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Private Dancer I

This story takes place in Munich Germany, at an
establishment called the Pink Pussy~. This place is a
"very private" club that caters to a special clientele.
Socially and sexually sophisticated jet-setters visit
this private club whenever they might be in town. There
are other places like the Pink Pussy~ around the world,
but none quite as entertaining as this particular place.

Gretchen is a Private Dancer. She's had many
experiences in her young life, but the one she des-
cribes here, is one of her favorites. Gretchen was born
in Eastern Germany in a small hamlet called Hetzobaden,
and grew up in the authoritarian society there. So when
the Berlin wall fell, she was one of the first people
to leave. She gravitated to Berlin, and became an
exotic dancer because of her outstanding looks. Soon
she found that she had more money than she'd ever
thought possible. She was a 'very' talented dancer, and
in great demand.

After a year or so of dancing in clubs around
Berlin, Gretchen got the opportunity to make really big
money in one of the private sex clubs in Munich. And
today she is a private dancer at the best one. Her act
is fascinating to watch. . . I think I'll let her tell
the story now.

-=*=- -=*=- -=*=-

I met Kristen and Kathy last year at the Pink
Pussy~ sex club. I had been working there for almost 6
months at the time, and I remember seeing them walk
into the bar area and sit down to have a drink or
conversation. It was unusual to see women on their own
at a place like the Pink Pussy~. It usually meant they
were gay. But this couple didn't look that way to me,
and believe me I can usually tell.

I was in the middle of my act on stage when they
came in and couldn't see them that well, but the thing
that struck me was that they seemed too young to be
there, and the one with almost white blonde hair had a
magnetism for me, I just couldn't take my eyes off her,
well not until Kurt jammed his big wennie into my
mouth that is.

At that point I lost track of the two girls. I
had only been on stage for about 20 minutes and we were
about to start the really wilds stuff. The act was very
popular with the customers, and I had a lot to do. I
had to concentrate because it's not easy taking some-
thing that big all the way to the hilt. Kurt began to
thrust his big dick into my mouth, and I went into my
act - I let him push me back onto the floor of the
stage, and he began to penetrate me mouth as deeply as
he would any other woman's vagina.

Believe me when I say it, taking a mans erect
penis all the way to the hilt, into ones throat, takes
a certain talent. Most women can not do this, no matter
how hard they try. The gag reflex is a very hard thing
to circumvent. But this was part of our act.

So Kurt was pumping himself in and out of my
throat, and in was massaging his big heavy balls. The
act required us to look as though we were people from
the audience who went up on stage to have sex in front
of the crowd. Many of the audience would follow us as
the evening wore on. But we were some of the first to
do it.

I always like exhibiting myself to a crowd. I am
proud of my body, and work hard to keep it just right.
(I have enclosed my picture with this story. It's the
one that Kristen and Kathy saw displayed inside the
private lobby, that is behind the regular night-club.
They show all of our pictures so the people won't be
upset if they notice that we are not really just one of
the crowd. You'll like my picture, it's my favorite

As Kurt started to get excited, and I can always
tell when that happens, he began to pump my throat
harder, then as planed, at the last moment he pulled
out and sprayed me with a healthy load of his sperm. My
thing is to try and catch it in my mouth as he kneels
at my side and jerks his wanger wildly about. It's al-
ways very messy, and the audience loves it, they were
already on their feet cheering us on.

Kurt's such a good boy, I really can't imagine
too many men who would be able to come two or three
times a night in front of a crowd of people. I think if
I were a man, I'd get so blasé about sex, that I'd have
a hard time ejaculating. Well maybe not, because I do
get to orgasm many times on stage, and I've been doing
this for a while.

As Kurt finished his masturbation show, and low-
ered his beautiful firm body onto mine, rubbing his
sperm between our bodies, I was able to look out into
the audience again. Of course I was pretending to be
totally over-come with passion, as Kurt lowered his big
penis down between my legs. As he held his still hard
shaft at my pussy-lips - I rolled my eyes and grunted
as he thrust into me, falling heavily on top of me.
While he was thrusting into me, I was able to look at
the audience, and could see the two girls again.

They had moved to a table toward the front. (The
management always gives the attractive women ring-side
tables, go figure.) And the young blonde was watching
us intently. Her friend looked like she was much more
experienced, and wasn't watching as closely, she looked
like she was sizing up the men in the room.

Kurt finally went into his orgasm act, and I
with him. He started to pound into me, and I wrapped my
legs around his bottom and started to meet his thrusts.
I was really starting to enjoy his cock thrusts, he
could be a real machine after his first orgasm of the
night. He started to grunt loudly, pretending to come
in me, and I knew he was going to call it quits before
I got myself off, so I grabbed him and rolled on top.
There was no way he was going to leave me in one of
those needy places I thought.

