is what must have given her the idea. The only difference was that Beverly was the only one wearing a bra. What the heck. I unsnapped her bra in the back and sure enough she let it fall off. Now with her tits facing outward for everyone to see, including the guys on the couch and all the other guys standing around, I had her lay back on me, spread her legs and let me play with her nipples.

After a while there was another break in the music. Sharon came over to us and said this time the girls were leaving their tops off as this is the time the guys usually come up with the tips and the more excited they are, the more generous.

"Beverly if you want you can use my baby doll top or come bare breasted like the rest of us." While I thought that Beverly and I might discuss this, she simply told Sharon, "I don't need a top."

Sharon smiled and said she was hoping that would be Beverly's response. "See, you have been like the forbidden fruit tonight. The guys have been watching you and all asked if you would dance with them. I gave them the 'in training' line, but that made you even more desirable. It was like a dance with you would be like a dance with a virgin. Because of all this, if you join us in the kitchen bare breasted they will all get a thrill and we will get even bigger tips. They will definitely be looking you up and down, but they have been doing that all night. The difference is now they will see you up close. What would be really great is if you can get up the nerve to walk over to a few of them and strike up a conversation. The house rule is they can't touch unless they are getting a lap dance, so all they will do is look."

With that we walked into the kitchen and I excused myself to go to the rest room. I made the trip a little longer than necessary as I wanted to give Beverly a chance to do what she wanted to do. I thought that she would either be in a corner by herself waiting for my return or that she would indeed be striking up conversations.

When I walked back into the room it was obvious that she had chosen the later path. She was standing in front of two guys laughing and sipping a drink. I decided to stay off to the side and watch. One of the guys must have asked to see her ass because the next I know she turned around and gave them a look. She then turned towards them again and I noticed the guys looking down. I don't know what they were looking at but they had big smiles on their faces.

After a few minutes of this, she walked over to two other guys who had their arms on the bar and were facing each other. She slipped in the small space between them, reaching for a drink. Instead of moving away, she remained sandwiched between the two of them and started a conversation. I couldn't believe my eyes. There she was with her tits up against one guy and her ass against the guy behind her. Eventually, she probably spent a few minutes with all the guys and even stood by the door saying goodbye as they left.

With everyone gone, it was just Sharon, Beverly and me. It was not long before Sharon spoke up.

"Beverly you were great. I was right that you had the guys very excited, partly because they could not have you. They could not believe it when you came into the kitchen bare breasted and started visiting with each of them. You could have made hundreds of dollars tonight, but I know it's not your thing. However, your actions did help the rest of us get bigger tips. There is one other thing that happened and I'm not sure if I should tell you."

Beverly replied, "After what I did tonight, I don't think that you should be afraid to tell me anything."

"Well" began Sharon, "the guys actually wanted to give you something. They put $200 together and asked that I give it to you. You can take it, give it away or I'll keep it."

To this Beverly responded, "I'm not sure. While I know you are comfortable in taking money from the guys, in a way I feel that I would be taking it for sex."

"Look no one had sex tonight, no one even touched you. All they did was look. You would get paid if you posed for a group of artists who would be looking at you, so while this was a little different situation it is still the same thing."

This seemed to make sense to Beverly and she decided to split the money. Sharon refused her half telling Beverly, "I'm going to invest this money in you. Use it to buy some sexy clothing, maybe some see thru things, for the next time you come to one of my parties. You still don't have to dance with the guys, but having that sexy little body of yours strutting around my place will help make the evening."

Sharon excused herself saying that she was going to take a shower, but that we should stay, since she would like to have a nightcap with us later. With Sharon gone, we began to speak about the evening.

Beverly asked if I thought that she went too far. I in turn asked her to share her feelings first.

She began, "I had no intention of going as far as I did. What started it all is when we sat on the couch. I was getting so excited by your touch that I really did not care who else was around. A big step for me is when you began to take off my pants. I almost stopped you, but then I looked around and thought to myself, what the heck the other girls are in their panties so I won't be the only one."

"Then when we took the first break and I was walking around with my top on, but only my panties covering my bottom I felt very comfortable. For some reason I did not care that they guys were looking at me. In fact, since I knew that you did not mind, I kind of enjoyed the attention. This is also the reason I let you take my sweater and bra off.

"And what about walking around the kitchen topless at the end of the evening," I asked.

"Well at that point I knew all the guys had seen me, but I did not see the expressions on their faces. The other girls were so sexy and they were younger than me, so I thought that maybe the guys found me unattractive. So, I decided that if we got close up that I would be able to tell what they thought of me."

Okay I thought, she was getting accustomed to other men looking at her. I then continued, "I noticed that when you were with the first two guys that they seemed pretty attracted to you. By the way when they moved in closer to you on either side what was going on?"

"Oh that" Beverly said, "First, yes they did find me sexy and they told me as much. Then, I guess I was feeling pretty free and easy because I was even surprised at myself by what I did when one of the guys asked if I was a natural red head. I told them to come close so no one else could see. Then I pulled down the front of my panties a little so they could see my pussy hair."

"Wow" I blurted out, "and what about that little sandwich visit."

"By now I already was walking around almost naked and had shown two guys even more. I saw that there was just enough room between those guys at the bar for me to slip in, so I did. Though they were very close to me, they behaved and did not try to touch me. As their reward for being gentlemen, I pulled them in a little closer, so they could press against my tits and ass."

And, what about the money?"

"Well, I do need to talk to you about that. You know about the money from Sharon, but I also got another tip. I took the money from Sharon because I figured what the heck the guys had their eyeful so why not take the money. Sharon was right. No one touched me so it was no different than posing for artists or photographers or going to a topless beach."

