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I'm a liguistics professor at a prominent Southern California
University (I've used the pseudonym of "Stan Kiley" here to
protect me from possible legal problems). Although every
professor dreams of having his young female students offer him
sex for grades, it had never happened to me, or anyone I knew,
until last year.

Lisa T. was a freshman student, one of many in an overcrowded
intro class I was teaching. The class is designed to serve as an
overview to the science of linguistics, to give the students a
chance to decide if they want to major in the field. Most
professors teaching this section see it as their job to scare
away the timid by making the intro class fairly tough.
Linguistics is a demanding, tricky field. We want to make sure a
student is extremely serious before he or she decides to choose
it as a major.

I noticed Lisa right off, for several reasons. The strongest
reason was her body. She was the quintessential beach bunny; she
had long blonde hair, obviously natural in color, a cute,
pixieish face, and a body that defined what wet dreams are all
about. Large, firm looking breasts, a slender waist (just the
right size to make you imagine your hands around it), tight,
round hips and ass, and long, slender limbs. She also had fullish
lips, akin to those seen on women like Michelle Pfeiffer, and
stunning emerald green eyes. Lisa always dressed in a sexy way,
but not sluttishly so. She usually wore tight T-shirts that
stopped just above the navel, and flared skirts, usually pleated,
with brown penny loafers and rolled down socks. A patched demin
jacket, one size too big, completed the look; trendy, but
individual enough to make her stand out.

Lisa also was a standout in her attitude. She was extremely
ambitious, crashing the class successfully even though there were
far more who wanted the class than we had room for. People just
seemed unable to say no to her, and many of the male students
stopped pressing for admittance, to give her a better chance. I'd
never seen such a thing before.

All during the first half of the semester she dominated my
thinking, and especially my fantasy life. I would often find
myself hard in the morning, recalling dreams that were full of
her nude and spread out on a bed, taking me into her or sucking
me off. Such fantasies are harmless enough, and not infrequent
for a single man (or even a married one, I'd bet).

But four weeks into the semester it was obvious that Lisa was not
doing well. She had fluffed several of the assignments, and her
first two papers did not show any kind of grasp of the material.
When the midterm came in the fifth week, I was not too suprised
to see her barely score a C, even given that I probably had a
predisposition to give her the benefit of the doubt - it's hard
not to let your personal lust influence your grading.

One sunny spring afternoon, during the time I reserved to see
students, I heard a knock at my door. This was not suprising; I
usually had a few students drop by after midterms. Nothing like
the deluge right before finals, but I often saw as many as five
or six.

"Come in," I said. It was Lisa, dressed as I had never seen her
before. She was wearing skintight white shorts, a white shirt
tied below the breasts, exposing her midsection and showing off
her cafe au lait tan, and sandals. The obvious little nubs of her
nipples showing through the cotton shirt made it clear that she
wore no bra. She was wearing some very subtle perfume, and though
I could not identify the smell I did respond to it. I was glad I
was sitting behind a desk, let me tell you.

"Do you have a minite, Dr. Kiley?" she asked, tilting her head

"Sure," I said. "Close the door and sit down."

She turned to close the door, and dropped her book bag as she did
so. When she bent to retrieve it, I could see the gentle curve of
her ass through the leg holes of her shorts, the rounded flesh
joining beneath that thin material. I could just convince myself
that her puffy pussy lips were straining against the seam of her
crotch. I had to tear my gaze away as she turned and sat opposite

"What can I do you for?" I said, trying to sound clever, but
obviously flustered.

She smiled a little. "Well, it's about LE110. I have this feeling
I'm not doing too well."

"I'm sorry to say that's true," I said, thankfull for something
businesslike to talk about. Maybe I could get myself to stop
tracing her nipples with my eyes. "The midterm is 40% of your
grade, and you barely pulled a C. That combined with your other
work puts you at a C- at best."

