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Sharon Really Lets Go!!

This adventure happened when Sharon and I were stationed in New Jersey in the
mid-1980's and were headed back to Pensacola, FL for a vacation. We left New
Jersey about 5 AM in a Pontiac Grand Prix with T-Tops. It was July and
already muggy, but fairly cool so we took the T-Tops off. By the time we got
to Washington D.C., the sun was up and shining brightly. We stopped to get
gas and I was going to put the T-Tops back on so we could use the air
conditioner. Sharon said not to, she was enjoying the fresh air (in
Washington DC?) and wanted them off for a while longer. As soon as we got
back on the beltway, Sharon took off her shirt (she never traveled long
distances with a bra) covered the seat with a towel and said she was going to
get a head start on her tan. (We had been in NJ for 18 months and there were
no good tanning beaches so her tits were still a milky white) She then
covered herself with suntan oil, oblivious to anyone who might be watching
and laid the seat back and started sunning herself. While she was oiling
herself up, we had a few onlookers in cars who stayed with us watching the
show, but they took off when she laid the seat back. Several truckers came by
and kept riding with us for a while, enjoying the view while Sharon acted as
if it was the most natural thing in the world to be topless sunbathing in the
car on the highway. She didn't even acknowledge the truckers watching her.
After a while, she fell asleep and I continued driving. Now I was VERY aware
that I was showing off Sharon to anyone who wanted to see and was really
enjoying slowing down next to trucks and vans to see the drivers'
expressions. Alot of them were priceless! I was enjoying myself so much that
I missed my exit for I-85 in Petersburg, VA so I stayed on I-95 to cut over
in Atlanta. As we crossed over into South Carolina, I noticed we needed gas
and Sharon was still asleep. Rather than waking her up, I figured I would
have some more fun so I pulled into the full service island at the gas
station, rushed into the restroom telling the attendant (about 18 or 19 years
old) to fill it and get the windshield. Was he in for a surprise! Little did
I know that Sharon had woken up when I shut the door and headed into the
restroom, but she decided to play it off and lay there for the attendant. She
said he went to the windshield to start washing it and jumped back startled,
then approached the car like there was a dog that would bite in it. Then he
started washing the windshield real slowly, never taking his eyes off her.
When he came over to the passenger's side, she said he tried not to "wake"
her and quietly washed the windshield. When he was about halfway through with
the passenger's side, she opened her eyes fully and asked him if he was
enjoying the view. She said all he could do was stammer and trip over his
tongue before he finally was able to spit out "Yes, Ma'am!” She then asked
him if this was the full service island. He said, “Yes Ma'am, it is.” She
said “Great” and said her suntan oil had dried up and she needed some more
and could he put it on her. He first refused, stuttering the whole way, but
it is real hard to refuse a request like that from a pleading topless woman,
so he finally started to do it, watching the door for me to come out the
entire time. Little did he realize that I had come out and was acting like I
was making a phone call on the payphone in the corner of the parking lot! He
wasn't even looking in the right direction! After he had got going putting on
the suntan oil and I figured he was putting it on her tits, I walked over and
asked him how much I owed him. I thought the poor guy was going to have a
heart attack! After him trying to apologize and me reassuring him it was OK,
I paid for the gas and we headed out. All we could do was laugh for about 10
minutes. We pulled into the next rest area, Sharon got out of the car,
topless, took the towel and wiped the suntan oil off and put on her shirt
(she had gotten rather red on the trip from DC to SC but couldn't pass up the
opportunity with the attendant!) We put the T-Tops back on the car, turned
the A/C on and continued our trip to Pensacola. The week in Pensacola was
great and a couple of flashing adventures came from there too, but those are
other stories!

End of Story

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