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Four Scarves 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These chapters are written to be read in sequence, to fully understand and enjoy the story -- RUSTY

Chapter 3 -- The Boutique

Over dinner Friday night, Amanda told Allen that she needed to do some clothes shopping the next day. He didn't say much. Allen didn't even make eye contact with her. His glaze remained lowered at his plate as he ate. She thought that was a bit odd. Amanda said that she wanted to get to the mall early, when it opened, so that she could return and spend the afternoon with Allen. He shook his head in agreement without saying a word.

Amanda set the alarm early Saturday so that she had plenty of time to shower and set her hair. She did not eat much of a breakfast because she was very nervous and her stomach was doing flips. After breakfast she slipped into a simple skirt, blouse, and two inch heels. At the front door Amanda took one final look at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She thought the outfit looked simple, but sexy.

It took twenty minutes to drive, park, and enter the mall. She couldn't remember where the boutique was located and used the mall locator to find it. Amanda found the store in short order, stopped at the store front, stood, and looked up at the store's name. She was not sure what was going to happen when she entered the shop and was becoming a bit scared. Taking a big breath and then releasing the air quickly, Amanda walked into Victoria's Secret.

About halfway back in the store Amanda found the sales counter. There were a few other shoppers already in the store, more women than men. She found one sales clerk behind the counter and stepped up.

"Is Debbie here?" Amanda asked with an unsteady voice.

The woman behind the counter stopped what she was doing and looked up. "Yes, I'm Debbie, what can I help you with?"

Debbie looked to be ten years younger, about twenty-five and perky. She was in a short black dress which dipped low in the front, displaying an ample bust. Her hair was blond and flew around her head. The open toed matching black heels made her legs look as if they never would end. Debbie's energy had been noticed by Amanda, and she took an instant liking to her.

"My name is Amanda and I was told that you would be able to help me."

Debbie let a great big smile appear on her face as she looked deep into Amanda's green eyes. "Yes, I was told to expect you and given strict instructions on what you needed to buy."

This surprised Amanda. She expected that Debbie would help, but she had not idea that she would also be working from instructions from SA. Amanda did not respond.

Debbie moved around the counter and walked up to Amanda. She looked Amanda over, as she moved out from behind the counter to ask, "Can you tell me what sizes you wear so that I can retrieve the proper items for you?"

"What items?"

"Well, he said you would be looking for a few different items: French lace bra, bikini panties, no thongs, and stockings, just to name a few."

Amanda was embarrassed by the items Debbie mentioned. Then she remembered where she was. That would be exactly what one would purchase in a store like this. But how did she know that she preferred French lace bras and bikini panties over thongs? She answered, "I wear a thirty-six 'B' bra... I believe a small in panties.... and... I think I fit in medium stockings."

"Well you don't sound like you are really that certain about those sizes, why don't we just make sure and measure you. Follow me back to the changing rooms and I'll get the measuring tape.

Amada wasn't confident where this was going since she thought she would be in and out quickly just to buy a few pieces of clothing. She knew she was going to have some help, but this looked like it might be too much help. Not knowing what else to do, she followed Debbie, and they made their way to the back of the store.

Towards the back of the boutique were four changing booths, each with a privacy curtain. Debbie made her way to the rightmost booth in the center of the store and pulled the curtain back. "Here you go; you can use this one to remove all your clothes while I fetch a tape rule."

Amanda hesitated, looked around the store and decided that it was okay to proceed. She entered the booth. Debbie closed the curtain after Amanda stepped into the cubicle.

Amanda looked around and found that the booth had mirrors on all three walls with two cushion seats on each side. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Oh well, I'm here." She removed her skirt and blouse. She folded both items and laid them neatly on one seat.

It did not take Debbie long to return and stick her head around the curtain to look in. "Oh no, that will not do, you need to remove everything except for your heels. I'll give you a few more minutes and then come back." She did not wait for an answer, and was off.

Amanda was not sure what to make of this request. Debbie wanted me to be naked to do the measurement? I've never been naked for a measurement. She hesitated and then remembered why she was there, she looked up and slowly did a strip for herself in the mirror, removing her bra and panties. Standing up straight, she placed her hands on hips, struck a pose, and looked at her reflection while thinking this must be what nude models do.

Amanda was admiring her body in the mirror when suddenly the curtain was pulled completely open by Debbie. Amanda crotched and wrapped her arms around her breasts and tried to hide herself from the store.

"I can't measure you like that!" scolded Debbie. "I need for you to stand up straight so that I can use the tape measure on you." She finished her sentence with a devilish smile.

Amanda looked out over Debbie's shoulder into the store. She could see the other customers in the store and they would be able to see her if they looked in her direction. At first she was embarrassed, but then as she gave it more thought. Amanda started to get excited on being forcibly put on display. She dropped one arm, and then the next. Turned slightly towards Debbie and presented herself to be measured.

"That's better. Now raise your arms and I'll get your bust measurement." It almost sounded like a command from Debbie.

Amanda slowly raised her arms, and as she did, she notice one man was now looking directly at her.

"Stand still while I get this measurement," Debbie said, as she reached out and wrapped the tape around Amanda's upper body. She pulled the tape around front to find Amanda's bra size. "You were right, thirty-six inches. Now for the cup size . . ." Debbie released the tape from one hand and pulled it from Amanda's body, then threw it onto one of the benches inside the booth. This released both of Debbie's hands and allowed her to move them up and grab each of Amanda's breasts, one with each hand. Debbie squeezed and smiled. "I would say more of a 'C' size than a 'B'. She squeezed again.

