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We hadn't run into a single person, which surprised me a little. It
was a good trail for a little hike even if it did lead away from the
waterfall and the creek. The trail wasn't too hard, but there were
enough hills and ravines to keep the walk interesting.

"It sure is deserted," came Jeff's voice--his thoughts must have been
echoing mine. "People don't know what they're missing."

"There weren't that many people around and everyone seems to like to
hang out around the waterfall," I offered.

"Hey, I've got an idea," he returned, and in a voice that raised an
alarm in my head. But he didn't continue.


He looked up and down the path, then came up close to me, and in a low
voice said "Take off your clothes!"

I laughed. "One track mind!" I answered.

He grinned in response, but only briefly. "No! Let's do it! Take
them off!"

"Honey!" It was dangerously close to a whine.

Jeff didn't answer immediately, but looked away, out in the woods.
Then he turned around and came up to me. He looked very serious. He
leaned over and and whispered, "I love you."

I felt myself smile. I couldn't help it, I suppose. I have a
weakness for those words when Jeff says them. He was backing away
from me again but I caught his neck and kissed him. We must have
stood there kissing for a minute or more.

He put his lips to my ear again: "Take your clothes off." It was just
a whisper, but I tried to make out the expression in his voice. Was
it a loving request? A command? Which did I *want* to hear?

We backed up from each other until we were holding each other at arm's
length. I looked at his face and he looked so serious. He dropped
his arms and backed up a couple more feet, then stood there looking at
me, his legs slightly apart and his arms crossed.

I glanced up and down the trail. Still no one. I looked back at
Jeff. Still that determined expression. I started unbuttoning my
shirt. His face seemed to relax just a little and he gave me an
almost imperceptible nod. I'd paused after unbuttoning about three
buttons, but started again, more slowly.

I didn't know how much of this I was actually going to do. I got the
shirt unbuttoned and pulled it off. I stood there looking at him
again, standing there in my jeans and bra. He didn't move a muscle
except that he raised his chin just a tiny bit. I looked up and down
the trail again--still not a soul in sight. I reached back and
unhooked my bra. I stood there, my arms dangling, my bra dangling
from my right hand, still facing him.

I wanted to do something to change the mood. I smiled and then
touched my own nipple, watching him for a reaction. His expression
didn't change for a second. "All of them," he finally said.

My shoes. I got down and untied them and took them off. I worried
about my socks. Should I stand there in socks after taking the rest
of my clothes off? Silly of me. I realized I was thinking about
actually doing it--getting completely naked out on this trail. I
pulled off the socks.

I stood up and undid my jeans. Again I looked around: nobody. I slid
them down and stepped out of them. I stood there looking at him,
standing in my underpants. It was only a little bit of clothes, but I
felt very reluctant to part with them. He still stood there looking
at me. He seemed so stern--I didn't remember him acting this way
before. I slipped down the underpants and stepped out of them.

He smiled just a little. "Good," he said, quietly. Then he went on:
"Gather your clothes, roll them up in your jeans, and give them to
me." I still didn't say a word. I just looked around, gathered them,
and rolled them up in a neat little bundle. I stepped forward and
gave them to Jeff. Something made me stay back from him and hold them
out at arm's length. He took them and tucked them under his arm,
still looking at me. I backed up and stood where I had been, about
six feet in front of him. He turned and looked around, then walked
over to a tree and reached up, putting the bundle of clothes on top of
a branch where it met the trunk. It was way out of my reach.

Then he turned again, now smiling. It wasn't the friendly smile I was
used to. I wondered when he normally used this smile: it frightened
me. He walked up to me and picked me up. Over his shoulder, holding
on to my legs.

Believe me, this was beyond anything I could imagine us ever doing. I
didn't make a sound though--I guess it was some irrational fear that
someone might hear. He walked down the trail and then set me down--on
a huge rock. He'd put me right on the ede and in an instant, he was
down on his knees between my legs, licking.

I didn't realize how excited I was. In an instant I couldn't get
enough; I just wanted him to keep licking forever. My feet dangled
onto his back and I leaned back, supported by my straight arms behind
me. I really felt out of control. I didn't want anything in the
world except for Jeff to keep licking. And he did.

But something caught my eye. I looked back along the trail and
realized I was looking at two girls who had come up behind us. They
were standing maybe one hundred feet down the trail, not moving,
looking in our direction.

But I didn't do anything. I couldn't. After I realized I'd seen
them, I still couldn't break away from what Jeff was doing to me. A
part of me--a little corner of my mind--couldn't believe I could just
keep on like this. But something about it--it seemed to drive me
wilder. I'd heard of people who were turned on by the idea of
discovery, but I never would have believed that could be me.

It was mind-blowing. I'm sure they could hear me gasping for breath
as I came and came. Jeff didn't stop--at least not right away. I
couldn't believe how long my body kept shuddering like that.