"Damn," she said, biting her lip and brushing her hair back with
one hand. Somehow she made the gesture seem sexy. "I was planning
on majoring in linguistics."

"I doubt you'd be accepted if you get less than a B in the intro
class. The department is small, and we can only take so many
majors. Maybe this is just not your field. Have you thought of

"No," she shook her head, "I'm sure it is. I've just been...
distracted this semester. Moving in, meeting people, and I guess
I've been sort of intoxicated by your beautiful beaches." She
shook her head, smiling a charming smile and looking out my

"Well, I don't know what to tell you," I said, "I doubt you'd be
accepted by Dr. Darrigton with just a low C in 110. Maybe you
should take an incomplete and retake it this summer."

"Yes, I suppose I could do that." She turned and looked me
straight in the eye. I must admit that I had to struggle a bit to
not lower my gaze. Those fiery green eyes were hard to stare
into, and the fact of my hardening cock did not help either. This
was a student! Probably 19 years old at the most.

She leaned forward, resting her elbows on my desk, batting her
eyes. "I had another thought, though."

"Oh?" My throat was suddenly very dry, and my voice barely made a

"Maybe some... extra credit work? You could replace some of my
early grades with new ones, if my work was good enough."

I was a little crestfallen. I really did not expect anything
else, but now it was clear that she was just asking for a break,
like so many students had. And my answer would have to be the
same to her as it always was to them. "Well, you see that's just
not fair to the other students. I mean, they had to sink or swim
based on their work, without any second chance. If I give you a
second crack at it, this means you're getting more than they

She sat back in her chair and smiled. "Well, that's true. But I'm
willing to do things they probably are not, in terms of the extra
credit work."

"I wouldn't even know what to assign you. My class plan includes
all the basic elements of the science. What would you do?"

"Some special things," she said, standing. Again, she locked her
gaze into mine, and I could not look away. I was aware, however,
that her hands had moved to the snaps on her shorts.

Snap! The first one went, parting her shorts and drawing my eyes
to the gap it created. Her skin was whiter there, but still
smooth and perfect.

"You see, Dr. Kiley..."

Snap! Another snap, and the gap grew. Now I could barely detect a
few wisps of her blond pussy hair, making it clear that she wore
no panties. I tried to speak, unsure of what I would say if I
could have, but my dry throat would not cooperate.

"...I have a lot to offer the department..."

Snap! Three of four. Her hands applied constant pull to the flaps
of parting material, so her pussy hair was completely exposed
now. It was fine, blonde, and curled into a little twist.

"...and especially a professor like you..."

Snap! All gone now. The pussy hair ended a finger's width above
the beginning folds of her nether lips. She shifted her hands,
slowly, and began to pull the shorts down over her hips.

"...who might take me under his wing."

The shorts dropped to the floor. Her pussy mound was simply
delicious; fine and delicate and small, yet rounded and ready. My
eyes were fixed upon that perfect cunt, when she sat back in the
chair and our eyes locked again.

Seated in the chair, her gaze full of fire and lust, she bgan to
spread her legs, draping one over the arm, revealing her pussy
and allowing the lips to part slightly, her dew glinting in the
light that came through my blinds. Her hands her working the knot
in her blouse now, and before I could try and speak the nipples
were erect and intensely suckable.

Now she was nude on my guest chair, her legs spread and her tits
rising and falling with her breath. She ran her tongue over her
full lips.

"I am willing," she began, her voice a soft, sultry whisper, "to
let you fuck me in the pussy or the mouth, as you wish, as often
as you wish, for the rest of the semester." Her hand had moved to
her pussy now, and she was stroking the area around her clit with
a long fingernail. "For a simple grade of B+, I will become yourn.

Up to this point I had been too stupified to speak. This young
girl had a simply perfect body, and here she was, offering it to
me, for five weeks. But something in her smile told me she was
pretty desperate, and something in me, a wolfish thing,

"So, that's your proposition, is it?" I said, a commanding tone
asserting itself in my voice.

