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Missy Lost A Bet

I've an interesting story to tell about my wife, Missy. She had always been
reluctant to act out my fantasy of exposing her to my friends, the truckers,
or whomever. She just "wasn't into that stuff". One day we got into a good
natured argument about the location of the highest mountain in the world. We
agreed that it was Mt. Everest, but she contended it was in the Alps, and I
said it was in the Himalayas. She was so convinced she was right (as was I)
that she proposed a bet: One "ANYTHING" to the winner of the bet. Being
fairly confident that I was right, I jumped all over that bet. We looked it
up on our encyclopedia-on-a-disc, and it proved me right. My victory dance
was not appreciated. In all fairness, though, she has never been one to back
out on a bet so I decided to make her pay up immediately. In the past year or
so we had been skinny dipping with a few other couples - me more
enthusiastically than her - and she knew I really enjoyed it. I'm sure she
believed that would be my "anything". Wrong.

My plans were a little more involved than that. I intended to have an evening
I - we - would never forget! First, I picked out her outfit for the evening:
A wrap-around shirt, just to her knees, and a pair of thigh high stockings
slipped into a pair of four inch heels. On top was a cream colored silk top
that just hinted at darker areas where her nipples poked through her lace bra
into the fabric of the shirt. I loaded her into the car, started it, and
demanded that she give me her panties. She reluctantly complied. Our first
stop for the evening was an adult movie theater. I don't remember the show
that was playing - not that it really mattered anyway. We made our way down
the isle and found seats in the middle section about half way down. Not many
people were there that night. I think Missy was the only female. No one came
to sit near us or seemed to pay particular attention to us. I started to rub
Missy's breasts through her blouse. The movement attracted the attention of
at least one man across the aisle from us. He watched quietly as I continued
to stroke her breast, gradually opening Missy's buttons as I did so. Typical
of Missy, she just put her head back and got lost in the sensations. The man
moved across the aisle toward us, though he was still several seats away from
us. I gradually slipped one bra strap down off Missy's shoulder, then the
other one. I put my hand behind her back, pushing her forward so I could
unsnap her bra. She opened her eyes, and I said "Just relax. I have control
tonight, and all you have to do is sit there and enjoy and do whatever I say.
She closed her eyes again, and I pulled the bra out from one of the arm
holes. THAT got the attention of the man who was sitting at the end of the
row! He moved quietly over to sit next to Missy, but I don't think she was
aware of the fact yet. I continued to play with her tits, gradually opening
one more button at a time, until all her buttons were open, and I had spread
her blouse wide open so our friend could enjoy the magnificent scenery, too.
As I started to raise the fold of her skirt to work on her pussy, I left her
chest totally exposed, and I guess our observer just couldn't help himself
any longer. He reached over and started caressing Missy's left tit. Since I
had both my hands busy somewhere below her waist, she knew immediately that
someone else had joined the party. She let out a little yell, which scared
the poor guy, and he jumped up and ran up the isle. She quickly covered up
and demanded to leave. Since I had accomplished what wanted to accomplish
there, anyway, I agreed.

Next I took her to dinner. It was a nice place; soft music, attentive
waiters, secluded booths, and low lights. Ostensibly, this was to give her
some time and alcohol to relax and loosen up. She took advantage of it. She
didn't even object when I told her to unbutton the top two buttons of her
blouse so the waiter could see down it. By the time we left, she was very
relaxed and ready for whatever I was about to throw at her. We went to a
local mall to shoe shop. I had Missy approach the cutest guy there and ask
him to show her something in a pair of boots. Understand that our rare
excursions into exhibitionism up to this point had been anonymous and at a
distance. We were about to go one better. When he returned, I made sure
Missy's skirt was unwrapped and very nearly lying open. When she raised her
leg to put on the boot, that salesman got a perfect shot of the promised
land! I thought he was going to faint. She asked for another pair of the same
style in black. The salesman RAN to get it. When he returned, Missy repeated
the show. This time, though, she stood up and turned to us, holding her
wraparound skirt out to either side. It was like a curtain parting to reveal
the most beautiful pussy God has ever seen fit to create. "How do you like
it?", she asked. Neither of us could say a word. We just nodded. We bought
the boots and headed for the car. By her choice, she rode home naked, and
walked to the front door to wait for me. Granted, it was by then about 10:30,
but the street lights provided plenty of illumination.

She later told me she really got into the spirit of the evening, especially
since she "had no choice". It had been a huge turn-on for both of us, and
she's looking forward to our next "anything" bet. So am I. I have a couple of
friends that would love to help her pay off her bet!

End of Story

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