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Business associate and a stranger to boot

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We had known each other just a few months, having met at a business convention in Los Angles. It was at one of the huge vendor parties where the liquor is flowing freely and the normally reserved revelers tend to loosen up as the trade show winds down and the people who were total strangers at the beginning of the week, were now well acquainted; albeit with the not so realistic best images that can be portrayed when exposed to someone for only a week. That night ended with the two of us in my hotel room, not making love, but screwing our brains out like to insatiable, sex starved animals. We had seen each other all week, dressed in our business dress, perfectly groomed, best of manners, as we worked the trade floor. I cannot count the times I would steal glimpses of her, her tight skirt with the slit slightly up the back. She is in her late 30?s, but that ass had 22 written all over it. As much as I loved her body from first sight, it was her mind that captured my heart.

Her image, like mine, was one of the proper professional, always saying the right thing, politely laughing at everyone?s jokes with just the right amount of enthusiasm. But as is often the case, the outward image does not necessarily reflect the inner self. And such was the case with Tina. Tina lived in Cleveland and I in Dallas , but through our business travels, we had arranged to see each other numerous times since meeting 3 months ago. Each encounter was better then the last, with our lust for each other continually escalating, making me wonder just how crazy things would eventually get. Though self-respecting and seemingly straight and upright by virtually any society standard, Tina had a wild side hidden deep inside her. This was the part I uncontrollably fell for. One of the things I loved most about my time with Tina was when we had already had each other physically and we were lying together, naked and uninhibited, and we talked about our inner thoughts and fantasies. It was here that I truly got to know what it was that turned Tina on and I came to understand there were so many fantasies she had and that she wondered if any would ever come true. These were not your usual run-of-the-mill fantasies of the girl being swept off her feet by the night in shining armor. No, when Tina fantasized it was about hot passionate sex that revealed a deeply rooted exhibitionist fetish. What turned Tina on was being the center of attention, especially when it came to sex. Her passion was not just having good sex, but being watched while having it, knowing that the ones watching her were out-of-their-mind crazy for her. It was with this back drop that our most outrageous escapade took place.

What happened occurred on a rare visit where we had the weekend to be together. We were in Houston for a trade show and as soon as it ended Friday afternoon, we were together. That night had been the usual for us. A nice dinner followed by a little dancing and a few cocktails and the inevitable retirement to my hotel room where we enjoyed the delights of each other early into the morning. While we had found ways to get crazier and crazier every time we got together, I was not prepared for the events of that Saturday.

It was late afternoon and we had driven to the beach in Galveston and spent the day soaking in the sun along with the sights of the many scantily clad beach goers. While I notice quit a few attractive women, none appealed to me like Tina. She was absolutely gorgeous there on the beach. Her skimpy yellow string bikini contrasted so beautifully with her light ebony skin and it seemed to force you to focus on her luscious boobs and ass. Her butt was sweet and tight, just plump enough to make you immediately wonder what it would feel like stand behind her and hold her and push your pelvis against it. And her tits, though probably considered small by many standards, where classically perky with larger then expected nipples that never seemed to relax. To put it crudely, she looked to be in a permanent state of fuck-readiness!

Having flirted and petted each other throughout the day in the warm sunshine had us both feeling a bit more lustful then normal and I sensed we were going to find a new sexual high with each other. Before heading back to our hotel in Houston , Tina stepped into a dressing room to rinse the sand and salt from her body and to slip into a tight, short clingy little halter dress. It was red and yellow with loud flower patterns on it and she just looked scrumptious in it.

We got into our car and started our drive back. Knowing we would be spending the weekend together I had rented a convertible and it was a perfect day so naturally we drove with the top down. As we were underway with our journey, I couldn?t help but to notice how thin the traffic was. Normally the stretch between Houston and the beach at this time of year was packed full of cars driving at breakneck paces. But today it was much lighter then usual and the pace seemed to be much more relaxed. Tina and I had been kissing and touching each other all day, and I didn?t expect the return trip to be any different. I wasn?t disappointed. We were only a few miles outside of Galveston and just reaching cuising speed when Tina started her erotic little game. We had been staring at each other with those penetrating looks that speak volumes of what is on your mind and if the look in her eye didn?t tip me off, what she did next sure did.