"Um, yes," she said, lowering her leg and clasping her hands
together. She was obviously suprised that I had not simply fallen
at her feet. Maybe others had.

"Well, how do I know what I'm getting if I agree?"

"I've shown you everything," she said, a slight whine in her
voice. "What more do you want?"

"Well, you're a fox, no doubt, but you might be a lousy lay. No,
I think a little demonstration of your sexual technique is in
order. You do a good job, and I think we have a deal."

Her smile returned, and she ran the tip of her tongue over her
upper lip. "No problem, doc," she said. "I'm sure I can satisfy."
She stood and walked around to my side of the desk, shifting as she
walked, that cute pussy drawing my attention away from her lovely

"You'd better lock the door," I said, scanning her body up and
down as I pushed my chair back from the desk.

She knelt in front of me and began tugging at my zipper with one
hand while she massaged my hard cock through my pants with the
other. "That's what I did when I droppped my bag," she said, then
giggled a little at my suprised look.

She freed my aching dick from the confines of my pants, and began
to jack the shaft slthe head. The effect was awesome, especially
combined with the anticipation I was feeling.

"Nice cock, doc," she said. "Would you like me to suck this nice
cock for you?" Her eyes shined in the sunlight streaming through
my venetian blinds. I was thankf"Yes," I said, mesmerized.

"Yes? Shall I lick it and suck it, until you cum in my mouth?"
She bit her lip, her eyes dreamy, her blond hair just barely
brushing the insides of my thighs.

I nodded, unable to speak now.

"Oh, I can't wait to feel your cum in my mouth, warming my throat
as I swallow it..." She was obviously turning herself on with the
hot talk, but I doubted she could be as ready as I was. Her soft
tongue snaked out from between those full lips and stroked the
glans wetly as her hand congrunted at the hot sensation, and she
smiled, opening her lips and taking the head of my cock into her
sweet mouth.

She applied a light suction as her tongue bathed the head of my
dick with slow, wet, lingering strokes. Her lips were amazing; as
they wrencircling my cock, all from the massaging movements of her
lips. I had to concentrate carefully to avoid cumming right then.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth and blew another stream of
air over the now wet head. The coldness was startling, but when
made her mouth seem so fiery hot. She took the head deep into her
mouth now, allowing her tongue and lips to slide farther down the
shaft until about half my cock was inside. This she did slowly,
carefully, her lips and tongue never ceasing their small

She began to suck more quickly, her head bobbing as she took my
shaft in and out of her mouth, my cockhead never leaving. On each
downstroke she took me fractionally deeper, her tongue
occasionally reaching out along the underside of my dick, past
the shaft with long writheing licks. This girl's mouth was made
for sucking, that was clear. As a single, fairly well-off and
attractive man I have had my fair share of blowjobs, but this
redefined the art for me. Her small, wet mouth was like a sucking
machine. As I felt my cum beginning to percolate up from my balls,
she finally reached the base of my cock, her strokes never ceasing,
and now as she was taking me all the way into her mouth and down
her throat, she began to twist her head from side to side, the
feeling was great and I knew it was going to be a massive orgasm,
perhaps the biggest of my life. My head was swimming.

Then she pulled her mouth away and smiled at me, her green eyes
flashing. She went back to just her hand jacking the shaft.

"Wanna cum, doc?" she asked, tilting her head and assuming a look
of total innocence.

"Yes, please," I said, my cock farily vibrating with the need to
cum. She was jacking me just enough to keep me on the edge, but
not enough to push me over.

I tried to move my hips, to force out dick faster through her
hand, but she just slowed her strokes to compensate, and I could
not cum. "Sure?" she said, a mischevious grin on her face. "Don't
you want to fuck my pussy first, to slide this nice hard cock
into my tiny wet hole?"

