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Four Scarves Ch 2 The Webcam

by R_Peterson©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These chapters are written to be read in sequence, to fully understand and enjoy the story -- RUSTY

Chapter 2 -- The Webcam

It was late Wednesday afternoon when Allen phoned her from his office. He said that he still had work to do, that she should go ahead and eat dinner without him. Amanda was disappointed, but she also recognized the opportunity this presented. Two nights earlier she had connected the webcam to the home computer, but didn't have the nerve to logon and contact 'SA' while Allan remained in the house. It was not worth risking having Allen stumble in on her while she was using the computer.

She hung up the phone, and instead of eating, decided to change and try the webcam. Amanda rushed into her bedroom, looked around the closet, trying to find something sexy to wear. After all, she enjoyed being labeled an exhibitionist. It did excite her to think that a stranger would be watching. She changed into the new outfit after selecting a short while silk robe covered with a colorful Japanese print, a very small g-string that barely covered her bush, and some three inch black heels.

Amanda combed her thick black hair, replaced her earrings, applied some red lipstick, and removed her wedding band and watch. She looked into the mirror to assess the view. Amanda hoped that SA would approve. At least she was enjoying what she was looking at in her reflection.

Amanda wiggled her ass as she sauntered out of the bedroom and to the stairs. Holding the railing tightly, she walked down the steps, and turned at the bottom of the staircase. She picked up her pace as she walked down the hallway to the back of the house, and finally into the computer room. Amanda threw the safety lock, after locking the door, wanting to make sure that Allen would not surprise her by coming home early.

She had turned on the computer before she went off to the bedroom. The machine had completed its boot cycle and was ready by the time she re-entered the room. IM was running, but offline.

Amanda walked over to the chair and sat down. She swung the chair around to face the computer, reached out and positioned the camera to look down upon her. She took a deep breath, ran her fingers through her hair, reached over to grab the mouse. Clicking on the Information Manager window, she brought IM online. It did not take long for SA to respond.

"Ah, you have finally logged on. I have been waiting two days to hear from you and had feared that you had chickened out."

"As you can read I am online." Amanda quickly typed back.

"Are you at home?"


"And is the webcam connected?"


"Then I want you to do the following."

SA provided some additional instructions and walked her through the final installation sequence. As she did what he instructed, she noticed that a new window popped open that provided a camera view. She was now seeing what the camera was viewing -- her. It almost felt like she was the voyeur.

"Can you see yourself in a window?" He asked.


"You need to position the camera such that you are fully in view." And he walked her through a number of steps that moved the camera and zoomed out to fill the window with a complete picture of her. Her long black hair and deep red lips were clearly visible on the screen.

"Okay, I now need your IP address." And he told her how she could determine what her IP address was and then asked her to send it to him.

"Ah, there you are."

"Can you see me now?" She typed.

"Yes, and you look great. I especially like what you are wearing tonight,"

"Thank you. I thought you might enjoy this outfit."

"I do. I do. But I really want to see more. Can you open the robe and show me what is underneath?"

"Now, why would you want me to show you want is underneath my robe?" She teased.

"Because you are an exhibitionist and you want to show me."

"But I thought an exhibitionist likes for other people to see?"

"Yes, that is why there are five other men looking over my shoulder at you on my computer."

This surprised her at first, but as she thought about others watching only helped to generate more excitement. She looked into the camera, smiled, and opened her robe. "Is this what you want to see?" As she watched her own breasts come into view on her computer screen.

"Yes, that is exactly what we want to see. You have such lovely breasts and a body that is shouting how excited you really are."

"How do you know that I am getting excited?"

"We can see the redness in your cheeks, how erect your nipples are, and a small wetness showing on your g-string."

She was getting even more excited as she thought about a room full of men watching her disrobe, as she pulled the robe back, off her shoulders and let it slip slowly down behind her onto the chair. Amanda spread her legs more letting the hair show that was not covered by her panties. The spot on her panties was now more pronounced.

"Nice, very nice. We are all enjoying the show. You should hear some of the remarks the others are making about you."

Amanda reached out and typed, "Tell me what they are saying."

"They want to reach through and touch you. They are asking if you will slip your hand down and touch yourself."

Amanda read his words and took them to be a command. She moved her one hand over to first pinch her nipple and then grabbed her full breast. Letting go of her breast, she slowly slid the fingers down her breast until it came to rest just above her g-string. Amanda looked up at the camera and let her tongue flick out from between her red lips. With the other hand she reached over and typed.

"Do you like what I am doing, and would you like me to do more?"

"Yes, we want our exhibitionist to do much more," was their reply.

