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At Home Dares 3 6

I hopped out of bed and took a quick shower. I quickly got dressed in some
jeans and a T-shirt, and ran out to my car. I found Adam waiting for me.
Surprised to find him, I told him to get in, that we were late. He got in the
car, and as I started to put the keys in the ignition, he grabbed them from my
hand. "I don't feel like going to school today, why don't we go someplace
I had to admit, that I didn't really look forward to seeing his friends after
last night, let alone sit with them and have to be friendly with them. I
thought of my classes, and realized that I wouldn't be missing much by skipping
class. I looked at Adam, and told him, "OK, lets go in and call."
"I already did. If anybody asks, you had a terrible headache. Come to think
of it, you probably do after drinking as much beer as you did."
"I feel fine, what do you want to do?"
"You need to ask?"
"I tell you what. This morning, while I was taking a shower, I came up with a
plan to repay you, listen to me, I think you'll like it. I was thinking about
this me being your girlfriend thing, and even though I'm doing it for show now,
why don't we just get to know each other again, and maybe something will happen
between us." I saw him start to open his mouth, and I continued before he could
speak, "Wait, listen to my whole plan. You were saying yesterday about how hot
you think Tracy is. What would you think about setting something up for your
friends with her? Think of it this way, you get a chance to really have me as
your girlfriend, and I have a chance to get to know you better and try to
forget about what you've put me through in the last couple of days. I really
blame myself for treating you like you didn't exist, and would like to make it
up to you by getting to know you better. You're friends would have Tracy as
their playmate, I think they would really like that, and since she has had a
habit of stealing my boyfriends, I think the fake little bitch deserves
whatever I can come up for her. What do you say, does it sound like a plan?"
"It sounds good to me," he said, "but let me think about it some more. The
hard part is believing you, that you aren't lying, that you are really
apologize to me. I also find it hard to believe that you would do something
like that to Tracy."
"I'm friends with Tracy because she is so popular, I really can't stand her.
If I didn't pretend to like her, I would lose some of my real friends. I know
that sounds shallow, but it's really true. Although now that I think about it,
if they are friends with me only because I'm Tracy's friend, then maybe they
are just as fake as her. And as to me apologizing to you. I really am sorry I
treated you like I did. Just give me a chance to convince you, and maybe we
can become friends again, or maybe even more, you've gotten pretty cute."
I watched him blush, and realized that he is a better person than any of my so
called friends. I told him the rest of my plan, and when I was finished, he
smiled at me and said. "OK Lisa, we have a deal. I won't have any problems
getting Larry, Jason and Tim to help, plus they can help me set up the
equipment that we're gonna need."
"OK," I say, "We have a deal. Just make sure that they are to understand that
last night never happened, and I'll deliver Tracy to them as promised. I feel
like going to the beach today, how's that sound?"
"Sounds good, let me go get my suit."
"Let's go buy some new ones, I need a new bikini and you can help me pick it
out. Just let me pick out your suit OK. You were dressed really nice last
night, you should dress like that more often, We'll get you some new clothes
today too. Sound like a plan Adam?"
"It's a plan. The mall doesn't open for another hour, what do you want to do
until then? I have an idea."
"I think I know what you want to do, but lets just let things happen OK. I
have one question for you though. How hard is it too change the pictures so my
face isn't recognizable?"
"It's pretty easy, just blur around your eyes and nose a little why?"
"I was thinking of having you put the web site out anyway, as long as my face
isn't recognizable. It's sort of a sexy idea to have strangers look at my nude
body. Can you work on that for me tonight?"
"Sure Lisa, are you sure you want me to do it though."
"Yes, I've always liked to show myself off, although not as much as I have the
last couple of days. I guess I'm discovering that I'm an exhibitionist.
Yesterday when that trucker saw me topless, I was really tempted to let him see
more of me, and I have to admit, I liked showing off my body to your friends.
God, I must sound like such a slut."
"Sort of, but I like your attitude."
"Let's go get something to eat, and then hit the mall." I say.