This wasn't my idea. I just wanted to do was cum, somehow,
anywhere. "Later," I said. "Suck me, make me cum."

"Mmmmm," she said, closing her eyes and taking my dick back into
her mouth. She liked hot talk too, obviously. She began to suck
me deeply again, her lips and tongue squeezing my cock.

The first spurt felt like a firehose had been turned on, my cum
pouring from me in a thick pulse. I was suprised that she
swalloed this with no strain. But then my cum starting to really
pour out, spurt after spurt, more cum than I thought I could
possiof cum began to squeeze out of the corners of her mouth, and her
tongue strained to catch them. Soon I felt cum dripping onto my
balls, mixed with her hot saliva.

When the spurting had stopped she gave my shaft a last, long,
hard suck, then began lickinkly" for a moment, and she looked like
a fairy, her face and tongue darting over my groin, licking and
kissing. When she was done, she moved up and straddled me,
sitting facing me on my lap, her legs folded and her knees on the
arms of my chair. I could fand I watched them rise and fall as she

"So, doctor Kiley, is a semester full of blowjobs like that worth
a B plus?" She licked her lips suggestively then blew a cool
stream of air at my face.

"If your pussy is half as good as your mouth we said, amazed that
I had the strength to ask for more when I would have willingly died
for five weeks of blowjobs from her.

"You mean this pussy?" she asked, and I felt her pussy flex as
she tensed her muscles. "This little pussy? I think you'll like
it. Then an incredible thing happened. As she moved her pussy muscles
I felt the head of my soft cock being drawn up into her, as if
her pussy was sucking me in. She moaned and drew my right hand to
her left breast, and as I rubbed and thumbed her hard nipples my
cock grew into her. My the time I was fully hard again I was
buried in her buttery cunt, and the feeling of her soft pussy
enveloped my cock and seemingly my whole body.

This sensation obviously turned her on greatly. I felt her pussy
getting warmehips. I leaned forward, bringing myself to my feet
and laying her back on the desktop, all my papers and things
pushed onto the floor as I slid her onto the desk.

I was standing between her legs now, and I could see her small
pussy stretched as I began r face and her eyes her were closed
tightly, her head slowly turning from side to side as I fucked
her. I could not believe how hard I was so soon after having
just cum. It was like I was fucking her with a steel pole, and
she loved it. Her hips were churning wildly.

"Nice pussy, Lisa," I said, and she moaned. "So tight and hot. Do
you like my cock in there?" She grunted in the affirmative, and I
doubled my pace. She hissed in a long breath and began rubbing
her nipples.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she was chanting just ustarted a circular
motion in my pumping, the feel of her pussy walls driving me
mad, and she responded with circles of her own. Suddenly her
pussy tensed, gripping me like a fist, and I could feel her cum.
Her face was rock still, and she seemed suspendedws. She stared
right into my eyes as she came, high whines coming from the back
of her throat, the hot slick wetness pouring out of her, around
my throbbing, pumping cock, and dripping onto the floor. Her hips
were really bucking now, and I felt my cum beginning to rise.

"Gonna cum, Lisa."

"Cum in me. Just cum in Lisa's pussy," her voice was breathy and
wild, and that combined with the sensation of her hot pussy drew
another massive orgasm from her. The dripping cum doubled in
quantity as my seed spilled out of her crack each time I pumped
into her. My cock was pusling like a giant vein, and I felt
feint. Soon I collapsed forward, driving her flat on the desk,
kissing her tits wilding and sucking her nipples. She was still
cumming, but the waves were fading, and I felWe laid like that
for several minutes before she licked my ear and said "That was
great. We have a deal?"

"We have a deal," I said. "Same time every day."

She pulled her head away and looked suprised. "Sure you can
handle that," she said, a sly grin or face.

"You bring out the best in me, girl," I said, and showed her that
my cock was only semi-soft.

"Tomorrow," she said, laughing. "I gotta get to class..."

End of Story