Amanda smiled again, leaned back into the chair and let her fingers slide under the material, down between her legs. They could see her fingers moving under the cloth and by the way she was moving they knew she had found the mark.

She looked up and read the words. "Take the panties off and spread your legs wide for us."

She smiled as she lowered her eyes and removed the one hand from between her legs. Amanda placed both hands on the armrests and pulled herself out of the chair. Moving a thumb to each hip, she slid the finger down under each string. She slowly raised her eye and looked directly into the camera, while leisurely moving the g-string down her body, over her thighs, then finally releasing the g-string at the point where the little material could float down to her knees. Amanda sat back into the chair and wiggled her legs, freeing one side of the panties. She didn't need to remove the panties completely; it was already on its way down the remaining leg as she moved her legs apart to present what they really wanted to see. This time she moved both hands between her legs and let them go to work on her pussy.

Amanda looked deeply into the camera, parted her lips and let the tip of her tongue slip between her lips to wet them. She pushed her naked breasts out for the camera to view and moved her hands deeper between her legs. She threw her head back and let out a small moan as she found her clit.

"Spread your legs more. We want to see what you are touching."

Their words commanded her, as she raised her legs over the arm rests and spread her body completely to the camera. Amanda's eyes displayed the lust deep in her body as she continued to play. She was putting on this show for their eyes!

"We want to watch you cum." Was the last message she read before closing her eyes.

Her thoughts had wondered back to her diary, for this was one of the fantasies she had written about two weeks back. It had excited her to think about this in her mind. It was very exciting to write it in her diary, and now Amanda was having trouble holding back an orgasm as she was living what she had written only a few weeks earlier.

She allowed the fingers of one hand to slip into her wetness and the others focused on her clit. Amanda had entered the fantasy in her mind and didn't need to look at the computer. Knowing they were watching only helped to heighten her senses.

Amanda had been playing with herself for about ten minutes when she finally ran one finger lightly over her clit which pushed her body over the edge. They watched her online as her body quivered, shook, and her legs clamped on her fingers. She threw her head back, opened her mouth and they could almost hear the screams that were filling the room as her orgasm took control. Her body continued to shiver for a full minute.

Amanda slowly drew her legs up, into the chair and curled into a fetal position as her body jerked with another wave. The orgasm she had in the office was good, but this one ran circles around that one. Why was this one different?, she asked herself and suddenly she had her own answer. She really loved the fact that they were watching.

Amanda lay still in the chair for a few seconds, keeping her eyes closed. They sent a few more messages, without her responding. The comments stated how beautiful it was to watch her orgasm and how much they wanted to come over to touch her.

She opened her eyes. Read the messages. Smiled. Reached over and turned the machine off.

***** ***** ***** *****

The next day when she was at work he was waiting for her online.

"Why did you logoff so fast last night?" He had wanted to watch a little longer.

"I'm sorry. I was just sitting there, enjoying my orgasm, not really moving. I didn't think you would take pleasure in me just resting, so I turned the machine off. I guess I should have asked first."

"We were almost done because I wanted to tell you one more thing."

"And what was that?"

"I wanted to let you know that a box would arrive today at work containing a present and some new instructions."

"What is the present?"

"You'll find out when it arrives. Nice show last night. We really enjoyed seeing you cum." Then he was gone, having logged off.

***** ***** ***** *****

That afternoon the box arrived with the mail clerk who delivered it to Amanda's desk. She decided to open it at work and not risk questions from Allen at home. Later that day, when others had already left for home, she sat down at her desk to open the box.

Purple colored cloth could be seen as she pulled open the package. She reached in and pulled out a beautiful, very long, silk scarf. It was adorned with gold oriental designs woven into the material. The scarf was exquisite. Pulling it out, she placed it over her shoulders and stood up to admire the gift. She swayed back-in-forth in her office, smiling, thinking back to the previous evening, remembering how exciting it was for her.

Dancing in circles around her office, she let the scarf flow from her body. Then, noticing an envelope on the bottom of the parcel, she stopped and removed the item from the box. She opened it and extracted a letter.

The typed letter was from SA. The scarf is a gift for your fine performance last night. I hope to spot you wearing it outside. You and I know how you earned it. It will remind us both of your webcam session, each time we see it -- I also have a question. Would you like to go shopping this weekend? If you agree, you will need to be at Victoria's Secret by ten Saturday morning. Ask for Debbie when you get there, she will assist you in your next adventure. You can tell me if you agree the next time you are online.

She could feel the fire of excitement in her body. Amanda was feeling very sexy again. She smiled to herself knowing quite well that she would agree.

End of Story

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