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Four Scarves Ch 1 The Diary

Allen and Amanda had been married over ten years when Allen found her diary. Their marriage was good, but it had lost the energy that had defined their first two years. They had settled into their day-to-day lives now, still in love, but he was bored with their daily routine. Allen yearned for the fire that was theirs in the first years of marriage and now he was reading about that same missed excitement from Amanda's words.

Allen had found her diary quite by mistake while doing some housework. He immediately recognized it for what it was and put it back in its hiding place, to be violated later when he was alone.

A week later she had taken the day to go shopping and Allen had the house to himself. He retrieved the diary and walked it into the office. He placed the diary down on the desk and settled into his chair. Raising one hand, he brushed the hair from his eyes. He took a deep breath and then slowly released the air from his lungs. He opened the book and started to read. What he read thrilled him and somewhat surprised him.

It was clear that Amanda also missed the passion they shared years earlier. But he found another theme that resonated through the diary. Something he did not know about his wife that excited him to think about the possibilities. Amanda described in detail a number of different fantasies in her writings, but in reality she described only one desire. Allen found he wanted to bring that fantasy to life, for her, and especially for him.

Allen knew he would have to gradually move her towards her fantasy, that he could not rush her into it. Taking it off the pages and making it real would be a delicate operation. He had to train her and gently glide her towards that goal so that she would not resist when the time came for the real fantasy.

He slowly sat back into his chair. His eyes were open, not really focused on anything. Allen remained motionless, deep in thought while the diary sat open in front of him. Allen's thoughts were soaring in many directions as visions flew though his mind. He was trying to figure out what he needed to do next.

Finally, sitting up, he closed the book and smiled. Allen had decided on how he would accomplish his task. She would have to earn her fantasy. She would need to earn four silk scarves.

***** ***** ***** *****

Amanda's head rested between her hands that were held by her arms resting on top of the desk. Her long black hair flowed down over her petite frame, almost completely covering her shoulders. She was sitting in her office with her eyes closed, facing the window, letting her mind drift off to more pleasant thoughts.

Last night she had written a very steamy entry into her diary and it excited her to relive the story she imagined. She smiled as she remembered the part in her diary that excited her the most.

Amanda's mind had drifted far away from her work when a sound from her computer brought her back to the office. Her Information Manager had just informed her that a message had arrived. She opened her eyes and read the message that was now visible on her screen.

She took a few seconds for her eyes to focus and realized that the message was from someone she didn't recognize. The screen name was "SA" and she had no idea how that name had been added to her Buddy List. She decided to find out later how it was inserted, but it was the message text that brought her quickly back to reality.

"I know you are an exhibitionist," was the message she was looking at, and it startled her to read the words.

Amanda stared at the screen, trying to figure out who this must be and how they knew she was just thinking about this topic.

"I know you are at work and can read this, so why don't you answer me?" A second message flashed up on the screen under the other, unanswered message from SA.

"Who are you?" She quickly typed in before another message could appear.

"I am your Secret Admirer silly :-)," came back the answer.

Amanda scanned the message and quickly typed, "What do you want?"

"I want to look at you and you want me to look at you."

"I don't know you. I don't even know if you are a male or female."

"I'm not going to tell you everything, because that would spoil the mystery. I will tell you that I am a male and I have been watching you for quite some time now."

Amanda sat up and pushed herself away from the keyboard. She looked around the office searching for anyone who might be looking back. There were no eyes that she could find staring back. She then sat quietly and listened, trying to catch someone typing. She heard nothing. Amanda reached out and pulled her chair back to her desk and started to type.

"Where are you?"

"I am somewhere, not that far, on the internet, watching."

"Watching what?" Her hands started to shake. She was not sure if she was more scared or excited.

"Watching you, of course."

"And why are you watching me?"

"Because you are beautiful."

Then Amanda heard the very distinct sound of a door closing at the screen indicated that he had gone off-line. She stared at the screen, as her fingers rested motionless on the keys, trying to understand what just happened.

Amanda read and re-read the screen conversation, looking for any keywords that would give some insight to who this person was and trying to figure out how he might have been able to add his screen name to her Buddy List.

She must have stared, not moving, at her screen for a good ten minutes. Only the sound of her breathing provided the feedback that she was alive and this was not a dream.

