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Flashing while on the road only to be surprised later in the day!

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For years, I have been enjoying the thrill and excitement of exposing myself to women while driving on the interstate highways. It is far and few between that I run across an attractive woman that is not freaked out and actually enjoys the show, but when I do happen to find one, wow is it a huge turn on to be watched pleasuring myself!

I always have the most sucsess on Friday afternoons as there always seems to be more women by themselves heading here and there for the weekend and this friday was no different. Here I was driving and hoping one of the cars coming along behind would be an attractive girl willing to take a look! I could see several cars back and could tell the red mustang convertible coming up had an attractive blonde girl by herself. As it got closer I could see it had a ohio license plate, which was fantastic as I usualy only flash women with out of state plates because I don't want to take a chance that they know me or that I will run across them again.

As she drew near, I continued rubbing my erection through the shorts that I had on. When she was up even beside me I raised my speed slightly to keep pace with her. Wow was she hot! She had on a short skirt and had lots of leg showing. I guess because I stayed beside her she looked over at me, and like always when she did my erection was standing staright and poking the fabric of m shorts up like a tent. I quickly grabbed it and started stroking it thru my shorts while she was still looking. Again like usual I could tell when she figured out what I was doing because her eyes went real wide. At first she couldn't look away, then she must have thought what a pervert and she picked up speed and pulled away. When this happens I usually decide they are not interested, so I started looking in my rear view mirror for the next opportunity. When I took my eyes off the mirror I realized she had slowed back down and I was drawing up beside her again. This time she kept looking over so I decided to go for it again. I stroked it through my shorts again and she smiled so I pulled it out and exposed myself to her! I was so turned on that I came almost instantly. She was watching the entire time which was great, but little did I realize that she had also opened her flip phone and it had a camera and she snapped a picture of me with my cock in my hand. Once I came I pulled over to clean up and she kept going and I thought great, with todays technology she is probably e-mailing the picture to the police right now.

After cleaing up, I went on about my day like usual. I finished work and headed home. My wife and I were supposed to be going to a wedding reception for a friend of hers, but I was late getting home. She left me a note saying she had gone on without me and for me to come as soon as I got ready. An hour later I was on the road and headed to the reception in a town a half an hour away. When I pulled in the parking lot I couldn't belive it, the red mustang with Ohio plates was in the parking lot! I was totally blown away. I was shaking and didn't know whether to go in or not. I decided I would go in and thought as many people are here and with it being dark inside the chances of her seeing me or better yet recognizing me were very slim.

When I went in I ran into one of our friends andasked him where my wife was and he told me which table she was at. I quickly made my way to the table and sort of kept myself hidden. I drank three beers and finally had to go to the mens room. The coast was clear going in, but when I came out---there was the blonde girl walking toward me. It was instant recoginition! Her face went deep red and so did mine! She smiled as she walked by. It seemed to me after that that she kept an eye on me and I could tell she was talking to some of my wifes friends about me. Than god my wife wasn't in that group. About an hour later when I was heading up to get more beer, the girl approcahed me and asked me to dance. I was extremly nervous but said ok. She was quick to show me the picture on her phone and said if I didn't do what I was told she would show my wifes friend the picture. I asked what she wanted and she said since I seem to enjoy pleasuring myself so much that I had to do it for her and her firends in private. She said no one lese will know if I am a good boy. I couldn't believe it! I agreed and she led me into a back room. She actually opened my zipper and pulled it out! I thought I was going to get some for sure! The door opened and three of her friends came in and to my surprise one of them was the bride--who is my wifes friend. Here I was with my cock in her hands and hard as a steel post. They asked me to get on with putting on my show, so that is exactly what I did. The entire time they were calling me a pervert and gave me a nick name the freeway flahser. Having the four of them watching me was such a turn on that I didn't care. They were all saying we want to see you cum! When I started to cum to my surprise from behind a coat rack came my wife! She had witnessed the entire thing! I couldnt stop cuming and shot my load everywhere! My wife shook her haed and to my relief she smiled. She said what a pervert you are. She said now you have to finish the show by scooping up your cum and licking it off your fingers and don't stop until you are done! I was quci to obey and licked it all till I was clean! They all clapped and said I need to go recover unti the next show time! On the way out the blonde held her phone out to me and showed me she had just taken another picture while I was giving them the show!

After they all left, my wife asked me if I had flashed the blonde because I wanted to fuck her. I couldn't lie and said of course I want to do her. My wife said well-keep dreaming because the only sexual relief you will be getting for a while will be by your hand in front of whoever I choose to have watch!

More to come later......

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