I had been rubbing my hand up and down her smooth, muscular legs, tracing my fingers over the delicate and quivering muscle of her inner thigh, but always stopping just short of her sweet and I?m sure moistening pussy. I could tell she was loving it and I was also sure she was wanting more. She was purring in my ear that I was being a bad boy teasing her like that and that if I really wanted to make her happy, I would slide my hand higher and rub her quickly swelling clitoris. But knowing that the longer I teased the more outrageous she would get, I continued my game. I wasn?t totally surprised when she pulled away from be and leaned against the passenger side door. Facing me directly now, she put her left leg up on the seat and slide her right over to where it was almost touch my foot on the accelerator. Her legs looked incredible but what she did next just blew me away. Reaching in the back seat she pulled out a bottle of the suntan lotion we had taken with us to the beach. It was the kind I loved. It was clear and oily and smelled of coconuts and to me has always exuded sex. She took the bottle, and while staring directly into my eyes, proceed to squirt a generous amount of lotion on her legs, starting with her right knee, moving up her thigh, pushing her skirt us as she went, moving the flowing bottle over her now exposed vagina and back down her left thigh to her left knee. It was incredible. Her skirt was hiked so far up I could easily see her pussy now. It looked so incredible, framed by her perfect thighs and covered at the top by the oily lotion which was slowly starting to run from the closely cropped pubic hair down onto and over her sweet dark pussy lips.

Never breaking eye contact, she proceeded to spread the oil all over her thighs and up to her pussy. When her hands had worked there way up to the top of her thighs, she gave me what was almost a sneer as she continued to gently rub the lotion all around her crotch until it was completely covered and soaked. She flexed her hips at me, inviting me with the gesture to touch her. I ran my hand along her slick thigh and up to her pussy where I gently nudged her pussy with the back of my hand. Using my knuckles, I centered my attention on her clit, gently pushing it up and sliding it around. This is exactly what she had been wanting. She continued to flex her hips in a pseudo fucking motion while my hand early attended to her pussy. My knuckles continued to concentrate on her clit until I could see that her pussy lips had now parted. Not my any direct touch by her or myself, but simply out of stimulation to her clit. I move my hand down slightly to push them even further apart and to slowly slide my index and middle finger straight into her until my thumb pushed against her clit. I continued to masturbate her like that while we drove. She was really enjoying the feel of my touching her, moving her hips back in perfect unison with the rhythm my hand created. By now she had pulled her dress really high until it wasn?t just allowing me a view of her entire pussy area, but was basically up around her waist.

While I continued to slide my fingers in and out of her, she had turned her attention to her sweet boobs. She again took the bottle of suntan lotion and this time directed the liquid to hot little boobs. Pulling her dress out, she generously squirted the liquid onto her titties, literally drenching them with the sweet smelling oil. She dropped the bottle and cupped her tits through her dress and started to massage them with her palms. The oil totally soaked the dress and completely covered her now heaving breasts. Her eyes were closed as she continued to meet each movement of my hand with her undulating hips and squeezing her tits in perfect synchronization. Feeling bold and somehow forgetting totally that I was driving down the freeway at 60 miles per hour, I moved my hand up long enough to untie the back of her halter dress and pull it down to totally expose her boobs. Hell, it totally exposed her body as the entire dress was now bunched around her trim tummy, her tits and pussy open for all the world to view.