We got to McDonalds, and ate breakfast. We then headed to the mall, and just
as it opened, we went in. I took him by the hand, and we walked around. I
finally found a nice pair of swim shorts for him. Keeping his hand in mine, I
lead him to the Bikini Store. I held up a few bikini's, and he told me which
one he liked. I had him sit outside the dressing rooms, and I tried on a
couple of the bikinis, and marched out so he could tell me which ones he liked.
We decided on a white bikini, although the top is going to be hard to swim in
without losing part of it. I decided that he has pretty good taste and I bought
it. Getting dressed again in the change room, I left my bra off and stuffed it
into my purse.
I took him around to some more stores and helped him pick out some clothes for
his wardrobe. After about an hour more of shopping, we headed to the car and
decided that was too hot for the beach. I told him that we were going to the
zoo. He just looked at me, and agreed with me.
I tossed him my keys, and told him to drive. We got on the tollway, and in
the middle of our conversation, I reached into the back and grabbed the bag
that held my bikini. I smiled slyly at him, and I took off my top. When he
saw that I was topless, he got a funny grin on his face. As we pulled close to
a semi, Adam flashed the headlights to get the drivers attention, and I turned
so that the truck driver could see my breasts. I was looking straight into the
truckers eyes as Adam slowed down to keep pace with the truck. I reached down
and unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them off. I then reached down and pulled
off my panties, the whole time watching the trucker. When I was completely
nude, I reclined my seat back, and put one foot on the dash of the car, and
hung the other out the window. I could feel the wind rushing against my bare
pussy as I rubbed myself, telling Adam to speed up. As he did, I looked back,
reached my upper body out the window, and blew a kiss to the truck driver.
I got back in the car, and leaned back in the seat. Opening my legs, I
started to play with myself, and I was soon rewarded with a tremendous orgasm.
I rested for a while with my eyes closed, and I heard Adam tell me that we were
almost to the zoo. I grabbed my bikini bottom and slid into it, and reached in
the backseat and pulled out a new pair of tight denim shorts that I bought.
I put the shorts on over the bikini, and I heard Adam say, "You better put
your top on, we'll be at the booth to pay for parking soon. I looked ahead,
and saw that the guy in the booth was an older guy. I smiled at Adam, and
turned my body so I was leaning against the car door and the back of the seat.
I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep. I tried to imagine what the attendant
was thinking as he looked at my bare breasts. When I heard Adam tell him
thanks, I opened my eyes, and looked straight into the attendants eyes. I
smiled at him and squeezed my breasts together, and wiggled them as Adam drove
Laughing, I grabbed the bikini top, and put it on. We walked around the zoo,
looking at all of the animals while I teased the men watching me. Before long,
we realized that we had to head home. I drove back, and the ride was
uneventful as we talked about my plan to get Tracy. We worked out some of the
details, and agreed that the best night to do it would be Saturday. I will get
Tracy jealous of me by flirting with her boyfriend, causing an argument. If
all goes according to plan, then this should keep her home, then I can invite
her over to my house and set the trap.
I pulled into my driveway, and as I walked to my door, Adam followed me. I
looked at him, and put my finger to his lips, telling him to be quiet. I
closed my eyes, and pressed my lips against his, giving him a real kiss for the
first time. We kissed for a little while, and as he got used to it, I found
that he had delicious lips. I broke our kiss, and told him, "I'll see you
later tonight, I have to get dinner started."
"OK," he says smiling at me, "Lisa. . ." he continued, "Never mind, I'll ask
you some other time."
I went inside and headed into the kitchen to make dinner. I looked at the
answering machine, and listened as my dad explained that he had to fly to New
York at the last minute, and wouldn't be home. The next message was from my
mom telling me that she decided to fly out and spend the night with my dad, and
that I should be able to take care of myself for one night. I smiled at this,
because I have been taking care of myself for the last six years. I decided to
order a pizza, and when it got there, my taste for it had disappeared, and I
only nibbled at it. I watched TV for a while, and then I picked up the phone
and called Tracy's boyfriend Kevin.

End of Story

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