Amanda decided that she was not going to remove "SA" from her Buddy List. She needed to find out who this was and get to the bottom of this mystery. She went back to her work, keeping an eye on the workstation, to see if he would return that day. He did not.

***** ***** ***** *****

The next day she had just returned to her desk with her morning coffee when another message came in from SA.

"I bet you love wearing sexy lingerie under that white blouse and short black skirt."

She was standing, staring at the screen, almost in shock. She looked down at her clothes and became very concerned. How did he know what she was wearing? She quickly placed her coffee down on the desk and sat down.

"How do you know what I have on?" Hitting each key with determination she typed out her question.

"I know because I can see you."

Again she withdrew her arms from the desk, pushed her chair back and now slowly rotated her head to look around the office. Her office was the standard ten-by-ten cube with short five foot walls situated in the back of the office where she could hear anyone coming long before they got to her cubical door. She poked her head out of her cube and did not see anyone that appeared to be looking back at her.

She turned back to her screen and started to type. "Okay smarty, what am I doing right now if you can see me?"

"Sitting at your desk, staring at your screen, typing." Came back the smirky answer.

So this guy thinks he knows everything, she thought to herself. Let's see if he can figure this out. She slid the chair out from under the desk and crossed her legs. "So how am I sitting?" She typed.

"You are sitting with your legs crossed," was his answer.

How would he know that? Who is this guy? Where is this guy? And what does he want with me? She thought to herself as she stared in surprise at the screen.

"Who are you?"

"I am your Secret Admirer."

"What do you want?"

"I want to look at you."

"You already have that since you have described what I am wearing today. So what else do you want?"

"I want to see you naked." He went off-line as he did the day before.

Amanda's eyes remained locked on the screen. She could not believe what she was reading. As she read and re-read, the words both scared and excited her. I want to see you naked. Amanda's hand trembled as she used the computer mouse to slowly erase the text.

***** ***** ***** *****

Amanda arrived early the next day to work. SA seemed to know when she arrived at work and seemed to communicate with her in the mornings. She did not turn her computer on right away. This time she left it powered off as she went to get her coffee. She returned, sat down at her desk, and focused on the machine that was sitting in front of her.

She took a sip of her coffee, reached down and with an unsteady hand flipped the power switch on, sat back, and watched as the machine came to life with lights flickering and text flying across her screen.

She sat back with the coffee in both hands and watched. There was a little bit of excitement in her body as the machine was coming to the end of its start-up cycle and the IM window suddenly appeared.

She stared at the screen, not moving, anticipating, and then it happened.

"Good Morning Amanda. I see you are late in logging on today." It was him and he knew her name!

"Hi." Was all she could type using the one free hand as the other held on tightly to the coffee cup.

"Only a little 'Hi' for me. How about a little more, considering that you look beautiful in that flowered green dress and heels. Tell me what you are wearing under that dress."

Amanda was not as surprised today to see that he knew what she was wearing. It was clear he could see her, knew who she was, but she still had no idea who he was. She had an idea on how to find out.

"If I tell you what I am wearing under this dress, will you tell me who you are?"


Wow, this is going to be easy, she thought to herself. "I am wearing a lacy white transparent bra and a small matching French silk g-string. Now tell me who you are."

"I am your Secret Admirer," was his answer.

Now she was pissed. She had revealed something intimate about herself, and he had tricked her. She still did not know who he was.

She started to type: Okay asshole, I wanted your real name not ..., then she caught herself. She was mad that she had revealed something intimate about herself while he remained a shadowy figure. Another message appeared from him.

"I bet if you take that g-string off, the cold air flowing between your legs will make you feel sexy. Why don't you take them off for me."

She read his words and a small hint of excitement moved over her body. For a moment her mind remembered what she wrote in her diary last night and she became more excited.

"Why can't you tell me who you are?"

"Because you enjoy the excitement of not knowing."

She sat back again, and thought about what he just wrote. He was right, she did enjoy not knowing. It was almost like a few of her romance novels where the heroine is swept off her feet by the mystery man on horseback, to be ravaged later that night in a strange place under the stars. This was exactly what she loved to write about in her diary, and now it was somehow happening to her. She was starting to enjoy this exchange.