We both had been caught up in what was going on, that neither one of us seemed to notice the truck that had pulled along side us. It was on our left side and with my focus on Tina and her eyes closed, we had no idea how long it had been there. Tina had opened her eyes just long enough to take a look at me when she noticed the truck. Seeing her gaze shift past me, I turned to see what it was. Upon seeing it, I thought surely the game was up. But instead, I turned back to Tina just in time to see her smile at the man driving the truck who had obviously noticed her quit some time ago. Being so totally aroused and knowing that Tina had fantasized about being with multiple lovers, I decided I would just go with the flow and see what happened. I continued to stroke Tina?s pussy and she continued to rub and tweak her titties, but her eyes were no longer closed, they were now fixed directly onto our new friend in the truck. The more we played, the higher she flexed her hips until she had elevated her body almost as high as the dash board. Her head was against the door and her back was straight and rigid. I could feel the hamstrings in her legs tighten as she held her body erect, giving full view to the stranger who was now watching her. Wondering just how far this was going to go, my question was soon answered when I saw Tina mouth at the man, ?do you want to fuck me??. I didn?t need to check our neighbor for his response, instead I started looking for an exit. Tina was turning her head helping to look for a spot too. She was ready. She told me to take the exit up ahead and in the same breath, she told me to get my dick out. My cock had been bone aching hard for a long time and I would have pulled it out long ago only I never wanted to stop touching my lovers steaming twat. In an amazing show of dexterity, I exited the freeway and shoved my shorts down to my ankles at the same time. A glance in my rearview mirror confirmed that our friend was following. Luck was with us as we exited directly in front of a new housing development just under construction. Thee were not any completed homes, but there were numerous homes in some state of construction. We drove to the end of a cul d sac between a number of large homes just being framed. Being Saturday, the subdivision was totally deserted.

I had gotten enough of a look at the other man to know it was the kind of man that appealed to Tina, tall and muscular and somewhat rough but handsome. I had just pulled to a stop and put the car in park, when Tina rose out of her seat and pushed me back into mine. Literally ripping my shirt open, Tina forced her mouth hard down on mine as she climbed on top of me. My hard throbbing dick was already exposed and Tina?s wet oil thighs made me shudder when I felt them settle on either side of my legs. Like a laser guided missile needing no direction from Tina or I, my dick was positioned perfectly as she settled down on my lap. There was not teasing any more as her body went straight down on me with the first penetration. I could feel her ass push hard against my balls as she started to fuck me hard. Her oily tits were in my face and I tried to suck her entire boob into my mouth at one time. She was a wildcat, lustily screaming for me to ?fuck her?, to ?fuck my hot pussy baby?, ?God I need your cock so bad?, ?please fuck my hot cunt?. We were both fucking each other so hard I had almost forgotten that we were not alone. Tina hadn?t forgotten. The man was now out of his truck and standing right beside us. Tina had pushed the car door open and with her eyes, motioned the man to move closer. He had already undone his pants and pushed them down to his knees. His big, hard dick was menacingly jutting straight out, directly at Tina. Now she was fucking me, but looking at it. For some reason, I didn?t feel any jealousy or concern with what was about to happen, only excited anticipation of what Tina would do next.

My answer came quickly as Tina reached out and grabbed his dick. Her hand looked small wrapped around it. Though the man was tan, his dick was still very white and her dark hand around it was one of the most erotic sites I have ever seen. She stroked it its full length, making his balls heave and fall with each stroke. She quickly put her mouth around the head of it and drooled a huge glob of spit all over the fat head. Pulling it out of her mouth and far enough away just to be able to get a good look at it, she re-continued to stroke it with full and powerful strokes, now paying particular attention to the spongy head which was soaked with her sweat. It was obvious the man loved what he was feeling. I could tell my how Tina?s pussy was contracting on my dick that she was starting to cum and if that didn?t give it away, the grunts and groans coming from her mouth did. I could also see from the way the man?s thighs were quivering and his hips were bucking, that he was very close also. I certainly didn?t need any more stimulation either. In an instant we were all three convulsed in one huge orgasm. My hands on Tina?s hips pushed her violently back and forth on my dick, her hips snapping back against me in a heated response. The man?s dick trembling and jerking in her hand shot a long think stream of hot, sticky semen straight at Tina, landing perfectly on her tits and shoulder. The orgasm seemed to last forever, had there been anyone within blocks they would have certainly heard the commotion. I opened my eyes just long enough to see Tina now jerking the man?s cuming cock toward her open mouthing, trying to catch the hot stream on her tongue. She was only partially successful as I could see a big wad land in her hair, its white, sticky color in perfect contrast to her dark, shiny hair. She stuffed the head of his dick in her mouth and finished him off by sucking it hard and sweetly into her mouth.

When the violence of the triplicate orgasm subsided, we were all left barely able to remain upright. Tina was slumped over my shoulder and I was totally limp and breathless. Our new, yet unnamed friend was leaning half on Tina and half on the windshield as we all panted, trying desperately to suck enough air into our lungs to stay alive. It was only after a few minutes that we recovered enough to grasp the reality of what happened?.

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