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Mile High Tunnel. (couple, oral, exhibitionist)

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Our city has an extensive irrigation network running through it. These canals run all through our neighborhood. The city has added jogging paths that follow the canal as it winds through the neighborhood and wherever they pass under a road, there is a short concrete tunnel with a walkway allowing you to safely cross under the road while jogging. The tunnels provide the perfect secluded yet public place to have sex. We have made use of these tunnels many times. This is the story of the night we first discovered the tunnel....

It was a Friday night and we decided to go to our favorite bar for some margaritas. It was a warm summer night, so she wore a short tan mini skirt, tiny black g-string undies, black lacy push-up bra, snap-up low-cut sleeveless blouse, and her favorite (and mine) pair of fuck me pumps. My wife is skinny with perfect 34DD breasts, flat pierced belly, a small but curvy butt, and shaved smooth pussy. She was (and still is) a knock-out. We spent a couple of hours sitting at the bar, drinking margs and doing shots with the bartender. She got plenty of approving lustful looks from the guys at the bar and a few "how dare you distract my boyfriend from me" looks from some of the girls. As we sat there on our barstools, I caressed her bare knee, gently parting her legs to expose a flash of black lace to the occasional cute guy across the bar. By closing time, we were both a little buzzed and very horny.

When we left, I walked her to the truck and helped her in. As she climbed in, she made sure to swing her legs wide as she sat down, totally exposing her bare thighs and undies. I was instantly hard from seeing her exposed. As she sat there in the parking lot, one foot dangling out of the truck and one foot inside, I leaned in and kissed her deeply, my tongue wrestling with hers. My hand slid up her smooth, warm, bare thigh until it reached the soft lace of her panties. I gently began to rub her pussy through the lacy undies, feeling her quickly grow hot and wet through them. At that point I didn't care who saw us, I just wanted to touch her. I then brought her legs together and slid her panties off her, tossing them to the floorboard. By now she was dripping wet. I could see the moisture between her swollen pink pussy lips as they hung open. I wanted her bad, but not there as I already had other plans for her. After stroking her wet slit for a few seconds, I reached in and fastened her seat belt, kissing her sharply on the mouth and then closed her door for her. I quickly jogged around the truck to the driver side, feeling the front of my dress pants grow damp from the pre-cum leaking from the tip of my erect cock.

As I started the engine, she looked over approvingly at the tent my hard cock was causing in my pants and said "somebody's ready" and grinned. Before I was even out of the parking lot, she had my zipper down and had freed my hard throbbing cock. She quickly released her seat belt and scootched around her seat until she could put her head in my lap. She sucked me as I drove through town, working my cock with her lips, tongue, and hand. As we drove, I kept one hand on the wheel and the other on the back of her head, holding her there, fucking her mouth. Whenever we reached a stop light, I would either reach under her and pinch her nipples through her top or reach across her back and slip my hand down across her skirt until I could reach her bare ass, sliding my fingers down the crack of her ass and into her dripping wet pussy. By the time we reached our neighborhood she had worked me into a frenzy. I wanted to cum in her mouth but I wanted to fuck her too. Suddenly the bridge over the canal was in my headlights.

I swerved over to the side of the road and shut the engine off. She popped up out of my lap and said "hey, this isn't home, I'm confused". I just looked into her eyes and grinned saying "trust me baby, I wanna try something new". I then leaned over the center console and made out with her for a little while, kissing her deeply while my hands roamed all over her. After a few minutes of intense kissing and groping, I told her to "come on" and hopped out of the truck. As she climbed out, she slammed the door and said "what are we doing?" a little too loudly which immediately led to the neighbor's dogs barking loudly at us. I just took her by the hand and led her down the path to the tunnel, her fuck me heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk.

Once we got into the tunnel, I shoved her roughly up against the concrete wall, pinning her back against the cool cement as I kissed her. As our kisses grew in intensity my hands roamed her body, caressing her breasts, squeezing her ass, and rubbing her thighs and pussy under her skirt. She could feel the hardness of my cock through my pants against her thigh and knew what I wanted. She told me "lets go home, I want you to take me to bed" but I replied "uh-uh...I wanna fuck you right here and right now". She responded with "what are you waiting for?" as she looked lustily into my eyes. I then grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around to face the wall. My hands then slid down the front of her blouse, ripping the snaps open as I kissed her neck and pressed my hardness against her ass. I then popped the hook on her bra, exposing her large perfect breasts to the cool night air. She then reached her hands up over her head and placed them flat on the wall, pushing her ass back against me. As she assumed the position, I slid my hands down her sides to the hem of her mini skirt. I then yanked her skirt up around her waist, exposing her ass and pussy. I kept her there like that as I dropped down to my knees and proceeded to bury my face between her legs, licking her from her ass, across her crotch, to her dripping wet pussy. She moaned quietly "I want you in me" as I continued to lick her, so I stood up and undid my pants. After freeing my hard cock, I teased her ass briefly with it, causing her to shove back towards me, trying to get me into her wet throbbing pussy. The tip easily slid in and in one quick push, I was buried to my balls in her pussy. This caught her by surprise and she gasped loud enough to cause the dogs to start barking again. I then began to pump her hard and fast from behind, the sound of my balls slapping into her pussy echoing through the tunnel. As I fucked her hard from behind, I pushed her forward until her bare pointing nipples were pressed against the concrete wall.

Every thrust causing her exposed nipples to scr*pe across the concrete. Well, I was so turned on that I only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes but as I felt the pressure build in my balls, I suddenly grabbed her and pulled her away from the wall. As I angled her to face up the path out of the tunnel, I could see lights come on in the house facing the tunnel. I shoved her into the light, exposing her bare breasts and pussy and drove myself as deep and as hard as I could into her pussy.

With a groan, I exploded into her, shooting long hot streams of cum deep into her pussy. The sensation of the cum shooting into her combined with the thought that someone might be seeing us caused her to orgasm intensely, quiet "oh, oh, oh's" coming from her mouth with each spasm of her pussy. I could feel her pussy squeezing me as she milked my cock of every ounce of cum in there. We both stood there gasping for a minute after we finished and then I pulled out of her with a quiet "plop" causing a large gob of cum to splat to the ground. As we quickly walked back to the truck, she continued to drip our juices down her thighs. We then drove home from the tunnel, both of us grinning. When we got home, I took her to bed and we were both so turned on that we made love again.

Since that time 2 years ago, we have regularly visited our local tunnels at night time. Maybe if you're out jogging late one night, you might get a good show, or better yet, join in.

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