"The other tip I got from one of the guys who I was with earlier. He was one of the fellows who got to see if I was a natural redhead. I ran into him again when I was going to the bathroom and he was coming out. He stopped me and said that he was unbelievably excited by our little time together and wondered if I would mind if he took a longer, closer and more private look. He told me that he knew he could not touch, so he would just be looking. While I was a little hesitant, I let him take me into the bathroom and close the door."

"With him seated, I stood in front of him. Not knowing what to do, I began a little slow dance. Good to his word, he never tried to touch me, but he did ask me to show him again that I was a real redhead. Since he was behaving and had already seen me once, I took off my panties and gave him a thorough look. After a few minutes, I stopped my dance and slipped on my panties.

He kept saying how much he appreciated what I did and that the experience was better than any lap dance he had that night. Then he said, "Since I gave something to the girls who gave me a lap dance tonight, and this was indeed a more exciting experience, while I don't want you to feel insulted and I promise you that no one else will know about this, please take this money." "

"With that he handed me a hundred dollars. Before I could say anything, he kissed me on the cheek and left."

Complete with her report on the evening Beverly asked me to share my thoughts, including those relating to what she had just told me.

Looking at Beverly I said, "You and I both know that seeing the other girls got me excited, but what made the evening for me is what we did together and then watching what you did. I was unbelievably excited when you first let me take your pants off and then take off your top. Touching you like I did with everyone else around was very, very exciting. I thought that watching you walk around the room the first time dressed in your panties, but with your top still on, was one of the most exciting times of my life. I was wrong, because the second time when you were also topless and you were casually talking to the guys, I thought that I would explode in my pants.

As to the money, I have no problem with you taking the money from Sharon. I'll admit that I was a little surprised about your 'first proof of being a redhead', by the little sandwich visit and especially by your private bathroom show that led to the $1500 tip. I'm not saying I did not want you to do any of these things, but you have almost moved away from us doing these types of things only when we are together and you came close to the touching situation. That said, you telling me everything shows just how much you trust me and I am turned on by everything you did tonight."

To this Beverly responded, "The best part of the evening for me is that while you were excited by looking at the other girls, I felt that you were just into me. In fact, Sharon even told me that she offered to take you into her room and give you a private lap dance while I was socializing with the guys, but you declined. I did enjoy all the experiences I had tonight, partly because I know that you get turned on. Except for the bathroom scene, you were present all the time. I thought you saw me go into the bathroom, but I guess I was wrong. Even then, I just knew that if I needed you that you were just outside the door."

"You are right in that some of the things I did tonight were a little more personal than in the past. I do want you to know that at no time did I have any desire to have sex with any of those guys and I would have left the party immediately if one had touched me in any way. Where I might have gone a little overboard is, that despite not using my hands, I did rub my body against a few of the guys. While my bottom was covered, my tits were not."

"So, while I did speak to Sharon about wanting to lap dance with you in private, I do think that, to be fair, you should have a little 'more personal experience' and my plan is to let you go even a little further than I did."

"Are you ready Sharon", Beverly called out. With that Sharon came back into the room, dressed in a short bathrobe.

Approaching me, she opened the robe and let it drop to the floor. "Beverly wants this for you" said Sharon, "and I'm happy to oblige. Yes, you get me totally stripped as Beverly said that based on her proving to a couple of guys that she is a natural redhead, that I should prove that I am natural blond. Beverly's rules are that you keep your hands to yourself and that I can't touch your private parts. I'll let my body do the work. Now, there is no way that Beverly is just going to stand by and watch. She's going to join us and she plans on giving you her personal touch. Since there are three of us, let's do it on my bed where we have more room."

We left for the bedroom where Beverly asked me to stand for a moment. The girls removed my shoes, then my shirt and finally my slacks, leaving only my briefs.

"Since I had a sandwich, this is yours" Beverly said. With that she pressed her body against my front and Sharon came at me from behind. Slowly they both moved and swayed all the while pressing close against me. They turned me once so I was facing Sharon, with Beverly at my back. Then with Beverly remaining at my back, Sharon turned around rubbing her ass against my cock. Moving the back of my briefs aside, Beverly managed a finger up my ass which made allof this even better.

My sandwich complete, they had me lay face down on the bed and gave me a massage. True to their agreement, Sharon massaged my back, avoiding my ass or any area between my legs. This was no problem, since Beverly took care of it. With Sharon's hands running over my oiled back, Beverly was focused on my ass. Having ensured that my hole was ready, she must have gotten a hold of one of Sharon's toys as I felt the beginning of an ass fuck. As usual, Beverly was a pro at this, stopping just before I came. With the dildo out of my ass, the girls turned me over on my back.

With Sharon massaging my legs, Beverly leaned over me moving her tits around my face. When she settled on giving me one tit to suck, I took it with lust. Leaving me to suck on Beverly's tits, Sharon straddled me and began grinding my cock. This girl could really control her body. While I was still wearing by briefs, I swear that it felt as if she could control her pussy lips in a way that massaged my cock.

After a few minutes of this most enjoyable experience, Sharon said to Beverly, "he is as hard as a rock and I think its time to let him release."

With that Sharon got up, letting Beverly mount me. Pulling my throbbing cock out of my briefs, she slipped me inside her and grinded me to climax.

Between a full night of fun with company, followed by my private party, we were all exhausted. No one got out of bed, so the three of us just stayed there to sleep the night away. As always, Beverly cuddled close, with Sharon a few inches away, but close enough so I felt the warmth of her body.

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