I started to ride Kurt as if he were one of
those mechanical bulls you see in some of those fake
western night clubs. I was really enjoying myself now.
As I rode Kurt's cock I looked down at the girl and
could see she was right there with me. She was holding
here breath, and you could tell that nothing else was
penetrating her consciousness, it was as if I was per-
forming for her alone.

She looked so sexy, looking up at me with that
innocent lust in her eyes, I felt myself getting so
excited that an orgasm began to rise up within my body,
almost without my knowing it. As I came on Kurt's big
dick, as my body shook in it's mindless orgasmic state,
I looked into the young girls eyes, and we connected.
She was there with me, it was wonderful.

Of course Kurt being the consummate professional
came right along with me, and our show reached a sexual
height that most couples just dream about. We finally
collapsed into a sweating, sticky heap, breathing like
a couple of blacksmith bellows. Finally I stood up and
so did Kurt, and we gave our signature smiles to every-
one as we pranced off the stage to the side exit.

"Well, that was wonderful, Kurt, thank you. You
always surprise me with your technique, just when I
think I'll have to pretend, you get me horny."

Kurt smiled, and in his Bavarian accent said,
"Gretchen, your just too hot to pretend, that's why I
like to perform with you. You're always my first
choice. . . Well off to the showers, we've got two
hours before we're on again." And with that he walked
naked down the hall with his magnificent wanger swaying
in front of him.


You might think with all the sex we get that
we'd become blasé about it, but you'd be wrong. Sure,
as far as being naked around people, you get used to
that, but having sex in front of people is always a
turn-on. Suddenly remembering my little blonde, I
hurried to my dressing room and took a quick shower.
The time between shows was our own. We could kick back
and relax, or we can go out into the crowd, and maybe
do a little private dancing.

Private dancing is were the huge money was. A
talented girl, or guy for that matter, can make a lot
in one night. I once got a 10 grand fee for only about
20 minutes work, but that's unusual, though I keep my
eyes pealed for those rich Arabs now.

But really, my normal take every night is around
2 to 3 thousand, not counting the money I get from the
club. That's taxable, the rest isn't. At any rate it
will serve to tell you my state of mind when I tell you
that I wasn't thinking about private dancing at that
moment. I was thinking about that little blonde out in
the audience.

As I finished my shower and douche, I looked
around for something appropriate to ware. I picked out
a french T, which is nothing more that a silk dress,
that could have been the normal girls T-shirt. But as
I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but
think that most women would be scared stiff to ware
something as revealing as this in public. It showed
every curve, and plain of my body. I think it even
shows the little goose bumps around my aureoles through
the material. After admiring my body for a moment
longer, I bounced enthusiastically out the door and
into the main room, to see my new potential playmates.

I wasn't sure if they had stayed, but was hope-
ful. I kept remembering that look in the younger girls
eyes. And yes! There they were. I could see them talk-
ing and giggling about something. For just a second, I
wasn't sure what to do. I didn't know if they would
welcome my intrusion, but I really wanted to meet them,
especially the blonde girl, she intrigued me so. I
bucked up my courage, and walked over to their table,
ignoring all the usual offers from the customers.

"Hello, my name is Gretchen, can I sit with you
for a moment?" They both looked up at me. The older one
just smiled, but the younger girl looked startled, and
it appeared to me that she shivered in fear. . . but
maybe it was my imagination.

"Why of course, we loved your show. . . we were
just talking about you." The older girl said. She was
an American, I thought they might be. For some reason
Americans stick out in Europe, I guess Europeans pro-
bably do the same there. The older girl continued, "My
name is Kathy, and this is Kristen. I can't tell you
how sexy you looked up there."

"Thank you, coming from such a good looking mem-
ber of our gender, I consider that an important comple-
ment. Have you been here before?"

"No, we're in Germany for the International fig-
ure skating competitions in Nuremberg, and had a few
days on our own, and well, I've heard of this place,
and just had to visit while we had the chance." Kathy
rushed her words together in excitement.

"And you, what do you think of the night?" I
looked closely at the other girl, and was still as in-
trigued as the first time I had seen her. She looked so
innocent, but I could tell there was some kind of kin-
dred spirit lurking behind those big blue eyes. I con-
tinued to sit there looking at her, as the silence
stretched out between us, then finally, she started, as
if she'd been shocked by electricity, and her beautiful
young face began to flush a very inviting pink.

"I. . . I . . .I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare
at you, it's just that I. . . I don't really know what
you said. I was so caught up in you, that I wasn't
hearing anything. I'm really very sorry, please forgive
me. . ."

"My lovely little friend, I forgive you anything
please do not be sorry, I have also enjoyed looking at
you. I smiled at her, hoping that things would go as I
had planed them. But I hadn't known that they were
American's before, I would have if I'd given it any
consideration, and we all know how prudish American's
are, But I felt I still might make a new friend if I
put a little effort into it.