Finally I had a grip on myself. I was back, leaning on my elbows.
Jeff had stood up and was looking at me. "Honey, there's two girls
over there," I said quietly.

Jeff glanced at them and then looked back down at me. "Wave them over
here," he said. He still looked at me. I couldn't believe he'd ask
me to do that. I looked over at the two girls again. I guessed that
they were in college, but I couldn't be sure. They were in jeans and
sweatshirts. They looked like they might be sisters: both were small
and slender and had short, dark curly hair. I lifted the arm nearer
them and made a motion for them to come. They looked at each other
briefly, then started coming forward. I'd done it. Now I couldn't
believe that *I* had actually done such a thing.

Jeff was unzipping his pants. He pulled out his cock and started
rubbing it on me. Some irrational thought worried about the girls
again, as if they hadn't seen so much all ready. They were
approaching and stopped about five feet away. Jeff looked at them.
"Take her hands," he said. I looked back at him, not believing he'd
said that. The girls approached and one went around to the other side
of the rock. They took my wrists and I lowered myself to lying back
on the rock. "Hold them out," Jeff went on. Then I was lying, with
one girl holding each wrist, holding my arms straight out.

He stopped rubbing his cock up and down against me. I felt him put it
in place, then he pushed in. I held my head up to see him doing it,
but I immediately lay back, ending up staring at the trees and the bit
of sky visible between the branches. I looked over to my right--the
girl was still holding my wrist, stretching my arm straight. I looked
back up.

He kept pushing in. I like that feeling inside me; it drives me wild.
I couldn't get enough. He kept pushing and pushing, in and out. I
felt him pull too far out sometimes, but it went back in so easily.
The sensations were incredible.

They just kept holding me like that and Jeff just kept going. I
*needed* him to go faster. I started talking to him, not caring about
the girls, trying to encourage him. I wanted to come so badly--I
couldn't wait--if he'd only take me all the way. Once when he pulled
too far out, he paused and rubbed his cock up and down against me
before pushing back in. I almost went crazy.

I don't know when I ever came like that. It was too much--I'm almost
glad I don't come like that every time. I just lay there, still
staring up at the trees and little patches of sky. I realized the
girls had finally given me back my hands. I got up on my elbows and
looked around and they were gone. Jeff lifted me back up on my feet
and went back to where he'd put my clothes. Finally I got dressed and
we got started walking again.

After a little while, we briefly glimpsed the two girls ahead of us.
"Want to catch up with them?" asked Jeff. I wasn't sure. "Come on,"
said Jeff, picking up the pace, pulling me by the hand. I still
wasn't sure--there was a part of me that wanted to crawl in a hole,
but another part of me wanted to do it.

After a couple minutes of fast walking, we were finally thirty feet or
so behind them. "Wait up!" It was *me* who said it! They turned
around and looked at us. "Hi, how are you doing?" I asked as we
approached. Yes, I'm more social than Jeff, but I was still surprised
at myself, feeling like I was running on automatic pilot.

Their names were Anita and Jess, probably for Jessica. We walked
along with them and they told us they were from the nearby state
school. I hadn't gone there, but some of my high-school friends had
and I'd seen the campus. Yes, they were sisters. I fell into
conversation with Anita, who was very friendly, and Jeff and Jess were
walking ahead. They weren't walking together, exactly, but somehow
they seemed more the hikers while Anita and I seemed to stroll along,
talking about anything and everything. We walked on for a while, then
Jeff stopped and let us catch up. He took me aside, and said to me in
a low voice, "Why don't you take off your clothes and walk naked for a

"No! Are you crazy?" I hissed at him.

"Well, they saw you before," he answered, his voice still low.

"But..., *now* it would be humiliating!"

"Well, wasn't..." But he didn't finish his thought. He appeared to
give up on the idea and suggested we walk on.

I fell in with Anita again. Jess and Jeff still walked ahead, still
not together. "What did he want?" asked Anita in a low voice. I
silently cursed Jeff for getting me into this position.

But I gave in. "He wanted me to hike naked. Give him an inch..." I
kept my voice low enough that the others wouldn't hear.

Anita giggled a little. "Well, you must admit, there isn't a lot more
of you that we could see," she said, brightly.

"Listen, believe it or not, that wasn't *me*. We've *never*..."

"OK, I believe you," she answered. Then she started talking about
something else, much to my relief. We walked some more. It was a
twelve-mile trail and we knew it would be quite some time before we
reached the waterfall area again. We walked on and talked some more.
I noticed that Jess and Jeff finally paired off and were talking too.
I had a little tinge of doubt about it, Jess being so young and
attractive and all, but dismissed it as not worth getting into a fuss

"You could just take off your shirt for a while," Anita was saying. I
started, wondering how the conversation had drifted back into this
area while I was thinking about Jeff and Jess. "It would give your
husband a thrill," she went on. I didn't say anything and she
continued once again: "Admit it, you thought that was exciting back
there, and you'd love to relive some of that excitement".