"Okay, I'm taking them off now." She lied.

"Does it excite you that someone might be watching?"

She let her mind imagine what it would feel like to take the g-string off in the office and she enjoyed how it made her body feel and answered, "Yes."

"Open the top three buttons of your dress."

"But someone might see me."

"Yes, and that is exactly what you want, don't you?"

"Yes." She typed. This time she did unbutton them. She was starting to enjoy how her body felt.

"Is the dress open yet?"


"Does it make you feel sexy?"


"What will you do for me now?"

"I want to remove my bra." She answered with excitement.

"Then do it!"

She leaned forward and unclasped the bra through the material. Sitting back she reached into her dress and slipped the one strap off her arm and then the other. She looked around the office, did not see anyone watching her and suddenly pulled the bra out from under her dress. She could feel her breasts come free from the material.
The cold office air caused her nipples to go erect. This was not enough for her. She looked around the office again. Not seeing anyone she stood up. Quickly reached under her skirt and removed her g-string. She stuffed both items into her desk and sat back down, now with her legs apart.

"It's gone."

"Good. Does this make you feel even more sexier?"


"Do you want to do more?"


"Do I need to tell you what to do?"


"Then open all the buttons on your dress."

She realized that she had now entered another level of this exchange and still wanted to proceed. She looked around the office, not seeing anyone, turned back to her dress unbuttoned the remaining ones, allowing the dress to fall away from her body, exposing her breasts, legs and pussy.

"Are you excited?"


"Do you still want more?"


"Reach down and place your fingers between your legs."

She did not care who might be watching now. She actually hoped someone might be watching. She hoped SA was watching as she slowly slid her fingers down over her breast, over her tummy, slowly slipping between the hairs between her legs until she found what she wanted, it was already pulsating and in need.

"Play with yourself."

She didn't type anymore. She only watched the screen for his messages. She did not care if anyone was watching her in the office, she actually hoped someone was.

"Make yourself wet while you stroke your clit."

She was way ahead of him and she liked that. She needed it now and she was on her way. She leaned back in her chair, spread her legs a little more and started to move her fingers with determination. Only a slight moan would occasionally pass between her lips as she enjoyed herself.

She imagined that it was not her hand touching her, but SA's hand, and that he had found his way into her office. She would not resist his touch as he played with her. These images were helping to bring her to orgasm.

"Are you getting close yet?"

She did not respond. She was concentrating on her thoughts, on her fantasies.

"So you can't type, that must mean that you are very close. I want you to cum for me and cum for me hard. I know you like being an exhibitionist."

There it was again. He called her an exhibitionist and she was an exhibitionist. This caused her to press down harder and rub a little faster. She closed her eyes and with her fingers rubbing franticly, she came. She came hard. Her body bucked in the chair as she raised her legs up and off the floor. She let her fingers linger between her legs as the orgasm rippled across her body. This was a good one. She had to control the sounds she wanted to make as not to draw too much attention to her orgasm. She had not had one this good in a while. She wanted to enjoy it.

Amanda sat there for a short time, then remembered where she was sitting. The orgasm was complete, it was time to cover up. She sat up in her chair, pulled the dress around her, and started to replace the buttons as she looked side to side to see if anyone had noticed. She was relieved; she didn't think anyone had witnessed her show.

"Have you finished yet?"


"Was it good?"


"I am so pleased with you." She again heard the sound of a door closing as he signed off.

***** ***** ***** *****

Each morning he was there. He asked a lot of questions around her exhibitionism, which she now gladly answered. He had asked if anyone had seen her and was disappointed to find out she did not think anyone had seen her.

A week later she still looked forward to his messages. She wouldn't fire up the machine until she had her coffee and was seated properly in front of her screen. On this morning he sent her a message and then promptly logged-off.

It read. "You will be getting a package today."

That afternoon a package arrived. It had a return address of "Somewhere, USA 12345". She knew it came from him.

She opened it up and found a typed letter on top. "Take this home. Follow the directions to attach it to your home computer. Add me you your Buddy List and use IM to let me know when you are alone."

Her hands shuddered as she looked deeper into the box. There she found a webcam for her computer. She did not know what he would have her do with it, but she wanted to find out.

End of Story

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