By now there was another couple on the stage.
These were amateurs, but I had to admit they looked
pretty good undressed. "Kristen, you didn't answer me,
are you enjoying yourself this evening?"

"Oh yes, I didn't think I would, but Kathy talk-
ed me into coming, and I can't begin to tell you what a
sexy thing this place is." She said this with such en-
thusiasm, it charmed me to the heart.

"What did you think of Kurt and I on stage?"

"I have never been as turned-on in my life. I
never thought that sex could be so, so, sexy before.
You almost made me want to join in." Kristen giggled
nervously as she said the last sentence. That was my
queue - what a lovely girl to offer me such a chance.

"Kristen, Kathy, would you like to perform for
the audience?" I looked at both girls, and I thought
that they truly would make excellent performers. I
think that maybe it was their Ice skating that made
their bodies so shapely, I could tell that they would
look good, but would they do it?

Kristen said, "Oh no, I could never do that,
honest, I'd die of embarrassment. You do it Kathy, you
would be wonderful."

"Kristen is a virgin, that's why she's being so
shy. But I have to agree, I wasn't thinking about per-
forming or anything like that, I just wanted to see
some hot sex stuff." Kathy looked a little nervous, but
I noticed a glint in her eyes.

"A pretty girl like you? still a virgin? It's
hard for me to believe this, how old are you Kristen?"

"I was 18 last February, and I guess I'm weird,
but between school and trying to be a professional
skater I haven't had a lot of time for dating, and boys
and things. . . and I don't need to be ridiculed about
it." Kristen shot a withering glance at her friend.

"I didn't mean to do that Kristen, honest I did-
n't. I just thought there was some kind of connection
between us, and thought you would like to perform. It
could be just you and me. . . and Kathy too, if she
would. . .? You know you won't be here that long, and
this might be your only chance to do it. Many women do
it here, just once, it is an unusual chance to let one-
self go, just once in a life time. You might find that
it is as wonderful, as it looked. And I don't just ask
anyone you know."

"I don't want to get pregnant or take the chance
of having it happen. I admit that the whole thing ex-
cites me, but there are diseases and the pregnancy
thing, it's just out of the question." Kristen said
this with the cutest firmness in her voice, it made me

"Sweety, I wouldn't let anything happen to you.
Just so you know, the professionals who perform her
make as much as $600,000 a year, and wouldn't want to
get pregnant, or contract some kind of decease. Kurt
has had a vasectomy, and couldn't make his own mother
pregnant. But I was thinking about just us girls. Come
on Kristen, give it some thought. I can see us up there
I know the crowd would go wild to see you." I noticed
that Kathy seemed to be thinking about what I had just

I remembered my first time. I wasn't a virgin or
anything, but it was a great thrill. To get up in front
of 50 people and have sex with someone makes the heart
pound like nothing else. I still remember that first
time, I just let it happen to me. I just responded to
his touch, and let him do anything he wanted to me. I
think I had more orgasms that night than I ever had be-
fore or since. It was like every nerve ending in my
body was on fire. I said, "Kristen, you will never have
better sex than with me, I guarantee it to you. You
don't have to do anything - let me take you through it.
And Kathy, I know you would love it, please what do you
say. Our show will be starting within the hour, and I'd
just love to include you two."

Kathy looked a little glazed eyed, but said,
"Sure why not. I think I really wanted to do it all the
time, come on Kristen lets do it, it'll be fun, and you
don't have to do anything you don't want to up there.
I've seen you in the shower at practice, and I can tell
you that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. This
is a once in a life time experience, and if we don't do
it, we'll always wonder whet it would have been like."

"Kathy! I can't believe you said that! Kristen
said with shock in her voice.

I could tell that Kristen usually went along
with her friend if pressure was applied, and I really
wanted to have sex with this girl. So I pushed just a
little more, "Kristen, this will be a fling for you In
a few days you'll be going home to America, where there
is nothing like this. It's perfectly safe, with profes-
sionals, and believe me when I say it will be a memory
that will stay with you for the rest of your life."

"Well. . . I don't know. . . I've never even im-
agined doing anything like this before." Kristen's re-
solve was breaking down, I could see it. I looked at
Kathy, nodding toward her friend in a silent appeal.
Kathy got the idea and piped up, "Come on Krissy, let's
do it, I dare you to. I'll do it if you do, come on."

"Well. . . I guess it would be something really
different, but I don't have the faintest idea what to

I jumped up with a slight thrill running through
my body, "Follow me ladies, I'll take you back stage,
and we'll go over the performance." And with that I
took the girl's by the hand, and we quickly left the
front room. I noticed some of the more experienced cus-
tomers eyeing the girls, leaning their heads together
to discuss the possibilities, knowing that they had
been talked into doing a performance.

Continued in part two. . .

End of Story

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