Amanda was now standing naked with her arms over her head, another woman squeezing her breasts, and one man was making his way to the back of the store to get a better look.

Debbie released her breasts, squatted down to retrieve the tape from the bench. This put Amanda partially on display, from the waist up, to the man standing only ten feet from her.

Debbie wrapped the tape around Amanda's hips, and brought the ends together just over Amanda's exposed pussy to get the next measurement. "Yep, small, thirty-four inches." Debbie removed the tape, quickly stood up and moved away, leaving Amanda completely naked and on display to her admire who was not alone. There were two other men who had made their way to the back of the store to watch.

Amanda stood naked with her arms still lifted over her head, suddenly realizing she was fully on display to these men. Reeling, she found the curtain and pulled it closed. She was shaking with embarrassment and excitement. She couldn't believe she had been completely on display in a mall store. She wanted to get away. She needed to get dressed and leave. Looking down on the adjacent seat she found all her clothing gone. Not a stitch was in the booth with her. Damn, Debbie must have taken them.

She stuck her head out from the booth, pulling the curtain around to protect her. She looked out into the store she found three men, smiling back, and waiting. She called out to Debbie, saying that she needed her clothes.

From the distance she heard Debbie answer. "They are out here where you left them. I am busy now so if you want them you will need to come out here."

Amanda pulled her head back into the booth and made sure the curtain was closed. What did she mean that I had to come out there? I'm naked. I cannot walk out in the store like this. She was almost in a state of panic when her mind remembered who had asked her to go shopping. He planned this. He wanted me to be in this state. I'm not going to get my clothes back until I walk through the store naked. As she thought about what she needed to do, a little wetness appeared between her legs and her nipples became more rigid. She felt the moisture and the excitement that was building. Okay, here I go.

The curtain flew open as Amanda reached up and jerked it back. There she stood in all her naked glory. She smiled at her audience and they smiled back as she took her first step, and then her next, out of the booth. She did not run, but walked with determination to the sales counter. Each step she took with resolve, holding her head high, almost shouting without saying take a look.

Debbie smiled with approval as Amanda made her way to the middle of the store to approach her. Amanda walked up in front of the counter, held out her hand and said. "Okay, I want my clothes."

Debbie turned, leaned over and picked up the bundle of clothes that lay on the chair behind her. Turning back, she handed them over to Amanda. Amanda split the bundle in two, holding one bundle in each hand. Dropping her arms, she strutted back to the booth. Amanda placed the clothes back on the seat, turned to give her audience one last look, smiled, and pulled the curtains closed. A round of applause erupted from the men and some of the women in the store as the curtain closed.

Amanda took her time to get dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror and used her fingers to comb her hair as best she could. She knew they would still be waiting for her curtain call. She reached up, drew the curtain back and stepped out. Each step she took shouted confidence as she slowly made her way out of the store. As she passed the sales counter Debbie called out. "I have a package here for you before you leave."

Amanda stopped, turned her head towards Debbie. Understanding, she made her way over to Debbie. On the counter was the signature store bag colored in pink and white. Amanda raised her arm to slide her hand into the straps and removed the bag from the counter.

Bag in hand; Amanda left the store as all eyes followed her until she was out of sight.

***** ***** ***** *****

She found Allen sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper when she got home.

"How did you make out?" He asked not looking up from his reading.

"Fine, I found what I needed, bought it and left soon after." She answered him as she continued to make her way across the kitchen and to the bedroom.

Once she was in their room, she closed and locked the door. It was time to look inside the package and find what SA had given her.

In the pink bag was a small wrapped box and Amanda pulled it out. She took her time to open the box, first taking the wrapping off and then pulling the box open. Amanda found pink tissue paper and as she pulled the paper back she looked down and spotted what appeared to be some ruby red material.

Pulling the material out, she found another silk scarf. This scarf was deep red, sporting the same design as the first one. It was equally as beautiful as the purple one. She removed the scarf and wrapped it around her neck, letting it dr*pe to both knees. Looking back in the box, she found a note card. It was only a few words but it read, You definitely earned this, Love SA.

Amanda stared at the scarf, thinking back to how exciting the boutique had been for her. She knew she had been missing this energy in their marriage and now felt a bit sad. She still loved Allen and really wanted this experience to be with him, not SA. Amanda wasn't sure if Allen would understand if she shared this desire with him. She had wanted the fire to return to her life, and there it was for her, but it wasn't with Allen.

Amanda walked over to the mirror to admire how it looked on her and she remembered the excitement she felt in the store. She was definitely feeling the fire in her belly.

***** ***** ***** *****

Allen was in their den that evening reading when he stopped, closed the book and let his thoughts reflect back over the past four weeks. It was going better than he had planned. She had bought into each fantasy. At least she was not fighting it. She had earned two silk scarves!

It excited him to think that he was directing this play. Amanda was his leading lady in training and she was taking his direction beautifully. She even seemed to be enjoying herself. Certainly he was enjoying her. Allen had known that he liked looking upon Amanda's naked body. That it excited him, but he did not really understand why the thought of other men seeing his wife naked also excited him. He would need to think about this more in the coming days.

Most importantly he needed to know for himself if he was going to be able to play this out to the end. He could not answer that question today, tomorrow he might, but for now he needed to wait and see what the next day brought. He smiled to himself as he thought about her next task. She should really enjoy it!

End of Story