"Why do *you* want me to do this?" I returned. She didn't answer, but
just grinned at me when I looked at her. She seemed so nice, and
oddly enough, there was a sort of *innocence* about the whole thing
that it is hard for me to express.

I started unbuttoning my shirt as we walked. "Yes!" I heard her half-
whispered reaction. I looked at her and realized I was grinning too
much and continued unbuttoning. Then I got it off and was walking in
my bra.

"Give it to me," she said. I handed her the shirt. "Go ahead," she
responded. I reached back, unhooked my bra, and slipped it off. She
held her hand for me to put it in and I complied. She bundled the
shirt and bra in a roll and held it under her arm. We just walked
silently for a little while, then she offered a comment and we started
talking again. Naturally, a part of me continued wondering when Jeff
would notice, but soon I was absorbed in talking to Anita again.

But of course, soon it happened. I'd been watching Jeff even though
my mind was elsewhere, and when I realized he'd turned around and
stopped, I could still picture the moment he'd noticed. Anita and I
stopped before we reached them. Jess had stopped and turned too, just
a step or two beyond Jeff. I tried to keep a grin off my face. He
started walking back to us and Jess followed. The four of us ended up
in a little circle, a little closer together than I suppose we'd
normally be. They were all looking at my chest.

No one said a thing. Finally, Jeff reached up to touch one of my
nipples. I guess I should have expected *something* to happen, but
somehow I wasn't prepared for this. When he touches my nipples, I
always respond, and I realized immediately that I had to stop this
right away or I'd probably be beyond my own control in a minute.
After just a few seconds, I took hold of his wrist and pushed it back
to him. He stared at me just a second, then said "Well, we'd better
keep going," and pulled out of the circle. When we'd started walking,
he fell in beside me and whispered in my ear: "Interesting!" and
kissed my cheek. Then he and Jess led the way again and soon were a
little ways up ahead.

"OK, give me my clothes," I said to Anita when Jeff and Jess weren't
close enough to hear me. She didn't do it, but just smiled a little.

"You're very sensitive, aren't you?" offered Anita. I realized she
meant my nipples. I had a sinking feeling I shouldn't have done this
despite what Jeff and I'd done in front of them before.

"I guess so."

"Why don't you touch yourself? A little." I glanced at her. She was
looking right into my eyes, expectantly.

I must have done it before thinking. I touched my right nipple with
the fingers of my right hand. I was looking at her and her eyes were
still locked on mine. She didn't glance at my chest even for a
second. Then I realized what I was doing and took my hand away. She
smiled at me and then looked ahead again as we walked. We walked in
silence for a little while before she started talking again.

"Can you give me back my shirt?" I finally said.

She smiled at me. "No; you keep walking like that." And she went on
as if nothing weird were happening.

I did seem to forget about my state once in a while, but of course my
mind kept coming back to it. She wouldn't give me my shirt. The two
in front of us glanced back at us occasionally. I guess they would
have done that in any case, but I was just sure they were checking
*me* out. I felt like a slave with three owners. And I guess deep
down, a part of me is rather wild, because I kind-of liked it.

Anita didn't say any more about it--she just walked on, talking about
other things. Well, we did talk a little about her social life and
she told me she hoped to eventually hook up with a man who was into
crazy things like Jeff and me. I assured her again that this was my
only experience anything like this at all. She appeared to accept
that, but I still worried about whether she actually believed me. I
don't know why I should have worried about it.

Finally Jeff and Jess stopped up ahead of us and turned around and
waved. Jeff yelled "Civilization!" Anita and I immediately stopped
and she gave me back my clothes. I quickly put on the shirt and
stuffed the bra in my jeans pocket.

Jeff and Jess were standing together up ahead, talking to each other.
They looked kind of close. Anita told me she had something that I
ought to have and she showed me a picture of me and Jeff on the rock!
"I was going to keep it, but now I think you should have it," she

"What were you going to do? Show it to your friends to prove you
really did meet up with a crazy couple?"

"No... *really*, I wasn't. I just wanted to remember..."

I looked at her. She really was such a sweet person. "Keep it," I
said, finally, not believing I was saying this. "Show it to that
husband you find in the future who you want to do crazy things with."
She took it back and beamed at me. And she leaned over and kissed me
on the cheek.

I looked ahead again, in time to see Jess kiss Jeff. It was on the
mouth, but it was only a peck. I felt my heart in my throat for a
second, then decided it wasn't worth worrying about. They didn't do
any more.

We reached picnic grounds and split up. Jeff and I went straight to
our car and drove back to our motel. Though nothing like our time on
that rock, the rest of that afternoon in the motel was plenty wild.

End of Story